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   (limb by limb and tooth by tooth, tearing up inside of me, every day, every hour, i wish that i was.. bulletproof)
consistently delayed. for all intents and purposes, i wrote this hours ago and they do not necessarily reflect my current State Of Mind. insert ->
if you're like me, you worry about mindreaders.
apparently the physics course i took in 10th grade (passing with a 70% [bare minimum] final grade) was the equivalent to public school AP physics. and the AP physics we have (12th grade) is like super-college level. oh boy!
none of our classes are weighted in our gpa. AP's are built into our curriculum and add nothing extra to our gpa. all of our courses are accelerated (or as the public school kids would say, "honors") or AP's. but colleges don't know that. so a C+ in biology (very accelerated) is a C+ in easyass public school chemistry. fair, isn't it. haha. it's good to keep a sense of humor as this is really unfortunate.
coming soon (for nick): my 'uber concert'. the first version will be living, existing bands that would make sense in a 2 day festival format. the second version will have dead people and bands in earlier stages, for instance 1989 nine inch nails or 1994 korn (back when they were opening for hip-hop group The Gravediggaz). i dunno if korn will really be on it, but that's an example.
heh heh heh heh.
call me sadistic ("you're sadistic!"), but i got a huge grin on my face when i found out that 2 of the backstreet boys are getting married. this is going to break so many hearts. it's times like this that i switch from "girls are cool" to "girls are so stupid" mode. (note: sorry for the generalization, don't take it seriously.) reading over the mtv "fans speak out!!!" comments left by 15 yr old girls makes me really happy. "i am so sad, i wanted to marry one of them!" they exclaim with total seriousness. how lame.
read it yourself!: (it could be sweet)
p    0    r    t    |    S    h    E    A    d        a    R    E        c    0    0    l
ernest goes to the grave.
RIP the talented young actor who played "Ernest" in all those brilliant films and the singah Screamin' Jay Hawkins. someone finally put a spell on him.

(s  ad   son s   rem i  nd   e     of  friend   s   )
you know who's flippin mah lippid lately? m0gwai. just perfect muzik.

sprite is a beautiful    s      0 da.

NOTHING here is planned. there are however a few
01) no cursing.
02) no over-emotiong.
03) no letting in the willies and williams.
04) keep it mysterious. [eLOOsiVE{{
05) say nothing that can be used A GAinS T you.
06) this ain't no diary, BECKy.

        you dig me? you got me?
RZA is one kickass man. the wu-tang is indeed the coolest.

i must get out and SoC1L1ZE. i am goING OUT OF my miND?(?)?.?F<SA>.
stickkkkk itihsdf of butterjj stick TO BUTTERRRRRR>D:DKFLJphux
yea boy yea, was gonna hook you up with graphics, but i said FUQET YOU MAN! FAHGGET YOU! over crucialize, over scrutinize, babies born with a dozen eyes, open them all to lies. conventiality in my rhymes, makes me feel way behind the times, i need money and flashy cars, pick up women in irish bars. i like eggs i LIKE EGGS:::::::::PHUX

woozle wuzzle?
also, camus. must read the camus. and crane.
must. read. must. make. time. must. dEPART. now.....................(baby don't cry)

also, i meant to add, is it any coincidence that
valentine's day is abbreviated V.D.?

"You're A Good Man"
starring     Travis as Dark Honey
and           Frankie as Dorkus Malorkus
travis on love & books:
    today i went to the library. their i saw neighbored (as i will refer to her). she is, pretty much, the only girl i like (which i suppose doesn't say much since she's one of the only girls i know OF). anyway, i still haven't met her, i guess. but this is the closest i've been to her, except for the time when we were both walking our dogs and we passed each other. anyway, she was about 1 foot away from me for a long time while we looked up books. after a while she gets kinda dorky i guess, but that's cool (in my opinion). apparently she was researching some kind of school project. i should go to the library more often. apparently there are some intelligent young females there -- who would have thought? not i.
    here are the books i picked up today:
Achebe, Chinua Things Fall Apart (unless there's another book of the exact same title, this 1950s fictional 200 pg. novel inspired
                                                    The Roots to make their critically acclaimed album Things Fall Apart)
Alexandrian, Sarane Surrealist Art (just what you think it is... awesome paintings that are truly bizarre)
Davis, Miles Miles (autobiography - unfortunately i probably won't have the time to read it (again))
Irving, John A Son of the Circus (as recommended by the kelly. 600 pgs., hopefully i can read it...)
    here are the books i wanted to get, but they didn't have them:
Bierce, Ambrose Devil's Dictionary
Manson, Marilyn Long Hard Road Out of Hell (his co-written autobiography. i've skimmed through it before, it looks really
                                                    interesting. and apparently there is a very personal section all about trent. that alone is worth
                                                    reading the book. unfortunately, the hyattsville branch library doesn't carry the novel at all. *le
                                                    sigh* maybe i'll buy it.)
Nabokov, Vladmir Lolita (didn't know anything about it, but read a little article about it last week and it sounded super interesting. i
    must read it. in fact, that was the whole reason why i went there today, but both copies were checked out. the library had other
    books by him, but nowhere did they say what they were about.)
so all of the above books, plus George Orwell's 1984 and Snoop Dogg's recent autobiography are on my short list of things to read (for fun). also, the library has a great selection of books full of photography, i will check some of those out soon. an alterior motive for getting the art and photography books is to scan them and warp them with photoshop. tee hee.
how do you like the february layout, nick? pic courtesy of my bloody valentine "loveless". a nice anti-valentine's day month theme, i think.

anyway, on to regular do not read type material. i am starting to feel old in "rock years". recent additions to the "archives" section of whfs (where they play "old songs" for an hour):

now, unless i am mistaken, both of those songs are from about 1995 or 1996. ungh. also, rem and u2 have been added to the classic rock station. come on, i remember when all these songs came out!

aliens go home!