Sometimes people say really stupid things. Here is an ongoing list of amusing quotes from Internet Relay Chat network DALnet. Channels represented include #nin, #nin99, #orbital, #radiohead, #rap, among others, as well as a few private messages.

Please note, IRC quotes range from 3 years old to as recent as the day I add them. They are in no particular order.

If you see yourself on this page, do not take it seriously. If you do not see yourself on this page, be sure to point and laugh at whoever is on the page. Thank you.

<frosty_3> perhaps the answer to the gentleman's question lies here, in my pants
<frosty_3> the answer is cock
<{Tragic}> this guy in another channel is pimping girls to my coworker
<{Tragic}> its pretty hilarious

<ZiNE> mission to mars looks kinda cool
<somewhat_damaged> mission to my dick!

<billycorgan> I farted
<billycorgan> and i enjoy the smell

<eller> i wear glasses
<eller> rarely in public either
<nuajj> now don't take this as me hitting on you
<nuajj> but i have a huge thing for girls that wear glasses
<eller> is it huge, or do you just think it is?

<tearsrh> i bet hannahs kids will have a FULL education of the penis before school does
<Jason_J> kidding....
<tearsrh> i can imagine it now,he brings home dildos for her kids to explore
<Jason_J> hopefully she doesn't get too carried away
<tearsrh> OH SHE WILL
<Jason_J> heh heh
<tearsrh> my son's name will be Travis and hes gonna be a homosexual

*** INGLATERRA (~dani@ has joined #radiohead
<Low^R|der> FUCK U!!!
<Nancy_Spungen> you're a loser.
<Low^R|der> yes i am
*** INGLATERRA has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

<DarneII> cut off your clitoris and mail it to me
<tearsrh> it jus hangs there

<Sham23> i ordered a sub
<Sham23> there's a really hot guy that works at the pizza place too
<HowIsYa> ooh
<HowIsYa> are you a domme now?
<Sham23> a what?
* HowIsYa grins

*** CuteJesus ( has joined #nin
<TheFragileOne> JESUS
<CuteJesus> yes?
<TheFragileOne> Just felt like 'Praising the Lord' :)
<TheFragileOne> j/k
<CuteJesus> thank you
<CuteJesus> :)
*** ChanServ sets mode: +b *jesus*!*@*
*** CuteJesus was kicked by ChanServ (User has been banned from the channel)
*** Evil_Z ( has joined #NIN
<Evil_Z> whats up with banning cutejesus
<TheFragileOne> Argh! What happened to Jesus?!?

<VaGinAL_VaMPiRe> cept the nigger one
<VaGinAL_VaMPiRe> shes dirty
<Holly> heh
<n_sin> hehehe
<VaGinAL_VaMPiRe> id still ram my cock up her ass though
<VaGinAL_VaMPiRe> i'll fuck the niggerness right outa her
<n_sin> me too

[13:04] *** Skankorama ( has joined #djshadow
[13:04] <Skankorama> the hang out for gays! cool!
[13:05] *** Skankorama ( has left #djshadow
<HowIsYa> he's just jealous of our relationship
[13:05] *** Kiveat has quit IRC (Quit: This place wants me dead.)
<HowIsYa> great, now i'm a gay necrophiliac..

<Re-VoI> I want black people to be free
<tearsrh> lol!
<tearsrh> LMAO*
<Re-VoI> theyre too expensive
<yourass> I can't imagine having a teacher im me, why the hell would they do that?

<frosty_3> <peterpanic> hello
<frosty_3> <peterpanic> you have a name of icecreams here in Portugal

<Trent_NiN_16> I jerk off once a weed
<Trent_NiN_16> I jerk off once a week
<Drexl_> like, masturbating does, but how does being a gymnist affect it?
<constanse> weed
<DrugSheep> you do some things that may tear it...not all the way, but it will do some damage
<Trent_NiN_16> weed is a evil drug

*** LuSTrE has quit IRC (Quit: Between two sheets, Stainless steeled myself for your unflavored flesh candy, Tasting it tasteless, Tongue undone, and she's trading white for a better shade of love.)
<Death_of_Cinderella> nice little happy saying there...

<NmBLAZE> hello?
<HowIsYa> streets is nigh / i fuck only through the thigh / darting blindly through the sea / i rescue your boo just to make her drink my pee
<HowIsYa> WORD!
<AzY> come on what's the name of Nas and mariah carey song???
<HowIsYa> i told you... "talentless (remix)"
<HowIsYa> will you pay me?
<^Babyliyah^> I'm going.. so get stuffed [l/p:off/off] [SCraft¹]
<Jere[mp3]> $2
<NmBLAZE> aight-livin in the dark heaven/hidin out at 7-11/battlin me is like jammin a potato in your exhaust/if ya aint dead i'll leave u lost
<|--acid--|> LOL
<HowIsYa> not enough.. how about $3
<Jere[mp3]> ok
<HowIsYa> i smoke herb motherfucking daily / yo i fucked a 3 yr old girl today and her name was hayley / gave her lollipop and she sucked something else instead / i love ending my rhymes with threatening words like DEAD
<HowIsYa> ....word.
<Bahala-Na> [gone] idle 10min [l/p:on]
<NmBLAZE> hehe-ok-fuckin pedophiles/more unexplained rapes than the x-files/swimmin in crack down the brooklyn niles/you end your rhymes with the word dead?/ima crack that shit open like pam and end it with the word spread
<NmBLAZE> word!
<MP69> yo what's up all there........!
<Jere[mp3]> NmBLAZE yer gay
<NmBLAZE> <ya jere-sure you faggot>
<HowIsYa> i love to have gay sex with apes / then i hit up yo woman for the papes / ghetto booty all day long / slip her some weed while i hit dat bong / how will i ever go to hell / i kant even focking spell
<MP69> yo what's up all there........!
<NmBLAZE> lol-k-kant spell-me neither/cause Jeres moms illiterate!/i did her up the ass and tell her ive seen better shit/like the ghetto booty?/like a druggy i love to shooty/maybe you can do it like that kid named rudy/
<HowIsYa> i be gettin fruity / 24-7 i lick my dog's booty / listening to techno bands like aphex twin / sucking on an empty bottle of gin / what can i say i live a life of sin / now shut the fuck up and let this BEGIN
<NmBLAZE> aight aight-you listen to aphex twin?-o-well-let it begin then.......friuty?/lickin ya dogs booty?make that two of us wit a blunt/cause i licked ya sisters cunt/itslike settin off in the forest to hunt/suckin on an enpty bottle of gin?/drunk off one beer-thats what ya get for listenin to aphex twin
<Bahala-Na> [gone] idle 10min [l/p:on]
<PreachA_X> aphex twin suck
<NmBLAZE> i know huh!
<NmBLAZE> hehehe
<HowIsYa> yo when i hit dat richard d james / it's like i'm swimmin in the piss of the river thames / i come to daddy and i cum all night long / i rap and make techno beats to this very song / i fuck nuns and i shoot guns / i make your grandmother lick my buns / now sit on down and suck my dick / just kidding, flick my bic!
<HowIsYa> aphex twin is d0pe, you just don't know
<PreachA_X> i hate tha come to daddy video clip, freaks tha fuck outta U when U R drunk
<Jere[mp3]> HowIsYa you are gay
<HowIsYa> or just dead tired
<HowIsYa> shut up Jere i get more crookedass pussy than even YOU!
<NmBLAZE> kew den-we be doin this.......long live the blaze/fuckin you up in a head maze/cause like jimi hendrix ima leave you purple hazed/you cant stand to this LITTLE brother/the only bitch you could get-like you said-was my grandmother/you wack like puffy tryin to sip on juice and gin/or even ma$e listenin to aphex twin
<Jere[mp3]> HowIsYa suck my dick
<Jere[mp3]> Umm
<Jere[mp3]> Nah
<NmBLAZE> bitch made punk
<HowIsYa> but i'm like a beastie boy / oh so VER-SA-TILE / spellin out mah verse cos it takes A-WHILE / i listen to all types of music and pet the snails / while i stroke slime i listen to nine inch nails / i fuck your grandma all day long / but here's a secret that i've been holding long / your dad is my mom / my mom is in this song / i like to eat plants / because they don't scream like the ants / let's just have peaceful war / and i will make you my gangsta rap whore
<NmBLAZE> the snail?my rhymes be hittin u like the holy grail/peaceful war huh?ok lets roll/cause ima rip JERE a new assholelike he needs anymore holes whatever/thinks hes wack but that aint gonna happen never
<HowIsYa> ok i think your superior MC skills have me defeated / i wanted the victory cos it smelled so sweeted / but in actuality it's for gayass punks / who takes it up the ass like JERE humps skunks / so instead i am going to go sleepy bye / hit your grandma one more time in that cateract eye
<Jere[mp3]> umm
<HowIsYa> peace, and i'm out.

