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I am represented as howisya, howizzie, AlbertCamus, and Titsworth_Courier.


<DaRkyGiRL> !seen silverwar
<@mRwTF> DaRkyGiRL, I don't remember seeing silverwar.
<@howisya> it's "silentwar"
<DaRkyGiRL> paaaaaaaaaa
<DaRkyGiRL> asss yess
<DaRkyGiRL> jaja
<DaRkyGiRL> !seen silentwar
<DaRkyGiRL> :**
<@mRwTF> silentwar ( was last seen parting #radiohead 1 day, 11 hours, 6 minutes ago stating "{}".
<+oogy2> !seen me
<@howisya> !seen pussy
<DaRkyGiRL> !seen hamburguer
<@mRwTF> oogy2, I don't remember seeing me.
<@mRwTF> howisya, I don't remember seeing pussy.
<@mRwTF> DaRkyGiRL, I don't remember seeing hamburguer.
<@howisya> what a bunch of mundane fuckers we are
<DaRkyGiRL> !seen sevenup
<@mRwTF> DaRkyGiRL, I don't remember seeing sevenup.
<DaRkyGiRL> :o(
<+oogy2> !seen my bloated head

<|Trans|> it's #nin99 - the online rpg
* @}static{ raises his HP +5 and unsheaths his Axe of Flame +35 and prepares his THAC0 to fight the Evil Hairy |Trans|
* @}static{ rolls dice and compares tables
<@}static{> oh shit. i only hit 24% of you.
* xxxxxxxxxxx takes the game out and puts in super mario bros.
* strange|little|girl scratches her head stupidly
<garytheretard> super mario
<strange|little|girl> huh?
* |Trans| quits because he's not that much of a dork

*** booty^licious ( has left #radiohead
<spava> we obviously werent ready for that jelly

*** natalik ( has joined #radiohead
<natalik> heeeeeey
<@howisya> sup shhlut
<natalik> oh i'm so welcome here
<Laser> so there r people here
<Laser> and u r 2
<natalik> @_@
<John_Blaylock> hola ché
<John_Blaylock> como va como va?
<natalik> *_*  todo bien
<John_Blaylock> o_-
<natalik> °_~

