November 22, 2004

Read this and see why some of us were so bothered by the election outcome and the prospect of "four more years."  Bush's resumé.

November 21, 2004


November 16, 2004

Rest in peace: John Balance, ODB, John Peel, Johnny Ramone, Rick James, Ray Charles.  This year is shaping up to be just as bad as last year as far as music related deaths go.

November 7, 2004

Yet another interesting election-related article.  This one is a New York Times Op-Ed by David Brooks.  Click here to read about "The Values-Vote Myth."  My favorite quote from it:
But the same insularity that caused many liberals to lose touch with the rest of the country now causes them to simplify, misunderstand and condescend to the people who voted for Bush. If you want to understand why Democrats keep losing elections, just listen to some coastal and university town liberals talk about how conformist and intolerant people in Red America are. It makes you wonder: why is it that people who are completely closed-minded talk endlessly about how open-minded they are?
My thing lately has been busting the chops of close-minded liberals who are trying to win arguments using deception or are just totally unaware of their own hypocrisy and intolerance.  If you haven't guessed already, I'm obviously a liberal, but I'm also all for the truth.  Basically, you shouldn't have to manipulate and distort to make a point, but all too many liberals do and they expect smart people who agree with the core ideology to remain silent for the cause.

Another fan of Bill Maher's show seems to agree with me over on the IMDB message board.  The Real Time audience is probably the worst overall and certainly the worst-behaved live audience on TV.


I had the opportunity to ask John Book some more music questions recently.  It's a bit long so I made it a DNR supplement.  Click here and enjoy.  He has a couple books coming out soon after he finds a good publisher.

November 5, 2004

Someone else: my political science teacher said that this election was "a wizard of oz election" he explained by saying "half the country didn't have a heart and half didn't have a brain"


Masterfully written fake obituary for Bushy by Greil Marcus.  A harrowing glimpse into the near future but worth a serious read anyway.


Girl feels no pain.  Interesting article.

November 3, 2004

Interesting voting statistics from CNN exit polls.  Be sure to take the time to process everything.  Some of these weren't surprising but there were quite a few where I asked myself, "How could they...?"  Anyway, refer to this if you want to make a point about something.  It probably will validate whatever you want to say.

November 1, 2004

I have to post this. On my radio show a couple weeks ago I forgot to say on air after the song something funny that I wrote down. I had saved this quip for WEEKS. It would've been used on show 1 but the TVOTR CD was missing.

TV On The Radio - Staring At The Sun - Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes - Heavy Rotations Pick (HR)

"Staring at the sun is like looking into cleavage.. even on a nice, sunny day, don't look directly at it!"


Some quotes from Sophocles' "Antigone":

"It is a terrible thing when someone with the power to judge judges wrongly."

"Mistakes are common to all men; but when a man makes a mistake, he is not foolish or doomed to
failure if, after falling into trouble, he finds the remedy, instead of remaining obdurate. Stubbornness brings the charge of stupidity."

"Nothing is sweeter than learning from one who speaks well, if he speaks to your advantage."


Good stolen jokes:

Q. How many indie rockers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. Like, dude, you guys don't know? Ugh. I have that joke on vinyl.

Q. How many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. ...That's not funny.


I supported ralph nader in 2000, but it's a time of crisis. We have to get a new administration in. All of us who supported Ralph last time should get down on our knees and say, "Can you bow out on October 3rd? We'll get back to the ideals you're fighting for on November 3rd."
Eddie Vedder, Rolling

If only people could keep their word.  I admire Eddie for this but he's naive to think this would work.  I'd take my chances with Kerry if, and only if, Nader could be given a cabinet level position (possibly already discussed during Kerry and Nader's secret meeting earlier this year) and the Kerry administration REALLY would adopt some if not most of Nader's goals after playing Moderate to get in the White House.  But Kerry's record shows he really is a Moderate by comparison, which has nothing to do with speaking out against Viet Nam.  So really I have no choice but to vote Nader because he's the only candidate running that stands up for my ideals.  The smear campaign against him is getting worse but unless Kerry embraced Nader's platform and/or Nader as a member of his administration then he's just going to have to deal with losing some votes.  [Note: I typed this many weeks ago.  Nader has since become either a non-issue or people have become more understanding.]


Keeping on politics, if you haven't seen this by now, click here.  Jon Stewart brings the noise to Crossfire (courtesy of IFILM).


Very old/forgotten update: Jewel of the Bile.

All that yodeling may have finally gotten to Jewel, who apparently suffered a mini-meltdown during a show last weekend in New Hampshire. Fans tell that the snaggle-toothed warbler's erratic on-stage behavior included insulting the overweight and toothless and asking the crowd for requests, only to order them to "shut the hell up."

"I don't know if she was having a nervous breakdown or what," one witness tells the website. "She told everyone to stop looking at her teeth and look at her breasts." She also didn't endear herself to her fan base by allegedly telling them she'd seen "a better audience at a barroom brawl and that all drinkers and smokers were sinners." Jewel's reps claims she does a lot of "tongue-in-cheek humor" during her concerts. Oh. Um, ha?


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