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<AlbertCamus> hi matt (this is travis)
<Leviathant> Woah :)
<AlbertCamus> that is one of the best nin interviews i've ever read
<Leviathant> Nice choice of nick;)
<AlbertCamus> you like camus?
<Leviathant> Ye olde Details mag
<Leviathant> I read two of his novels
<Leviathant> Um, but I'm having a brainfart as to their names.
<Leviathant> (I gave evan the link to that article earlier today, heehee)
<AlbertCamus> i figured so, it's unlike him to be that thorough
<AlbertCamus> so my intention was to compliment you on the link.. nice job
<Leviathant> Heehee, thanks :)
<AlbertCamus> i didn't know metal was recorded before late 97
<Leviathant> Yeah, I dug through my archives
<AlbertCamus> your archives?
<Leviathant> Cuz I knew it was -somewhere-
<Leviathant> I've got a loooot of nin shit, even on my work pc ;)
<AlbertCamus> you probably read camus' The Stranger and either The Fall or The Plague
<Leviathant> The Stranger, and the one following that.
<Leviathant> All I could think of was that damn Cure song (which does The Stranger nooo justice)
<AlbertCamus> chronologically or in my syntax?
<Leviathant> Syntactically hehe.
<AlbertCamus> ok
<AlbertCamus> the poems people sent trent are a lot like his lyrics
<AlbertCamus> haha
<AlbertCamus> remember the fake webpage of trent becoming a backstreet boy
<AlbertCamus> what cracked me up the most was the letter from a fan: "SAVE ME"
<AlbertCamus> with a crayon drawing of a crying person
<Leviathant> *nods* The one Kraw did :)
<AlbertCamus> :)
<AlbertCamus> "The other day when Trent was onstage, he landed on a keyboard and something went
in his mouth, that metallic taste almost like blood, and it gave him a flashback to when he
was a kid in his grandfather's dusty old garage, licking his grandfather's work tools because
he wondered what they tasted like."
<Leviathant> It's one of the best TR interviews e'er conducted
<Leviathant> "Don't do that," he tells her. "Nobody wants to hear you." <--- Hahahaha :) It's
been a long time since I've read this oen
<AlbertCamus> i love that
<AlbertCamus> i wish he'd start saying that more
<AlbertCamus> but the perpetrators and their sympathizers would call trent 'insensitive'
<AlbertCamus> "Why do I not jump in the crowd? Because my shirt gets ripped off and someone
sticks their finger in my butt." now that's demeaning
<Leviathant> Hahahha :)
<AlbertCamus> trent's such a funny guy
<AlbertCamus> i hope he does another rap song, like he has on every album but broken
<Leviathant> Hmm, suck had hip hop elements to the beat....... but the key to rap is vocal
<AlbertCamus> right, i mean the vocals and lyrics
<AlbertCamus> i mean, a lot, if not most, of nin's beats are hip-hop in essence
<Leviathant> *listens through TDS*
<Leviathant> Heehee.
<Leviathant> True, Rap/Hip Hop is a big influence on the man
<AlbertCamus> thoroughly.. i think people always mistook it for industrial tho
<Leviathant> Damn fools! :)
<Leviathant> Just cuz you use the same instruments don't mean iz' tha same shit
<AlbertCamus> exactly
<AlbertCamus> that's why it amuses me to death how interolant MOST (ie: not "some"!) nin fans
are of hip-hop/rap
<AlbertCamus> if there were never hip-hop, there would be no nin.
<AlbertCamus> as far as i am concerned, trent is a hip-hop musician
<AlbertCamus> and i don't just mean the beats
<Leviathant> Yup :) There's so much Public Enemy sampled in PHM *chuckle*
<AlbertCamus> look at how he produces his music
<AlbertCamus> it's the exact same process as a rap producer (this term in hip-hop simply means
the man who made the music)
<AlbertCamus> (and wrote it and gave ideas for the rest of the song, of course)
<Leviathant> Beat + Rhythm then everything else. Layer over layer.
