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Note: Travis appears here as HowIsYa, howisya, AlbertCamus, and CedricTheEntertainer. "HowlsYa" (with an L instead of an I) is someone else. New multi-line quotes are added at the top, one-liners are added at the very bottom. Check back every week or two for new stuff!

THIS VOLUME IS NOW COMPLETE! I'll begin a new one in a week or two.

<howisya> d8|
<fineline>  FYI I am not a large consumer of man juice
* @Myc slaps howisya around a bit with a large trout
<fineline> THere is not a gallonof man juice in my fridge

* @ragesong smacks travis with a small volkswagen
* howisya kicks you in the grill
* @ragesong yawns
<@ragesong> sticks and stones...
* Karlmarks doesn't have any such amusing aliases
* howisya dips his nuts in jizzer's mouth
* @ragesong growls
<@ragesong> don't put anything in my mouth you'd like to have back.
* howisya shrugs
<howisya> same goes for your eyes?
* @[nothing] puts some turds in jas' mouth
<howisya> haha
<@ragesong> bastard.
<howisya> good thinking.. from now on, her mouth will be used as the channel toilet
* @ragesong goes off and sits in the corner
<@[nothing]> u can have em

*** LaLaLand (Who@adsl-208-191-148-133.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net) has joined #radiohead
<+antipathy> truly
*** washup-up is now known as tea-towel
<@howisya> hey it's LaLaLand! *big kiss*
<dredg> http://user.tninet.se/~prv247p/hatt/hatten.swf
<LaLaLand> uhm
<LaLaLand> a kiss? hehehe
<LaLaLand> wtf.
<LaLaLand> but your a guy, right?
<LaLaLand> or ugh
<LaLaLand> i dont know anyone
<LaLaLand> i suck
<LaLaLand> i dont know
* LaLaLand hurts himself.
<@howisya> lol
<@mRwTF> fuck you and your mother
<+antipathy> howisya has herpes
<@howisya> i got it from you, bitch

*** _psyanide_ (pissvirus@AC89A2FE.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit: -eXtreme- My other car is a centipede filled vagina.)
<narcotica> that person is funny.
<@Myc> he sure thinks so.

<@FuckChop> well see...my mom was in the doc office waiting to get an abortion when she was preg with me
<archenteron> you don't want a baby, just take some chemicals early on and out it goes
<archenteron> :P
<@FuckChop> and at the last minute she freaked out and couldnt do it
<@FuckChop> so..
<archenteron> damn her
<archenteron> :P

<anita_is_not_ok> even if it is only second floor and there are two feet of snow out
<anita_is_not_ok> are, is, whatever
<howisya> fuck linguistics, let's type in wingdings
<anita_is_not_ok> yayfun
<howisya> what if you could rap in wingdings.. instead of rhyming words, you paired up similarly shaped or contextually related symbols

<@pablohere> it would ahve been cool if someone bootlegged the concert where john frusciante covered Lucky
* MrEvil is a closet
<howisya> i agree paul :)
<howisya> i'd like to hear that
<[TOM1]> Lucky?
<[TOM1]> the britney spears song?

<@meathead> i'm just going to put this sleeping mask on and take a nap.  please behave while i'm not paying attention.
* littleHalo bes good
* littleHalo runs around naked while meathead has a mask on
<[aya]> now i know why they call ya little halo
* TB beats off two inches from meat's face
* peanuts_ takes a picture

<@mRwTF> London-Calling, That's a question you should ask yourself.
<@mRwTF> London-Calling, Maybe.
<London-Calling> DEFINITELY not maybe!!!
<@howisya> Definitely Maybe!
<j_bach> is anybody here icq user ?
<London-Calling> the greatest album on earth
<@howisya> i am heroin user

<+Thargor> I'd be drinking urine
<+Thargor> in fact, it brings up a valid question
<+Thargor> how many times can you recycle your urint
<+Thargor> urine
<+Thargor> I mean
<+Thargor> eventually, you're gunna run out of stuff to piss out
<+antipathy> indefinitely
<+antipathy> according to the dune series

*** homosaywhat (mushroompr@PPPa19-ResaleLafayetteIn1-1R7229.dialinx.net) has joined #nin
<HowIsYa> sup homo
<atreides> was there a disciple of jesus or any member of christian mythology that prostrated himself?
<homosaywhat> any females in hear wanna chat
<@ZiNE> that was pretty smooth homo
<homosaywhat> i wasnt tryin to be smooth bitch
<homosaywhat> i was just lookin to chat
<@Holly> bayou dweller

<Qcio> HOT....just like ME!
<iwantsomemilk> PEE IN MY BUTT
<Aba`don> uck, no.
<Qcio> PEE in YER bUTT
<Aba`don> apples! oranges! bananas! this is gonna be some good slop!

<howisya> bounce my balls in ya mouth, juliet
<bellyache> is that physically possible?
<afr0> if they are small enough to balance on her tongue
*** Robi- (robibuni@shv3-73.shreve.net) has left #nin
<bellyache> *chuckle*

<@jez> il ove the cute
<@jez> what the hell
<@jez> i love the cure

<@kitten_with_mittens> mmm candy
<howisya> and some cum candy for the lady :)
* howisya serves you with a smile:)

<Super-Fly> hey tuls, what do you think about all girls?
<+tuls> they just need dick
<@howisya> yea if girls had dicks, they'd be perfect huh!!

*** vilest (~vilest@shell5.eicmp.net) has joined #nin
<vilest> Not only do I smell like shit!
<vilest> I look like shit too !
*** vilest (~vilest@shell5.eicmp.net) has left #nin

<silvermitt> i wasnt ready to switch to photoshop and accidentally saved in hat format
<@Myc> you you you
<HowIsYa> i love .hat files, they make such good accessories

<not-Plaid> I'm wearing boxer shorts...green boxer shorts
<dirtyrockstar> wow me too
<_HeReSy_> haha
<not-Plaid> ooh portishead
<_HeReSy_> that's pretty gay guys....maybe you should hook up
<_HeReSy_> ;D
<not-Plaid> ha, I came out to a friend a few hours ago
<dirtyrockstar> they started out white
<_HeReSy_> haha howd your friend react?
<not-Plaid> he sat there for a bit
<not-Plaid> rubbing his chin
<_HeReSy_> and then felt your ass? haha
<not-Plaid> then said "uh...okay."
<_HeReSy_> lol
<dirtyrockstar> THEN felt your ass?

<noah_yorke> tv funhouse is unwatchable sober.
<noah_yorke> but it's unmissable high.
<Thargor> haha
<Thargor> it's great
<@howisya> =) =) =)
<tuls> thyat's what y ou thing!

<@ragesong> wb travis
<howisya> thanks and hi
<adamx> lost my faith in everything..
* howisya hands it back
<howisya> you may be needing this in the next 4 years.
<Anaximander> lol

<MajorDeegan> what else do you think about americans?
<tea-towel> well, you are giving good evidence that they are pretty think (and that is also supported by your new president)
<@AlbertCamus> we are pretty think!
<MajorDeegan> we're pretty? you think that? oh how sweet!
* MajorDeegan gives tea-towel a big kiss!
<tea-towel> opps, i meant thick
<MajorDeegan> weee! I'm pretty!
<tifferina> im pretty

<{Tragic}> travis.
<AlbertCamus> papi!
<{Tragic}> papi ?
<AlbertCamus> yes?
<{Tragic}> is that my sweater you're wearing ?
<AlbertCamus> no, i gave it to one of the sluts in here... she filled it out better!!
<{Tragic}> good job son.
<AlbertCamus> but, no worry, i tell them it is your sweater!
<{Tragic}> oh wait....
<{Tragic}> what happens when your mom heres about this ?
<AlbertCamus> i stick screwdriver in puss ... like you do!!
*** OxLilithxO (no@adsl-151-203-79-251.bostma.adsl.bellatlantic.net) has joined #nin
<{Tragic}> that's only when she needs repairs son...
<AlbertCamus> hey OxLilithxO... you finish with that sweater yet??
*** blackcrystal (nosebeeds@cm-24-29-41-86.nycap.rr.com) has joined #nin
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o blackcrystal
<{Tragic}> she makes me think of an oxo cube
<AlbertCamus> what's up, blackie
<OxLilithxO> huh?
<AlbertCamus> the sweater, you slut!! good stuff, yes?
<@blackcrystal> sup camus
<{Tragic}> skeksie?
<AlbertCamus> yes, big ol' titties!!
<Robi-> i have those too...
<{Tragic}> i thought i smelt a gelfling!!
<@blackcrystal> wheres the titties
<AlbertCamus> when i roll into #nin do you think i need a ho? / tragic got some bitches from the city of toronto
<AlbertCamus> now robyn you may got some large mamory glands / but that don't mean my dick is in your hands
<AlbertCamus> here's what i say to alan dubya / the girls just wanna lub ta lub ta lubya, lubya!
<{Tragic}> hahahaa...travis, you're dick has been in so many hands it's like hot potatoe.
<AlbertCamus> yea, practically
*** Grunge^chick (rr@ has joined #nin
<AlbertCamus> now here come my bitch miss grungey chick / last time my jism nearly made her sick
<AlbertCamus> but this is no problem, she has lungs of steel / inhaling my spunk, it seems like quite a deal!
<Robi-> oh look...a stereotypical teenager...grunge chick
<AlbertCamus> now what would happen if i bled between her lips? / not much, but wait till i stab her tits!
<AlbertCamus> now i am just a humble phil-aw-si-fur / but maybe i would like my ass drenched in mirh?
<AlbertCamus> or other wise olfactory type shit / books like the plague were a big hit
<AlbertCamus> i suggest you read one book so you're not a stranger / then i can again allude to the baby in a manger!
<AlbertCamus> now who other frogs you know can rap this hard? / no one but that nigga mc solaar!
<AlbertCamus> you see hip-hop don't come to us french so naturally / our minds are too clouded with thoughts of sex vaginally
<AlbertCamus> but fuck standard sex / let's fuck while i'm eating tex-mex and chex
<{Tragic}> i think I'm going to be ill.
<AlbertCamus> and using a chalk board / i'll impale her cunt like a boat on a fjord!
<AlbertCamus> see, tragic feelin the rhymes, it's time to get ill / next year i may be freestyling a-delphia phil!
<AlbertCamus> that is if i can make a writing comeback from beyond the grave / been dead so long i still think we believe in slaves
<AlbertCamus> but don't we do? / i mean, who made this shoe? / surely not you?
<AlbertCamus> child labor is a part of life / even with my favorite murder weapon, this shiney knife
<AlbertCamus> so go get your own knife and get filthy / ima write more books and get rich, for real g
<AlbertCamus> cos who needs bush anti-intellectualism / when you got now-i'm-nothing existentialism
<AlbertCamus> so fuck the administration / my rhymes lead to your masturbation
<AlbertCamus> that's why you bitches don't type / you pluggin yourself with a pipe
<AlbertCamus> and in numerous places / making moany looks with your faces
<AlbertCamus> so what were we doing before, talking about breasts? / ima stick my cock between a few and give my rapping a rest
<AlbertCamus> peeeeeace

