February 19, 2003 ^ 12:09 PM
I think I finally understand why the Latin term ludus is means both "school" and "game" in English.  School is a game!  At least, the nature of social interaction and hierarchy at some schools--such as colleges that think themselves middle schools--are merely a game.  Fortunately, you can choose simply not to play!  It really is that easy to just not participate in shallow, gamelike behavior, instead opting a more productive and thus prosperous lifestyle free from the confining, and overall unsatisfying "rules of play."  Yeah, that's what's up!

February 12, 2003 ^ 11:47 AM
My college's poorly run and seldom utilized TV channel is going to be presenting its second ever student panel discussion (first one was "Is homosexuality wrong?" durrr). This time the topic is "Affirmative Action: Reverse Discrimination?"

[Cues NOFX's "Don't Call Me White"]  "We" white people have done a lot of messed up things since mankind began but inventing and patenting discrimination or racism isn't one of them. That's what really cracks me up about phrases like "reverse racism" and "reverse discrimination", the assumption that it's only whites who do it, which to whites is really saying that it's not to be taken seriously; "we" are just pretending to feel sympathy for those who raise the issue of being discriminated against when really we think they're just whining. That's why I don't think middle class whites--let alone the upper class whites of this college community--will never understand why affirmative action is necessary. They'll never be able to put themselves in the shoes of a minority (black or other) because they just don't see the reality of discrimination and, because they don't have to face it, they never will.

Some hold-overs from last month's DNR:
http://pornografux.lokiss.com/ - crazy political animations
http://lbstone.com/void/WLURZAAYQQ/poopboy.swf - a bit too honest maybe

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