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"I would get my source material from all over the place, from pulling it off AM radios or the television to sticking a microphone outside my car window as I was driving home."
    -NIN engineer Keith Hillebrandt on some of his interesting backround and track seguing sounds found on the album
"I think at some point we had maybe 40 or 44 different guitars playing in the chorus."
    -NIN keyboardist/programmer Charlie Clouser on "We're In This Together"
isn't that incredible? and for another song, trent had made over 2 hours of guitar music for. engineer keith hillebrandt had to edit it down to a standard 5 minute song. this is an incredible article from the latest Keyboard magazine.
to read the whole article (it's the feature of the issue) click here

ok, so last night was music-related dream night, apparently.
first i dreamed that tupac was alive and at a black baptish church r&b concert, headlined by luther vandross. r. kelly was also in the audience. but i saw tupac there too. i talked to him briefly before the concert and he talked about his ongoing musical projects and stuff. i told him i liked his music and even joked about the song "california love", and asked him if he's still mad at dr. dre. he said no, and that he gives his music to "everybody". i asked him to say what he meant by that and he said that he lets everyone produce his beats, including dre. also, he acted like he never died. later on he was hiding in the shadows at the back of the stage where luther vandross performed. no one believed me that he was still alive and that he was at the show. weird.

second dream i had was that trent reznor called me on some kind of internet phone. we had a nice conversation about music and nin related stuff. i think at some point he stopped responding and somehow i got word that it wasn't him. so anyway, this guy i know from irc comes to my house (???) and starts laughing at me because it was him impersonating trent all along. as usual, i say "haha good joke". then i go to my bedroom and lay down to go to sleep. he follows me to my room, leaps onto my bed and starts beating me up. my mom comes into the room, wondering what is happening. anyway so this irc guy is throwing punches at me and i can't tell how serious he's being, cos you know how kids "joke fight". so i start to get hurt and realize he's not playing, so i curse at him and kick him off. he comes back on the bed and hits me more, so i get a lamp and hit him on the head with it and he's knocked out cold.

third and final dream, also music related, had to do with the new wu-tang clan album which is supposed to come out sometime this year.  the cd is black, has black liner notes with lyrics. it has 16 tracks. i listen to it with headphones. a few tracks later i realize that this is a TRANCE album, but it was done by wu-tang. pretty strange, huh? the music wasn't too bad either but i think i first realized it wasn't rap when i began to dislike how it was all one computer altered voice, and i couldn't hear ol' dirty bastard. then i remembered wu-tang is a hip-hop group, and that their making a trance album is very strange. there were 2 tracks on the cd that were guitar rock, otherwise it was a trance cd with a monotone voice that was singing/speaking and lyrics that reminded me of enya.

gotta stop sleeping on that couch.

bundle up darling,
the helium rat eats early; plowing out in no time, only not enjoying

"...maybe aol should buy canada."

that merger of aol buying time warner just kills me. new $ buying old $. i think in the future big corporations will be buying whole countries. the world, and therefore society, will be more commercialized then ever. this is just the START. soon information will be even more filtered and handpicked than it is now. life will be based on commerce.

i think ted turner owns time warner, right? if so, he also owns viacom i think, which owns stations like mtv and nickelodeon. so here's the big comedown:
AOL Time Warner's brands will include AOL, Time, CNN, CompuServe, Warner Bros., Netscape, Sports Illustrated, People, HBO, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, AOL MovieFone, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Digital City, Warner Music Group, Spinner, Winamp, Fortune, AOL.COM, Entertainment Weekly, and Looney Tunes. In addition to fully integrating its brands into a digital environment and bringing them closer to consumers, AOL Time Warner will have a wealth of creative resources to develop products specifically suited to interactive media.

words and phrases like "perpetual failure" and "slick" run through my head all day. it is maddenning.

i'm dead. want to know why? read on.
today i was at the safeway (grocery store, for those who do not know) and i saw a white guy in flannel and black rimmed glasses. after coming back from a toasters concert last night where geeks are very fashionable and cool people, at least in the world of ska, i thought to myself "cool, a cool geek." anyway, he had 2 young children and an overweight wife. i notice the wife has a tie dyed shirt -- typical. now here's what killed me, are you ready? it was a tie dyed NIN shirt(!). "broken" era. the front had the firey red "n" logo (in tie dye, mind you), and the front the "ninbroken" in black logo. this was just too cool. and too weird for ghettoass hyattsville. this especially killed me because i was wearing my only nin shirt, the faded green nin "closer to god" larvae coil shirt. what a coincidence! so, unable to resist temptation, i go up to her and say "nice shirt!" and try to show that i am wearing a nin shirt too, although on the front it is just the insect. she says "thanks", in a way where it's ambiguous if she knew that i was wearing the halo9 shirt or not. it was especially weird for me cos her husband and kids were right there. i hate appearing slimy. i always regret talking to females i don't know in front of 'they men' cos i don't want it to seem like i'm flirting. i think i come off flirty, which is a very bad thing. i don't love a slightly overweight 34 yr old married woman, i love nine inch nails. anyway, hopefully no one got the wrong idea.

coming soon to this site: my 10 favorite albums of 1999, my 20 favorite singles/radio songs of 1999, my 10 favorite albums of 1998, MAYBE my 10 favorite albums of 1997 (too many to list!), and hopefully my list (20-30) of my favorite albums that i own.

welcome to the new setup. i don't know if i want to keep this (britney spears isn't one of my
favorite people in the world) so you may see it change monthly. by the way, this page will roll over every month, because i don't want to work with dozens and dozens of entries.
it's one of those days when the sky is california blue. in a beautiful bombshell i throw myself into my work... well not really. i've been lazy throughout my school break (12/24-1/10) but i did manage to release some phux art and a temporary new layout. if you haven't seen it already, head on over to Remix Pack 2 and the 2 new mini-packs in the Demos & Remixes section.

people are loving the IRC quotes section of this site. there's gotten to be a lot of IRC quotes on there, so i am wondering if i should hold off or just keep adding more? some of 'em are from 2 years ago -- at one point i tell someone i am 15.

add one more thing to the list of things that piss me off: the list of things that piss me off. people take that too damn seriously. like it's some kind of definitive list of "things i hate". first of all, i hate NOTHING. nothing and no one at all. secondly, i explicitly say on that page itself that it is NOT a list of things i hate. basically what that page is is a list of things that bothered me on ONE AFTERNOON last summer. i wrote it all in 10 minutes. it's not on-going by any means, and i have honestly forgotten what i am talking about in most of that list. i tried to draw less attention to it by hiding the page in a directory .html i called "stupidity" but people are still finding it. i think it's an interesting list, but if people keep bothering me about it i'm going to just delete the thing.

i hope everyone had a good new year's and christmas. i have 4 days left till i go back to school, and trust me when i say it will be non-productive.

wacky backy