<AlbertCamus> trent thickly layers tracks that are recorded by their lonesome
<AlbertCamus> right.
<AlbertCamus> which is why trent has never liked being called a rock musician
<AlbertCamus> why are nin fans so stupid? this really bothers me
<Leviathant> It's a certain kind of stupid.
<AlbertCamus> yea, ignorance
<Leviathant> It's not unintelligence, it's ignorance.
<AlbertCamus> :)
<AlbertCamus> but why do they choose to be so intolerant, so closed off to reality? i suppose
there are some elements of that in nin, but is this really the sincerest form of flattery?
<Leviathant> He's not a very good rapper though. Heehee.
<AlbertCamus> it's quite a paradox: these nin fans live for the music yet refuse to accept what
it really is.
<Leviathant> Well, I think it's moreso a certain type of person who's attracted to the message
-and- musical depth...
<Leviathant> You get a lot of people with OCD and Bipolar, resultingly.
<AlbertCamus> understood
<Leviathant> But it's like, you can almost expect that, if someone's a nin fan
<AlbertCamus> and when you are that troubled, the reality of the outside world comes secondary
to your own turmoil
<Leviathant> There's a certain way about them
<AlbertCamus> sadly.
<Leviathant> A lot of very talented individuals enjoy Nine Inch Nails, and oft nin plays the
spark to their fire
<AlbertCamus> how so?
<Leviathant> Look at all the 'budding musicians', 'fan artists', et al
<Leviathant> Look at all the fucking web pages
<Leviathant> <-- guitly
<AlbertCamus> hehe
<Leviathant> guilty. *cough*
<AlbertCamus> so you think nin brings that upon themselves?
<Leviathant> Naw, I think that ...
<Leviathant> That by talkign about very personal things, very publicly, very distinctly, yet
anonymizing them...
<Leviathant> It allows everyone who gives it a good listen, to partially identify
<AlbertCamus> astute point.
<Leviathant> And also to fill in on their own
<Leviathant> Maybe a sort of role playing?
<Leviathant> I mean, why the hell do I do shit like make fake album covers?
<Leviathant> Why did I start trying to recreate NIN tracks, and now make my own music resultingly
<Leviathant> heehee.
<AlbertCamus> that is a major contradiction and they know it, but that is basically the essence
of nin.. giving out so much from inside regardless of the ramifications and consequences
<Leviathant> And there's more, such as Chuck Palahaniuk (sp?), crediting lines from "Hurt" to be
driving mantras behind his major success of "Fight Club"
<AlbertCamus> right
<Leviathant> You get this spark that creates other flames
<Leviathant> But it's not like
<Leviathant> Not like bands like My Bloody Valentine, or Brian Eno
<AlbertCamus> right
<Leviathant> More remote acts like Autechre, and the like, those bands provide pieces to a
<Leviathant> Eno's my bread, Autechre's my cheese, ATR is my meat, and this is my product.
<AlbertCamus> yummy sandwhich
<Leviathant> (they aren't my bread cheese and meat but I'm making dumb examples, forgive me,
<Leviathant> Heehee.
<Leviathant> It's interesting how he maintains the seperation though
<Leviathant> Nine Inch Nails as opposed to Trent Reznor.
<AlbertCamus> exactly
<AlbertCamus> for years i've been wishing he'd make a 'solo' album
<AlbertCamus> do you know what i mean?
<AlbertCamus> i don't mean quit nin and work as tr, but just a solo album on the side
<Leviathant> Mmm... I don't know... I mean, I know what you mean, but...
<AlbertCamus> nin is very formulaic
<AlbertCamus> that is not to say that it is narrow in focus, but that trent knows he has his
limitations within nin
<Leviathant> In my own view, I think his stuff works best as nine inch nails. On his own, I
think he would go to a different level, more of what I was talkign about earlier. Making
wacked out stuff that's great for freaks like us, but not really his best work.
