HittinTheUpper90: I'm in an incredible amount of
trouble w/ spanish

howisya77: why?
HittinTheUpper90: cuz of all you fuckin pricks
HittinTheUpper90: I'm sick of taking all the shit for

HittinTheUpper90: I did last year and I'm having to
make up a lot of work

HittinTheUpper90: I'm not being the scape goat this

howisya77: take iniative by doing homework and
attending class; i think that's a good start.

HittinTheUpper90: I have a 95% homework average
HittinTheUpper90: she called my parents today
howisya77: yea but you don't really do the homework
HittinTheUpper90: yeah but she doesnt know that
howisya77: you can't blame other people all your life.. it
may work at st.anselm's (sadly), but it won't work most
places in reality.

HittinTheUpper90: ok when people say "tipton's doing
something" and I get kicked out

HittinTheUpper90: dont fuckin tell me that its my

howisya77: you're missing the bigger picture
howisya77: you don't put effort into actually doing the
homework, you often don't hand it in, you don't study for tests,
you skip class, and you do sometimes have poor conduct
in class.

HittinTheUpper90: I'll accept responsibility for my
conduct in class when people start getting blamed besides

howisya77: change that and your problems will solve
themselves. again, blaming other people may have gotten
you this far, but it won't last much longer. and i am not
condoning your being harassed, but i am suggesting that
you take the iniative to raise yourself above that.

HittinTheUpper90: whatever, thats not true at all
howisya77: suit yourself.
HittinTheUpper90: I will
howisya77: well ok then!!!! *slams the door!*
HittinTheUpper90: and it doesnt matter what you think
goes on in the real world or not, the fact is I'm not going
to sit there and take the blame for something and not get
into college and fuck up my entire life for a nice little joke
and if it means not taking responsibility, blaming someone
else, I'm going to do what it takes because I am not
responsible for what I am being told I am responsible for

howisya77: personally, and keep in mind that it doesn't
matter what i think, i believe that you're in the situation
you're in now precisely
because you've never really taken
any sort of responsibility, and that is why your classmates
give you a hard time.

HittinTheUpper90: maybe i've never taken responsibility
but I've been punished plenty

howisya77: one might argue that, even including not fully
deserved punishments, you haven't been punished enough.
you're still doing the same things.

HittinTheUpper90: I'm doing less then people who arent
being blamed

howisya77: for all of the things you've been in trouble for
unjustly, you must admit you've done much more wrong
and gotten away with it. and that's what pisses off your
classmates, that you can cheat your way through, be it
skipping class/school, getting extra time on assignments or
tests, copying homework, etc.

howisya77: maybe you are doing less than those left
unpunished. maybe you're doing more. but who cares?
cater to yourself.

HittinTheUpper90: and no one else in the class does

HittinTheUpper90: to be pissed of at me for doing
something they do is retarded

HittinTheUpper90: and thats not why Kevin, Andy,
Paul, and James do what they do

HittinTheUpper90: its because they know Sra will
believe them

HittinTheUpper90: and they find it funny
howisya77: i think you're the grandest perpetrator. on a
personal level, i've felt for a long time that you've gotten
away with way too much, whereas people like myself
who actually try to do hoenst work get penalized while
your insubordinance rewards you. for instances, tests. and
don't tell me tests don't matter.

HittinTheUpper90: uhm how have you been penalized
howisya77: because when the teacher doesn't know that
you had an unfair advantage (cheating), it messes up the
perception as to how the test was, and how we all did.

HittinTheUpper90: I cheated on one spanish test
HittinTheUpper90: and I think it was last semester
HittinTheUpper90: it was last semester
HittinTheUpper90: it was por and para
howisya77: and factor in morale. when someone is trying
earnestly to succeed and someone does just as well if not
better by using unfair shortcuts, that brings down morale.
your classmates really, really don't like that.

HittinTheUpper90: and I intentionally got around the
average I got like a 72

HittinTheUpper90: when you say classmates you mean
yourself, tom and peter

HittinTheUpper90: and maybe Matt Lauer and Haresign
howisya77: obviously this isn't a one time affair or you
wouldn't have a reputation as a cheater. and i don't just
mean literally cheating on tests but just cheating the system
in general. again, it pisses people off. i don't condone your
being harassed, but i don't find it inexplicable.

HittinTheUpper90: they arent the ones getting me in

HittinTheUpper90: who says Ihave a reputation as a

howisya77: i'm not going to name names because frankly
it's all of us. just because they don't confront you about it
doesn't mean they aren't frustrated.

HittinTheUpper90: the entire class has cheated at some
point on a spanish class w/ the exception of you, nick,

howisya77: i say you have a reputation as a cheater.
because you do, and i am telling you. i didn't just make it
up. take my word for it. you shouldn't be offended, you
know you get away with murder.

howisya77: yes, but you repeatedly ask other people for
help during tests. and furthermore, my main point is that
you cheat the whole system by lying to
teachers/administration, asking for undeserved special
favors, and skipping class or school altogether. it's your
life, but you have to consider that it affects your
classmates too.

HittinTheUpper90: believe what you want
HittinTheUpper90: and work against me all you want
howisya77: i'm not.
howisya77: you contacted me and i am telling you
honestly what i think, and i am attempting to convey the
opinions of our classmates.

HittinTheUpper90: and you and whoever else who
wants to try to get back at me will find that I will
eventually win, it may just take more time

HittinTheUpper90: and I hardly think that you represent
the voice of the class

howisya77: none of us want to get back at you.
HittinTheUpper90: you represent the members of the
class whom I dislike w/ a passion

howisya77: and you're right, i don't. that's why i called it
an attempt. honestly, no one person can represent a
whole class. but i am telling you what others have told me.

HittinTheUpper90: haha and I know who those people

howisya77: you think so.
howisya77: but the point is, it doesn't matter.
HittinTheUpper90: and I know that I despise them
HittinTheUpper90: maybe James McHale too
howisya77: if you want to do well, do well. it's that

howisya77: none of us are holding you down. we're fed
up with you fucking the rest of us over. if you want people
to stop harassing you, change your ways.

HittinTheUpper90: what the hell are you talking about
me fucking you over?

HittinTheUpper90: I failed last year
howisya77: or you can keep blaming everyone but
yourself and keep the same study habits and loose ethics.
i assume people will continue to call you "BOH" and
whatever else they do. if you don't do anything to aid
yourself, and that doesn't mean revenge against us, then
it's just like you're validating what is done to you.

HittinTheUpper90: uhm thats not what i'm concerned

howisya77: so, once again, i suggest you start taking
school, and spanish in particular, more seriously. you'll get
better grades, you'll keep your classmates happy, and
you'll be better prepared for the real world.

HittinTheUpper90: I'm pissed that when I sit there
saying nothign doing nothing people say "look what
tipton's doing"

howisya77: yes. and i've explained why they do it.

HittinTheUpper90: oh whatever, I'm sure Andy, Paul,
and Kevin talk to you so much

HittinTheUpper90: you know exactly what theyre doing
HittinTheUpper90: whatever i'm going to watch the
mole, goodbye

howisya77: goodbye and i wish you luck with this.