<Devin-dat-Dude> yo
<howisya> yo
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea yea
<howisya> yeaaaa
<Devin-dat-Dude> u a girl or a man?
<howisya> MAN!
<Devin-dat-Dude> damn
<Devin-dat-Dude> where tha ladies at man
<howisya> they all ugly in #rap anyway
<Devin-dat-Dude> so u experienced
<Devin-dat-Dude> let me give u one i call hot
<Devin-dat-Dude> a photo of a chick from here
<howisya> coo
<howisya> go ahead
<howisya> what's the girly's name
<Devin-dat-Dude> check this boo out
<Devin-dat-Dude> i aint callin dat ugly
<Devin-dat-Dude> Nina
<howisya> what's her #rap name bro.. or is it nina too and that's her real name?
<Devin-dat-Dude> hahaha
<Devin-dat-Dude> u really tryin here
<howisya> lol
<Devin-dat-Dude> bro i dont remember that man
<howisya> i'm just wonderin if i talked to her
<Devin-dat-Dude> she's a been here 4 long time now
<howisya> aiight
<howisya> oh wow, haha that's hot
<Devin-dat-Dude> so u passed out or sumthin?
<howisya> maybe some of these chickens be aiight then
<Devin-dat-Dude> i told ya homeboy
<howisya> that's wh0rd
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea
<Devin-dat-Dude> where u live?
<howisya> dc
<howisya> chocolate city
<howisya> you?
<Devin-dat-Dude> UK
<Devin-dat-Dude> Lon-Don
<howisya> rock on
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea
<Devin-dat-Dude> we dont call it chocolate though
<howisya> haha, not hardly
<howisya> more like creampuff! but dat's cool
<howisya> you listenin to any london hip-hop
<Devin-dat-Dude> u mean dem rappaz?
<howisya> yea, british boys on the mic
<Devin-dat-Dude> nah
<howisya> i don't think there's too many, hehe
<Devin-dat-Dude> I aint supportin dat
<howisya> they got.. electronica and shiznit
<Devin-dat-Dude> I'm with straight gangsta NY style shit
<howisya> some drum n bass bristol shit
<howisya> yea, that's word
<howisya> do you like, umm, what's them niggaz.... anti-pop consortium?
<Devin-dat-Dude> they got garage
<Devin-dat-Dude> that's some sick shit homeboy
<howisya> garage
<howisya> yea
<howisya> fuck yea
<Devin-dat-Dude> I stick 2 rap
<Devin-dat-Dude> cuz rap's in ma blood
<howisya> wh0rd, well that shit be infiltratin
<howisya> peep timbaland and outkast
<howisya> they hookin it up
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea yea dawg
<Devin-dat-Dude> timbaland
<Devin-dat-Dude> got his beatz
<howisya> wh0rd
<Devin-dat-Dude> i bought stankonia
<howisya> that shit's phat
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea yea
<howisya> you know who else is dope
<Devin-dat-Dude> which track u likes mostlu?
<howisya> neptunes
<Devin-dat-Dude> mostly
<howisya> timbaland tracks or what?
<Devin-dat-Dude> I aint hardly heard that alb
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea NEPTUNES
<Devin-dat-Dude> nah stankonia
<howisya> i like the shit he done for umm jigga, aaliyah, lox.. pretty much all the shit he be puttin out i'm cool wit
<howisya> oh stankonia
<howisya> man that's my shit right there... i hip to all of it
<howisya> i think my faves are B.O.B. and red velvet tho
<Devin-dat-Dude> BOB
<Devin-dat-Dude> is bumpin
<Devin-dat-Dude> especially
<Devin-dat-Dude> when big boi comes in
<howisya> yea mos def.. that shit is hyper
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea
<howisya> that's what i'm talkin bout bro.. uk drum n bass infiltrating the rap audience
<Devin-dat-Dude> nah we still got sum hiphop luvers
<Devin-dat-Dude> but that shit is overplayed sumtimes
<howisya> oh no doubt
<howisya> yea, word
<howisya> but it's all good man
<howisya> we got some fly shit right now in hip-hop
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea yea
<howisya> i wouldn't trade it for nothin
<howisya> hey you rap?
<Devin-dat-Dude> who else u like
<Devin-dat-Dude> i write
<Devin-dat-Dude> that's it
<Devin-dat-Dude> I aint been on a stage
<howisya> outkast, wu-tang, del tha funkee homosapien, roots, eminem, d12, mos def, common, paul barman, de la soul, brand nubian, company flow
<Devin-dat-Dude> u?
<Devin-dat-Dude> a lil bit underground as i see
<howisya> i write too... bust a few flows, gonna record some tracks to rap over soon... i can't do that in front of people tho, strictly solitary nahmean?
<Devin-dat-Dude> that's aight man
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea ya
<Devin-dat-Dude> i get u
<howisya> yea, i mean i like it all but i'm really feelin the underground scene more than like the radio stuff.. which is cool too but i like to keep it innovative and original nahmean?
<Devin-dat-Dude> u in W. DC?
<howisya> yea, chocolate city
<howisya> dc
<Devin-dat-Dude> aight
<Devin-dat-Dude> u like bball?
<howisya> word
<howisya> not the wizards tho, lol
<Devin-dat-Dude> hahaha
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea true
<Devin-dat-Dude> u know any highskoo ballers'
<howisya> word
<howisya> my man andrew belton, tearin shit da fuck up all ovah the PVAC bro
<Devin-dat-Dude> oh aight
<Devin-dat-Dude> i neva heard the name
<Devin-dat-Dude> i'll look after him then
<howisya> coo
<howisya> he goin to columbia in the fall
<Devin-dat-Dude> did u go to the ASG2001?
<howisya> whaa?
<Devin-dat-Dude> the all star game
<howisya> ahh no
<Devin-dat-Dude> NBA
<Devin-dat-Dude> all star game
<Devin-dat-Dude> 2001
<howisya> that shit's ultra expensive
<Devin-dat-Dude> in DC
<howisya> you gotta be like a lawyer's son to hit that shit
<howisya> nahmean?
<howisya> ain't wit it
<Devin-dat-Dude> oh ok
<howisya> but yea that woulda been tight
<Devin-dat-Dude> is it?
<Devin-dat-Dude> how much?
<howisya> over a hundred dollahs
<howisya> anyone ballin up in UK?
<Devin-dat-Dude> would an average tick. cost?
<Devin-dat-Dude> damn
<howisya> $100+
<Devin-dat-Dude> nah only me
<Devin-dat-Dude> shit
<howisya> hehe, word
<howisya> what do they play up in england? cricket?
<Devin-dat-Dude> yeaa
<Devin-dat-Dude> another shit example
<Devin-dat-Dude> and soccer
<Devin-dat-Dude> if u eva heard
<howisya> yea soccer
<howisya> rock
<Devin-dat-Dude> u think?
<howisya> it's cool to play that
<Devin-dat-Dude> itz just tooo much ova here
<howisya> yea, word
<howisya> i can imagine
<howisya> you hit any clubs up there
<howisya> i bet they do a lot of muthafuckin ecstacy up in england
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea all dem white catz
<Devin-dat-Dude> yo
<Devin-dat-Dude> what's yo name man
<howisya> travis
<howisya> and you're devin?
<Devin-dat-Dude> aight word
<Devin-dat-Dude> yea just call me dat
<howisya> wh0rd is bond
<howisya> coo
<howisya> aiight man i actually gotta do some stuff around the house, it's been chill talkin to you tho
<howisya> ima leave my computer on but i'm settin /away on
<howisya> peace, you have a fuckin good day yo
<Devin-dat-Dude> aight
<Devin-dat-Dude> bro i gotta get some shut-eye
<Devin-dat-Dude> so take care homie
<Devin-dat-Dude> keep thuggin' rapmuzic

