..april 29, 06:59PM..
i watched blade runner today. good film. the best part was the set, costumes and fx -- all really good considering it was made the year i was born. the direction was also good. the acting and writing were ok but visually it was superior.
..april 24, 10:47PM..
what to say when going away?
ok so last night i had a dream about bjork. no, it's not perverted.. go away. it is odd tho. somehow i saw her crouching down on the ground not making a sound, so just randomly i started tickling her. eventually she started laughing (as expected, right?). so i talked to her for a while. she was depressed about the music business. she was unhappy with her new album and said that is why it's been delayed. so i told her to go back to the guy who produced "enjoy" and noted that radiohead worked with them for one song on their new record. (in actuality i meant the song "pluto" off of her last album. "enjoy" is produced by tricky and is off the previous album. and radiohead did not work with anyone except nigel godrich on their new cd.) anyway i cheered her up in the dream. it's kind of pointless but it was really cool to hang out with her and i woke up liking and respecting her more.
..april 19, 08:45PM..
                                it's not
what people say,
       it's why they say it.

02) this is my commandment, that you love one another as i have loved you. [jesus christ]

03) kill it and sling it into the goddamn trash can!
..april 14, 10:33pm..
    ton of good shows coming up at the 9:30 club. (schedule here). among them:
4/15 They Might Be Giants + M. Doughty (ex-Soul Coughing)
4/26 Goldfinger
5/12 Elliot Smith
5/26 Primal Scream (with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine on guitar)
5/29 The The
6/01 George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic
6/19 Sonic Youth (with Jim O'Rourke) + Stereolab
of these, Sonic Youth i am definitely going to (unless it sells out within the next couple of days). i would love to go to the Doughty/TMBG show too, but it's tomorrow night and i don't have much money at the moment. Goldfinger's new cd sucks (so i hear) so maybe they suck live now. Elliot Smith is kind of pretentious but i hear he's good live. i'd like to see him some time, but it won't be this time. NIN is on the same night. i wanna see Primal Scream just because of the amazing Kevin Shields. i hope i go to that show. The The i would love to see too but probably won't because it's the night before the HFStival and the cost is $25 plus service charge (ridiculous). George Clinton would be an awesome show that would go on forever. however it's $35 which is pretty annoying. i can tell you now i am not going to that. i think i'll be out of town around then anyway. KMFDM i am not actually a big fan of but i like them ok.
there are other musicians playing this month that i like. krs-one i've seen before. violent femmes, talib kweli, ben folds five i have minor interest in. negativland would be a funny show. mouse on mars and patti smith would be good to see too. me'shell n'deceocello is also a great musician. but when everything is said and done i bet i'll only be seeing NIN and SY as well as the HFStival. still, that plus ryuichi sakamoto and the toasters is an ok start for 2000!
..april 11, 08:04pm..
    i have to write this. i would just be further angry with myself if i didn't. you see, i've had content i could put up here all month. oh yes. but i forgot it all. i get ideas in my head while very away from keyboard (often in chemistry or pre-calculus class) but i don't remember them a few hours later. sometimes i do and dismiss them as being boring.
    well today's update will be truly boring for you, faithful donotreader. but for me it will hopefully be enlightening.
    short quips:
*things fall apart: damn good book. extremely slow to get into it, but i ended up reading 2/3 of the book in the last week and 1/3+ of it in the last 24 hours.
*wu-tang clan: excellent. i love wu-tang. especially the production. rza is a sheer genius. also great is the funkstörung remix of wu-tang's "reunited".
*pretty hate machine: i've listened to this album and its demo version exclusively for the last 16 days. i've heard other songs of course but no other musical album in its entirety, save moby's animal rights 2 and a half weeks ago. hence this month's graphic, which, by the way, i made the day of or the day before april 1, not just now.

here's where you can stop reading. this be a list of things i need to accomplish this month.
*generally begin to understand classes
*investigate and then join the golf team
("why?" you might ask? simply put, i
want to graduate and i am non-athletic.)
*prepare/study for may SAT-II's in
writing and literature.
*martin l. gross: the conspiracy of ignorance:
the failure of public schools for politics class
[0 pages read; paper due 4/25?]
*toni morrison: beloved for american literature
class [0 pages read; must be understood soon]
*backlog of about 15 issues of RS
jobs & projects
*read washington post summer jobs
section every wednesday and call any
in the area that don't require college
*follow up on the half dozen government
jobs i applied for
*call and meet with mr. janko about paints
*essentially finish planning and actually
carry out eagle project
*brand new phux site (1/4 done)
*howisya page art portfolio (for prospective
employees i guess as well as people who can't
figure out what is and isn't mine on the phux site)
*uber list fake section


things to sulk / be neurotic about
*not having front row tickets to nin show
when i really should
*the zip disk ibrahim still has
*all these pencils and pens i lent people!


*try to figure out how to effectively rip off james'
cool blurry/vague photoshop style
*get sonic youth ticket NO MATTER WHAT
*stupid hfstival ticket
*become better physically fit!
*master once again street fighter 2 turbo
*learn clayfighter
*find mp3's of new elastica album
so do i print this up now or what? wait, add this.. i still have no ink!

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