<psychosphere> remaking songs suck
<psychosphere> except if they are well done :|

<Guest00002> 'Here is Edward Bear coming downstairs now'
<Guest00002> can be turned into
<Guest00002> 'Stab red red women! CR is downing whores - AA'
<Guest00002> (Obviously the 'CR' is Christopher Robin, who is thus revealed as an infant psychopath).

<@blackcrystal> no one can get along with me
<@blackcrystal> because my penis is so huge
<@blackcrystal> its intimidating
<Guest00002> it's so huge that many consider you to actually be the penis

<christopher_robin> all i want is a little womb.
<christopher_robin> or get your goofy ass out my hotel room.
<@AlbertCamus> more like wound
<@AlbertCamus> lemme fuck your flesh wound
<@AlbertCamus> i say we start slashing holes in girls and fuck the wounds
<christopher_robin> in the stomch area
<tifferina> ew
<christopher_robin> nice and warm.
<christopher_robin> guys who do double penetration are gay, in that, they are rubbing dicks
<@seano[w]> if you were a girl
<@seano[w]> you'd never do less than two dicks at once.
<christopher_robin> totally.
<tifferina> um

<christopher_robin> the best thing about sex with a whore is the "slosh slosh slosh" sound her pussy makes.
<christopher_robin> like you're stepping in mud.

<+christopher_robin> the best pickup line:
<+christopher_robin> I'm so lonely.
<Mijacogeo> doo doo doo doo dooo doo doo
<ruse> Hop on my scooter, sweetheart, cause we're going to planet hug.

<cheeseb0y> eso's anal cavity is cavernous
* [eviltim] jumps but falls hort
<@|esoteric|> i have stalactites and stalagmites.
<annie_amos> I always thought it was the exact opposite
<cheeseb0y> actually eso, i broke most of those with that baseball bat the other night
<cheeseb0y> sorry
<@|esoteric|> oh. when you were forcefully thrusting the large end of a baseball into my rectum.
<cheeseb0y> i know you were going to apply for national park status, in order to save your ass from development, but hey
<Dark-Diva> a national park?
<@|esoteric|> i rather enjoyed the pressure you placed on my prostate and anus with your strong, upwards movements.

<quaxo> this is gay
<flippant> this is bisexual actually
<@AlbertCamus> do you mind?
<@AlbertCamus> we're getting our dick rub on
<flippant> sorry

<@adamx> what about me ?
<@^BriXtoN^> Sure does
<@JeZ> who are you
<@kitten_with_mittens> yes, i dont know who he is either.
<@adamx> im adam.
<@kitten_with_mittens> ..adam who?
<@^BriXtoN^> "Hey Bert! Look at these guys doo each other up the ass! Lets create some anti-gay society, and make them feel bad"
<@^BriXtoN^> Aliens are fucked in the head.
<@adamx> adam x
<@^BriXtoN^> I swear
<@^BriXtoN^> Aliens cause the world it's trouble.

<AmythistBelle> No, I'm blind.
<LaLaLand> and you can type ?
<pta> being blind is not funny.
<pta> you guys are sickening.
<pta> your humour is terrible.
<@howisya> Velouria.
<LaLaLand> does this talk to you or do you like feel it on one of those brill boards?
<@howisya> "brill"? geez.. brail, dude.
* @howisya scrubs your balls with a Brillo pad.
<LaLaLand> uhm.. i didnt know she was, i dont have humor thats that bad..
<AmythistBelle> You think that because I am blind I can't type? Give me a break!! Ever heard of technology? Screen-readers etc? yYou're damn right, being blind isn't funny.
<LaLaLand> uhm.. I just asked.
<@howisya> your technology is making typos little fella
<LaLaLand> so you feel it?
<LaLaLand> hmm.. wow.. and the technology can make two !!
<AmythistBelle> No, that was me making type-os...
<@howisya> ok.
<LaLaLand> 1 w0n43r 1f 5h3 c4n r34d th15

<+Karlmarks> howisya: Try yelling at yourself constantly and babbling inanely about things you don't care about and never will.  Take up an instrument, like, say, the violin, and really suck at it.  Play it all of the time, especially when you're trying to read.
<howisya> k
<+Karlmarks> howisya: This about sums up today.

<Powerpuff_Gurl> Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin
<@howisyA> ugh
<Powerpuff_Gurl> Now i know u'll be love this !
<Powerpuff_Gurl> BAckoff Backoff tell me whatcha gonna do now
<Powerpuff_Gurl> Keep Rollin Rollin Rollin !

<tea-towel> i think u seem to have accidently banned me
<hOWiSya> :)
<hOWiSya> stop acting like a jerk
<hOWiSya> i don't take irc seriously
<hOWiSya> you have nothing to prove to me
<tea-towel> stop ejaculating on me!
<hOWiSya> i LIKE fucking with people who are stuck up
<hOWiSya> if you don't want to be cummed on, change your nick ;)
<tea-towel> why ban me if u are not taking it seriously?
<tea-towel> seems a little bit contradictory to me!
<tea-towel> <hOWiSya> i LIKE fucking with people who are stuck up  ---> so why ban them?
<hOWiSya> cos it's annoying to deal with you when i'm in a good mood
<hOWiSya> if you're going to insult me, be funny about it. don't be cliche/irritating.
<tea-towel> let me in
<tea-towel> <tea-towel> no,no,no, travis is an arse internationally
<tea-towel> that was hilarious
<hOWiSya> that one was ok
<hOWiSya> but the rest were stupid
<tea-towel> much funnier than "travis ejaculates on tea-towel"
<tea-towel> every flipping day
<hOWiSya> you do understand that you are a tea towel?
<tea-towel> NO
<tea-towel> that is my nick
<tea-towel> that's where you've been confused.
<tea-towel> i'm a person, with a nick "tea-towel"
<hOWiSya> you are a tea towel. so i use you to catch my jism. it's a good relationship, i thought.
<tea-towel> it does not mean i am a tea towel
<tea-towel> you masturbate too much!
<hOWiSya> i can't help it, you're so convenient
<tea-towel> hehe
<tea-towel> you have to resist it
<hOWiSya> no. you have to get used to it.

<MrScary^> what the fuck is buckleys shit
<Dez-fuct> Buckleys caugh mixture
<Dez-fuct> "It Taste Awful, But It Works" it fucking taste like mints and shit
<MrScary^> oh fuck
<MrScary^> fuck that, i'd rather cough
<MrScary^> heh
<@poignant> heya travesty
<HowIsYa> hey jizzmonkey
* TraumaHound karate chops fuckchop
<Dez-fuct> fuck it is fuckin gross i almost fuckin puked in my sink
<TraumaHound> what's gross?
<Dez-fuct> Buckleys shit
<chemical|death> someone ping me please
<Dez-fuct> it looks like fuckin jizz or somthin

<Gothapotamus> I'm looking at this bunch of nude pics of asian women and the japanese guy that took the pics has got the funniest bad english written at the bottom of each pic
<Gothapotamus> I gotta share this, it's fortune cookie wisdome for sure
<HowIsYa> please do share some captions!
<Gothapotamus> fuki yamada think japan photographer best in world
<MrScary^> hehehe
<Gothapotamus> japan photographer no take picture of lubricious scantily clad, nude or hair-nude for libido enhance only
<MrScary^> LOL
<Gothapotamus> pose, costume and set all have symbol represent photographer philosophy of shinto and buddhism idealistic
<Gothapotamus> it's artsy, I'll give him that, no penetration or anything gross
<Gothapotamus> this is the best line though
<Gothapotamus> "give japan guy special feeling other than mere bone"

<Gothapotamus> maybe if I'm fat I can meet a nice girl instead of all these swinger girls with serious issues
<@poignant> heh
<Gothapotamus> I can smell psychosis a mile away
<@poignant> yeah..cause you know fat guys get ALL the chicks

<Gothapotamus> I know, speaking of pointy things in odd places
<Gothapotamus> maybe I'll just turn gay

