December 20, 2003 ~ 1:14 A.M.

Another interesting video from the unpredictable Japanese.
Merry Christmas!  Hope you like "creepy."
December 19, 2003 ~ 5:20 P.M.
Check out this week's Philadelphia Weekly cover story on the leader of the Philly chapter of the New Black Panther Party.  Dude is a straight joke.  I respect and admire the original Panthers for what they did and the ideals they represented but Bobby Seale had it exactly right when he said about King and the New Panthers, "They're little black racists without the power to implement overt racism. [...] They are totally antithetical to what the original Black Panther Party was about. We believed in black unity, but only as a catalyst to help humanize the world."  How can you take a "former" drug dealer who spouts racist venom, makes Jackie Chan analogies, and writes Public Enemy rip-off lyrics in his spare time as a leader of a serious movement?  No wonder his chapter only has four members.  Totally immature and maligned chowderhead.

As for the original Philadelphia Panther leader Reggie Shall, who said this: "Those Koreans will be a tough nut to crack," says Schell, referring to Korean grocery stores in black communities. "We'll have to deal with them eventually. They don't care about the black community. All they want to sell is beer and cigarettes."  If he was somehow able to remove all the Korean grocers and replace them with black grocers, does he really think that the black grocers wouldn't do the same thing?!  Those convenience stores are there to make money.  Co-ops benefit the community, not grocery stores.  Black people, like anyone else, want their beer and cigarettes.  It's not like the CIA introducing crack to the ghetto.  It's old news and has nothing to do with Koreans.

There're so many naive, ignorant, and dishonest comments quoted in this article.  If this is all the New Black Panther Party has to offer then I hope they fail.  What's interesting is I can appreciate some of their tenets listed in their 10-Point Program and Platform (most of this is familiar to me from listening to dead prez).  Obviously #3 is silly (tax exemption) although it'd be nice to have globalism under control, and #6 is a blatant double standard (although dead prez argue in their lyrics now that black Americans aren't "American" except for the Uncle Toms, and therefore the sudden patriotism and any cooperation with the government should be ceased).  Point #8 would be a nightmare unless they narrowed it down to "for political reasons" instead of including all black people charged with or convicted of a crime.  I think #9 may be a mistake (see: O.J.).  I agree most with #10, the death penalty's got to go.

December 17, 2003 ~ 2:11 P.M.
I know that all I ever do on this site now is post links but what do you expect, a Livejournal?  But even the subjects I used to talk about on here, the broader pictures, I don't anymore.  I guess I just have other outlets now, which is good in that they're more interactive, but bad in that I don't have them saved for posterity like I have here.  Every once and a while I like to go back through Do Not Read's archives and just read some funny stories and memorable comments/speeches/theories.

Here are some startlingly accurate (and hilarious) definitions of "hipster" from

Best limericks I've seen written in public restroom stalls:

As I sit and contemplate, should I shit or masturbate?

Here I sit, all downhearted, tried to shit but only farted.

Here is a live text-to-speech web app.  It will SING using clips from real songs!  Try it!

Try this, too: Pub Fight.  You can easily submit new fights!

December 6, 2003 ~ 2:37 P.M.
Here, listen to this Peanut Butter Wolf Dublab DJ set before it disappears. It streams through WinAmp and it's all dance music (house, disco, R&B, hip-hop) from the year 1983. Excellent and fun hour-long set.

Interesting article on the movie 'Thirteen' and its co-star/co-writer. I saw this movie recently. What a brave and disturbingly sexy little girl.

I'm going to retype these Chris Rock jokes from this year's VMAs because months later they're still funny.

Damn, my Do Not Read looks shitty as hell this month. It looks like some 13 year old girl did it with a Geocities web builder. Not the best way to end a year.