<+HIV_blackman> n ure fuckin half african
<+fatgirl_> HAHAHAHAHAA
<+HIV_blackman> plus
<+HIV_blackman> u have ZERO
<+fatgirl_> OMG
<+fatgirl_> Kai
<+HIV_blackman> education
<+HIV_blackman> how u gonna make it in London
<+HIV_blackman> u dont read
<+HIV_blackman> or study
<+HIV_blackman> u always here
<+HIV_blackman> i went to America 3 months
<+HIV_blackman> bet u was here everyday
*** Myke18 ( has joined #rap
<+HIV_blackman> dont u got a life?
<+fatgirl_> do u know the difference between african and a MONKEY LIKE YOU?
<Myke18> hey dawgs
<+HIV_blackman> do u know the difference between an intellect n an idiot
<+HIV_blackman> a superfical sellout and a refined mind
<+HIV_blackman> an obese confused soul n an enlighted mind
<+fatgirl_> yeah.. thats the difference between u n me
<+fatgirl_> LOL
<+HIV_blackman> u cant even speak ENglis right

<+HIV_blackman> i speak 5 languages
<+HIV_blackman> u fat bitchh

<@tish`s> quote[r].. (optik) sana is Mr. I-get-IRC-HOES
<@tish`s> quote[r].. [^^VanessaH^^] quote[12].. I can please only one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isnt looking good either..btw? seen sana?
<@tish`s> quote[r].. (Dyana```) ur cute (Dyana```) cuter than i thought
<@tish`s> quote[r].. (^^Vanessah^^) quote[24].. sana's favourite quotes = 'what would we do?' 'what r u wearing?' 'whyyyyy?' ' are u relaxedddd?' ' im harddd' 'what do u think about when...?'
<@tish`s> bah
<@tish`s> gay hsit
<@tish`s> quote[r].. [Pharaohe] you are white u fuckin moron
<@tish`s> quote[r].. <@bahala-na> Amyeee is my g0ddess i worship her and lick her until my tongue goes numb