<Majandra> i think i'm bi
<Majandra> :|

<Kiveat> snoop wasin high times
<Kiveat> hes so cool

* SimonMagus is listening to The Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
<SimonMagus> cool

<Beaumains> AOL can blow me... only pussies use AOL... or prodigy... looser know-nothings.....
<trIpPIn-anGeL> you fucking cock
<trIpPIn-anGeL> ok, my dog just ate my cat's shit
<trIpPIn-anGeL> and now hes shoving his face in the sofa

<trIpPIn-anGeL> my computer screen is vibrating
<cfhdsh> that's never good
<dreamLab> why is this amusing me so much?
<trIpPIn-anGeL> alright well im gonna go
<dreamLab> it never usually does
<vexing> well.... if youre really bored and kinky it could be good

<kraftwerk1> there are some nice bottle openers in 8th grade
<kraftwerk1> in the cafe
<kraftwerk1> good shite

<tearsrh> hugh grant is so cute!
<tearsrh> awwww,his smile
<BoogerBeast> aww my stomache!!
<banana_co> mmmmmmmmmmmm
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> hugh grant?
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> are you on drugs?
<tearsrh> uh huh
<tearsrh> NO!
*** beezwax (beezwax@ has joined #radiohead
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> he's the kind of person I always used to beat up at school
<tearsrh> papal!
<beezwax> hey all :)
<BoogerBeast> yeah hugh grant is fucking disgusting
<my_sharona> lol
<tearsrh> nu uh,and then you beat him up and he becomes a hot billionaire that gets laid everynight
<banana_co> huehuehue
<tearsrh> nu uh
* tearsrh slaps tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout around a bit with a large trout
<BoogerBeast> yeah, he gets men
<BoogerBeast> a lot
<beezwax> is ne1 under the linux???
<banana_co> huahuhauhauhauhauhauhaua............
<tearsrh> no he does not,really?

<my_sharona> some1 here knows whats memoserv?
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> yes
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> its a server that stores memo's
<my_sharona> sorry... but whats stores?
<^GuanoApe^> goes shopping for clothes and make-up
<HowIsYa> ahah

<^GuanoApe^> oh i'm getting the shits!
<tiny_aphid_on_a_brussel_sprout> now type /memoserv list
<^GuanoApe^> i got the most disgusting oxygene thing
<^GuanoApe^> ew!!!!!
<^GuanoApe^> it sux ass so badly u wish it was britney spears

<SaDiStIc_munkey> why's the Halo numbers in the cds
<HowIsYa> cos the higher the halo you have the more likely it is you'll get into heaven
<Z|mnoch> ;)
<SaDiStIc_munkey> LOL

<Fiona_Apple> jimmy jimmy jimmy puffffffff kimmy puffff jimmy its too
<precious_roy> makin lots of suckers outta girls and boys
<precious_roy> this is precious roy and i justed used wet toilet paper to make a statue of your mother

*** seksualgrl14 ( has joined #radiohead
<HowIsYa> sexual girl 14, oh how i miss the days when that was an oxymoron
<precious_roy> THAT'S RIGHT, EL COSMICO.
<precious_roy> her face is imitating a sunset
<seksualgrl14> ummmmm k

<billycorgan> i need to stress this
<billycorgan> but i have major gas
<billycorgan> i do not know what i eat
<tool> !
<tool> !!
<billycorgan> or why it is affecting me so much
<billycorgan> but i have major gas
<billycorgan> MAJOR
<billycorgan> ;)

<JiZzAcK> i have nothing against black people, i just think i should be allowed to uze evil racial slurs for fun
<burning-soul> the blues are just a bunch of alcoholics trying to play a guitar.
<PuNk_AsS> thank ya Red
<Vue67> it's skill needed
<Skankorama> uhm
<Skankorama> rhyming is a skill
<Skankorama> *dur*
* HowIsYa should be allowed to hit white people with tennis rackets for fun

<BabyMaker> To each his/her own asshole.
*** sw1nd13 ( has joined #nin
<HowIsYa> my name is travis i play with an ultra gravis, when i get home i get chocky, fucking dicks and spicks with my chaloppy
* sw1nd13  shoves a nice litlle rusty,dirty knife down FistFuck 's throat mmmm
<JiZzAcK> (HeHe)
* sw1nd13 shouts hey fisty thanks for letting me screw ur fionsay she was great dude

<Evil_Z> its like if Kid Rcok came to my town
<silentwar> i need to check up and see if some of these people still come here
<silentwar> like revolver.