*** ArGG was kicked by Myc (warning #1)

*** Jessalicious (grimace@rhin-cas4-cs-67.newnorth.net) has joined #radiohead
<@howisya> i love jessalicious cos she's soooo delcious!
<Jessalicious> thank yew
<@howisya> *kiss*
<+pta> oh god let's tag team it
<@howisya> let's.
*** Jessalicious (grimace@rhin-cas4-cs-67.newnorth.net) has left #radiohead
* @howisya whips his dick out and slides it into jess's naked pussy
* +pta starts slapping his dick on jess's pouting cherry lips
* +pta gets hard and prepares to stick it low
<+pta> nevermind she's not evenhere
<@howisya> hahaha
<@howisya> what fools we are.
<+pta> i think this makes us gay
<+pta> #Wisconsin_Losers
<+pta> *** Now talking in #Wisconsin_Losers
<+pta> *** Topic is 'Everyone died on me.'
<+pta> *** Set by SexyRach on Fri Feb 02 22:33:31
<+pta> * pta sits next to Jessalicious
<+pta> <Jessalicious> yes
<+pta> * pta starts blowing in Jessalicious's ear
<+pta> <pta> hey sweetie
<+pta> <Jessalicious> heh
<+pta> <pta> are your pants a little tight?  would you like to slip them off?
<+pta> * pta starts to unbutton Jessalicious's pants
<+pta> <Jessalicious> no my pants aren't tight
<+pta> <Jessalicious> at all
<+pta> <pta> i just want you to be free, baby
<+pta> <Jessalicious> and they dont have buttons
<+pta> * pta kisses Jessalicious on the cheek
<+pta> *** Jessalicious sets mode: +b *!*@gain1-31.nortex.net
<@howisya> hahah
<+pta> *** Now talking in #wisconsin
<+pta> * pta sits next to Jessalicious
*** [Blue_Milk] (bchaves@ has joined #radiohead
<@howisya> hey pussy
<[Blue_Milk]> fuck off
*** [Blue_Milk] (bchaves@ has left #radiohead
<+pta> <pta> you didn't have to ban me, dear
<+pta> <Jessalicious> you were annoying
<+pta> <Jessalicious> and probably are
<+pta> <Jessalicious> trying to play this game with me
<+pta> <pta> what game?
<+pta> <Jessalicious> i dont want to play

*** rare_poke (fire@gain1-52.nortex.net) has joined #radiohead
<rare_poke> i got banned from our efnet twins for soliciting gay sex.
<rare_poke> <rare_poke> i heard efnet was for fags, is that true?
<rare_poke> <egen[i]> welcome to the club, fag
<rare_poke> <rare_poke> all right!

<PlasticHarry> at last, IRC being used to.. chat
<PlasticHarry> fucking hey
<PlasticHarry> piss off you moaning cuntbubble

*** Devashan (devashan@ACA1D0C2.ipt.aol.com) has joined #nin
<psychosphere[net-bot]> www.thepsychosphere.com - is the artwork ok for now?
<Devashan> yeah..i'm bored
*** madame_future is now known as HowlsYa
<AlbertCamus> hey how
<HowlsYa> what's up buddy!
<AlbertCamus> not much
<AlbertCamus> i think you should read my books
<AlbertCamus> they're very dark and creeeeepy
<AlbertCamus> makes you think about life itself
<HowlsYa> well i would if i could ever stop getting laid!
<AlbertCamus> hahah
*** Disconnected

<innocent|shmate> I pashed a guy last night that i have wanted in SOOOO LONG!!!
*** guest66186 (daylight@ip130.toronto99.dialup.canada.psi.net) has joined #nin
<Devashan> what??
<AlbertCamus> why didn't you lick him?
<Devashan> pashed?
<HowlsYa> pashed?  fucked?
<AlbertCamus> pashed gash?
<innocent|shmate> Kissed kinda
<Devashan> what the hell does that mean?
<innocent|shmate> ya pash them and then ya dash them
<Devashan> wow
<guest66186> dev always pashes gash
<AlbertCamus> haha
<HowlsYa> what lingo is that?

<HowlsYa> i'm a loner AlbertCamus, a rebel
<AlbertCamus> interesting you chose that name with which to hail me / interesting you chose those nine inchers to nail me
<HowlsYa> things you COULDN'T understand
*** Tragedy_Anne (_Agony_@h24-70-156-193.wp.shawcable.net) has left #nin
<AlbertCamus> don't flail me / a bedsheet won't sail me / it's just a day in the life of a jailer, so bail me
<HowlsYa> looks like i have to give her a talking to
<AlbertCamus> yea you should
<AlbertCamus> try to ask her how big her tits are
<HowlsYa> try to?
<HowlsYa> fool i will!
<AlbertCamus> yea sometimes it's hard to get that in there
<AlbertCamus> but when you ask, they often want to go on and on about their own tits
<AlbertCamus> and it's like, look bitch. your breasts are nothing but lumps of fat. so don't get so damn cocky. or you'll GET no cocky. ya hear?

<@ZiNE> RADNOR, Pa. (AP) - Jennifer Lopez says her new album, "J Lo," is aimed at the hips, not the head.
<@ZiNE> "I just want to make everyone dance and have a good time without all that other deep crap," Lopez said in the Jan. 20 issue of TV Guide.
<Karlmarks> hehe
<Karlmarks> how did i guess?
<@[nothing]> her butt is getting smaller
<@[nothing]> she sucks now
* ViolentJericho sucks
<@[nothing]> but the question is.
<@[nothing]> do you swallow
<@ZiNE> puff daddy should knock her up, that would be funny
<@[nothing]> hehe.
<@[nothing]> did u knw puff daddy is like 40

<innocent|shmate> " i know you wanna do it, you know i wanna do it too"
<innocent|shmate> " we can make sandwiches... out here on the dance floor"
<innocent|shmate> fuck i have sand on my tit
<innocent|shmate> Fuck i hate it when Sand is all over me
<psychosphere> we don't need to know bout your tits and their obsession with sand
<innocent|shmate> they don't have an obsession
<innocent|shmate> it is cause i'm at the beach all the time

<Soda_Popinski> hey
<Soda_Popinski> whats a good
<Soda_Popinski> nin bootleg
<AlbertCamus> the downward spiral dubbed onto a blank tape
<AlbertCamus> that's always a good one
<Soda_Popinski> ....
<@^BriXtoN^> Hahaha
<@^BriXtoN^> Good one.
* Soda_Popinski throws a can of mash potatoes at albert
<AlbertCamus> hahah
<Soda_Popinski> now thats a good one
<AlbertCamus> fag.
* Soda_Popinski pulls my dick out and shubs it in alberts face
<@Holly> do mash potatoes come in cans?

*** spacekitty (vampurrr@1Cust135.tnt2.white-plains.ny.da.uu.net) Quit (Quit: there are two colours in my hair.)
<@AlbertCamus> sperm and blonde

<cheeseb0y> it's not the greatest thing i've ever heard, but it's not bad, IMHO
<@Myc> nothin' beats listenin' to me fart in a hottub.
<cheeseb0y> exactly.
<AlbertCamus> except listening to you masturbate in a hottub
<@Myc> Shut your gaping hole.
<AlbertCamus> that's more on par with the fart comment
<@Myc> You do not speak of my masturbation. d8I
<@con4cyn> haha

<@meathead> great, now it's a party.
* AlbertCamus shocks the monkey
<AlbertCamus> now this my friends is not a test / prepare yourself for my wise words with a bulletproof vest / if you wish to know the best way to appear cynical / all you must do is be on irc and type clinical, yea, uhh f'real
<unanimous> so why were you banned before?
<AlbertCamus> ;)

<@kitten_with_mittens> you know what i'm talking about!! the guy fighting the damn snake.. what's it called?
<Pretty_As_Fuck> Crocadile Hunter?
<preciouseyed> snake pit?

<pta> i'm gay.
<Intestinator> i'm not
<pta> i thought maybe Intestinator was a reference to anal sex.

<pta> i brought my PENCILLL

<AlbertCamus> why are nin fans so stupid? this really bothers me
<Leviathant> It's a certain kind of stupid.
<AlbertCamus> yea, ignorance
<Leviathant> It's not unintelligence, it's ignorance.

<Simon_Geist> i need to speak to Mr Bad Fish
<HowIsYa> we understand
<Simon_Geist> no listen, don't sass me
<HowIsYa> but unfortunately ragesong's panties are still on
<HowIsYa> i recommend kissing her shoulders

<HowIsYa> was that anna?
<HowIsYa> our long lost friend?
<Simon_Geist> come here baby, let me punch fuck you
<Simon_Geist> anna from tekken fame?
<HowIsYa> yea
<HowIsYa> tekken a shit in your mouth that is
<Simon_Geist> don't  talk about my girl man that's fowl
<Simon_Geist> don't  talk about my girl man that's fowl
<HowIsYa> still eatin moo moo oink oink and fowl fowl fowl
<HowIsYa> let's collaborate in bed
* Simon_Geist favourite song: What's My Age Again

<Simon_Geist> she got sharp titties
<HowIsYa> put my dick on your lips, simon
<HowIsYa> me so horny

<Simon_Geist> is it cool if i loosen my belt a little?
<HowIsYa> it's ok with me....
*** kitten_with_mittens is now known as kitty_wif_mitties[afk]
<HowIsYa> kitten with titties.. now that'd be a perfect creature
<Simon_Geist> since it could get milk from itself
<Simon_Geist> self sufficient

<Simon_Geist> The Democrats Rejoin the Klan
<HowIsYa> not surprising
<HowIsYa> they're pretty desperate for that southern vote

<@divineApathia> i need a psx emulator.
<HowIsYa> you mean a penis emulator?

