WendiJMatthews: shutup!!!!!
howisya77: :)
WendiJMatthews: fuckin ass of a guy down the hall
WendiJMatthews: thats why im not goin to see tracie right now
howisya77: what'd he do?
WendiJMatthews: she lives f=directly across from his room and i dont want to talk to him right noew
WendiJMatthews: we kinda started like dating i guess
WendiJMatthews: but not now!
howisya77: why not now?
WendiJMatthews: cause hes a fuckin ass
howisya77: why? :)
WendiJMatthews: well we spend alot of time in his room....like his roomate and i are friends too and all oiur friends and we all watch dave stuff and listen to oar and yeah but then everyone leaves an d its just the 3 of us thebn eventually brandon falls asleep and rich and i hang out
WendiJMatthews: ok well technically were like making out andthats like all i want to do with him basically
WendiJMatthews: ivwe known him 4 days
WendiJMatthews: 5 today
WendiJMatthews: and ive already gone alittle farther w him than anyone else
WendiJMatthews: and he wants to have sex
WendiJMatthews: and i dont
WendiJMatthews: and he hatees it
WendiJMatthews: and we fight cause were only basically hangin out at night and not day
WendiJMatthews: and last night
WendiJMatthews: well the night before i didnt leave until 6 but we didnt get in until late formm parties
WendiJMatthews: like 2 i thijnllk
howisya77: last night changed it alllllll! (in the late night)
WendiJMatthews: huh?
WendiJMatthews: no last night i can\me in a little fucked up and could make it to his room easier than mine so went to his first
howisya77: what is Dave Stuff? who are Oar?
WendiJMatthews: cause the night before tht i canme in and went to sleep at 6 and got hour of sllep and we wenrt to a fall fest concert last night and i was already fallin asleep and then the people around us smoked weed all night asnd so i think i was alittle to close to that and then we went to a frat party but i wasnt drunk cause ashley had to help me walk up the hill to th e frat house before i started drinkin
WendiJMatthews: i was nt drunk
howisya77: are you drunk now?
WendiJMatthews: klike we drink but i dont drink enough to get drunk and no one every believes im not cause they thimnk oim drunk the min i get there cause thats just the way i am\
WendiJMatthews: noooooooooooo
WendiJMatthews: :-)
WendiJMatthews: i dont get drunk
howisya77: you just get knocked down, then you get knocked up?
WendiJMatthews: fuck you
WendiJMatthews: im tellin u stuff cause i needed a friend ass
WendiJMatthews: dave matthews band
WendiJMatthews: we watch there videos
WendiJMatthews: o.a.r
WendiJMatthews: is
WendiJMatthews: a
WendiJMatthews: group
WendiJMatthews: it
WendiJMatthews: stands for of a revolution
WendiJMatthews: anyway
howisya77: ok
howisya77: so you think you got high off second hand marijuana smoke?
WendiJMatthews: i was a little clumsy but totally aware of everythjin and
WendiJMatthews: lol
WendiJMatthews: noo i was tired
WendiJMatthews: i get weuird whrn im tired
howisya77: do you get down?
WendiJMatthews: what??????????
howisya77: ;P
howisya77: so why won't you have sex with that guy?
WendiJMatthews: no
howisya77: why?
WendiJMatthews: cause ivre known him 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!
WendiJMatthews: what is with guys?
howisya77: but you're already making out with him and sleeping in his bed
howisya77: you're being a tease
howisya77: just have sex with him and get it over with
howisya77: you're going to eventually
WendiJMatthews: im noit sleepin in his bed
WendiJMatthews: no im not
WendiJMatthews: cause he pissed me off
howisya77: how?
WendiJMatthews: cause i was a little bit messed up last night but brandon was like your high and drunk or both and rich was like lookin at me and he was like youm are fucked up
howisya77: ;)
howisya77: it's ok if you were
WendiJMatthews: amnd the min he though t i was he immediately starts un doin my pants whren we went ovwer this the night before
howisya77: you're supposed to be, it's college
WendiJMatthews: i know
howisya77: maybe he was going to eat you out
WendiJMatthews: ohmigod my fav frat guy and i were sooo funny
WendiJMatthews: yeah no
WendiJMatthews: vcause we stareted talkin bout sex again
howisya77: maybe he would've at least licked you off first!