<Skankorama> announcement: Neha has a smooth, round, lucious ass
<Death_of_Cinderella> lol
<Death_of_Cinderella> why thankie
<^suCk^> gothicghost is a pretty crappy name!!!!!
<HowIsYa> does she?
<GothicghOst> thanks SUCK
<HowIsYa> how's it taste? like spicy indian food?
<GothicghOst> SUCK IT DOWN
<Hooded1> goth: my band is like... nin meets slipknot
<burning-soul> i wanna learn to do cello
<Hooded1> we're pretty good if i do say so
<Skankorama> uhm indian food isnt spicy =P

<Carl_Peenus>  You're...
<Carl_Peenus> >          My friend,
<Carl_Peenus> >          My companion,
<Carl_Peenus> >          Through good times and bad
<Carl_Peenus> >          My friend,
<Carl_Peenus> >          My buddy,
<Carl_Peenus> >          Through happy and sad,
<Carl_Peenus> >          Beside me you stand,
<Carl_Peenus> >          Beside me you walk,
<Carl_Peenus> >          You're there to listen,
<HowIsYa> aw thanks
<Carl_Peenus> >          You're there to talk,
<Carl_Peenus> >          With happiness,
<Carl_Peenus> >          With smiles,
<Carl_Peenus> >          With pain and tears,
<Skankorama> ok
<Carl_Peenus> >          I know you'll be there, throughout the years!
<Skankorama> stop.
<Skankorama> bitch.
<Carl_Peenus> >
<Carl_Peenus> FUCK
<Carl_Peenus> whenever i hit paste all this gay shit comes up.
<Kiveat> knock that shit off
<Carl_Peenus> fucking sister!
<Skankorama> uh huh
<Skankorama> blame it on your siser
<Skankorama> sister
<Carl_Peenus> sorry Nate, I wouldn't want to upset you since you are such a rad guy!
<Kiveat> lol
<Kiveat> Nate, letssmokea blunt
<Skankorama> its ok carl, you're forgiven
<HowIsYa> hahaha
<Skankorama> wilson, how is that supposed to be mocking me?
<Carl_Peenus> thanks nate, your acceptance is my number one priority in life.
<Kiveat> Mine too
<Skankorama> I know it is
<Skankorama> and I am happy that you are willing to be my bitch
<Skankorama> it raises my self esteem 100000000000000 notches
<Carl_Peenus> you are cool

<MansterAlpha> hi
<MansterAlpha> perfect drug
<MansterAlpha> good song
<HowIsYa> never heard it
<HowIsYa> is that by marilyn manson or whatever
<MansterAlpha> no
<MansterAlpha> it's by trent
<MansterAlpha> resner
<Violen> what song?
<HateMachine> reznor
<HateMachine> heh
<MansterAlpha> perfect drug
<HowIsYa> who's trent? is he one of the guys in marilyn manson?
<MansterAlpha> he used to be
<MansterAlpha> now he is popular enough to start his old band
<MansterAlpha> his debut album comes out 9-9=99
<MansterAlpha> it's called nine inchs of nails
<HateMachine> yeah ... trent is the lead guitarist in mm
<MansterAlpha> no
<HateMachine> yes
<MansterAlpha> he does keyboards

<MansterAlpha> who in hear likes the day the earth went away?
<HateMachine> i do
<HowIsYa> is that a horror movie?
<piglet> twiggy plays bass and he's the one the dreads, john5 is live guitarist for marilyn manson
<HateMachine> and starfuckers, inc.
<HateMachine> and teh quiet
<MansterAlpha> starfuckers inc is tight!

<Kiveat> man Im excited about this
<Kiveat> I'll buy a bag o dope
<Kiveat> get fuckin stoned

<Kiveat> I feel naughty.
<Kiveat> Sexy 16 year old.

*** spacekitty (vampurrr@ has joined #radiohead
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o spacekitty
* spacekitty yawns
<spacekitty> where did all these ops come from?
* spacekitty yawns
<spacekitty> goodnite.
*** spacekitty has quit IRC (Quit: this message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool)
<HowIsYa> thanks for stopping in.. bitch ;)

*** Natron ( has joined #nin
<Natron> get down eat shit.. get down eat shit..
<flawed_genius> umm
<flawed_genius> no
<Skankorama> creative
* ^SIN^JTHM is amazed at the talent
<Skankorama> I wish I could think that deeply
* ^SIN^JTHM gasps in awe
<flawed_genius> lol
<flawed_genius> how amusing
<Skankorama> you can get down on your knees and suck tho
<HowIsYa> you fag
<flawed_genius> fag is so overused
<devilbunny210> WTF?
<Skankorama> yes
<HowIsYa> hahaha
<Skankorama> please say homosexual american

<Natron> If these people cannot control their anguish, their anguish will control them.
<Skankorama> thanks natron

<^SIN^JTHM> ive never done anything real hard. cept heroin mainlined once.
<Kiveat> hmm, Was that good?
<^SIN^JTHM> other than that only acid, shrooms, pot, x twice and drinking.

<HowIsYa> i wanna go to france
<radio_head_> yyhh
<HowIsYa> Sexy Sam/I'm From France --- gvsb
<Kimael> HowIsya, if you wanna come, you should ask someone else : i live in the country with cow !

<MaynardJK> family matters is the gayest shit ever
<billycorgan> i loved married with children
<MaynardJK> carl winslow need to be shot in the fucking head
<MaynardJK> and eddie.  that fucking shaft.
<polyethylene-sick> buffy needs to be shot in the fucking head.
<MaynardJK> the only cool person was the grandma.  she kicked ass.

<Jenn_Benn> gross
<Jenn_Benn> femenists are stoopid

<Myc> Those online vid chat things suck, I think.  "Put your thumb up your butt." <chick looks all grossed out>
<Traplink> Heh...
<KnobTwirler> not the freaks where i work....they like it
<meathead_> i remember one time i went to one of those places, and i just made chit-chat with the girl
<meathead_> i was like "what kind of music do you like"

*** Skankorama ( has joined #nin
<Skankorama> travis... soccer is a bitch
<HowIsYa> 9th graders giving you trouble
<Skankorama> no
<Skankorama> heh
<Skankorama> its the running
<Skankorama> fuck the 9th graders
<Skankorama> if I had gotten in shape I woulda been on vars
<Skankorama> the coach told me that and like 3 other people
<HowIsYa> i dunno about that

<node_girl> we have foxes here
<node_girl> they make such a racket outside
<Martini> node_girl: what kind of noises?
<node_girl> like a baby is being murdered

<CrakWhore> do you have the cd ninjaw or did you do them yourself?
<CrakWhore> the lyrics that is
<theEnigmatic> he has the cd's
<CrakWhore> sorry...
* CrakWhore is slow ; )

<polyethylene-pt2> MIKE!!!
<polyethylene-pt2> buy drugs from me
<polyethylene-pt2> please??
<polyethylene-pt2> i know you want to
<polyethylene-pt2> :) :) :)
<flawed_genius> haha
<NiNhalo0> ill buy some
<NiNhalo0> after the cd
<flawed_genius> i don't do drugs

<RadioAss> where are you in our HOLY country ?
<XElizabethX> me?
<RadioAss> yeah u
<RadioAss> IL  - israel or illinois ?
<HowIsYa> hahaha
<XElizabethX> illinois
<XElizabethX> hehe
<RadioAss> hehe ok
<RadioAss> im in israel
<XElizabethX> USA
<RadioAss> we also use il
<RadioAss> we jews steal everything
<XElizabethX> you know, north america
<XElizabethX> or is it south?
<RadioAss> even the country letters
<XElizabethX> is that right?