<GrandMasterMagic> what the hell is dogmatrix anyway like the matrix for dogs?
<archenteron> LOL
<archenteron> ROFLMAO
<HowIsYa> haha
<GrandMasterMagic> that would be a fucked up movie
<GrandMasterMagic> the agents and morpheus just sittin there barkin at each other

<@Holly> how would you spell the first name that is pronounced "i-nez"?
<afr0> how about 'inez'
<afr0> there is something lacking in my logic
<HowIsYa> intelligence?
<@Holly> there's another spelling for it
<afr0> yeah..intelect..that explains it all
<afr0> why do you need to know the spelling of someones name
<afr0> hm?
<HowIsYa> www.spellmyname.com
<afr0> and why not just write mr/ms/dr whatever if you have to write something
<afr0> you're shitting me.
<afr0> well i hope you are..but knowing the web its prolly true.

<HowIsYa> holly you replaced rivethead who was our 40+ op
<@Holly> is rivethead really in her 50s?
<HowIsYa> she'd be about 45
<@Holly> nate said she was 52
<HowIsYa> he was lying
<@Holly> i didn't think she was that old
<lymeboy> Hold up guys, I have to go check out some pics...brb
<HowIsYa> nate thinks you can stick a finger IN a clit
* @Holly laughs and laughs
<psychosphere> umm lol
<simon_geist> it depends on the clit.
<HowIsYa> yea whether or not you've been murdered
<psychosphere> anyone ever been to Pizza Slut before?
<simon_geist> i once decided to put dirt and rocks into a vagina?
<HowIsYa> fun fact, if you take a lot of estrogen, your clit can grow to be the size of a finger or a small boy's penis
<@Holly> i'll have to remember that
<HowIsYa> and for the guys, taking estrogen pills shrinks your dick
<HowIsYa> so you can use that as an excuse next time

* simon_geist wonders if the term "hershey's kiss" is a code in gay lingo
<HowIsYa> haha
<HowIsYa> "I just frenched his ass!"

<lymeboy> Elana is a "radical" activist now...which is funny because she gets nothing accomplished with her angry activism
<HowIsYa> yea i hate those hypocrites
<lymeboy>  she doesn't try to work within the system AT ALL
<lymeboy>  and she didn't even vote

<+ruse> i think i should be mad
<+simon_geist> go hit somebody you don't even know
<+ruse> i have a baseball bat, his name is beaty
<+simon_geist> my penis is named warren tinkleson
<+simon_geist> HowIsYa named his penis oren hatch
<+ruse> i require sustenance

<tearsrh> i had sex about.....
<tearsrh> 6 months ago
<tearsrh> it was beautiful
<tearsrh> and lovely
<grinchyjen> 6 months, wow
<grinchyjen> iw ill be dead in 6 months
<grinchyjen> if not tomorrow
<tearsrh> yeah
<tearsrh> well considering the fact i'm only 16
<Jon_The_Dentist> ye gods
<+tuls> how old was your mate?
<Jon_The_Dentist> 16 years old
<tearsrh> 16
<Jon_The_Dentist> too young
<grinchyjen> right you shouldnt be having sex
<tearsrh> right, i shouldnt be having sex
<Jon_The_Dentist> I'm 21 and I haven't had sex yet... waiting for marriage
<tearsrh> i should be having it anally with vexing, and his analbeads and buttplugs
<+tuls> maybe you should fuck him up the ass with a dildo like you were the boy

<benecio_del_toro> i've got two tickets to fuck your mother baby
<benecio_del_toro> come on her face and chest, don't say maybe
<benecio_del_toro> she's just a really old cumbag baby?
<benecio_del_toro> like you
<benecio_del_toro> ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

<pull_me_apart> ...
<asian_persuasion> pull me apart, physically or mentally?
<@HowIsYa> it's a reference to his penis stuck with jism to his thigh
<@HowIsYa> he needs your help... but you can't use your fingers

*** last_time (last_time@cn291081-a.jamison1.pa.home.com) has joined #radiohead
<last_time> blah
<bl00per> i'm not
<last_time> no?
<JesusMaryChain> u r not wha
<JesusMaryChain> cunt
<last_time> thats interesting
<last_time> or not
<last_time> i can't decied
<@HowIsYa> hahah
<bl00per> ough
<bl00per> that's hurt
<last_time> hmmm...

* Mr_0uija puts his penis in goth girls bum
<HowIsYa> hahah
<Goth_Girl> heyyy
<HowIsYa> you likes?
<Goth_Girl> hmph
<Mr_0uija> hehe
* HowIsYa slides in next to Mr. Ouija
<@blackcrystal> lol
<Mr_0uija> :P
<@ragesong> there's far too much anal rape in this channel.

<howisya> fellas grab your dicks
<howisya> ladies grab your tits
*** archenteron (blah@pp105-173.bctel.ca) Quit (Ping timeout)
<howisya> you doin it?
<howisya> you bitches doin it?
<@[nothing]> i am

*** Retrieving #radiohead info...
*** howisya changes topic to 'haters say radiohead fell off, how nigga? their last album was ok computer.'

<kiveat> have you heards the new live record?
<howisya> yea, i bought it d00d
<howisya> you don't have it?
<kiveat> friends do
<kiveat> Im po'.
<kiveat> fucker
<howisya> get a job, hippie

<archenteron> seriously, i never understood the whole grunge craze
<silentwar> then don't worry about it.
<silentwar> you're hurting your pretty little head.

<habitat-> was up niggas
<CedricTheEntertainer> not much my spic

<[TOM1]> do you know beauteee1?
<HowIsYa> barely
<HowIsYa> i know she's very flakey
<[TOM1]> lol...that's true
<HowIsYa> i don't know what attracts smart guys to flakes, besides control
<[TOM1]> sex, most likely
<HowIsYa> flakes don't know how to fuck
<HowIsYa> smart girls do.
<HowIsYa> flakes fuck often, smart girls fuck well

<Mr_LittleJeans> rub me.
<masquer> so a guy goes to a costume party in nothing but jeans and the host comes up to him and says, "dude, this is a costume party, what the fuck are you supposed to be?"
<masquer> the guy says, "i'm premature ejaculation, i came in my pants."

<archenteron> i'm gonna go to a rave
<HowIsYa> with an ak-47?
<masquer> sorry i was just injecting my 2 cents.
<archenteron> with shitloads of e
<Venus-Envy> Nothing says Christmas like a
<archenteron> and wear like pheremones as cologne
<archenteron> and see how many chicks i can bang in one night
<archenteron> :P

<@^jAYmZ^> zine:   That Dilbert cartoon on your site.... man, I've got that printed out and stuck on my door... hehe
<HowIsYa> i've got it tattooed on my dick 5 times side by side

<psychosphere[a]> how about you ass slam yourself with a 6 ft sausage?
<cenobyte^> LOL
<cenobyte^> o my god
<cenobyte^> hehe
<psychosphere[a]> like rob zombie says in dragula... do it baby, do it baby

<@seano> oh god i'm depressed.
<captainron> well a good start would be to stop listening to radiohead
<happy_meal> shut up seano ya poofta!
<@HowIsYa> haha
<@seano> http://www.ratemyface.com/profile.cfm?online_name=SuperPatPat

<Robi-> Do you ever think about me?
<HowIsYa> yea
<HowIsYa> do you ever think about jesus
<Robi-> cant say I do...
<Robi-> well, maybe a couple times
<HowIsYa> haha
<HowIsYa> glad we had this conversation

<+Queen_Adrock> and thirsty
<@HowIsYa> here, have some cock
<+Queen_Adrock> dear lord
<@HowIsYa> "...thank you for this cock i am about to receive..."
<+Queen_Adrock> haha your nuts
<@HowIsYa> if you insist
<@HowIsYa> awfully greedy tho
<@HowIsYa> make sure your eyes aren't bigger than your stomach
<+Queen_Adrock> OH SHUT UP!
<+Queen_Adrock> that's not what i ment!
*** Gunnur (etwert@129-pool1.ras10.ohclv.agisdial.net) has joined #radiohead
<@HowIsYa> haha sure
<@HowIsYa> hey it's the #1 gunnur

<@^BriXtoN^> Fuck.
<Durruti> the newspapers rape our culture with their cheap ink.
<@^BriXtoN^> deep
<HowIsYa> come here, i'll give you the raping of a lifetime
<Durruti> what we've got here is some bottled violence.
<HowIsYa> and lame minor threat references
<Durruti> heh
<HowIsYa> =P
<HowIsYa> nice try

<TinOmen> NE 1 wanna chat with a 18/F Canadian hardcore nin fan pm me....
<Hoggle> heh Tin
<howisya> can we cyber?
<howisya> can we cypher?
<Robi-> uhm...
<Robi-> I'm gonna keep my mouth shut on this one ;)
<howisya> can we decipher hieroglyphics, watch porn flicks, and share a bar of twix?
<howisya> got an earth that looks like shit yet these wrists shall not be slit
<howisya> i got my foot in my mouth and my mouth on your nuts, pulling away these salamanders from my guts
<howisya> freestyling my history paper because i am too lazy to complete this mad caper
<howisya> flowing over some eels shit, you suckers prefer limp bizkit
<howisya> i fucked this baby last night, she bled lately, grind my foot against her saintly
<howisya> mercifully i eradicated the sin from my entire existence, i exist on a psychic plain of pre industrial
revolution agricultural subsistence
<howisya> no more amplification, only mental masturbation
<howisya> of the type you trust, the type you believe in
<howisya> ejaculation of the finger tips, keyboard used as wet rag
<howisya> hate girls, slap squirrels, pity unfurls
<howisya> stare at bitches, finger twitches, her pussy itches
<howisya> i extort sound, speech impediment, a meaningless sentiment
<howisya> hate a lot of things but i love to see her smile
<howisya> bent her soul like power cord, in the digital age who needs a sword
<howisya> irc function as military, bored canadian girls get the missionary
<howisya> position, lick the nipple with conniption
<bonnng> wigger.
<howisya> hope i'm entertaining jack frost, tea and crumpets get lost
<howisya> lift my hat, drop the wig, pick up a twig, give the hennesy a swig
<howisya> slam bottles, use throttles, baby coddles, blood curdles, jump hurdles
<howisya> eliminate caucasia in a massive act of euthanasia
<howisya> make misspells like a homosexual writing a speech with his asshole spewing sperm on black
construction paper
<howisya> kick danny saber i prefer esthero, i don't drive a car, and if i did it wouldn't be a camaro
<howisya> loosen the bandaid and bleed green pus, into the snow so that it may become slush
* trancekid loves to fuck men
<howisya> k i'm tired of this
<@jasNIN> did i wander into #poetry by mistake again?