<AlbertCamus> hence his ideas for tapeworm and the female vocalist project
<Leviathant> *nod* I'd loooove to see SOMETHING out of tapeworm
<AlbertCamus> oh i'm not suggesting that nin be stopped or changed, just that he put out one cd
independent of nin
<Leviathant> I mean, shit. It's a throwback to the ol' side project boom in the whole Wax trax
<Leviathant> Heehee.
<AlbertCamus> exactly. Pigface.
<AlbertCamus> i forwarded you my email to trent, right?
<AlbertCamus> with my ideas for the bonus disc?
<Leviathant> Yup! :0
<AlbertCamus> :)
<Leviathant> err, :)
<AlbertCamus> i still think it'd be good if they released just one tapeworm track on the bonus
<AlbertCamus> specifically one without a guest
<AlbertCamus> that would really pound in that it's a separate entity, and it'd satisfy our
<Leviathant> Clouser, Lohner, Reznor, Keenan, Hamilton...
<Leviathant> Mmmmmm
<AlbertCamus> have you read over 'the remix files' section on tapeworm? there are a LOT of
linked guests to this cd that we've forgotten about
<Leviathant> Oh yeah, definately
<Leviathant> People who never appeared on the fragile
<Leviathant> despite news of they're being at n. studios
<AlbertCamus> yea
<AlbertCamus> can you name some? i can't think at the moment, but i've read it all
<AlbertCamus> dr. dre, of course
<Leviathant> Apparently
<Leviathant> Dre & Rez did a track together
<AlbertCamus> alanis was a bad rumor, we hope (tho i like her, i must admit, i just think that'd
be a fatal combination)
<Leviathant> And it totally sucked
<AlbertCamus> you think so? cos he's mentioned 'a couple' that he really likes and wishes to
release some day
<Leviathant> It was just a fucking around together kind of hting
<Leviathant> But they said they want to work together again
<AlbertCamus> (re: 2nd online chat)
<AlbertCamus> yea i figured it was just fucking around since it was only 1-3 days
<Leviathant> Oooh, true
<AlbertCamus> and trent does nothing overnight
<AlbertCamus> btw what's the likelihood that he read my email and not just deleted it
automatically or glanced through it? i know he reads anything from you newsies
<Leviathant> He reads his emails, every one of them.
<Leviathant> He rarely, RARELY responds. I don't think I've ever gotten a response.
<Leviathant> He'll write emails. But rarely in response.
<AlbertCamus> yea he wrote me one *grumble*
<AlbertCamus> ....fucking mycah...
<AlbertCamus> but he hasn't replied to the 2 i've sent on my own to him
<Leviathant> hmm.
<AlbertCamus> ok, well what do you think is the likelihood that he'll take any of my suggestions
into consideration? i put a lot of efforts into my thoughts, as i always do with things and
people i really care about
<AlbertCamus> and it makes plenty fuckin' sense to give bonus features to a disc that would
merely be the audio segment of another entity
<Leviathant> It's also damn expensive.
<Leviathant> He's well off, but not financially stupid.
<AlbertCamus> pressing discs isn't that expensive
<AlbertCamus> the entire thing is 83¢
<AlbertCamus> and how many copies of the live album is he going to sell, 3? (no, that's not
fair... this cd will have "the good songs" on it)
<Leviathant> :)
<AlbertCamus> but still, i don't think it'd be that much of a loss to include a bonus disc
<AlbertCamus> Option A: he could charge $1 listed price extra to cover the price of the bonus
<AlbertCamus> Option B: he can make it limited edition. radiohead printed a 12 page bonus disc
hidden under the tray of the cd package. that must've cost extra. it was limited to first
pressing only, but most people have it.
<Leviathant> Limited like fixed? 60,000 copies US
<AlbertCamus> right.
<Leviathant> I've only ever seen one US fixed in six or seven years.
