the future of music 2000
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band release date other info (including album title)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones May 5 "Pay Attention" which they spent a long time working on
Eminem May 23 "The Marshall Mathers LP", featuring the songs "Kim" (a sequel to "97 Bonnie And Clide"), "Stan" (about an obsessed fan) and "Bad Influence" (also on End Of Days), "Amityville", "My Drugs", "Under The Influence", "Kids", and "I Never Knew" (with Dr. Dre). more production by Dr. Dre than Bass Brothers, who are still important. an "angrier" album featuring more rock elements and singing. apparently he thinks he made 70% of the actual music on the first album. yea: Eminem, techno god.
Deftones June 20 "White Pony"; to avoid bootlegging, they did not play any new songs live this year. album is through writing and recording and will be mixed in January. possible inovement from Maynard of Tool.
Wyclef Jean July 11 "The Ecleftic". lead single is "Thug Angels" and on the b-side to its 12" single there is a song called "Fugee This, Fugee That". album has a song called "Diallo" directly addressing the Amadou Diallo/NYPD shooting. album features Mary J. Blige, Earth, Wind & Fire, and The Product G&B.
De La Soul July 18 "Art-Official Inteligence", part 1 of 3 albums released in different months. featuring Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Drew Barrymore, Redman, Beastie Boys, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Chaka Khan.
Bjork September 25 soundtrack  to the musical "Dancer In The Dark" which she is starring in. several new Bjork tunes promised, although they are of course all movie themed. THERE IS A COLLABORATION WITH THOM YORKE (Radiohead). expect a single in June.
the following releases only have a general month of accuracy
Perry Farrell / Gobbelee May "Diamond Jubilee", solo project of Perry Farrell (former Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros). the type of music is "world beat" and the live band has 14 members, including guitarists, background singers, a rapper, bassist, drummer and percussionists. there are also half a dozen or more colorfully dressed dancers.
Outkast July "Stankonia", named after the Atlanta suburb they are recording in. it will continue to push their "experimental" style. I just read a Rolling Stone article all about the album. it's going to be another classic. the most important thing to mention is that it's going to be heavily techno influenced: Atari Teenage Riot style hardcore, drum 'n' bass, jungle, etc. typical Outkast too, but definitely new innovations. Goodie Mob guests, as usual.
Limp Bizkit August originally scheduled for July 4 (Limpdependence Day, get it???), these losers are self-producing their new album, hot on the heals of the one released this time last year. sadly it will be a big success. featuring production by Swizz Beatz. superstar producer Rick Rubin was kicked off of the project very early.
Radiohead September or October heard some of it. amazing. being recorded now. see my Radiohead page for more details.
U2 September or October "A classic U2 album" -Bono. He thinks it's their finest work, and what they want to be remembered by. Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois on the boards. :)
the following releases are merely guessed at
Erykah Badu Spring the much delayed followup to her 1997 debut "Baduizm"
Kool Keith Spring 2 albums: Black Elvis compilation of new Keith songs of all eras; new Ultramagnetic MC's album
Parliament/Funkadelic Spring reunion album! w/ Flea & Rollins. actually 2 albums, one of Parliament and one Funkadelic, to be released a couple months apart.
Run-DMC Spring "Crown Royal", 2-CD featuring the following: Fat Joe, Limp Bizkit, Nas, Sugar Ray, Method Man, Ol' Dirty Bastard, the Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock, and Kid Rock who is on the band's first single, "Scream For Your Life". DMC is not on every track.
Aaliyah Summer a new album. may feature Trent Reznor on at least one song.
Crystal Method Summer they're working on it...
Lil Kim Summer "Notorious K.I.M." with a supposedly matured sound. delayed from fall, summer, spring...
Method Man Summer he wanted to release this in December 1999 but his cd w/ Redman was apparently too popular.
Moby Summer new remix album! according to anyway.
Snoop Dogg Summer "The Last Meal", formerly called “Snoopafly”. with production by Dr. Dre and Timbaland. Snoop wants to collaborate with Lauryn Hill.
Spontaneous Human Combustion Summer Jack Dangers and Danny Saber's project, also known as Loop Finder General (apparently).
The Doors - tribute album Summer artists: STP, Creed, Days of the New, Aerosmith (previously released), Smash Mouth, The Cult, Bo Diddley, Chrissie Hynde (of Pretenders), Oleander, and John Lee Hooker featuring Flea (of RHCP). no Manson, he bailed.
Tapeworm Summer or Fall Nine Inch Nails live members Charlie Clouser and Danny Lohner's project featuring Trent Reznor, Maynard James Keenen (Tool), Page Hamilton (Helmet), Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and perhaps Richard Patrick (Filter). Maynard track is finished and the others are still in the works. Tapeworm tracks may appear on Nothing Records b-sides or possibly movie soundtracks. Danny describes the music as being: NIN/Pantera; "The Wall"; electronic with big guitars; beats; melody; aggression. "Mid-2000 at the latest, promise" -Trent 12/99. yea, right.