*** Now talking in #seaman
*** ChanServ sets mode: +nt
-ChanServ- #seaman is operated by ChanServ
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o howisya

<dematha40> anybody know where to buy hiphop clothing online
<Insane_> go to  and places like that
<Insane_> or
<Insane_> they have merchandise sections
<howisya> fuck def scam
<Insane_> howisya why are you so stupid
<dematha40> hah
<Insane_> i mean for fucks sake think before you say something

<Pimp_girl> hello
<b54> whats up pimp girl
<b54> you sounds like ma bitch
<b54> come here
<b54> let daddy teach how to make babies
<b54> many people find me charming

*** Rast ( has joined #rap
<Rast> yo peeps
<Rast> can someoene please tell me the height and wieght of Dr. Dre?
<Rast> also what color are his eyes?

<Cinister_Cee> u cant put cube and dre together
<Cinister_Cee> add 3 other members
<Cinister_Cee> and call it nwa
<Cinister_Cee> thats retarded and wrong
<Rast> heh
<Rast> thats whats happening with GnR
<Rast> no slash, no nothing
<Rast> axl and a bunch of random ppl.. and they clling it GnR
<Cinister_Cee> this aint #hairmetal

*** HowIsYa is now known as Titsworth_Courier
<+bonita````> titsworth courier
<+bonita````> ah thats funny
<+bonita````> it sounds all faggish english

*** Now talking in #ho
*** Topic is '<mealie> these big black guy sticking the cocks up this females shit pipe <mealie> my big purple bell end was screeming for me to pull it '
*** Set by rufuz on Sun Jul 08 15:49:35

<@pottsq_brb-beefburgers> I'm in the mood for love.
<@pottsq_brb-beefburgers> hehehehehe:) that REMINDS ME
<Sten_Bark> yo yo
<@pottsq_brb-beefburgers> hold on. Brb i'll tell you in a sec. Just turning the beefburgers over
<@pottsq> right, i took this lass home a night before xmas
<@pottsq> She was a right cutey. And quite young looking
<@pottsq> We had a few drinks
<@pottsq> Chilled wo some music and talked to the rest of the gang in my house
<@pottsq> Then we started to go upstairs et etc
<JoY_ReX_J> yea¿
<@pottsq> She went to the bathroom, but before she went she said "put some music on, that you would like to fuck a virgin too.
<livid> that's not a very good ending to a story...;)
<howisya> hahah
<JoY_ReX_J> hehehe
<howisya> how old was she?
<livid> pantera "fucking hostile"
<livid> :)
<howisya> slayer "altar of sacrifice"
<@pottsq> When she returned she was pleasured With the jolly sounds of the prodigy's smack my bitch up
<@pottsq> she was 17
<@pottsq> its true
<@pottsq> she took it so seruoisly
<howisya> what, the music?
<JoY_ReX_J> took what¿
<@pottsq> and was well pissed of when she returned
<@pottsq> Probably the last classy bird in my town
<JoY_ReX_J> hahaha
<@pottsq> yea
<JoY_ReX_J> i dun like music on myself :P
<@pottsq> she really expected me to put on some......I dunno? Like a virgin record
<howisya> literally "like a virgin"
<livid> barry white?
<JoY_ReX_J> should put on plasticman - consumed tho
<@pottsq> Don't cry for me argentina
<howisya> that would've been cute
<livid> something on hymen records?