<AlbertCamus> yea
<Leviathant> And I've been looking. In many, many, many cities.
<Leviathant> That
<Leviathant> sucks
<Leviathant> Of course, they're reprinted domestically now
<Leviathant> And they always had the FR import
<AlbertCamus> i have the french version, myself
<Leviathant> *nods* me too
<Leviathant> That's what I'll settle for, even if the original EP was what, $4? $5?
<AlbertCamus> i got mine $8 new
<AlbertCamus> it was in the bargain bin cos no one wanted it
<Leviathant> Bastard :)
<AlbertCamus> of course, this was 1997 or 1998, not when it came out
<AlbertCamus> how much was yours? $20?
<Leviathant> Naw, probably $12 or $14, I forget, this was in maybe 96
<AlbertCamus> coo
<AlbertCamus> hey do you know any of these unreleased covers nin's done?
<Leviathant> Queen, Love Gun.
<AlbertCamus> true
<Leviathant> Other than that, dunno
<AlbertCamus> that was confirmed, right? i know trent was supposed to be on 'kiss my ass' but i
wasn't sure if that was the particular track
<AlbertCamus> why'd he pull out, btw?
<Leviathant> Man.
<Leviathant> THat's not how to phrase a question about Love Gun.
<Leviathant> LOL
<AlbertCamus> hahah
<Leviathant> Not sure why they cancelled.
<Leviathant> Might not have been 'representative' ;)
<AlbertCamus> what year was this, 1993?
<Leviathant> Probably, it was a while ago
<AlbertCamus> i know mjk was on that
<Leviathant> He's in the weirdest places man
<Leviathant> I didn't know he was on my damn flyin' traps cd
<AlbertCamus> i'm not familiar with them
<Leviathant> It's a drummer comp
<Leviathant> It had a chris vrenna track
<AlbertCamus> cool.. from when?
<Leviathant> Not too long after he ducked outta the band. It's really cool though :) It's
called The Box, or maybe The Steel Box, I forget
<AlbertCamus> nice
<AlbertCamus> where's the fucking tweaker project? haha
<Leviathant> It's out there.
<Leviathant> It's fucking grand too
<Leviathant> I actually got to hear it in Evan's car.
<Leviathant> Oh what I would give for that CD.
<Leviathant> I guarantee it'll be in permanent rotation in many a CD changer
<AlbertCamus> d00d, wtf is with evan
<AlbertCamus> heh
<AlbertCamus> i mean i like what he does and all but why does he get so many promos
<AlbertCamus> and not even promos, but demos
<Leviathant> He calls people.
<AlbertCamus> ok so what you're saying is if i call (insert label here) enough times they'll
just start sending me cd's?
<Leviathant> Not label. But who does the label work closely with?
<AlbertCamus> the artist?
<Leviathant> Nope, they're reclusive fucks.
<Leviathant> Where'd you first hear Nine Inch Nails?
<Leviathant> Before you even knew they were nine inch nails.
<Leviathant> Before you even liked it.
<AlbertCamus> radio? why would a radio have a tweaker cd?
<AlbertCamus> i know they get early copies... WHFS had U2's 'Pop' a year before it was out, for
<AlbertCamus> but i don't see how vrenna's project would mean anything to a radio station
<Leviathant> Well actually he got the tweaker cd from someone who works at a music store out
west (to be vague) who, for its prime location in starfuckerland, sees a lot of industry
people in there.
<AlbertCamus> ok
<AlbertCamus> so this guy at the store got it from a record label rep?
<Leviathant> Or vrenna's manager.
<AlbertCamus> ok
<Leviathant> Sent Evan a copy.
<AlbertCamus> and he knew he was his manager because they talked?
<Leviathant> Evan's still only got that one copy
<Leviathant> (Didn't even make a backup... ooof!!)
<AlbertCamus> otherwise, it's not like you'd pick him out of a crowd.. silly manager for opening
his mouth
<Leviathant> lol
<Leviathant> Starfuckerland,
<Leviathant> Los Angeles. Hollywood.
