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12/31/00 12:31am
hey hey. bet you didn't think you'd hear from me again this year. anyway, for those who don't know, let me explain what happened. basically it was a miniature version of what happened to me in the summer. i returned my wretched machine to Best Buy (Worst Service) because the warranty, which expired a couple days ago, has a clause stating that any computer brought in 4 times or more to be fixed is elligible for a free replacement. if you talk to me on AIM, IRC, or ICQ, you know how much my computer freezes. well i brought it in for that problem. they couldn't/wouldn't tell me on the spot if they'd replace it (they didn't). they took the computer for a full one and a half weeks. i got it back UNFIXED. they couldn't find the problem in all that time.
    what this means is that i didn't get to write my novel like i had wanted to. hell, i haven't even been able to re-do the phux site yet. i've had a really boring but restful last week.
    anyway, i got my eagle badge and a useless $7,000 scholarship to lycoming (their top amount for basic academic scholarships). and a bunch of books and movies for christmas, which is wonderful.
    all in all it's been, as tori would say, a Pretty Good Year. actually, it's been the best year in the last 6. pretty nice. here's to a happy 2001 for all.

12/17/00 1:14am
got into 2 safety schools: lycoming and la salle.  it feels great to be admitted into college, but i hope i don't have to go to either since i seem to be a bit overqualified for those schools.  but they're nice anyway, just not for me.
    saw the most incredible movie tonight. requiem for a dream. better than i had even imagined. a lto of the scenes are really terrifying and disturbing, and the whole story is very depressing. but an excellent movie in all fields: story, acting, and really amazing direction. seriously, it's better than pi. it has so many crazy special effects and they are all used to their peak efficiency. a movie with eye candy that is worth watching for more than just that.

12/13/00 4:08pm
r.i.p. gore. i'm not gonna say he ran a good campaign, cos he didn't really. but he was certainly better than bush, who was the only other realistic candidate for presidency (realistic as in likely choice, not rightful choice). god save us all.
                                                                                                  PATTERN AGAINST USER
[addendum: 5:02pm]
    lars ulrich is suing a french perfume company cos they named one of their scents "metallica." doesn't this guy have anything better to do?!?!?

12/12/00 4:46pm
i haven't been neglecting this site. i just haven't felt like sharing anything. i've been really busy NOT having fun (read: school related things). i turned 18 saturday, that was cool. um, the first verse of the song i just finished listening to is this (imagine this being screamed):
i must have read a thousand faces
i must have robbed them of their cause
sickened thirst, sickened thirst
keeps it together
soft white glow in the cranium
a bullseye made sedated
at the drive-in "arc arsenal"
    i dunno, i liked it. anyway in the last two weeks i've managed to permanently sedate all of the class grades that i had wanted to make marginal improvements on (as in one to three percent, now not possible). i hate boarderline grades. i just realized this year that, in your gpa, a 79 is the same thing as getting a 70. 79 (and even 89) is the story of my life.
    i'm looking forward to christmas break...
[addendum: 10:40pm]
    i think i realized today that i am learning disabled in science. sucks. interesting stuff tho. just can't pick it up. like disfunctional sticky tape.
    happy birthday lissandra, wherever you are! hahaha...
    thanks nichole:

12/5/00 4:07pm
i wonder how long it'll be before the florida courts shoot down gore. then we can finally officially welcome in
the reign of terror.
    my learner's permit expires today. i can't say i care much, but it is kind of funny. i drive about 3 times a month.
it's all recreation for me. not like we have a car anyway.
    i saw godspeed you black emperor! last night as an early birthday present. it was quite possibly the most
incredible thing i have ever seen. i was literally 3 feet away from the band, and almost eye level. they were no longer anonymous, even if i don't know their names and they only said one thing all night (the 2nd guitarist said, about the encore they were about to play, "we don't even know what we're going to play yet."). anyway i could go on and on but i just want to say that GYBE! make the music that non-musician music-obsessed people would make if they could. and they don't seem like gods or anything, but they do seem like a cult. they know they make great music but they're nothing like rock stars. anyway it was cool.
something in the hood went <click click>

12/2/00 11:13am
you know how yesterday i mentioned we had to spend $300 on a new fan belt? well scratch dat. it'll be $3000 for a new engine, then trading the crummy car in and having to buy a new one. keep in mind we only had this car since spring '97. between this and the extremely late attirval of my october SAT-I's, father peter's "recommendation" letter, my grades which seem to be switching from -'s to +'s (in the wrong way), and the whole thing with the braces, i am beginning to feel like i've had an extremely unlucky time lately.
    speaking of SAT, a month ago i signed up to take two SAT-II tests for this morning: math 1c and literature (again). but by now it's so pointless. i already applied to 5 colleges, including my top choice. there's not much left to apply to this month. and frankly, i didn't prepare for either test. a month ago i looked for a study book on the math SAT and the library was all out. so i got a geometry book cos i suck at that type of math, but the book is mostly proofs and there aren't really any proofs on the SAT-I, so i figured there aren't any on the 1c either. i also couldn't find a lit book (april (hey mention #2) this isn't your fault you didn't have the book, those things are as hard to find as the math books).
    so anyway i am in a real crummy mood and i can't sleep anymore, cos unlike monday through thursday, i've been sleeping more or less since i got home yesterday afternoon.
(drink your big black cow and get outta here)

12/1/00 4:46pm
today my college fund went down another $400. the car broke down on the way to school. the major belt will
cost $300 to be replaced and $45/day for a rental car (my mom refuses to drive the government car outside
of work on principle). as if it weren't bad enough that this year my college fund went down 40% (it's a trust fund in technology funds... oops). it's too bad, cos colleges have me on low priority for scholarships and financial aid, i think. scholarships, i don't have straight A's or a 1600 SAT. financial aid, although i have a single parent in every sense of the word, she is a government employee and thus well paid. and though we lost zillions of dollars this year from my college fund, we've still been saving for a long time, which puts us at a disadvantage because most national scholarships and colleges pity those who haven't (or couldn't) save ahead of time. oh well.