Did I sell myself short? (Yes.) I got into all 9 schools. Here's where I applied:
Lycoming College Williamsport, PA WITHDRAWN December 16, 2000 Accepted; $7,000/year scholarship Waived A huge safety school. Nice students but I can do better. I am grateful for the scholarship that I didn't apply for. It's their top amount for a basic, degree-blind academic scholarship. I hope it gets passed on to some other kid.
La Salle University Philadelphia, PA WITHDRAWN December 16, 2000 Accepted $35 Good majors, but the part of the city it's in sucks. And the students seem thuggish and stupid.
University of Rhode Island Who Cares?, RI WITHDRAWN January 8, 2001 Accepted $35? My mom literally picked the school. I know and care nothing about it, I just know its standards are very low and it's in Rhode Island. It's also cheap; that and something about sailing (??) is why she picked it.
Goucher College Towson, MD WITHDRAWN January 13, 2001 Accepted; $10,000/year scholarship $35? Good school that would be great if it were not in Towson.
Drexel University Philadelphia, PA WITHDRAWN January 24, 2001 Accepted; $10,000/year scholarship Waived Online application. I applied just for the hell of it. I have no intention of going. 90% of the students study one of three majors: physical science, business, and engineering. I wish to do none of that. The poor guys, they even sent me a car decal.
Dickinson College Carlisle, PA DESTINATION January 25, 2001 Accepted $35 I love this school.
University of Maryland, College Park College Park, MD WITHDRAWN February 1, 2001 Accepted; First Year Focus Program; CIVICUS Program $25? Very close by. Would've been nice to have gotten into their Honors Program.
Boston University Boston, MA WITHDRAWN Spring Accepted (moved or demoted to College of General Studies) $60 Too expensive. No real dorms.
Fordham University Bronx, NY WITHDRAWN Spring Accepted $50? This school is very vague for me. I forget why I applied but I do like the school. Denzil Washington went here.

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