<Crimsonplague> hey travis ;)
* GothicghOst thinks crimson needs to mind her fucking business
<Crimsonplague> heh.
<howisya> sup baby
* howisya gropes holly down
<Crimsonplague> *minds her fucking business*
<GothicghOst> yea im just letting it all out tonight
<howisya> where you been all my life superstar.. cos you rock my world
<Crimsonplague> i was just messin' gothic.  sorry.
<GothicghOst> whatever
<Crimsonplague> haha, travis.
<Crimsonplague> i've been here all the time.
<GothicghOst> no big deal
<GothicghOst> just the net!@
<GothicghOst> heh
<howisya> well shit... come on over
<Crimsonplague> that's right.
* Crimsonplague comes on over
<howisya> you can mess with me, gothic style
<Crimsonplague> heheh
<howisya> i like it pale and faint of heart
<GothicghOst> haha
<howisya> i won't feign, my teeth will strike a vein
<howisya> i shall draw a dagger and elicit crimson, plague your mind like a quote from bart simpson
<GothicghOst> ok howisya

<xCANNABISx> you like heroin?
<merkaba> fuck yes@!#$
<merkaba> heh.
<xCANNABISx> yes or no?
<xCANNABISx> i don't understend

<howisya> chickclick? clitlick.
<loanshark> steve
<loanshark> watch that
<howisya> i wanna go down on the owner of chickclick.com, providing of course that the owner equal sign female

<MrDumb> oh goddamn, i hate old navy.
<FinckaVich_HurT> eh?
<MrDumb> stupid ass old woman with her stupid ass glasses.
<MrDumb> no old navies in england?
<MrDumb> clothing store.  oldnavy.com
<FinckaVich_HurT> nope
<MrDumb> quite popular clothing store.
<MrDumb> the commercials just piss me off.

<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> whoa
<howisya> ?
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> i just figured out this sheryl crow song
<howisya> cool, which song
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> that change song
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> i think a change
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> will do u good
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> or whatever it is
<howisya> good song
* holdencaulfield- chuckles
<howisya> ho boy.
<@emeraldlion-playing-guitar> ur phony :P

* Crimsonplague is swarmed with pms
<Crimsonplague> pms... hehe...  PMs rather

<Queen_Adrock> i need my nose for snotin
<Queen_Adrock> and by snotin i mean snortin

<Crimsonplague> gimme a sex
<Crimsonplague> sec!
<Crimsonplague> heh

<howisya> i got that fire.
<holdencaulfield-> i have been ablaze for minutes

<blindpyro> Man, did you hear about that church in seattle, that had a website about a gay guy that got beaten to death: they had a picture of his head bouncing in flames.
<[nothing]> sweet!

*** spicegirls (userid@cr860721-a.pr1.on.wave.home.com) has joined #nin
<spicegirls> hi there, this nick is for sale on ebay for a minimum price of $24 american. for more information on this nick, and on over 345 more dalnet nicks for auction, msg me, thanks and happy bidding
*** spicegirls (userid@cr860721-a.pr1.on.wave.home.com) has left #nin

<monsieur_frumpty> i wanna fart in a bottle
<monsieur_frumpty> and seal the gases inside
<monsieur_frumpty> and have like eggs and meat and milk blended in already
<monsieur_frumpty> then seal it up
<monsieur_frumpty> and leave it in the sun for a year
<monsieur_frumpty> then open it up and smell it
<monsieur_frumpty> hehehe

<The_Ruiner> wassap Trav
<howisya> nothin, bored
<howisya> supposed to go out on a date tonight
<howisya> don't feel like calling her
<howisya> would rather read
<howisya> be a hermit
<howisya> eat oreos and drink milk

<holdencaulfield-> "hi i'm jesus"
<QualityGirl> who?
<holdencaulfield-> "who?"
<holdencaulfield-> "jesus, from the bible."
<holdencaulfield-> "oh.  hey how are you?"
<holdencaulfield-> "fine.  listen, are you holding?"
<holdencaulfield-> "sure man come on in."

*** EARLE (~greo@dhcp3-480.dov.adelphia.net) has joined #RADIOHEAD
*** EARLE (~greo@dhcp3-480.dov.adelphia.net) has left #RADIOHEAD

*** alex____________ (_____@userbi79.uk.uudial.com) has joined #radiohead
<alex____________> yoyo
<v-b-j> HEY ALEX
<alex____________> ello
<v-b-j> HOW ARE YOU
<v-b-j> ANAL ALEX
<alex____________> ayy
<v-b-j> treat me like a prostitute
<alex____________> who are u?
<v-b-j> i am a secret
*** v-b-j (consumer@gain1-73.nortex.net) Quit (Quit: i have never pissed in a woman's mouth. yet.)
*** alex____________ (_____@userbi79.uk.uudial.com) has left #radiohead

<entivore> hello!
<HowIsYa> hi
<entivore> I saw your irc quotes site
<entivore> hehe, I'm in it :)
<HowIsYa> yea?
<entivore> Yep, I did a search for my own nick on all the major search engines
<entivore> and I found some of my pussy eating quotes
<HowIsYa> lol
<HowIsYa> oh yea
<entivore> I've got it worst now.. I actually draw stuff
<entivore> (_¿_)
<entivore>  :P
<entivore> lol
<HowIsYa> lol

*** Now talking in #nin
*** Topic is 'NiNE iNCH NAiLS - #nin v2.0 homepage http://home.ptd.net/~zine/nin/nin.html Last stats update Sep 15 02:56'
*** Set by ZiNE on Fri Sep 15 02:57:26
<Blue_Electron> I don't want to see your period stained panties
<Blue_Electron> LOL
<@CrakWhore> i wanna see!! bend over in front of me!
*** revolver- (revolver@ppp-208-188-23-91.dialup.rcsntx.swbell.net) Quit (Quit: time to go some easy raver-girls. «~{Polaris IRC}~» v2.03 Alpha)
<Psycho_Lord> lol
<HowIsYa> ummm.

* archaeon lubes up rhianne's anus and inserts his penis
<VAGiNAL_VAMPiRE> hehehe
<VAGiNAL_VAMPiRE> fuck the lube
<whatthef> the artist
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o revolver-
<{SoBeR}> i'm not even going to comment
<loanshark> let's make a train, you fags

<archaeon> for those of you who aren't "in the loop"
<^BriXtoN^> oh my god...
<^BriXtoN^> dont say, dont say
<archaeon> i shoved a chewed corn cob up my ass
<FinckaVich_im_a_girl> lol
<archaeon> that i fished out of the garbage
<archaeon> because i was curious as to what anal sex feels like
<archaeon> :P
<archaeon> and when i pulled it out
<FinckaVich_im_a_girl> sometimes sean your butt fetish scares me....sometimes its just damn funny
* ^BriXtoN^ pukes
<FinckaVich_im_a_girl> lol
<archaeon> there was this big chunk of shit on the end

<Vals^> she stopped loving me
<@howisya> she's lost that loving feeling
<Queen_Adrock> oh no i love you too, but in a different way, i love you in a sexual way vals, i love Howisya in the way way one might love God

<Queen_Adrock> my ass is looookin good
<Queen_Adrock> yep
<Queen_Adrock> more then my fabulous ass
<CheatingP> what else is going on?
<CheatingP> besides your fabulous ass
<Queen_Adrock> ah, isnt that enough?
<CheatingP> well, i'd kind of like to talk about music
<CheatingP> so ...................
<Queen_Adrock> well i kinda like to talk about my ASS

* erect_cum_spewing_penis spews loads and loads of delicious cum everywhere
<+Robi-> Im bewilderingly hot! :D
<@The_Ruiner> umm, yummmy
* +Robi- dances around
* erect_cum_spewing_penis spews some of the cum in Robi-'s mouth so she can have a taste

<Rhuss> seen your_penis
<@Assassyn> Rhuss, I don't remember seeing your_penis.
<Rhuss> Hee hee!
<howisya> seen hollys_bush
<@Assassyn> howisya, I don't remember seeing hollys_bush.
<howisya> yea, me neither man..
<+silentwar> her virgin ears.
<@revolver-> lol
<@revolver-> bush.

