my empire of dirt:
official halo releases
halo 01. down in it. cd-single. american.
halo 02. pretty hate machine. full length album. american.
halo 02. pretty hate machine. full length album. canadian. (cassette tape.)*
halo 03. head like a hole. cd-single. american.
halo 04. sin. cd-single. import.
halo 05. broken. ep album. american.
halo 06. fixed. remix album to halo 05. import.
halo 07. march of the pigs. cd-single. american.
halo 08. the downward spiral. full length album. american.
halo 09. closer. cd-single. import. discs 1 & 2.
halo 10. further down the spiral. remix album to halo 08. american.
halo 11. the perfect drug. cd-single. american.
halo 12. closure. home video. american. 2 vhs tapes - tour & music videos.
halo 13. the day the world went away. cd-single. american.
halo 14. the fragile. double album. american.
the crow. "dead souls". (cassette tape.)
natural born killers. executive production and "burn", "a warm place" and "something i can never have (edited and extended)".
lost highway. executive production and nin's "the perfect drug" and reznor's "driver down" & "videodrones; questions".
solid gold hell. (live in u.s. and europe '91.)
mudpigs. (live at woodstock '94. cd-r.)
nassau '95. (live at nassau coliseum '95 w/ adam and the ants. double cd-r.)
hunt for the fragile. (homemade '99 cd-r of rarities. see page for details!)
voiceless expressions. (nin songs mixed and remixed by a fan. cd-r.)
fragile live in berlin. (live in germany '99. double cd-r.)
outside work by trent & nin members
pigface. gub. trent reznor credited with "loops" and "lead vocals" on 3 tracks, including the original "suck".
tori amos. under the pink. album. backing vocals on "past the mission" by reznor.
kmfdm. light. cd-single. remix "light (fat back dub)" by trent reznor.
compilation. woodstock '94. "happiness in slavery" live.
marilyn manson. lunchbox. cd-single. production by reznor, remixing by clouser.
marilyn manson. antichrist superstar. album. 99.9% by nine inch nails members.
x-files compilation. songs in the key of x. charlie clouser performed w/ rob zombie.
soundtrack. the crow: city of angels. clouser performed w/ white zombie.
12 rounds. pleasant smell. cd-single. remixes by reznor, clouser, etc.
id software. quake. computer game cd-rom. soundtrack/score by reznor.
i would write them, but what's the point? i'd just be asked for them repeatedly. let's just say that i have a good 30-35 nine inch nails/trent reznor related mp3's.
*from liberte (gagdoll) in the mail. weird that she sent it. it's the same as the american version, only pressed in canada. she didn't even send the tape, just the case and insert. said that she wanted me to have it and that she has another copy anyway. weird chick!
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