<howisya> gimme a kris
<howisya> kris me on the lips
<[EliteLinuxMasterHackerTom]> hey jello
<howisya> i think it's time i... turn off the lights
<[EliteLinuxMasterHackerTom]> travis is calling for you

<@spankenstein> yikes.
<@spankenstein> My ex posted a picture of herself to some website, I've been spending all morning voting it down.
<mooman> heh.
<howisya> and i've been spending all morning masturbating to it
<|shader|> lets ee
<|shader|> see
<@spankenstein> thats great, howisya
<howisya> :)
<@spankenstein> ;)
<howisya> hehe

*** Koth[gone] is now known as Koth
<Koth> I am now known as Koth.
*** howisya is now known as Kloth
* Kloth kovers you
* Koth wraps himself in Kloth.
* Kloth makes you feel warm and snuggly
* Koth is naked and hot.
* Kloth is large and foldable
* Koth folds Kloth and puts him away in the closet for colder days.
* Kloth rests
* Koth jests.
* Kloth is still resting
* Koth takes Kloth out and uses him for a picnic blanket.
* Kloth feels helpful and decorative
* Koth spills crumbs and wine one Kloth.
* Kloth feels dirty
* Koth takes Kloth home and puts him in the washing machine on delicate.
* Kloth is joyous
* Koth takes Kloth out of the washing machine and puts him in the dryer with some April Fresh Bounce.
* Kloth Bounces around in a clean environment
* Koth folds Kloth and puts him back in the closet.
* Kloth sleeps forever
* Koth rocks in his rocking chair and remembers the blissful days of Kloth.

<massiveasstack> and i toss the fucking salad
<massiveasstack> and i ride the fucking hershey highway
<massiveasstack> on rout 99
<massiveasstack> while ur mom sucks my ass
<Herr_Ober> slap the salami
<massiveasstack> wit ha giant blow tube
<Grooving^> lol
<massiveasstack> i'm going to sauter ur ass shut
<massiveasstack> and then feed u to the dogs
<massiveasstack> while i piss on yoru face

<+tuls> i spray semen into the air
<+tuls> it lands on Julianne19

<+Thargor> I'd find a way to pay $500 to see R.E.M. if they came though
<+Thargor> because R.E.M. is worth $500 to me

<+oogy> Dick: yes, you are a dumb fuck.. its been established
<+oogy> now away with you
<+tuls> lets fling semen at it

<+tea-towel> i wannnnt youuuu toooo knowwwww
<+tea-towel> i wwannnttt a snnnaccccckkkkk
<+tea-towel> itt caannnn beeee frrroooozzzzzeeennnn
<+tea-towel> but i'd prefer it, to haaaveeeee aaaaa decccennnnttt crackkkk
<+tea-towel> perhapppps crackkkkersssss are theeeee annnnsswwwerrrrr
<+tea-towel> orrrr mmmmayyybeee a biscuiitttttt
<+tea-towel> looookkk intoooooo theeeee tiiiinnnnnn
<+tea-towel> itttts the only wayyy i'llll knnowwww iff theeere iss foooood
<+tea-towel> soooo knives outtt
<+tea-towel> eat the biscuit
<+tea-towel> shoovvvve it in yourrrrr mouthhh

* howizzie pulls his pistol out and blows on the tip
<howizzie> i just smoked some niggaz down the street
<@poseidun> haha
<@poseidun> hahahaha
<howizzie> shit, i done lost track of how many bodies i have on this muthafucka
<+`SL> oh i see
<howizzie> i betta toss this piece
<@poseidun> `sl: DO YOU REALLY SEE?
* howizzie thoe it out tha doh
<mota_> does anyone really see?
<howizzie> i see i betta clean this fuckin blood off my fubu shirt young
<@poseidun> howizzie: yo you gonna get slugged, dun
<howizzie> ah word?
<howizzie> ain't that some shit
<@poseidun> word
<+f0rge-> wheres wkd at?
<@poseidun> tomorrow at 7pm
<howizzie> man fuck this ima go be a 9 to 5 nigga, nahmean?
<@poseidun> 9 to 5 be the shit
<howizzie> that's word
<howizzie> i be up in dat bitch
<howizzie> slidin my dick up some turkey snatch, ya heard?
<@poseidun> no
<@poseidun> now you shut up
<mota_> hahahaha
<howizzie> ah fuck i dun blown mah muthafuckin covah
<mota_> yeah ya did
<howizzie> ah well
<howizzie> less get blunted
<mota_> I am blunted
<@Genopsyde> ?
* howizzie pinches the cheek of cutie Genopsyde