* @emeraldlion sways to paul oakenfold
<@emeraldlion> fuck is still in the tub?
<GothicghOst> i already said that lion
<howisya> fuck drowned. good riddance.
<@emeraldlion> hehehe
<howisya> yea, so funny! she dead!
<@emeraldlion> wheres holly tonite
<GothicghOst> haha
<howisya> masturbating?
<GothicghOst> nice howisya
<GothicghOst> she's around
<@emeraldlion> chels isnt on tonite... i feel bad i told her to go fuck herself before:/
<howisya> LOL
* TiCkLe_Me_PiNk thinks that emeraldlion rules cause you like paul oakenfold
* howisya hi-5's alan
<@emeraldlion> she just is a snot ball sometimes
<@emeraldlion> and i cant stand her
<howisya> hahaha
<Death_Onna_Cracker> ping me
<Death_Onna_Cracker> Hey.
<@emeraldlion> seen ladysham
<@Assassyn> LaDyShAm (jwmoore.co@dialup157.tc1.bat.eznet.net) was last seen parting #nin 16 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes ago stating "{}".
<@emeraldlion> o yeah she is in maine
<howisya> hayley is dead
<howisya> i killed her with my cold stare!
<@emeraldlion> hayley and travis
* howisya does a dance
<@emeraldlion> sitting in a tree
<@emeraldlion> k i s s i n g
<howisya> i fucked her eye sockets!

<QualityGirl> well i am gonna shower
<QualityGirl> and I Am gonna look when i get back
<QualityGirl> k?
<howisya> ok cool
<howisya> bye stinkypuss.. lol, i mean sweety :)

*** glamgirl (~Dead@3ff8bdba.dsl.flashcom.net) has joined #NIN
<who_has_aids> glamgirl in the house
<glamgirl> who_has_aids: how about you not refer to me as "in the house"
<glamgirl> #1
<glamgirl> and #2
<glamgirl> I don't like your nickname.
<who_has_aids> well, waaah.
<@michae|> hi Dyana
<glamgirl> It's discriminating.  How about you neglect to talk to me.  Thank you.
<glamgirl> Hi Michael#!^#!&^#!*%&!#%& =D

<_m> 1 for me the other one for my girl
<@mRwTF> 2
<@howisya> you mean your 'bitch'
<_m> i also have 2 tickets for bungle
<profexxoer> blah
<_m> exactly howisya
<_m> (this guy's pretty bizar gus)
<_m> why are you saying bitch ?
<_m> we're planning to marry ourselves !

<state_aid> "Urban & Electronica"
<ragesong> deathy :)
<state_aid> wtf
<state_aid> urban
<state_aid> is that like rap or something
<joeypotter> urban means black
<state_aid> black what
<state_aid> black people beating on cans or waht
<joeypotter> i don't know, sitting on porches, or whatever the hell they do
<state_aid> well what the hell does that sound like
<state_aid> what kind of weird ass music is that

<ZeroMercury> well it's about time i get going
<ZeroMercury> goodbye
<ZeroMercury> see you in 6-8months
<silentwar> well it's about time ZeroMercury got going.
<silentwar> where are you going for so long zero?
<ZeroMercury> wisconsin
<silentwar> ah
<ZeroMercury> i don't think they have electricity there
<ZeroMercury> heh jk, i'm in jersey and i don't have a pc. i'll be back in by the endof the month on a routine mail check
<ZeroMercury> cya
<silentwar> while you're there, tell my ex she can slide under a gas truck and choke on her own blood.

<`Deadpool> a/s/l?
<`Deadpool> dude
<`Deadpool> <`Deadpool> a/s/l
<`Deadpool> <Flagg> hey goth man
<`Deadpool> <Flagg> you wanna kiss me?

<Roby-the-goddess> I have this one tank top that Im like, practically falling all out of...I'll hafta take a pic in that sometime :P
<Roby-the-goddess> hehe, oh neat :)
<Roby-the-goddess> Mine are, well, blue :)
<HowIsYa> yea, do so
<@solipsist> they change on their own
<NIN> *yawn*
<HowIsYa> it's so cool when the female objectifies HERSELF, it makes it so much easier on us

* HowIsYa licks your armpits
<Robi-> My mom's friend's cousin is in town...and he looks just like Trent. Its creepy how much he looks like him...literally :) So I gotta trick my friend now :)
<Robi-> heh, ewwwwwww
<Robi-> They prolly smell like BO :P
<Robi-> Cause its been a long day :)
<_virii_> Does he have a beard like Trent?
<Robi-> YES! :)
<Robi-> Cause hes been in jail for the past 5 months
<_virii_> haha
<HowIsYa> lol
<Robi-> I actually think its quite neat that they look alike. So I think Imma take him to my friend's house tonight, knock on her door and she'll answer and faint :D
<Robi-> Uhm, no, I dont plan on doing him...
* HowIsYa chuckles

<Psycho_Lord> HowIsYa no not in my shit
<Psycho_Lord> i fell as i was shiting

<radi0head> now if there was a ratemyass.com site.. that would be a hit
<@HowIsYa> mmm yea
<Nice_Guy_Jamie> www.rapemyface.com

<Nice_Guy_Jamie> all this anus chat is making me hungry
*** Mijacogeo (DiGiTaL@as5304-p014.dialin.iupui.edu) has joined #radiohead
<@HowIsYa> [Mijacogeo] i'm your baby tonight

<@Holly> hrm this tea tastes like a piece of wrigleys spearamint gum without the sugar
<@Holly> it's disturbing
<HowIsYa> spit it in my asshole

<Robi-> Its not that funny! Imma freeze in the middle of the night :|
<@Holly> robi: it's not that cold
<howisya> yea i'm sure it's freezing in louisianna
<@Holly> *laugh*
<howisya> maybe the fuckin gators will warm you up, ya fuckin creole

<chels> how old are you?
<entivore> 18
<chels> ah, that's fine.
<entivore> No girlfriend ever either
<howisya> who needs a girlfriend
<howisya> just find some fat slut
<chels> there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin, especially if you want to be.
<entivore> and i'm so horny I'd kill my whole family and all of you for just one fuck
<howisya> and slide your pecker in her ass
<chels> oh, nevermind.
<entivore> chels GUYS don't EVER want to be a virgin
<entivore> That's a girl thing

<Ebs> all that white-power shit went out with hitler.
<WhitePower^> i bet your mom is  a fucking chink a u fucking china
<asianpride> yeah
<asianpride> hahah
<asianpride> amazing powers of deduction


<Heroin_Manson> I heard that NIN might break up or something in the near future. Is this true?
<@suckerpunch> ...
<@suckerpunch> i might break your head or something in the near future.

<@HowIsYa> <@spacekitty> i tend not to like unpleasant things
<@HowIsYa> <@spacekitty> such as homelessness
<@HowIsYa> what a dork
<@HowIsYa> "i don't like homelessness"
<@HowIsYa> i'd still lick the honey off her tits tho
<@seano> haha

<Unusual_Wolf> how do you change your whois info?
<christianity_aok> kill your family

<Jamie[phone]> ok
<Jamie[phone]> requests for elizabeth's radio show?
<+holdencaulfield-> on air suicide
<+holdencaulfield-> on air pussy sucking
<+holdencaulfield-> on air cocaine snorting
<+holdencaulfield-> on air phone sex
<+holdencaulfield-> on air whoring

<@ViolentFemme> i was so shocked when i was listening to it for the first time and i heard thom yorke on it
<@ViolentFemme> it was good stuff
<triple_six_frosty> i heard that while he was recording that, he was peeing on pj, for inspiration.

<dapyro> n e one know natsuo?
<HowIsYa> i know my nads and i think by the end of the night you will know them too
<HowIsYa> open wide and let me in
<dapyro> fu-q
<HowIsYa> su-q_me

* +triple_six_frosty Ben Folds Five - Song for the Dumped.mp3
<+triple_six_frosty> this, sadly, is the best song ever
*** Fleance is now known as Fleance^shit

<Thorin> u like placebo?
* @HowIsYa makes homosexual advances towards you
<Re-Vol-> molko is a torrential fuckarse
<Durandal2K> I like placebo
<@HowIsYa> yea, you would. and stop touching my dick.
<Durandal2K> but I'm not touching it
<@HowIsYa> oh, but you are.
<Re-Vol-> Durandal2K
<Durandal2K> ok
<Re-Vol-> you touched his perfect body with your mind
<Re-Vol-> and you fed him tea and oranges
<Re-Vol-> that came all the way from china
<Durandal2K> perfect body?
<Thorin> dont mock placebo

<Durandal2K> plenty of good musicians are gay
* Re-Vol- has New Order - The Best of New Order - 03 - 1963 - 94 spunking into his earholes right now
<Durandal2K> Packin the fudge inspires good tunes

<revolver> ah
<revolver> i love the faint taste of blood
<HowIsYa> don't suck my dick so hard

<chels> woo!  i now have winzip.
<@emeraldlion> welcome to the 90s chelsea
<HowIsYa> good for you buddy

<LyricalKween> Ja Rule is cute
<LyricalKween> but that niggaz voice
<LyricalKween> WHOA
<LyricalKween> it scares me

<dirty_derik> im like rap shit, but if u understand wut good rock is, u shold say manson is tite
<{{^Star^}}> look we dont need yo white ass in here talkin bout yo dreamin ass gay faggot  mary lin manson we dont give a damn shit bout he lil wifey bitch she it and you can go to hell look black  ppl dont need to here tha black  wanna bes dont need to hear that and last  black peopel who likes rap dont wanna hear ya shit either so  shut ya fucking hole

<Wet`N`Wild> not much.. i'm in like grade 14 now... nice he?
<Wet`N`Wild> he=eh?
<HowIsYa> is that college yet?
<Wet`N`Wild> lol, nope still in high school.. 6 years now
<HowIsYa> lol
<HowIsYa> daaamn
<Wet`N`Wild> i know... that's bad
<HowIsYa> did you fail?
<Wet`N`Wild> lol, did i??  haha.. ot of 6 classes last year, I passed one
<HowIsYa> wowwww
<Wet`N`Wild> i know.. it's because i never went
<HowIsYa> better things to do huh
<Wet`N`Wild> yup, i was getting laid
<HowIsYa> lol
<HowIsYa> sexaholic
<Wet`N`Wild> you know it! =) lol
<HowIsYa> who needs karl marx when you can be gettin it in the ass with a 8" schlong right?