<frosty_3> What Does W.I.F.E. stand for?
<frosty_3> Washing, Ironing, Fucking, Etc.

<give> well yo wantt o know how to fuck a taco?
<Isis_8> Sure... why not.
<_SLipKNot_> anyone have the 2 halo w/ march of the fuckheads ?
<Isis_8> Nope.
<give> you stick your tongue on the taco, arouse it a little, get some of it in your mouth and stimulate it, lick it's cheese ( if it's got any ), and then start pickin around it's meat...then shove it in your mouth and bite...
* Isis_8 doesn't know how to respond to that...
<Maelina> slip: I have them
* _SLipKNot_ doesnt want to be around when give is eating mexican
<Isis_8> Is that what the Boy Scouts are teaching our children these days?
<Isis_8> :)
<give> SHUT UP! i'm not eating a mexican out!

<liesje> i have to stop eating caramel
<KittyPornographer> i have to stop eating my soda kan
<liesje> a cow almost broke my finger this weekend
<crack-slut> that's what happens when you try to run with yer finger in a cows ass
<liesje> yeah, i should have talked to you, the expert, before i tried to finger fick a cow anally
<KittyPornographer> that's what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass larry

<JiZZaQ> i'm leaving soon have to get up early to look for my car, i lost it sumwhere
<AnkhRaid> haha
<SpiralToy> i'll cut his heart out... WITH A SPOON!
<SpiralToy> you spoony bard

<HowIsYa> Q-Tip wants to work with Radiohead on his first solo cd..
<tearsrh> he is not,shut up
<HowIsYa> this is the rapper from A Tribe Called Quest
<vexing> lets hope he chokes.
<tearsrh> q tip???lol,what a name
<tearsrh> yea like uh Chino XL
<HowIsYa> chino xl sucks..
<tearsrh> he can suck my left tit
<HowIsYa> can i
<tearsrh> lol
<tearsrh> no
<LaLaLand> mmm Q-tip :) if i was gay he'd be first black man i'd jump on
<Cubist-Castle> ive yet to hear him
<HowIsYa> shucks
<frosty_3> good point lalaland
<tearsrh> q-tip,can clean my ears

*** Now talking in #nin
<RockeT_mann> natural born killers has a remix of tha song
<GreenJello> oh, i dunno
<HowIsYa> you misspelled the :)
<GreenJello> heh
<Skankorama> tha
<RockeT_mann> blah :P

<trIpPIn-anGeL> that's how i went down on jared
<AnalogBeauty> satisfy your soul: enjoy music
<trIpPIn-anGeL> I LOVE COCK.

*** Now talking in #nin99
<|nash|> ???
<HowIsYa> !!!!!!
<|nash|> ¿?Salty Shitfuck
<HowIsYa> aaaaahahahaa
<|nash|> fist fuck your shitfuck
<|nash|> all around assfuck
<HowIsYa> fisted box set
<|nash|> Salty Shitfuck 10th Anniversary Box Set

<Dhuhannis> we are all whores, most however deny it well
<worthless^goth^whore> i agree
*** ninchic is now known as ninwhore
* ninwhore agrees
*** StonedRocker is now known as StonedWhore

<|revolver|> Skankorama, it's really annoying when you Cultivate a Norwegian accent and tell jokes about Swedish people to everyone.
<Skankorama> revolver: wtf?

<HowIsYa> whatever happened to Devashan?
<Kiveat> I fucked her
<Carl_Peenus> haha
<The_Reverend> twice
<ViolentFemme> bloody hell
<HowIsYa> hahah
<Kiveat> Id fuck her.
<Skankorama> travis: she decided to leave cause some people pissed her off
<HowIsYa> out of context that was: "Whatever happened to Devashan?" "I fucked her - haha - twice! Bloody hell.."
<Carl_Peenus> hahahahaha
<ZiNE> mainly me
<ZiNE> hehe

<SexyGal19> my favorite sport is fingering my clit
<thirty-three> oh
<thirty-three> hehe
<thirty-three> ok.
<HowIsYa> how do you 'finger' your clit?
<SexyGal19> hey screw you lesbo
<PoisonLily> I actually slept last night, from like 3:00 till
<PoisonLily> I feel so much better.
* PoisonLily laughs.
<PoisonLily> I don't think you can.
<HowIsYa> me neither..
<HowIsYa> that would hurt like a motherfucker tho
<PoisonLily> I mean, I'm sure there has to be a way.
<PoisonLily> But it would involve surgery and lots of pain.
<HowIsYa> yea, get a knife and start stabbing things (like a
  cervix, perhaps?)
<SexyGal19> you know what I mean...
<SexyGal19> stop being little bitches about it
<thirty-three> i don't want to hear about it
<PoisonLily> No, I don't know what you mean.
<thirty-three> fingering,... stabbing,...
<thirty-three> ughn.
<MorningSad> hell yeahj Travis
<PoisonLily> Cervix stabbing is my favorite sport.
<Curve4> this has got to be the dumbest conversation eve
<Curve4> r
<SexyGal19> poison... you're just mad cause I don't finger you
<HowIsYa> hayley's just jealous that no one's stabbed her
  cervix yet
<PoisonLily> No, I'm actually relieved, thanks.
* MorningSad luahgs
<SexyGal19> sure you are...
<MorningSad> ouch
<HowIsYa> mmmm
<HowIsYa> all this talk of bleeding vaginas is making me hungry
<PoisonLily> Yeah, I was the same way before I had my cervix
  stabbed for the first time.
<HowIsYa> brb i am gonna make lunch

<BillyCorgan> fuck my in the ass jebee i want u in me ;)
<goddess19> any boyz want to talk ?!?
<goddess19> only those with ballz need apply =)
<{Skankin_Pickle}> hey goddess wanna shag in a back room? just
  me you and a hamster
<Maudit> heh
*** XtasieAngel (
 has left #nin
<goddess19> hi skankin pickle hee hee
<goddess19> that is a silly name =)

<HowIsYa> what's it called
<chad13> nine inch people

<^St_Joe^> you smell like poo
<^St_Joe^> nin eats peepee and poopoo
<HowIsYa> i agree

<Cover_Girl> don't fool around on me why i'm gone
<Cover_Girl> like TARD

<stumbleine^> freedom for those who can find it
<stumbleine^> sex for those who can buy it
<stumbleine^> it's an atari teenage riot

<MaynardJK> your 14 or 15
<MaynardJK> ?
<HowIsYa> 15
<MaynardJK> whoa
<MaynardJK> soemone my own age that actaully has common sense

-> -morningsad- good fucking night! :)
-MorningSad- if see we right for down heloo keeba

<Endlessness> Here's a little suggested listening...Skinny Puppy "Too Dark Park", PIG "Wrecked", Ministry "The Land of Rape and Honey", Front Line Assembly "Millnium", Front 242 "F.U.C.K Evil"
<bondagebtch> HAHHAHAHAHAH
<Endlessness> Those 5 albums will change the way you look at NIN...