<HowIsYa> :)
<[TOM1]> i heard that they dumped her in the potamac
<[TOM1]> i should go down there and find her body
<[TOM1]> i wonder if there is a reward

<+Gunnur> i kissed your fathers penis and made your mother take pictures

<@HowIsYa> NOLOGO: whether you choose to lick pussy or dicks, people throughout the world, yea, it's your pick.
<+`Fourier> hehe
<Grosquick24> because you're gonna discover a new cd
<NOLOGO> pick is Dutch for gore klootzak

<QualityGirl> *blows her spit on her tongue on u*
<HowIsYa> you're filthy
<QualityGirl> no
<QualityGirl> i just got outta the shower

<+ReVolting> !seen batchild
<Ronalda> no, i didn't
<@mRwTF> batchild ( was last seen parting #radiohead 1 hour, 44 minutes ago stating "{}".
<+ReVolting> 'swinger'
<+Mijacogeo> hehehe
<@HowIsYa> haha
<+ReVolting> from trees maybe, the butt ugly monkey

<John_Blaylock> jesus was a black man
<Ronalda> im the prayer
<+oogy> don't quote pulp fiction or i'll be forced to remove your eye with a shovel
<John_Blaylock> now Black Grape
<+Julianne19> so from now on .. god's new name is "ronalda"
<Ronalda> try to
<Ronalda> i can put your shovel  on your virgin ass
<+ReVolting> jesus is a warm gun
<John_Blaylock> finally andy
<John_Blaylock> that was a good one
<Ronalda> :))
<Ronalda> HowIsYa, that my quote jajaja
<+ReVolting> jesus is my french fry

<+myosis> some stupid francophone is trying to tell me that a playboy is a girl because you see girls in playboy magazine
<^Neatoo^> fuck you carpet screwer

<^Neatoo^> hey guys check out the channel i'm on
<@HowIsYa> #radiohead coooooool
<+myosis> sex?
<^Neatoo^> yeah uh huh huh
<^Neatoo^> i'm having sex with a guy that thinks i'm a 32 year old woman in brazil
<^Neatoo^> cool huh >?

<@HowIsYa> hey soothe i figured out what you had inside of you
*** HowIsYa sets mode: +v soothe
<+myosis> <HowIsYa> a dildo, a tampon, a hotdog, a stick of celery, and a crack pipe
<John_Blaylock> anyone been to #kingcrimson
<+myosis> althought the crack pipe is slightly sticking out
<John_Blaylock> now that room is wicked
* @HowIsYa takes a smoke
<@HowIsYa> mmmm, tastes like monostat 7
<+myosis> and how
* @HowIsYa <-- how!

<John_Blaylock> just before darky wanted to marry me
<qball7200> SHE BE MINE!!!
<DarKyGiRL> > hahhahahahah
<Jeff_17> Jo mama's so stupid she doesn't know where to download the new Knives Out b-sides
<DarKyGiRL> upaaaa i´m felling soo gooood!
<DarKyGiRL> because somebody love me shi!
<DarKyGiRL> my ex friend howwisyito dont talk me!
<DarKyGiRL> jij
<@HowIsYa> =P
<DarKyGiRL> HOWISSITOOO iiiiiiii´ll married!
<^Neatoo^> darkygirl can i suck on your tits ?
<^Neatoo^> uh huh huh huh
<qball7200> natoo don't be so graphic
<DarKyGiRL> no you cant! you are so stupid boy withouttttttt brainnnn!

