>>7/30/02 1:30PM
1=2 We hope that you choke.  Well, could it really be possible that 65=64?! Anyone have an explanation for this?

>>7/29/02 11:44PM
Another one of those "watch this space" type deal-y's. This, I believe, is the award for best album that sold under 500,000 copies in the US.  Most nominees haven't been listed yet.  The panel of judges is very impressive, however.

>>7/27/02 5:25PM
"A man prepared is a man hurt by delay." Dante, The Inferno, Circle Eight: Bolgia Nine (The Sowers of Dischord), line 99.

So true.  I think this quote sums up my summer so far.  I vow to make the most of my remaining weeks, however.

>>7/23/02 1:16AM
You know, I get a lot of compliments on my various web pages within this site. However, tonight I got an angry email from a young lady I don't know. Coincidentally (or maybe not, if they're friends and read it together) two hours before I received an email from a different girl about the same page (Bizarre Love Triangle), only she enjoyed it and made some contributions to the ridiculous story arch. Here's what Allison Casey had to say though (you've been spared the annoying orange background).
     I am appauled at the poorly thought out essay I read. This being your views on Courtney distroying rock n' roll. I can't believe you are using the theory, "courtney pissed me off, so I'm going to write bad songs, and have bad record sales?" Is that what you call the distruction of rock? I personally thought all the albums you bashed were fucking fantastic! Being a music business major I do however understand that sales go with what's invogue. This is the distruction that distroyed 90's rock. I have met Courtney personally, and although I do not know how she really is...it's very easy to pick up the bitchiness vibe from her. What happened between these musicians personal lives should be kept closed. The music came, and it's still alive in some souls...obviously not fully in yours due to your self centered views. And FYI...you could get your ass beaten for insulting Adore. Myself, being a hardcore Pumpkins fan, and who has personally met with the band, respect all of Billy's musical genius. I always figured there would be some assholes out there to write about the pessimistic views on this "rock is dead" thing. Well...That's crap!! I can't wait to hear your opinion on the next new waver shutdown. Pathetic. here's a big Fuck You! from myself, and my non biast friends who have also viewed this crap...Have a great fucking day*
I barely responded because, really, where do I begin? It's just not worth it. Anyway, I think Adore is a cool album, very different from the other Pumpkins stuff. I didn't put it down on the page, I basically just said it didn't sell well. Even if I had dissed it, do I really feel threatened by a gang of pale, lanky, dim-witted mainstream "alternative" rock fans hanging on desperately to the mid-'90s?

Watch this space! Also, keep watching my Radiohead page for all the info I get about the brand new songs.

Mean but oh well. Hey, three updates in one day, I must be really bored.

>>7/21/02 6:58AM
Jega's raving manifesto criticizing Squarepusher and Warp Records, very interesting (I agree with some of what he says, too, but Warp remains my favorite record label).

http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war.html {Get Your War On}
I don't know why I never put that up here, it's quite funny. It hasn't been updated in months though.

>>7/20/02 3:22AM
On a related note (to the last update), this is pretty damn hilarious, too. Also, while on vacation I saw a video clip of Jackson emphasize the word "RACEM" (ray*sum) when he meant to say "racism." Honest mistake of course but it was just funny cos it was the loudest and most important word in the sentence and he's in the public eye and all. I'm sleepy from travelling, pardon me.

>> 7/5/02 4:06PM
Yikes! Poor Mike. I still think he is and always has been an amazing singer.

> > 7/2/02 7:40PM
Best: 806

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Make sure you have your speakers on.

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