fakeradio mirror site.
we're in this together, my friends. (lp version! 192k bps, is that good enough for you?)
new commercial for the album, featuring clips of "Underneath It All" and "La Mer" (we think) ZIP format
the great below, 9 second clip aired during new mtv interview
the fragile, live at the mtv video music awards '99

these get removed as soon as the guy at "fakeradio" puts his site back up. enjoy while you can and please buy the album. thanks.

big thanks to ME for figuring out the file names. :)

aw man i think the guy found out that i mirrored his stuff, cos he deleted the actual files too. in fact his whole page is gone. if you try to go to  http://www.prismww.com/neh/ it doesn't even exist. anyway if you ask me online i will send you the files, or you can just wait till the album comes out on tuesday. sorry that the guy removed the mp3's, but for a while it did work.

actually, it turns out a hacker deleted his page. his new site is at http://remisser.cjb.net but don't expect any mp3's there yet. when they are up, i will mirror them on this page.