<AlbertCamus> i know that
<Leviathant> Talk to whoever you can to get a lead.
<AlbertCamus> so the guy at the store approached someone and he happened to be his manager?
<AlbertCamus> that's still lucky but that sort of thing happens a lot in hollywood
<AlbertCamus> so what else does evan have? i know he had TDTWWA months in advance
<Leviathant> Well, I mean
<Leviathant> He heard it over the phone.
<Leviathant> Didn't have it.
<AlbertCamus> that's even stranger
<Leviathant> He at one time, somehow, knew #6 at interscope
<AlbertCamus> who's probably been fired by now, right? seeing as how interscope is all pop and
pretentious metal now
<Leviathant> Interscope's interesting people all left with the acquisition.
<AlbertCamus> figures
<AlbertCamus> grrr
<AlbertCamus> i wish that fucking thing hadn't happened
<Leviathant> Which has a lot to do with lack of support for NIN.
<Leviathant> It's a damn shame, but it is a business liek any other.
<AlbertCamus> "Interscope has committed to promoting 'The Fragile' for the next two full years."
<AlbertCamus> you know we have to blame for this, don't you?
<AlbertCamus> i mean, for the current climate of music
* Leviathant cries *
<Leviathant> It's me
<AlbertCamus> haha
<AlbertCamus> yes
<AlbertCamus> and also
<AlbertCamus> the dust brothers
<Leviathant> *sniffle*
<AlbertCamus> they produced hanson's the middle of nowhere
<Leviathant> Dust brothers?
<Leviathant> How so?
<Leviathant> lol
<AlbertCamus> that catalyzed the trend of cute young boys making pop music
<Leviathant> Again, $$
<AlbertCamus> spice girls were an oddity; they would've died out on their own
<AlbertCamus> now, true, hanson do play instruments and write their own songs
<Leviathant> Spice Girls were the first big thing I remember, thinking, Shit, here comes the
<AlbertCamus> but they still created the interest in cute young guys and catchy pop music
<Leviathant> Rekindled
<AlbertCamus> combining that and the latest craze of dance/techno (prodigy, chem bros, etc.),
backstreet boys came to popularity
<AlbertCamus> and then the rest is history
<Leviathant> It's just the cycle.
<AlbertCamus> yea, rekindled.. but you know what i mean. male musicians have always been
especially attractive to female fans, but not for a long time were they the sole basis for
their popularity
<Leviathant> You saw the same thing with Menudo, New Kids
<Leviathant> BUt instead of Korgs they used Linn Drums
<AlbertCamus> yea but those 2 died out and we had a half decade or more without it
<Leviathant> :)
<AlbertCamus> anyway i hope the cycle is ending
<AlbertCamus> SG made a straight r&b record and lost their popularity
<AlbertCamus> BSB are now 2nd to their imitators, NSYNC
<AlbertCamus> and last week's album sales saw comparably massive drops in the 2 latter groups as
well as britney spears
<AlbertCamus> i'm talking about them dropping out of not only the top 3 but the top 10
<Leviathant> Yup
<AlbertCamus> i really look forward to their demise
<Leviathant> Thank the lord
<Leviathant> I think all the new-butt-rock has paved the way for better stuff to come in
<Leviathant> Your bullshit papa roach
<Leviathant> disturbed
<Leviathant> (God, I hate disturbed)
<Leviathant> Fuckin' Linkin Park. I hate bands who have mispelled names
<AlbertCamus> haha
<AlbertCamus> i'll take this "nu metal" craze over boy bands any day
<Leviathant> English motherfucker, do you speak it!