<jebee> my mom has blue eyes and my dad has brown eyes
<jebee> so i got one of both
<jebee> :o)
<HowIsYa> hahahah

* HowIsYa coughs
* precious_evil coughs louder
* HowIsYa weezes
* precious_evil chokes
* HowIsYa gags
* precious_evil pukes
*** Mors is now known as Aether
<IzO> fukn' printer...
* HowIsYa sputters and dies

<Skanksta> gap clothes kick ass
<HowIsYa> gap is posuer clothes
*** Pretty_Fly_For_a_Rabbi is now known as DaveP`on`Jerry`Springer
<Devashan> oh, please
<Skanksta> uhh no... pacific sunwear, up against the wall, island dyes = posuer shops
<HowIsYa> and the gap is much different?

<entivore> I'd even be willing to lick the anus if I had to just to eat pussy
<entivore> Any females wanna cum on my mouth?  I lick it all up, every drop
<entivore> I lick up all the woman cum
<entivore> I would lick a girl who's pussy smelled.
<entivore> Nurse_b|acK no it isn't I just love eating pussy, especially tasty delicious pussy
<entivore> smelly pussy taste's better
<gangbangme> THANKS ENTIVORE
<gangbangme> mines smelly

<Skankorama> yep
<Skankorama> it is the haunting at hill house
<Skankorama> and this house kicks ass

<spidie> i spy
<spidie> with my little eye
<spidie> a sac
<spidie> of hos
<spidie> :|

<QualityGirl> well
<QualityGirl> u see
<QualityGirl> my brother keeps vasaline near his bed
<QualityGirl> and baby oil
<QualityGirl> and paper towel
<QualityGirl> so I'm all grossed out

<death_in_vegas> all i wanted was a taste
<death_in_vegas> just enough to waste the day
<death_in_vegas> just enough to make me sick
<death_in_vegas> i cant get too much of this
<tearsrh> brb i wanna play webriot
<tearsrh> bbl
<Re-Vol> oook
<Re-Vol> bi

<spiked^thongs> Attention hehe all those who know Lindsay: She just broke up with her boyfriend Adam
<Skankorama> OH MY GOD
<Skankorama> she DID!?!

<spiked^thongs> yah everybody just needs a ride with the slut.
<Skankorama> spiked: have you saddled up?
<HowIsYa> i'd fuck her rotten!
*** spiked^thongs ( has left #nin (I'm FUCKING SICK AND TIRED OF EVERYONE LOVING LINDSAY AND ME ALWA...)
<HowIsYa> hahaha
<Skankorama> HOLY SHIT

<ESCoBaR-NYC> the greatest rapper of all time died on march 9th
<_MeTh0d_> puffy aint dead yet..

<markchika> who is soldier_ganteng hah?
<HowIsYa> exactly, mark
<markchika> who is soldier_ganteng hah?
<talk_show_host> must be some frak
<talk_show_host> freak
<markchika> hey who is that talk

*** the_wretc ( has joined #nin
<the_wretc> sex
*** the_wretc ( has left #nin
<Kiveat> is a many splendord thiiiiiiing

<tearsrh> bret hhhhhhhhhoooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuusssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<HowIsYa> hahahaha
<batchild> hmm
<|Last|H0pe|> puuurrrrr
<HowIsYa> girls are so fuckin horny
<batchild> you guys are sooo high school i love it
<|Last|H0pe|> he's my dream boat
<Guesto> yep
<tearsrh> we are not
<HowIsYa> are too
<batchild> middle school?
<tearsrh> i love zak
<batchild> :)
<tearsrh> hes my boyfriend
<batchild> ton amore?
<Guesto> i think this is teen channel...

<Guesto> i am going crazzzzzyyyyyyy.........
<tearsrh> when he IM's me i'l lask cos that'll give us somwething to talk about
<batchild> Guesto
<batchild> you need a girl
<batchild> to IM
<batchild> :)
<HowIsYa> me too Guesto
<batchild> or you need neil to come online
<|Last|H0pe|> still, you have talked with him and had a long and proper convo with him, unlike brett and i. he has said 3 things to me 1) can you see with my sitting here? 2) have you writeen down anything yet?? 3) sorry about my friend yelling at you in the hallway but he really likes you
<HowIsYa> this is just too "sweet valley high" for me
<tearsrh> hannah,the "proper" convo you wre talking about,we talked about condoms,THATS ALL
<batchild> i love it
<batchild> i miss highschool
<Guesto> why does you write that loonnggg anddd harrrddd to readddd sentences!

<batchild> i know a girl named chalice
<batchild> she is a cup

<Violen> i play russian roulette every day a mans sport
<Violen> with a bullet called life
<Violen> a bullet called life
<Violen> WHO will believe you
<Violen> WHO will believe you
<Violen> Let your Mother Pray
<liesje> jeremy just woke up and said "naaaaaaa" and went back to sleep

<Bufo_Away> Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
<Bufo_Away> by Wham! (1984, #1)
<Bufo_Away> Hey, everybody! Choose Life!
<Bufo_Away> já?

<tv> shut up madonna
<tv> you;re not a virgin anymore

*** Erazor ( has joined #nin
<Yawnderbordom> lol
<Yawnderbordom> Eraser is a funny song
<Erazor> ok
*** Erazor has quit IRC (Quit: When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie. Sure, it could be a trick, but if it isn't, mmmm-boy)
*** |kro| ( has left #nin
<Yawnderbordom> sounds like Trent blowing through a straw while snails are fucking
<Yawnderbordom> PIE HEAVEN lol

<Skankorama> I see no changes, I wake up in the mornin and I ask myself, "is life worth livin? should I blast myself?"
* CrakWhore offers his noodle
* FuckChop bites it off
<CrakWhore> yay!!!

<Skankorama> why the fuck WOULDNT I delete tehm?
<Skankorama> I dont exactly get off to that
<Skankorama> her stomache was like rolling
<punk_in_park_zoos> LOL
<Skankorama> and you could see her big fatty breasts poking up over her stomache
<Skankorama> anyone want me to go on?
*** silentwar ( has joined #nin
<CrakWhore> hey silent! = )
<Skankorama> the pics are titled too
<FistFuck> that lenny guy has electronic sequencing and tracking talents, it was pretty listenable, but damn was the playing of the guitar and that piano at the end, those parts w3re pretty atonal
<silentwar> hi hi
<Skankorama> the last is ORGASM!
<Skankorama> and the others are like
<Skankorama> I dunno
<Skankorama> I forgot
* PoisonLily dies laughing.
<PoisonLily> gross.

