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08/25/01 01:23
if i get a radio show at school, what should i name it? please let me know your preference(s).
Antennas To Heaven
Burn Girl Prom Queen
Daydream Nation
Electronic Brain Violence
Holy Calamity
Lonely Canadian Girls
Music Has The Right To Children
Music Is Rotted One Note
Permanent Daylight
Port Rhombus
Riot Sounds Produce Riots

08/22/01 14:55
a surprisingly good realaudio interview sponsored by whfs between some kid and thom yorke. oh and i guess i forgot to link to my report of the radiohead anti-concert this month. here's the link for my story.

08/21/01 15:16
JBJROCK: my group of friends now is a gay guy who hate flamers, a 6 5" kid who is dude through and through listens everything from squarepusher to black flag, and these 4 girls from california who normally shouldnt even be seen with us
howisya77: why shouldn't they?
JBJROCK: within the first week i slept with someone who was in a gap add
howisya77: hahaha!
howisya77: holy shit that's funny
JBJROCK: not sex, just slept together
JBJROCK: but thats huge for me!
howisya77: but that's still pretty funny
JBJROCK: another one of these girls has done lines with p diddy
howisya77: seriously?
howisya77: that's crazy
JBJROCK: no joke, and both her parnets are actors, but she hasnt told us who
howisya77: you should find out, i want to hear about that sort of thing cos i don't know if dickinson has any of that
howisya77: tho i could be very wrong
JBJROCK: well i know james earl jones son here
howisya77: i think dickinson and bard are in the same price range, and famous children love expensive schools
JBJROCK: he has the voice!
howisya77: he does? haha
howisya77: i've been thinking about james earl jones for days, oddly enough
howisya77: i keep wondering if he's alive
howisya77:and if so, where is he?
JBJROCK: yea hes half and half and crazy
howisya77: half and half? like, half white half black?
JBJROCK: he is, he was at bard two weeks ago
howisya77: ok

and here's something from the game of giving bad advice. please don't think i'm too terrible! i told her at the end that i was kidding. of course, i cut out the end and the beginning cos they weren't funny. anyway, here's a long section of it to bulk up a pretty barren DNR month. actually, nevermind, it's too big. i cut out the beginning and end and made it a supplement. cliiiick.

08/19/01 01:37
here's a lot of backdated stuff. sorry, i haven't been in the "web site updating mood" lately. last thing's first.
now playing: Coil Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1

as always, the below is the entire conversation:
howisya77: since we didn't "hang out" this summer, i need your college mailing address
howisya77: i've had something to send you since last winter
DFZiggy: i dunno if im gonna go back to college
howisya77: i see
DFZiggy: i cant really talk now...
DFZiggy: ill ttyl
howisya77: ;)
howisya77: our "convos" make the best do not read updates

08/16/01 22:04
i agree with moby for the first time in over a year. here's a good essay on "the pearl jam effect" (ignore the fact that he thinks pearl jam make intelligent, interesting, "slightly left of center" music). and fuck all you people who burn good cd's you can easily get in stores instead of paying for them. link:

new aphex twin. from drukqs. "54 cymru beats". courtesy warp.

This is more of a note for myself. The 2 remixes on the new single "2 Remixes by AFX" are:
Track #1: 'Flow Coma' by 808 State
Track#2: 'Box Energy' by DJ Pierre

08/14/01 16:46
"I rule you, before you used to rap like the Fu-Schnickens... Nas designed your Blueprint; who you kiddin'? It's H-to-the-izzo, M-to-the-izzo ... the rapper version of Sisqó."
-Nas, "Stillmatic", freestyle dissing Jay-Z among others

[from vacation]
07/30/01 21:47
when's the last time you watched sesame street? next time you do (and i ended up seeing a few minutes of it at a guest's house) ignore the cute main characters and pay attention to the actual lessons being taught. as you know, it's a great show for teaching basic english and math. but examine the means by which they do this. what kind of cracked up lunatic conceives these ideas? exactly how high were they to think of this stuff? the lessons are completely bonkers (abstract and illogical to the adult world). for example, the packs of "UN" and "RE" people who go around attaching their prefixes to things. and some gypsi magician named "the great smartini" who wears a pair of rapidly wiggling "smarty pants" into which someone drops words in order to produce a real item escaping the pant legs of the smarty pants. maybe i should work for this show.
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