<Leviathant> no way
<Leviathant> nu metal caters to frat boy dumb nager
<Leviathant> anger
<AlbertCamus> but it's definitely not my preference; it's caused me to completely stop listening
to the radio except University of Maryland's local station
<Leviathant> boy bands, yeah, they make it hard to find a nice, intelligent, interesting
<AlbertCamus> yea girls have gotten stupider and shallower in the last few years.. thanks a lot
dust brothers
<AlbertCamus> you wouldn't think it'd make a difference
<Leviathant> But pure pop in such high levels leaves a scene wiiiide open
<AlbertCamus> but it has
<Leviathant> Especially with the onset of a republican president :)
<Leviathant> Oh it's terribl
<AlbertCamus> right on; i loved manson's quote about art thriving in conservative eras
<Leviathant> Heehee, Mansons music may not be my kinda stuff, but I can't deny the man has some
valid points on his own :)
<AlbertCamus> manson does some really fucking kickass things
<AlbertCamus> the only music of his i can get into is ACS, for obvious reasons
<Leviathant> (nodie says hi)
<AlbertCamus> and i think some of the things he does is stupid and pretentious
<AlbertCamus> but a lot of it Brilliant with a capital B and i really admire it
<AlbertCamus> hi nodie!
<Leviathant> Heehee :) The only thing Mansons done musically that I've liked has probably been
more aorund the era of Smells Like Children
<Leviathant> Dave Ogilvie takes on Dope Hat. Mmmmm.
<Leviathant> Dave Ogilvie oughta do something out on his own.
<Leviathant> As far as I'm concerned, whatever the man touches turns to gold
<Leviathant> Except orgy.
<Leviathant> Heheh :)
<AlbertCamus> there's an ogilvie remix of DH? i've only heard the ACS era stuff, and all of his
<Leviathant> Dance of the Dope Hats
<AlbertCamus> (that is, radio/video singles.. but all of them)
<Leviathant> It's like, one of my favorite tracks
<AlbertCamus> what's it sound like?
<Leviathant> Dope Hat had a viddyu
<AlbertCamus> i know
<Leviathant> Oh, it's all very indoostrial beat driven
<AlbertCamus> i mean the remix
<Leviathant> You should search for it and download :)
<AlbertCamus> it's on my list now
<AlbertCamus> any interesting samples?
<Leviathant> Mmm, I don't think he got sample happy with it
<Leviathant> It's more an agressive, pulverising remix
<Leviathant> Mostly electronic
<Leviathant> But at the end he uses the guitar quite effectively
<Leviathant> Fail to See the Tragiiic, turn it into magiiiiiic
<AlbertCamus> awesome
<Leviathant> I was sooo thrilled when they put up that blurry pic of a CD on, during
halo 13
<Leviathant> Looked like it said, Where is Everybody, DO mix
<Leviathant> Turned out it was a DL mix, but hey, I dig that too. hehe
<AlbertCamus> i liked that song, but when i read the lyrics a full 2 years before hearing the
song, i figured it'd be a rap song
<AlbertCamus> haha
<AlbertCamus> DL remix is wonderful
<AlbertCamus> i wonder what DO would 'do' tho
<Leviathant> One of my fav. tracks on that CD
<AlbertCamus> considering how weird SFv2 sounds
<Leviathant> Eh, it sounds like his standard fare, if you took out the melodies he added.
<AlbertCamus> weird for him, not weird as in bad
<Leviathant> The problem with doing SF is that it has very little in the way of melody
<AlbertCamus> exactly
<Leviathant> Which is why I never even attempted it, cuz when I remix, I do the percussion
mainly, and rely on pre-existing melody. w/o seperated vocals, w/o melody, I wans't gonna
rewrite the track
<AlbertCamus> i was shocked to see TR pick so many remixes of SF instead of the remixes that've
been done of WITT, ED, and Please
<Leviathant> Well I gotta go, I'm stil lat work :)
<AlbertCamus> cool, well it was nice talking to you
<Leviathant> Yeah, great chatting man :)
<AlbertCamus> cya
<Leviathant> Hey, can you email me the addy for your website? I know you've got space out there
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