<Skankorama> no seriously
<Skankorama> I've never seen a chick this fat naked
<Skankorama> I didnt know shit looked like that

<punk_in_park_zoos> just out of curiousty liza, and feel no obligation to answer this, but how far have you gotten with a girl?
<HowIsYa> hahaha
<Skankorama> sean: further then you?
<rise> i can feel the love in this room.
<PoisonLily> yeah. you're right. maybe i should sit around looking at pictures of naked people i know from irc. that would be so much more worthwhile.
* PoisonLily laughs.
<rise> it's fist fucking me right now.

<yourass> you guys make way too big a deal out of ops
<QualityGirl> hahah no no
<muzzles> i know
<yourass> it's not like anyone is doing anything with them
<QualityGirl> I never ignore u
*** HowIsYa sets mode: +ooooo impetus karmacho Kyirin muzzles yourass
<HowIsYa> now you're all gay

<[CloseR]> yesterday i was a Turttle
<HowIsYa> really
<[CloseR]> i swear
<HowIsYa> did you eat some pizza and fight crime
<[CloseR]> yes you understand me Dude
<HowIsYa> when you sit down to poop, does the turtle stick its head out?
<[CloseR]> sometimes
<HowIsYa> cool man
<HowIsYa> so are you a turtle now
<[CloseR]> no but i want
<HowIsYa> ..something you can never have?
<[CloseR]> yes thats right
<[CloseR]> if turtle says come inside i'll come inside for him.....
<[CloseR]> yes yes yes im growing up
* HowIsYa laughs
<[CloseR]> im a turtle again

<Drexl_> One time, I went for a physical, and the doctor shoved his finger up my ass
<constanse> nooo
<Drexl_> I think he broke my hymen

<BENJI^> I'm not frinting am I
<jubilee-> we don't know, since you just made up the key word in your sentence.

*** HowIsYa changes topic to 'you make me sick, i make music'
*** HowIsYa sets mode: +nt-imps
<Robin_Finck> so good.....
<Robin_Finck> what is sick???
<HowIsYa> go play a guitar, pretty boy
<Robin_Finck> guitar yes!!!
<Robin_Finck> :))))))))
<Robin_Finck> guitar is me
<ue> get the fuck out
<SummerRomance2> new film - Summer Romance 2, hehehehe
<Robin_Finck> fuck is bad, yes??
<Robin_Finck> :(((((((
<Robin_Finck> ue is fuck
<Robin_Finck> UE IS FUCK
<Robin_Finck> UE IS FUCK
<day-trippur> well holy shit, look at all the people
<day-trippur> <Robin_Finck> UE IS FUCK
<Robin_Finck> shit is bad, yes???
<day-trippur> well thats not very nice
<ue> holy shit, day-trippur
<Robin_Finck> :((((((((

*** |Last|h0pe| has quit IRC (Quit: I love to lick chinese pussy and get it up the ass by double-
header dildos.feel free to message me. I usually spend my time in #dogsex and #kids !!! See ya
there!!! BIZZNITCH!!!)
<TheSlickster> she hasn't seen her quit message yet
<TheSlickster> i went on her quit message thing while i wa at her house and put that
<TheSlickster> she still thinks its lyrics!!!!

<billycorgan> i farted
<billycorgan> it smells like steak and eggs
<DrugSheep> woooooo
* DrugSheep ate some cheese and crakers
<HowIsYa> hehe
<HowIsYa> rhys do you like björk?
<DrugSheep> love her
<HowIsYa> great, now that's something i can sink my dick into

*** Joanne ( has joined #nin
<Joanne> every guy in this world is and asshole so don't get to attatched girls they'll just hurt you and lie to you
*** Joanne ( has left #nin
<ue> breast you very much
<HowIsYa> hahahaha
<JiZzAcK> hmmm
<colder> erm
<JiZzAcK> interesting
<colder> we're assholes
<\33\gone> huh
<HowIsYa> what a fat ho
<ue> FAT
<colder> but it's women who hurt & lie
* colder scratches his head.
<JiZzAcK> damn straight
<darker> there should be a akick for girls under 18
<\33\gone> guys are assholes that shouldn't get attached to girls because they hurt and lie
<\33\gone> cool
<colder> i think i'm getting it.
<ue> Men. We're just better.
<HowIsYa> man. women be shoppin'.

<JiZzAcK> botsmack
<Matai> you broke my leg :|
<Matai> :|
<JiZzAcK> heh
<DrugSheep> FUCK
<Matai> Go play hide & go fuck yourself
<the_ruiner> heh
<the_ruiner> hide and go fuck yourself
<Matai> Go play hide & go fuck yourself

<Sham23> hey..I'm gonna be 18 next month!
<HowIsYa> i know
<HowIsYa> what do you want for your birthday? besides cock.
<Sham23> I always go out with the right guys..but fall for the wrong ones
<Sham23> hehe...I want to go to manhattan..well for cock..but I wanna go

<dodo_come_back> Shit I hate my internet company.
<dodo_come_back> They are sucks.
<dodo_come_back> I mean the internet company I use.

<darker> i say we all join #kids and bug her
<darker> ?
<[ReznorBait-KiLJoY]> Yah.. hehe
<LittleMiss> i say we dont:)
<HowIsYa> i don't think that's ALL you'd do in #kids, kris =D

