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 (Prog Rock Britannia)





 (Prince - Paisley Park (Live - Dec 31 1987 with Miles Davis))






 (Tori Amos Releases An EPK Promo Video For ‘Night Of Hunters’) (Tori Amos "Nautical Twilight")









Portishead in Portishead

 (The Roots + Q-Tip – Hennessy Artistry @ Cipriani, NYC 10-14-10: Full Show)

 (Anti-Pop Consortium Reunion Knitting Factory)

 (Live at Other Music: Antipop Consortium)



 (Inception Premiere & Live Performance with Hans Zimmer & Johnny Marr)




 (RiP!: A Remix Manifesto)

 (Gorillaz Demon Days Live In Concert @ Apollo New York)

 (40 min)

 (unk/soul collective New Birth, Inc. with the Nite-Liters; doo-wop group the Moonglows)


 (Blue Note - A Story of Modern Jazz (1997))