<littleHalo> my gspot in my right nostril.........lord i would pick my nose constantly
<nyyx> see?
<nyyx> i think i'd go w/ that one
* @Myc puts his weiner in littleHalo's nose.
<@Myc> it doesn't fit. d8(
<HowIsYa> yea it does ;)
<@Myc> no, my pee pee is too small. its like dropping a pin into a well. d8(

<dr_retarded> i wish i liked asian girls
<dr_retarded> if you like one, you like them all

<tool> i just don't think that rap is music.
<HowIsYa> so what is it, lunch?
<@ragesong> i agree tool.
<@ragesong> it's noise.
<tool> i don't know what it is.
<HowIsYa> as i said, closeminded
<tool> it's just not music.
<@ragesong> haha
<tool> more like noise.
<tool> with swearing.
<tool> and cussing.
<tool> and abusing.
<@ragesong> it's manufactured drumbeats
<silentwar> the wind covers me cold... and starry skies all around my eyes
<HowIsYa> i'm not a fan of goth music but it's still music
<@ragesong> with ppl talking
<tool> and the occasional rhyme.
<HowIsYa> um jasmin what do you think trent uses
<HowIsYa> manufactured drum beats.
<HowIsYa> have you heard that song, uh, what's it called....?   "down in it"?
<tool> he's got you there, jas.
<HowIsYa> just look at trent's influences
<HowIsYa> skinny puppy.
<tool> my point is.. does tupac make that music? no.
<HowIsYa> ministry.
<HowIsYa> gary numan.
<@ragesong> yes... i've heard his songs
<silentwar> so much pressure in the air... and i can't get away... i'm not happy here
<HowIsYa> what the fuck do you think industrial is?
<@ragesong> and he may use manufactured drumbeats
<HowIsYa> it's music based on drum beats, mostly.
<@ragesong> but he does it in a non shitty way
<@ragesong> and he does it himself.
<HowIsYa> does that not make it music?
<aphr0> er..so do rap producers..

*** Now talking in #orbital
*** ChanServ sets mode: +nt
*** ChanServ changes topic to 'i gotta know, what's your fantasy?'
*** {Tragic} (gfdgdf@to1-4-043.dyn.passport.ca) has joined #orbital
<{Tragic}> awwww
<{Tragic}> no one here
<@HowIsYa> i know
<@HowIsYa> even i only stop in once a week
<{Tragic}> well damn
<@HowIsYa> my chief sop took the chan over the summer
<@HowIsYa> it dropped cos my computer was in the shop for 6 weeks (came back in just as bad a
<@HowIsYa> so i lost my aop and sop list anyway
<{Tragic}> i'm gonna leave before people start thiking we're trading fantasys
*** {Tragic} (gfdgdf@to1-4-043.dyn.passport.ca) has left #orbital

<+frosty_9> i love being a man, but sometimes i love men, too
<india_rubber> euuuuuuurrrrggghhhhh
<+frosty_9> i work with men, i play with men, i eat with men, and i sleep with men
<Breach> u play poker with em?
<india_rubber> lagi puasaaaaaa tahaaaaaannnnn !!!!