misc. one line quotes
<billycorgan> holly if u suck on a womans brest long enough does milk come out
<TreNt_ReZ> i bet the real holly is like 40 years old and had a bush that goes up to her chin
<Kiveat> I bet if you lit firecracker in Columbine high school, people would shit.
<billycorgan> whens the new hanson cd coming out
<devilbunny210> i hate the dperessed room everyones so fucking happy
<devilbunny210> someone once popped a cyst on my Overy
<[CloseR]> You get me [CloseR] to God....
<MaynardJK> i wish i could get carl winslow in a dark room and beat the fucking shit out of him
<hacktic> the song by juvenile was lame ha/ the whole cash money click is about fame ha/ they smoke crack ha/ gettin slammed on they backs ha/ get slapped by midgits ha/ the thought make me fidgit ha/ but damn what the world comin to ha/ nigga killed my dog ha/ made me wanna play leapfrog ha/ this shit just makes you wanna say HA.
<Yuppie_Networking> I think any artist or any writer or any creative person is more acutely aware of their surroundings which is unfortunate sometimes but it does mean sometimes its difficult to ignore wider issues... it's hard to sing about "humping your baby" when you're seeing all this other stuff it's difficult to live with a bad conscience.
<PoisonLily> Do you think that, if you had enough paper, you could paper cut your head off?
<Ninjaw> who wants Lamer lyrics?
<Flutesnoot> i hacked the governments W.O.P.P.E.R. computer.  the password is "Joshua"
* worthless^goth^whore runs around in circles saying 'i'm a goth whore'
<polyethylene-pt2> nah, i think i'll stick to selling drugs :)
<Re-Vol-{Mayor_of_Ur-Anus}> We do advise you to flush the vagina once in a while
<coke_boy> hello any horny girl wanna make a some hot cyber
<NOWyourNOTHING> ratm its suck a rip-off of cobain
<Cunnykick> Have you got trent's pin stripe goatee on your crotch DIgi?
<^HaZe^> welcome to my hole
<batchild> yes im mariah carey and im chatting in #radiohead on irc
<Digital-Fox> you got the kinda lovin that makes my ass tingle with pain.... oooooh give me your steel dildo, make it real or else forget about it
<ue> what the shit?
<Novacane> i numb all the bad feelings
<Scabies> im pubic enemy #1
<Mr804> I like to stick a can of potted meat in the microwave for like 60 sec, then slip my penis in it
<Re-Vol> there is a cancerous vagina on my tv
<batchild> Re-Vol is a cunt
<HowIsYa> "no! no! STOP THAT YOU QUEER!" -my mom just now yelling at my dog
<Skankorama> I gotta do tha right thing for shorty, and that means no more gettin high, drinkin 40s so I can get lookin type slick again
<LaLaLand> fat people dont listen to radiohead :P
<unhappymeal> thsi a /amsg and i dont know if it makes snes but yea im not sober and Im gping to sleep so cya leter,,, =)
<MorningSad> and she has a really nice caboose
<Death_of_Cinderella> dont talk about me and the bl;owjobs k????? im not in the mood
<Aidenn> Ooh... a dick popsicle?
<Spiral-Insanity> oh I am ugly as fuck
<PoisonLily> Oh rad, bring me back a sexy Mexican guy.
<Jennyfur> hitler was kinky.. and liked to be dominated
<Skankorama> and get on top... buts not that hard
<Re-Vol> last year i was in ethiopia,teaching women how to give head.
*** Topic is '* technoboii is too tired to run after that prick...Words I never thot I'd hear matt say!'
<faerie_magick> chores are for whores, dinner for the sinner, lalala lots of glitter
<DeMoN-sUrGe> hey HowIsYa, if you were on a bus full of naked old people, would you stay on or get off?
<NiNBiTcH> l8rz this chan blows chunks man like what the fuck kinda name is like kool kitty n like HowIsYa
* darius11 is not gay or bi, but thinks that howisya (judging by his pic) is so sexy
*** DeMoN-sUrGe changes topic to "i want to be an oscar mayer wiener because of what the girls (and some guys, but i dont wanna get into that) would do wit me"
<GlorifiedG> i hate #nin
<MorningSad> i wish i was gay
<HowIsYa> it's more trendy to be bi.
<MorningSad> snuggly and warm
<Beamish> damn lags, damn Barovia, Damn the man
<Devashan> I'm the object of his oedipus complex!
<rocketsheep> "my names mike and im what you like"
*** darker was kicked by tYR0Ne (at least im not a pedophile)
<tYR0Ne> 9.5 days for 2 minutes of pleasure
<megiddo^> i mean there's nothing wrong with cross-dressing either
*** rocketsheep changes topic to "and if you see deanna this weekend, would you tell her i said SATANSATANSATANSATANSATANSATAN"
<^BaCcHuS`> does she have 'Pepperidge Farm' tattooed on her belly with an arrow pointing down?
<D-cupSlut> put some sugar on me on call me a fat chick!
<bondagebtch> No, travis is coming here, to make mad passionate love to holly and I.
<DizzyUpTheGirl> whats with that skankorama bitch?
*** Emily has quit IRC (BAM!!!BITCH WENT DOWN!!!!!BAM EMILY SUPERBITCH!!!!!)
<Shylock> nin is what i call music
<sou-boy> nine inch nails not cool!
<nft15> i love neha you freaking moron
<czero93> hello stinky friend
*** Skankorama is on IRC (<Impozessed> io would brake you in two fagit)
*** ProdigyX changes topic to 'This is doomsday, for MCs with hollow skills Who talk about clothing articles and dollar bills, And fake ass fives that they dont even drive Hip-hop is war and only strongest MCs will survive'
<MorningSad> god is fun at a party
<BillyCorgan> is liza bi/gay
<PoisonLily> Ooh... humping is good.
<BillyCorgan> elana looks like a total jew
<entivore> i want to lick genitals now.
<entivore> i like to eat pussy because i don't get babies.
<spidie> strawberry kiwi discharge?
<frostY2k> i sleep in the belly of oxen
<Re-Vol> the Re-Volution will not be televised
<tiktax00> if there is a site that says I will die tomarrow I will belive it, the net is my god
<Hooded1> alan: i thought the messiah hadn't come yet (jew-boy :P)
<HowIsYa> the new single is "n 2 tha void", a partial limp bizkit cover, partial nin song
<Sab^Rauza> Your my soul, Fuzzy^Girl, and my highest inspiration. Without you, Fuzzy^Girl, what good am I?
<tearsrh> my personal favourite bands are,barry manilow,michael bolton, rod stewart, and kenny G, i mean barry manilow alone will make you melt into a pile of shit! god what talent!
*** camarolady has quit IRC (Quit: I AM SEXY AND OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!)
<N-hale> I have a big dick for a white guy.. I think..
<MasterSage> Has anyone in here ever heard of LL Cool J?
<Nyikki> thats it i live in a fucken trailer
<chartreus> ill fucking eat you
* tearsrh and hannah are backing our thangs up!!!!!!!
<kurmudgeon> i smell like applesauce
<TB> #radiohead is a hangout for other people, kinda like highway rest stops
<disjointed> i wacked it into a refrigerator
<Lil_Sherman> I just like to pee on my neighbors tires
<cattfan> im just sitting in a bar whit my drip feed on talking to my boyfriend waitingh for a bowl of real swedish VODKA
<batchild> are you a robot, erin?
<tearsrh> god his name looks so wodnerful on my buddylist
<|Last|H0pe|> erin you are only kike 5 months younger then me anyway
<Guesto> boreddy the expensive boredom?
<Guesto> i think mariah is text and Batchild its net, an me is a cow, and hitler is a goose...
<Guesto> Han solo its Gandal, but when hes in the net, he looks like Mussolini...but just on fridays
<coxonryder> i sold my soul to mcdonalds and they supersized my meal :)