WendiJMatthews: like imknow he wants to cause he tells me every five seconds but if he likes me as much as he says he does he should respect the situation...like he sirts
howisya77: he doesn't really like you
howisya77: you're just a cute play thing with a mouth and tits
WendiJMatthews: there and tells me im the weirdre st girl hes ever met and he loves it and thta he thinks hes fallin in love w me and and all this bullshit an
WendiJMatthews: but he iobviously doesnt
WendiJMatthews: yeah thats kinda what i told him
howisya77: he has a good thing going though, he's not going to end it
WendiJMatthews: and he was like if i only wanted sex i wouldnt be here again with you tonight thing
howisya77: i say just let him do it, i mean you're a college girl, you're supposed to give free love
WendiJMatthews: yuor an ass you know that???
howisya77: but it's true
howisya77: you wouldn't be making out with him already (after how many days?) if you didn't like the idea
howisya77: you're supposed to be "experimenting"
WendiJMatthews: im not reafy
howisya77: i say you should have sex with him
WendiJMatthews: and i told him that
howisya77: if it's not him, it'll be some other guy next month
howisya77: so at least pick a guy you actually like
WendiJMatthews: ok i m not aso stop sayojin that
WendiJMatthews: i dont reallly like him i do but he botherw me at the same time
howisya77: then just stop talking to him
WendiJMatthews: i did
howisya77: communicate with your tongue, hands, and breasts
WendiJMatthews: we did that
howisya77: i mean, stop talking to him
howisya77: and just do that
WendiJMatthews: well
WendiJMatthews: he doesnt want to just do that
howisya77: don't even say anything to him anymore, just come in and make out with him and leave afterwards, then you'll both be happy
WendiJMatthews: hes like well we could do other dstuff then
WendiJMatthews: hes soo moody
howisya77: then fix him up with a friend of yours that will have sex with him, because he's going to fuck one of your friends eventually and this way at least you won't ruin your friendship with the girl
WendiJMatthews: like he will come in my room 10 then not talk to anyone at2 then hes messed up too much weed
howisya77: so? what else is there to do in west virginia?
WendiJMatthews: my friends thinkl hes an ass now ttoto
WendiJMatthews: party
howisya77: party = drinking alcohol, smoking weed, making out with easy girls
WendiJMatthews: im not easy
howisya77: ;)
WendiJMatthews: thats why we have this problem
WendiJMatthews: cause i actually care who i sllep with
howisya77: what's the difference? you can't be a virgin forever
WendiJMatthews: no but at least it could be wiyth someone i care about
howisya77: why? so he can dump you after he's had sex with you and break your heart?
howisya77: i say you have sex with this "ass" guy
howisya77: at least you're not too attached
howisya77: and he certainly could care less
howisya77: that way your first experience won't make you cry everytime you remember it
WendiJMatthews: but no cause whren i finallty do its not gonna be with sonme random guy
WendiJMatthews: you r fucked up
howisya77: i know, it'll be with some guy who you think loves you and then he'll get rid of you after he's "had" you
howisya77: and that's miserable
howisya77: so just have sex with some guy you like but don't love
howisya77: it'll work out better for you, trust me
WendiJMatthews: no
howisya77: yes
WendiJMatthews: cause you and rich arent the type of guys that i would love so i dont think it would be like that if i was dating someione which im not and you can break up with someone and still get along with them not every guy is like that
howisya77: how does this have anything to do with me?
howisya77: i'm just trying to help you out
WendiJMatthews: cayse you view sucks
howisya77: hmm!
WendiJMatthews: well it does
howisya77: why?
WendiJMatthews: because not everyone has sex hen gets dumped like that
howisya77: most girls do when it's their first time
WendiJMatthews: we just have totallly dif views on this
WendiJMatthews: so forget it
howisya77: you don't know how guys think!
WendiJMatthews: just fiorget it
howisya77: :P
WendiJMatthews: i gootta go meet some people ill ttyl
WendiJMatthews: bye
howisya77: do you realize the entire time i was kidding?
WendiJMatthews: entire what?
howisya77: the entire conversation
howisya77: i just thought it was funny
WendiJMatthews: hurry up i gotta go
WendiJMatthews: its not