<qball7200> never leave home w/o a dildo
<DarKyGiRL> uhmmm
<DarKyGiRL> shon estas aburido?
<qball7200> darky, i'll buy you a really nice one for christmas
<DarKyGiRL> qball7200> darky, i'll buy you a really nice one for christmas> what will u buy me! :o)
<qball7200> a DILDO!
<EddieVedder-> hey neatoo
<nominolo> hello
<@mRwTF> how yeh doin nominolo
<DarKyGiRL> what fuckin is DILDO!!!!!!
<DarKyGiRL> i´m ecaudorian

<BALASH_3AK_FI_ELKALAM> any 1 need to by a gun
<BALASH_3AK_FI_ELKALAM> any 1 need to buy a gun
<BALASH_3AK_FI_ELKALAM> any 1 need to buy a gun??????

<@vanyllah> 00000000000
<@vanyllah> oops dont mind tat
<dr0> lol
<dr0> what u listenin to
<@vanyllah> that was me bendin ova n tit hittin da keyboard lolllll
<@vanyllah> immanut

<Super-Fly> what a great group we have here tonight
<@HowIsYa> yea we rockin the spot
* qball7200 is a definite superstar
<@HowIsYa> you rock the sunspot and i'll rock the g-spots
<EddieVedder-> lol
<Super-Fly> hehehe
* +QualityGirl sits on travis
<Super-Fly> travis is quite the stud tonight
<@HowIsYa> word, time to rock kat's g-spot i see
<+QualityGirl> wooorrrddddd
<EddieVedder-> word to that

*** qball7200 ( has joined #radiohead
<qball7200> hi kiddies
<John_Blaylock> hey q
<+QualityGirl> hey q :)
<qball7200> msg IDENTIFY iluvJohn
<@h0wisya> hehe :)
<qball7200> hey cuties
<@h0wisya> anyone want a new irc name?
<qball7200> im using netzero
<qball7200> its a real piece of shit
<qball7200> guess the days of free isps are numbered
<qball7200> i got 150 hours/month on the other one and have used them up
<+QualityGirl> qball
<+QualityGirl> whats yer asl?
<+QualityGirl> and yer name
*** blindly_unreasonable ( has joined #radiohead
<blindly_unreasonable> holy jesus man
* @h0wisya puts a #teen cap on QualityGirl
<qball7200> come on honey, you don't remember
<+QualityGirl> no
<blindly_unreasonable> ohh god... did u eat all that acid?
<+QualityGirl> thanks
<+QualityGirl> :P
<qball7200> i guess i could always reinvent myself
<blindly_unreasonable> hi all
* qball7200 ponders
<blindly_unreasonable> meow
<qball7200> hey kitty kitty
<qball7200> timeless/unknown/red eye
<+QualityGirl> excuse me q ball
<+QualityGirl> i am waiting :)
<qball7200> k
<qball7200> 22-23/m (disputedly)/fl

<+Mijacogeo> Spitting it out means like. Swallowing means love. And gargling with cum makes you look like a crazy slut that probably has STDs.
<blindly_unreasonable> lol
<@mRwTF> LOL thats funny!

*** Now talking in #orbital
*** Topic is 'DEEZ NUTZ'
*** Set by Vodka-7 on Wed Aug 01 07:56:11
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o h0wisya
<@h0wisya> "deez nutz" huh?
<@CactusXXIII> is it Germany?
<@CactusXXIII> nutz=useful yes?
<@h0wisya> :)
<@h0wisya> what do you know about deez nutz, sweetheart?
<@CactusXXIII> :]
<@h0wisya> mmm yea, take 'em :D
<@h0wisya> :p
<@CactusXXIII> nothing, sorry
<@CactusXXIII>  is it a band?
<@h0wisya> no...
<@h0wisya> but prick is the name of a band
<@h0wisya> and it's relative to prick
<@CactusXXIII> nutz means "useful" in Germany
<@h0wisya> you can be "useful" if you attend to my nutz :)
<@CactusXXIII> few days ago i saw a photo of cactus on the desert, and i thought: hey! i've already got my "Kirlian photo"