*** Topic is 'she blew my nose and then she blew my mind'
<polystyreneman> drink, it's mayonaise... it's good for you....
<FrEaKaZoId|||MaNnNn> if it wasn't for hitler, we wouldn't have that kewl game Wolfenstein where you get to kill nazis hehe
<Skankorama> put this fuckin convo in your fuckin pasta peice of shit quotey thingy
<PoisonLily> sure, you have about 8 inches on me.
<sexpot^H> this is cool..I haven't been horny in a long time
<fragilehope> christian, i've accepted god.. for the asshole that he really is and i have nothing to fear now!
<BabyGirl}> i seem too sweet 4 this channel
<frosty_3> my peanuts
<Fiona_Apple> right that right that it s like a sound
<K-KLOWN> HEY, go to #7WORDS , swears-insults-sex and u CAN'T get banned,ENJOY!
<ue> id use any excuse to have sex with my father
<HowIsYa> don't finger my ass DRUGGUH
<JiZzAcK> raping goats like skank's mom is fun when your doped up on epipheliom
<Skankorama> my name is nate, I like to masturbate, cause I cant get a date, it is my fate
*** Topic is 'channel page -->  its martin luther king day!!! have you killed the white devil today?  (_fuse_)  natetipton:  I enjoy getting pizza delivery guys up the buttocks w/ a broom stick  natetipton: did I say guys'
<TigerLily> Nine Itchy Nails
<big_floppy_donkey_dick> Do you like to fart?  Of course you do.  Everyone loves the earthly aroma of a good fart.  Come to #I_like_to_fart and discuss your farting fetishes without fear of ridicule or embarassment!
<frosty_1_3> The Little Blond Headed Girl Forever Crushes Frosty's Sense of Self-Worth
<silentwar> [-kObwEb-]: your nick is damned annoying. no personal offense.
<Hooded1> a man runs through a lobby of a hotel. he rushes past a woman, accidentally elbowing her in the breast. he says "miss, i'm terribly sorry. if your heart is as soft as your breast, you'll forgive me." and the woman responds "sir, that's perfectly ok. but if your dick is as hard as your elbow i'm in room 212"
<Holly> i'll be sod -- i like being green grassy squares
<HowIsYa> yea but your point is moot when you relate it to anything i said... i coulda said you're addicted to eating ice cream and it would have had the same meaning to me
<Re-Vol> you look demented big fella
<Downward> my dicks quality sux, but its size is cool
<jebee> bye fuckers i hate you all
<Skankorama> ripping your foot off and shoving it up your ass turns me on
<burgundy13> lalalalla sorry but your realy boring me:(
<tearsrh> how do you like that bitch,shuddap and do what i'm telling you to do!
<frosty_1_3> Me come to America to take away good jobs and buy beautiful white womans.
<HowIsYa> general fornication / is all there is in this nation / fucking and sucking down million dollar ho's / spending all this profit on tommy hilfiger clothes / america right now makes me sick / move to england and buy myself a bigger dick
<pink_loo> hehe..maybe I have too much of a life
<I_Like_Boobs> my name is I_Like_Boobs and i like boobs
<seano> mental note: break up with CuteJenny14f
<seano> do you slip her the hot beef injection?
<trIpPIn-anGeL> well, he fucks me raw dawg style, rather
<frosty_3> all women are ho's, all women are tricks, all women are good for, is sucking our dicks. women can cook, women can clean, but women ain't shit, if you know what i mean. women are stupid, women are dumb, and all they're good for, is making me cum. if i were a woman, i'd kill myself, so suck my dick, and here's to your health.
<teary> at the pool i'm a lifeguard at theres this guy and we call him "bitch tits" ok you all have to say Bitch Tits, five times fast it sounds like you are saying biscuits
<billycorgan> hey! chickens are just like you and me! the only difference is that they're chickens!
<JuLiEt^-> SHIT im not okay because i droped a little piece of my popsicle between my tits in my bra
<cereal_ki||er> i taste like im sick
<Vitae> DAMN! I love the mutilation ....
<spottedzebra> yeah thats the best way to go.....that way i can just attack you in bed with trout
<burning-soul> i listen to shit that makes manson look like a pussy, kid.
<ue> we like GothicghOst we like tampons, we like GothicghOst and bloody bitch rags with little bits of egg. human egg! what? HUMAN EGG! WHAT? GOTHICGHOST! ooooh!!! a fetus!
<poowee> the guy called up some phone sex hotline thingy and he got his mum
*** plebe has quit IRC (Quit: i need virtual marijuana to get virtual valerie high and take virtual advantage of her..virtual pigs stole my virtual stash)
<Funeralgirl> when you get trapped somewhere & you had no choice but to eat shit in order to survive, dont eat anyone else's shit cos that'll make you sick
<elahrairah> i need to fuck a helicopter so bad!
<Drexl_> Why would a chick wanna break her own hymen
<NoNameR> call me a wanker / I don't care / spit in my face and pull my hair / at least I'm white / it's more than you'll ever be / get back in the fields and read pornography
<tearsrh> when you all have diarhea and hemohoids at 40 i'll be dancing on poles
<tearsrh> i sued to have gym everyday so
*** Topic is '<Holly> what ever happened to bruce lee's wife and daughter?  <frosty_3> he beat
them into oblivion. with drunken tiger fist inspired by vodka.'
<ShR0oM^-> actully nin is nothing but depressing little shit heads
<punk_in_park_zoos> kids that grow up in dysfunctional families are cool
<Kiveat> Trav, nowadays a G like me cant even call it. A 20 year-old pussy-fiend and freakoholic.
<LaLaLand> i lOooooOOOOve mr. nigga.. but its like i cant go around listenin to it w/o feelin
somewhat bad cause of tha word
<|MinorThreat|> i got slut haiR all over me
<FaRaWaYfRuMu> I'm one of those "non-catorgorizable" people
<punk_in_park_zoos> to the one on the flam, boy your temper just toss that ham in the frying pan
like spam... feel done when i come in slam.. damn.. i feel like the son of sam.. don't make me
wreck shit hectic.. next to the chair got me going like general electric EEN the lights are
blinkin i'm thinkin it's all over when i go out drinkin
<bl00p> ...and when the colours fuck up - that's when niggas get annoyed, and when they get
annoyed, that's when niggas get blamed.
<bl00p> put my sugar refinery in your mouth until the ejaculate of I in your throat.
<MorningSad> Ill get you laid in five minutes
<MorningSad> Im horny as fuck right now
<princess-christina> telling my sister about my buys at the records store "i got a travis seven inch"
<HeyNineteen> yeah, I get musical beats composed in the shower
<Majandra> i'm just dumb
<Poe334> who's va gina?
* Poe334 is all slippery right now
<ue> mccain has hot throbbing member
<thirty-three> how do you spell that one word that rhymes with "oohsuck" but starts with a "yuh" sound
<Crappiccino> shut the fuck up darker, just cuz i'm 12 doesn't mean i'm a lil wussy kid
<zam0> i dont believe my bot is actually pestering me to talk to it
*** DrLiggy has quit IRC (Quit: *throws out hand and says "You are Soooo Gay."*)
<|kro|> HowIsYa, it's really annoying when you Insist on giving weather forecasts in public. Claim to be AMS certified.
<|kro|> Power666, it's really annoying when you Sit in your front yard pointing a hair dryer at passing cars to see if they slow down.
<screaming> i lick cars
<JiZzAcK> damn whiznores

assembled by Travis Christensen (DALnet's HowIsYa)

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