9/27/02 12:43pm
Fascinating interview with Chris Cunningham!

9/25/02 3:50pm
I got the opportunity to ask Jack Dangers some questions! Check out his replies.
Part 1
Part 2

9/23/02 2:12pm
And now it's back to music! The NIN remix of "Victory" is very old to me but I had forgotten about all those other remixes that were submitted.  Puffy is sitting on a gold mine; I'd love to hear those other remixes, especially J. Masics and the Deftones.

9/21/02 3:55pm
I know I link to Okay Player a lot but this is a really good discussion of DVD commentaries. Hopefully it'll be archived and  can refer back to it when I find someone who has the DVD The Sweetest Thing cos I don't want to pay to see it. Same with How High.

9/19/02 5:10pm
Youth culture is too exclusive, self-referential, and overly ironic for my tastes.

9/17/02 7:10pm
Carlisle is an interesting town. Coming home just now from work a Honda passed me by blasting "thug" rap. The driver, who was alone, was a white haired old Caucasian man.  A week before a beaten up old car with two women (perhaps sisters) in the front and three of their kids in the back sped past me on the way to work, "Gangsta's Paradise" blaring and rednecks dancing in their seats.

On the topic of skin color, the public school system is absurdly racist.  It is prejudist against non-whites and the lower class down to its very core.  I am reading an excellent book right now for Social Analysis.  It's called Savage Inequalities: Children In America's Schools.  It's a little dated (1991) but very poignant.  I strongly recommend you read it if you're interested in the truth behind why students in certain school districts are bound for failure.

9/14/02 6:25pm
There is so much wisdom to be found in old soul songs. One of the reasons I stopped listening to rock (more or less) is because there's just not much being said in the lyrics. There's a bevy of knowledge available in the songs of Isaac Hayes, Marvin Gaye, and Gil Scott-Heron, however. Here are two examples. Be enriched. (Why are there no lyrics for these songs online?! What a travesty.)
Gil Scott-Heron "Peace Go With You Brother"
 Isaac Hayes "Help Me Love"

9/12/02 8:38pm
Talk about a call to arms. I hope something happens with this. If that's the case, then like Tupac, "I'm down for whatever."

9/11/02 5:01pm
I'm going to resist pontificating on "the anniversary of September 11th" or even making any jokes. If you've talked to me recently you probably already know what I think about it. Instead, here's something that made me laugh. It's from a De La Soul interview from a few years ago:

HipHopSite: Have there been situations when you are collaborating with the artist, and itís just like you are sitting there in a room, and there is an uncomfortable vibe, because you donít really know them?

Truguoy: Yeah, I think the perfect example is when we did a song with Teenage Fanclub. We flew out to Glasgow, we didnít know who the hell they were. No offense, but thereís like three black guys and four white guys in a room Ė they got instruments and we got a crate of records with us Ė we were like, "what are we going to do?" But the guys were cool, and we sat down and just did it. It is uncomfortable at times, and working with bigger artists like them or Chaka Khan, itís like, who are we to direct them? Who are we to go into the studio and say, "nah Chaka, not that note". Thatís like the difficult partÖ

DNR back