*** XeroMercury (~shotgun@du75009.str.ptd.net) Quit (Quit: The thought of a juicy bleeding dog penis gives me A big erection! I love to suck on my doggie's dick till his cum goes down my face...Then I bite his penis and his red blood flows on my lips and I lick it, Then I masturbate all over my dead dog's body!)
<Z00000P> any girl wannaa great gun!    cum & play with it until it kill u
<pig_cum> "grandma in the corner with a penis in her hand yelling no no no no no"
<CharlesWhiskey> FURCK., I WANT MY DICKE SUCKED SO BAED!!!!!!!!!
<@con4cyn> batman was a gothic prince
<^|Cerbius|^> my favorate sound, is when warm ice cream gets poured on my feet.
<NIN1385> anybody know anything about zine the founder of the gay channel nin?
<@emeraldlion> the ops in #Nin are so fruity
* {SoBeR} doesn't remember playing fisties with girls
<Re-Vol> there's a foot wide used condom on the ground outside, it's really bothering me
<Ernie-Hanns> ANUS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE FUCKER VEXING!!!!!!
<davidb> why do girls wear makeup and perfume?/because theyre ugly and they smell :P
<_m> and what kind of planets ? gaz planets ?
<howisya> travis will not be discussing any peel sessions in fear of giving up anonymous irc lovin
<__M1Nine_> I am not sexy perse' but I have cak the size of a matchbox car
<Tane> ffs, there are a few 14-15 year olds i would proably pump, i mean, girls are hitting puberty earlier now.. if it ment i was a paedo, then so be it, but i'd probably even go for a 14 year old if she looked good enough
<TyR3nT> My friend is a fucking pussy, he wont drink vodka heh, he must be down with the dickless
*** HowIsYa has quit IRC (Quit: i sit in contemplation listening to kyuss while asking this post-modern sleaze if the dog is dead. my ability to manipulate is reflexive, and thus i ask to guest #596621: how is ya? and is it a sin to leave the vampers resting? i think only a quarter bastard knows.)
<merawee> i think capitalism is gross
<LoanWolf> if i wasnt then why would i say i am in the news paper every day i am radio wont even play my  rock and role sucks raps better then that stupid band Nine Inch Nails and its sad that you people spend your whole time chatting on mirc so bye losers haha hehe lol lol huhu losers
<TigerRain> Me and my friend AjaLaurie give really good cyber head. Msg me for some! Put me on notify. I will put out, for you.
<the_most_adorable> this is so cute....the girlfriend is sleeping on the phone with me. I've got it on speakerphone so I can listen to her dreaming
<chels> i have bad breath
<HowIsYa> strap ons nothing, don't be boring - you have ligaments, don't you?
<I_hope_to_have_a_gf> Hello archaeon ,If u r an egyption female then A/S/L plz so i hope to have a gf :)
<+jerry_sizzler> if i were to decribe you in a few words, they'd be:  fist fights, nipples, and alcohol consumption
*** ryuryan[a] Quit (Quit: -ryuryan's irc- WOMAN.ZIP: Great Shareware, but be careful of viruses...)
<archaeon> word up to tha bird up muthafuckas
<ROB13> Fuck You All u all suck cock for bus fair and walk
* +LaYeR-LaiN-01 finaly found a bra that didn't make her breasts look like rockets *
<Death_Onna_Cracker> The fact that some guy had the nerve to spread me on a cracker like butter is irrelevant, i'm still death=)
<A_Perfect_Circle> actually im scotiah
<Karlmarks> up thine
<entivore> All I ever do is jack off thinking about the most recent tight pants I saw on a girl
<the_most_adorable> EVEN SO....to see a corpse giving head, it could be envigorating
<holdencaulfield-> Wouldn't it turn you on to see your grandma sucking a cock?
<GothicghOst> his a dick man..kicking us out of the house cause he wants his daughter here
<profexxoer> I just pissed on myself
<day4nite> know what KID A is backwards?
<entivore> When a good looking girl says she is ugly, Tell her:  You may be on the inside, but at least you make my cock hard on the outside
<silentwar> hmm... am i the only one sick of all these rats scurrying around... looking for the physicality of banging against each other until the feeling goes?
<Riley> So ... who here likes Garth Brooks ... man that White boy can shore sang them thar fancy schmancy toons ... and that cowboy hat looks so purdy ...
<@Quantum> I used to run an IRC server on a IRC network full of maylays.. what a horrid experience
<Robi-> I honestly think that was sweat, h[a]
* _shelly_ would say "damn horny guys" but she's not one to fondle a trigger then blame the gun
<WhitePower^> who cears why dont u come kill me - i would like that!!!!!!!!
<frosty_34>  *** ChanServ sets mode +assfistery ZiNE
<GothicghOst> my dreams still weep of dark blood and fucking thee
<state_aid> gay means happy and it also means shitting on another man erotically
<state_aid> everyone in oklahoma hates black people, i fucking sweat
<GothicghOst> Kandygirl (from a board) ok, i heard that if i guy sux on your titties....u can get breast cancer...is that true....is it harmful??
<spaztik> ove rhere..in pakistan...we`ve got people called fukker....imagine having fukker as your surname
<|-God-|> fuckers......everybody suck my dick.....and fuck me from inside
<chels> my whole life is devoted to impressing my father
*** Ebs (nell@host62-7-31-20.btinternet.com) Quit (Quit: Meeting People is Easy...Fucking them over is even easier.)
<Thorin> who cares if hendrix took it up the ass from ur dad!
<Skankorama> gay guys dance better then straight ones
<triple_six_frosty> When I kiss girls, I think of men. Is that gay?
<@ZiNE> the nin, it is cool
<|zippy|> nah, you ate the cheese af vorlor that turned your eyes green and made you fuck sheep
<+dr_retarded> smokin this stinky chocolate
<vudoohaze> right now im wearing some black Timberlands, some cargo pants, a sweater, and a trenchcoat.
<psycho|restricted> "anal electrocution? | what's that mean? *heh heh* | 50,000 volts up the butt  | that'd be cool *uh huh* *heh heh* | wonder what that feels like | ask your dad"
<tuls> if you got nude pics. send them to me so i can give them to my disabled brother or msg m
<HowIsYa> ok. so you think that hip-hop is merely a simple, discordant, effortless mass of drum beats with an uneducated black man talking over it, basically.
<jelloqueen> dammit there was a mullet in her and i couldnt have raunchy bathroom sex with it!
<garytheretard> if it were possible, i'd get my pubic hair to have a mullet. that'd be great.
<+ofme> Asian Dingleberry Tongue-Tag - Watch these two Asian lesbian sluts French kiss while they swap a wet turd back and forth between their mouths.
<+ofme> i have an acoustic version of your mother
<@InternalBurn> #nin is just like #finalfantasy gay, gay...GAY
<@ILoveSMG> i just downloaded nude pics of dr. laura .... they're actually kinda cool. ? i'm very confused....
<ViViSeCtIoN> #nin99: its like...rolling down a rocky hill covered in broken glass and landing in a pool of lemon juice filled with pirhana
<polka-dot> and then from there on, make out city and other stuff
<Queen_Adrock> i ate some raw chicken last night, now i dont feel too hot
<psycho|sphere> how dare you keep that pube from your innocent 80 yr old neighbor in your mouth
<psycho|sphere> have you ever caught a beaver buttfuck a deer? not to be gross or anything...
<crumblebikky> anyone want to go dancing on the backs of the bruised?
<psycho|sphere> abandoning satan is like abandoning all hope, except hope don't come back to fuck you in the ass
<@xnotherex> finger my dick hole.
<bjork65> johnny depp would be hot if he were cuter
<kitten_with_mittens> i'd breast feed my child for the first 8 years at least
<@bjork65> bjork's voice sucks
<RADIOSTEF> there aren't only tits in the life, there are the PUSSY too!!
<@Holly> now why would donald duck have stuffed goose for christmas dinner?
<[TOM1]> my java socket failed or something
<Genchild> how do you slap people with different things
<@^BriXtoN^> christmas is so gay. i like the presents, the rest is just gay.
<formatted_evil> your nick sucks omnicide
<JaMokiE> are there any 400 pund women in here who want to chat with 113 pound 15 year old boy? pm me
<howisya> i like funny nap
*** p00ja`make`up (NaryaL@1Cust28.tnt16.beaverton.or.da.uu.net) Quit (Quit: <notcow> but can dicks really look good?<p00ja> if u dress them up<notcow> like blush and ill put lipstick on my dick head<notcow> it'll be the sexiest cock around)
<GothicghOst> gothicghost: she went down on me =/
<legion138> join #slaytanic, they guys from radiohead are in there
<BabelGreen> cant be arsed just to see your blue scroll bra
<Domineko> how come his ass tastes like your dick? - Mr grooms mark, and the other Mr grooms in the same room. Mark saying to mr grooms #1
<entivore> Being of superior intellect, it is very disturbing to hear the pathedically stupid and pointless ideas of people, and having to restrain my instant better ideas.  Afterall people get pissed off when you offer them advice
<Simon_Geist> come here baby let me punch-fuck you
<Simon_Geist> i want to see Mr Bad Fish about Project E-Mayhem
<HowIsYa> i bet an emerald dildo would fetch a pretty penny.... and i don't mean the unit of money!
<Skankorama> I say NWA is more influential then radiohead
<manica> anyway,what i think about kid a is that in a state of being tired from world tours, commercials,having to be there,etc,they produced for their own fun,and sake this musical phenomenon called kid A.And now everyone comes and says,woow,look these guys,they must have beeb working this really har,well done,
<I_Have_No_Arse_and_I_Must_Shit> "My loneliness is killing me..."
<exitmusicgrl> i used to want to be anti-social
<PlasticHarry> Manic Street Preachers in Cuba, 25 cents a ticket.  Cool.
<PlasticHarry> The Who and The Pixies are joining together, and they're gonna do Westlife covers !
<Berkowitz> if you run a Moog synthesizer through a Vox wah pedal cool stuff will happen
<yourass> I still like snatch better
<yourass> I like it up the snatch better than I like it up the hatch
<+simon_geist> you , like, have a bruised butthole.
<+simon_geist> have you ever been having sex with a girl, then out of nowhere punched her in the face?
<lymeguy> *gives a shoot out for travis*
<@AlbertCamus> why don't you pour some melted cheese into my asshole and enjoy dipping your nachos in it?
<+benecio_del_toro> <black-guy-from-friday-and-next-friday> this pussy taste like 40s!
<@AlbertCamus> let's mix our nuts in a bowl, guys
<nawtie>  I didn't think Arabs were circumsized
<DA_RECKA> whts da meanin of circumsized??
<@Holly> well, travis, you make all the girls wet hehe
<Death[orb]> I watched this comedy last night where this robot got upset because he wasn't given a penis, so he made his own out of electronic components and the penis got loose and tried to fuck everyone
<+almost_dead> making love to blow-up doll NOT as good as advertised.
<@AlbertCamus> i have what is somewhere between a piece of poop and a fart, right up my asshole dude
<sile-writing> ZiNE: my mom says she wants her "money back, you lousy lay"
<AlbertCamus> malek turned out to look like shamoo / meant nothing to dead philosopher albert camus / who had more underground hits than aimee mann / wise #rap ops never put me on ban
<kae> loak wackin off to odb poster right now
<CRUM> would scanning my johnson hurt?
<reveal> rape me please.. tame me like the little boy i am
<thong-grrl> if my life lasted only one day, i'd still be drunk by noon.
<BabelGhost> Colour your pubic hair green and have a tatto saying "KEEP OFF THE GRASS"
<|esoteric|> i saw a dog making it with a dead dog on the side of the road once
<pta> they always say wisconsin pussy is . . . cheesetastic.
<@blackcrystal> im just a penis for her to play with
<+pta> my dick is like a postage stamp, lick it and you've wasted 35 cents?
<pta> my dick is like a toaster, if you stick a fork in it, you get shocked!
<+pta> my dick be like thom yorke, short pale skinny and white?
<pta> porn pussies look like exit wounds
<@mRwTF> hey whats up yourass
<@SenorVivo> is that anyone anybody you knows/cares about?
<meat-mart> synth pop/goth depression
<christopher_robin> tifferina once ingested three ounces of bull semen on purpose.
<@StormtrooperX> and hell dude id rather not have my willy come out brown when iput it in white
<christopher_robin> no pants = extra good service.
<psychosphere> how about we play pinochio?  you sit on my face with a rubber dam so we can block your smelly ass hole, and i'll tell you a shitload of lies ;)
<+littleHalo> i must be tired because i thought i saw " balls all shaved in his mouth"
<Robi-> Oh God don't gimmie that shit you pissant
<@kitten_with_mittens> i thought someone was gonna eat pancake outta my butt.
*** HoEKilleR was kicked by JeeLL (I don't see the point in killing a garden tool.)
<@^BriXtoN^> Yeah, but it fucking shits me up the wall.
* Gothapotamus unzips fuckchops pants and starts bobbin on that cock
<LaLaLand> i have a heart and moreals
<Gothapotamus> I got her all the way home then realised I was gay
<howisya> goth girls, putting the "makeup = deception" equation to its best use
* @Myc is Con's cracker IRC friend.
<howisya> this is #nin for Niggaz In the Night, a goth/rap channel
<@con4cyn> *smacks lips* salty
<Jay``> eat me after the chilli digests
<Jabberwokee> ·· listening to music is killing my brain--------------> my ass fucking GAY!! ··
<+pta> i've never seen a man eat so many chicken wings
<Powerpuff_Gurl> holes.. i got two holes
<psychosphere> time to rape jello with a banana :x
<@mRwTF> grilled cheese reminds me of my girlfriends cunt lips in the mornin
<Lasher> nin using synthesizers has nothing to do with a drug leaving a pinhole in your brain and fucking up your seritonin level
<+pta> if you really want to see me, give me a glass of your pee pee  (alternate lyrics)
<+JoSe-MonTaLvO> why pta say that jesus is die ?????
<howisya> no ingrid i haven't heard the psychosphere.. you've heard one self-righteous, home-recorded industrial/rock act with a bad website, you've heard them all (that guy isn't in here, is he?)
<howisya> [nothing], i really think your misspelling of "you're" every single time really undermines your calling other people stupid.
<syz> No size jokes - it's hard to maintain full erection on a cold ass scanner
<Jandek> the dumbest thing you could do is get addicted to irc
<sike-a-delic> die you six year old homo
<Robi-> yogurt can kiss my 40 acre ass
<{tragic}> what's up new pussy cat?
<Chad-> I'd like to let you all in on what a "houdini fuck" is. When you're banging some chick from behind, you pull out and spit on her back so that she thinks you came, then when she turns around you blast your load in her eye.
<miyew> did you guys ever realize that the 'nin' and '9' contain some of the same letters, so this channels name is pretty groovy and neat?
<[TOM1]> I like slapping people with smelly fish
<porkchop> im gonna find the most evil woman and put spider eggs in her twat
<fisheggs> i wanna hatch a cold stream trout in someone's anus
<@wicked> omg, I got fucking faggots msging me.
<@Myc> You're really a great guy that has a lot to offer a friendship, and would probably be a fantastic boyfriend and lover to a lucky girl, howisya.
*** black_lines (Rake@ has left #radiohead (fades away into the gloom... "Farewell... for now...")
<ehdanny> so u got a vagina?
<@jez> i went back to the holocaust museum a couple weeks ago and i thought of you
<@ragesong> "God was my co-pilot, but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him."
<JoSe-MonTaLVo> do you listen insane clown ?????
* AlbertCamus looks at his cock... I COULD KILL A MAN
<@meathead> i use my poop as deoderant.