(One liners)
<tea-towel> 24 hours i'll be watching mr yorke acting like a muppet

<+tuls> one time, i was making out with him and he got all irate and started squirting mayonaise from his eye

*** DarKyGiRL ( Quit (Quit: | baby don't make no fast moves tonight.' howisya>>> my dearrrr friendddd)

*** natalik was kicked by howisya (suck my glorious thought!)

<+DarKyGiRL> and are you email (female? :oP

<+DarKyGiRL> hip hop....! laalaa

<+DarKyGiRL> six six six the name of the beast lallallal

* @Myc shoves a rabbit in |esoteric|'s butt-hole.

* PIE_BOT mutilates |esoteric|'s anus

<PIE_BOT> Ahoy! Rabid Anaconda.

<+foodstamp> dumbass dont have anything better to do then sit on the fuckin net

<Santi_18---> fuck your religion whit blood and mistakes!!!!!!!

<@howisya> i have a penis full of alcohol. time to expell that.

<+tea-towel> and then the organ came out!

<@howisya> defecaré en usted, yo escupiré en usted, el comienzo para hecho pis y haré el contrario en usted.

<[hiro]> I'm a little queasy.  And I'm suffering for lastnights burritos.

<massiveasstack> well your dad's pubes are all gray like sandra bullock and my dog's testicle was blown off by a rat's fart while a giant meteor came flying towards my head at a speed of 98 miles per fucking hour

<`SarahKillMeyesterday> if u r wanna cat in the official web of radiohead just click

<Dick_Pound> i need to smell the snatch

<plainsong> tomorrow i'm gonna get some from an oriental hooker errrrrr i mean masseuse

<+pta> captain morgan takes me on adventures

<@HowIsYa> minor titties are laughable

<+Gunnur> coxinsider??

<beezwax> paste from #philisophy : <LazyEdna> I'm Auntie... Auntie Christ

<DarKyGiRL> howi hi again look Q:o) he is a russian:o)

<Koth> I had this dream... that my bellybutton was a phillips head screw driver.  so i'm working on it, trying to unscrew it.  and when i finally do, my penis falls off.  so i pick up my penis and i'm running around with it, trying to find the guy that used to fix my Lincoln when i used to drive Lincolns so that he can fix my penis and put my penis back on.  and then this bird flies in out of now where, grabs my penis and flies off with it.

<John_Blaylock> tell him to kiss your shit filled tacos

<+Mijacogeo> Why Eating Car Crash Victims Limbs Should Expand To Other Countries - A site dedicated to educating other nations about Turkish culture.

<DarKyGiRL> <^Neatoo^> darky girl can i lick your tongue ?> no! but can i destroy your face??????!

<DarKyGiRL> ^Neatoo^> poor :o( dont have penis :o( maybe if u call microsoft, maybe they can send you a software about penis :o))))

<lil`romeo> yo nolimit records & lil romeo say FUCK A JEW

<dainja> dr0, everi ting gwon smoot like buttah wid i man, juss a drink pon malt liqqa fi mek me sikka

<@vanyllah> im feelin, extra, extrodinary freaky

<Super-Fly> "Gum that shit granny!"

<+Juliette> gay guys r hott

<qball7200> sixteen, once you have money its not hard to find a girl

<+Juliette> id rather be stupid than shy

<Netmaster_10baseT> Netmaster 10baseT is in the house. I'm clackin' on yo keyboard, I'm clickin on yo mouse.


<[HardTI]> im the one that wants to bang my cousin

<+CactusXXIII> see my lips  : }    i look like Angelina Jolie   : }

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