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September 21 - 7:57 PM
Old link I missed in the last update: from the WATMM forum.

New link: Radiohead according to 5th graders!

September 20 - 3:41 AM

I know I haven't made an update here since May.  Chances are if you care enough to be reading this you already know what I've been up to and what's been happening in my life.  If you don't know, you probably don't deserve to know.  I'm not going to talk about it here as this is not a journal or diary site.

Here're some links and pictures I've wanted to include on Do Not Read for days, weeks, even months.

South Park Studios Create-A-Character
Me, but not really:

Paula (her self-portrait is much girlier but this is pretty realistic, in my opinion):

An article about 'our boys'
I guess by now this is nothing. This is just one of many attrocious incidents that have occured overseas. I believe the latest post-war Iraq fuck-up is a slaughter at a wedding this week.

U.S. ignorance
An article on how Americans, at the time I read this article, thought we had found WMDs in Iraq. Just like 70% of Americans, according to a constantly cited poll, thought Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 until George W. Bush admitted a few days ago that he in fact had nothing to do with it but does have al Qaeda ties (dubious).
Extensive site on the vital issue of white privilege, something that people don't like to talk about.

Destroy 'pirate' PCs, says politician
Hmm, fighting music piracy and waging war on Islam or reforming the education system and the environment? What's really important to politicians and just who is pulling their strings?

Terminator/Bush thing.

Optical illusions

Smudge face

Freakshow in my pocket

Some music stuff I wanted to save for posterity:
Info from theo himself about RZA, relating to hisThe World According to RZA world hip-hop album:
I got this information from recent wu-fam addition

he recorded 2 tracks with bono.. 3 w/ bjork (with, what she
called "wu-people".. I think timbo king was one of them)..
that is excluding the bachelorette remix.. *

apparently dido was a big wu-tang fan and she listened to
"enter the 36" and "only built..." during the recording of
her album.. and they recorded a total of EIGHT tracks
together.. none of which are to appear on the album..

* I had previously read on Bjork's site (direct link) the following:
Bjork on Wu-Tang Clan:
Oh, they're gorgeous, like big teddy bears. They fall asleep in piles, do you know that? They're just like [snores]. Derek fell asleep on the studio floor at six un the morning and before he knew it there were five Wu-Tang members on top of him [lies across my lap and pretends to snore]. They're just gorgeous people. And so we started off doing one track. It's just doing my head in. I still think we can do better beats on that one. What he did was brilliant, but it was just not the right timing. I was out or something, and when I got back, he'd got all the strings people in and recorded them.
    Also, I just found this forum thread. Quoting Cilvaringz exactly:
The Cure has some of the deepest lyrics I ever heard in life. Some tracks include: “Mozes” “Knowledge Wisdom Understanding” “99 Attributes Of Allah” and one about RZA being a sperm cell going through violent battles to fertilize the egg. RZA has recorded 2 songs with Bono (U2), 8 with Dido (Dido told RZA she wrote her entire first album listening to 36 Chambers & Cuban Linx), 7 with Isaac Hayes, 1 with Sean Lennon (son of John Lennon –Beatles), 11 with Rage Against The Machine, 3 with Bjork.
Here's a list I came up of people who should remix or collaborate with Bjork next:
3D (Massive Attack)
Dan The Automator
DJ Shadow
Four Tet
Jay Dee
Missy Elliott
Pete Rock
Telefon Tel Aviv
Miscellaneous collaborations between living people that I think would turn out interesting:
Missy Elliott / Lauryn Hill (Missy and Timbaland producing)
The Neptunes / Michael Jackson (this nearly happened; check Justin Timberlake's album, Usher's "I Don't Know", Babyface's "There She Goes", and Pharrell's "Frontin'" for an idea of what it would've sounded like)
Tony Bennett / Tortoise
The Cinematic Orchestra / Tortoise
Gang Starr / dead prez
Eddie Griffin / Backyard Band (you know this would be hilarious)
David Bowie / Ryuichi Sakamoto (I can't find evidence that this already happened)
Boards of Canada / Beth Gibbons
Trent Reznor / ?uestlove
The Streets / The Roots (?uest actually had this idea)
Beck / Outkast (mutual fans)

And then there are some cool collaborations that may really happen, like Bowie's idea of a perfect album (Bowie / Eno / Reznor) and Coil's planned collaborations with Autechre and Boards of Canada.

Finally, before I go to bed:
"Forgive but don't forget."  This isn't really forgiving, is it?

When I was working for PIRG a few summers ago, one of the many highlights of my very memorable experience canvassing for them was the time I put a yellow HRC sticker on someone's car. (The sticker looked like this: ) Anyway, my job as a canvasser was just to spread the word about the organization and ideally collect contributions from the public, perhaps as new members. So I was in this affluent area of Virginia with huge houses and this guy comes out the door and I begin my usual rap. All the while he's sneering at me and when I take a second to breathe he starts talking about how much he hates people like me and the environmental movement in general. It's been over three years so I can't remember the words but he was really rude and closeminded. Anyway, I noticed he had a shiny black Porsche or Jaguar, either brand new or restored. At night, before the rest of my crew picked me up, I found the guy's house again in the dark and slapped that sticker right on his bumper, where there were no stickers. Until he realized its presence, which could've been days, all of his conservative buddies would think he suddenly started supporting gay rights or in fact was a "fag" himself.

Well, it's been fun. Maybe I'll update again soon.
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