11/24/02  3:01 pm
Shuffering and shmiling!  So much fun. Try all 6 games (I couldn't get #7 to work for whatever reason).

Excellent art @ Babyart!  This guy did the cover of the new Venetian Snares album (the excellent Winter In The Belly Of A Snake)

11/15/02  6:20 pm
Lots of fun!  Turn a JPEG into ASCII!

This animation shows how techno is actually made!

11/9/02  7:43 pm
Seek out that song (Poetic featuring The Last Emperor & Esthero: "One Life"). Read the article. R.I.P. Poetic.

11/4/02  3:40 pm
Interesting comments from ?uestlove (The Roots' drummer and spokesperson) over at Okayplayer.  Is he copping out by saying this, blaming the public for "not getting it" if the albums don't sell?  Perhaps he is being overly cautious.  I haven't heard any of the three albums yet so I don't know how I feel yet, but Common's album will probably sell the least out of the three.  Whether it's the best or not is arguable to no end.

i predict that kweli will come out the gold medalist. i heard his record. and he's giving y'all that hip hop fix y'all been dying for. not to mention the kwe.riq.phar jawn is hot to dizzzzeath.
we will get the silver award. this is my favorite record of ours, but because it's spiked with punk, free jazz, and electronica references--i predict that a few close minded people will fall off the ship. i will continue the ongoing "alienate them all" mission when we start album 7 next month. (going past the mason dixon line for this one)

poor rash. this is both his, mine, jay's and james' finest moment. but because mofo's wanna act like assholes --yeah i said it--many an ear will be closed. bronze.

that is my prediction.

my true feelings are the opposite order.

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