nin "the fragile" CLIP/TEASER archive
This site is absolutely NOT meant to cheat Trent or nothing records. I am merely offering mp3 clips of music that has been released to the public through television (MTV) and the Internet ( By all means, buy the groundbreaking new double album "The Fragile" immediately.

You have to do a normal click on the file and then go to the page Tripod sends you to and click on that link. Yes, I know it's annoying, but if you want the files bad enough you'll do it. Have patience and trust me that the files are indeed there.

from MTV:
old commercial for the album, featuring alternate cuts of "Into The Void" & "La Mer". Aired during the 1998 MTV Video

Music Awards. Courtesy MTV 1998
new commercial for the album, featuring clips of "Just Like You Imagined" and "The Way Out Is Through". Courtesy MTV
The Great Below, a 9 second clip aired during the recent MTV Trent interview. Courtesy MTV 1999.
The Fragile, live at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Courtesy MTV 1999.

Metal (clip 1), unreleased Gary Numan cover song from the website. Courtesy theninhotline.
Metal (clip 2), the second clip of the song "Metal". Originally this was to be on The X-Files Soundtrack.
onefullclip, "one.swf" parts 1 + 2 + extra music. This song is "The Way Out Is Through". Courtesy theninhotline.
one (part 3), "one.swf" leaked clip part 3. Courtesy theninhotline.

Originally I wasn't going to make a page like this because a guy named "missing" ran a site with the same files (plus the album version of "We're In This Together"). But someone hacked his site and totally deleted it, so I put up this one. These are only snippets and promotional music. From what I understand, the 1998 commercial contains music that won't be on the album, and of course the "Metal" song is unreleased. I will never, ever put any mp3s from the album itself up here.

There was also 3 leaked files of static in the directory /fragile/, but I decided not to upload those. Nobody knows what they are. I still have the mp3's, but I don't think you'd want them.

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