Air Fall the "proper" followup to 1998's "Moon Safari"
Nine Inch Nails Fall 2 EP's to be released in August, September or November. 80 to 90 minutes of music but split into two EP's so as not to associate them with a new album. Trent insists this is just for the fans as the music is some new/unreleased songs, a lot of vastly different versions of Fragile tracks and remixes done by studio heads like Clouser, Lohner, Hillebrandt, Rave and the like. so as not to create a commercial frenzy (is he kidding?) it may go internet only, but probably not. he calls the EP's "a side note; a diversion." oh sure, now he has material.
Tool Fall still in writing process but they record fast
DJ Shadow Winter a tour and a new album not counting his vinyl soundtrack production work. he is in the studio working hard on it.
Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Winter delayed solo album from TLC rapper. because of all the collaborations she wishes to have, she thinks it will be a double. her very unlikely wish list includes Madonna, Garth Brooks as "Chris Gaines", Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson and Lil Kim.
Aphex Twin 2000 a new album before the new year, according to the news section of the Warp Records site. but more likely it will be 2000. no, he hasn't quit the music biz. if you want new music bad enough, supposedly if you slip him five bucks he'll give you a tape of unreleased stuff.
Breeders 2000 Let’s Make A Kim Deal. she learned drums for a year to play on this first new album since 1993.
DJ Shadow / Dark Days Soundtrack 2000 DJ Shadow contributed 2 brand new tracks and submitted 7 previously released tracks to this indie film. The film is a documentary that follows a homeless community in New York City as they flee the shelter system in favor of life underground in an unused train tunnel.
The previously released tracks are: "Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt", "Midnight In A Perfect World", "Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain", "Rabbit In Your Headlights", "Lonely Soul" (probably as the closing credits), "Stem".
Garbage 2000 The b-sides compilation has been postponed due to label troubles. Band has begun writing/recording a new album.
Keith Hillebrandt 2000 NIN engineer working on a project of structured songs but atmospheric at the same time, like his remix work. NIN guitarist/bassist Danny Lohner and Thrill Kill Kult drummer James Basor have contributed to the 20 tracks already made. This is not the Tapeworm project nor the "female vocalist" project Trent is doing. This effort needs a vocalist to "take it to the next level" says Keith.
Nine Inch Nails 2000 "The Lost Fragile Tracks" to either surface on an EP or cd-singles. the new album could have easily been 3 discs but cuts were made. For this release or possibly an entirely separate NIN album they have already recorded "30 tracks" according to Danny Lohner.
Orbital 2000 they begin writing this winter. they will also be doing more soundtrack work!
Poe 2000 I bet it will never come out. come on, 5 years?
VAST 2000 "Music For People", with Alan Moulder producing; it's sure to be a masterpiece.
Wu-Tang Clan 2000 prophecy says they will return in 2000. actually, RZA says on their last album Wu-Tang Forever that they won't even return "till the year 2 G".
Bjork 2001 recording begins spring 2000, wraps up before christmas and should be released april 2001. supposedly featuring the song “Long Lasting Flower”. will do a few concerts in Iceland first. one concert will feature the Brodsky Quartet and Bjork with no microphone.
Elastica 2001 third album featuring songs cut from "The Menace" and new songs. may come out in 2000 but probably not given their track record.
Moby 2001 he is demoing new material for an upcoming album that will have a "romantic" feel. possible collaboration with his friend Jewel. he has also recently recorded with R&B singer Kelis. '60s and '70s soul musicians like Al Green have been namechecked by him as sonic influences. personally I just hope he doesn't sell out with this record. of course it's alright to be popular and cool to have fun in music but success shouldn't dictate musical direction. maybe a romance album will throw all the kids for a loop...
RZA 2001 when "The Cure" f/ RATM & Isaac Hayes comes out (was supposed to be February 1999) I have no idea. that album, by the way, is as himself, not Bobby Digital.

p.s. not all of these bands i am crazy about. however, these bands i all have casual interest in. some other release dates i've stumbled across but the music doesn't interest me at all, and i didn't write it down. if you find the fact that i know all of this very pathetic, i'd be lying if i said i cared. it's not like i wrote this all down at once, it's been assembled from various official and reliable sources.

if you would like to correct me on anything, please drop me a line at thank you.

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