If anything, "Do Not Read" is more of an experiment in philosophy, journalism, and art. It is not a direct guide to my daily life. This project is merely my attempt to explain the world around me to myself. The results have so far been great. I am happy and proud that people enjoy this site. However, this site has been and always will be by me and for me.

This is probably the closest you will ever come to getting inside my head. This is more or less who I really am. It's not a direct output of my mind but it is how I feel and think. What you will see little of on "Do Not Read" though is my comments on specific people I know, be they friends or family. Again, this is not a journal. If you want to read about that, go to some depressed goth pre-teen's diary. What I like about this page is that no one can police the content but myself. I edit each update thoroughly for grammar, spelling, and content. There are many things I just will not talk about. They seldom fit into my perception of what this page is about. That or they'd get me in trouble with people. Best to play it safe.

"Do Not Read" is my pulpit, my soapbox to whoever cares to listen. True, what I write always comes from whatever I am interested in rather than what an audience wants to know. But I am fully cognizant of the fact that people do read this site, most of whom I know in person. The title of the page, as I've had to inform those not "in the know", is purely sarcastic. I do like my opinions to be known. In truth, I am a somewhat shy, quiet, and reserved person, but paradoxically I always have something to say.

This page is also an experiment in design. I make monthly layouts and graphics. Sometimes I'll use grammatically correct punctuation and capitalization. sometimes i won't

I do hope you like this page. If you don't, though, I won't really care.

What I'm trying to start doing is getting other people to post their own "Do Not Read" updates. Several from my friend Nick are on their own separate page. Let me know if you're interested because I really do enjoy reading the entries of those people who have found "Do Not Read" inspiring and interesting. I'm prone to using the "Blogger" system if enough people want to write. Thanks.

-Travis Christensen  (howisya@hotmail.com)

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