"Hunt For The Fragile"
a compilation of bizarre new nine inch nails music i made for myself.
this cd contains rare and unreleased new nin. it also contains music previously only available on cassette or vinyl, as well as fake "nin" songs created by anonymous internet fans. it is divided into three parts (and 2 bonus tracks). everything comes from my mp3 collection except for the 2 songs from the halo 13 cd which i own.
i made album art for it too.
view:    front cover (old)    front cover (new!)        back cover           cd insert
part one: all we've undergone
01. 1998 mtv commercial for album (aka "ninetynine")
02. onefullclip (one.swf parts 1 + 2 + extra music)
03. one, part 3
04. metal, clip 1
05. metal, clip 2
06. the great below (mtv preview clip)
07. 1999 mtv commercial for album (aka "the fragile commercial")
08. the fragile (live at the 1999 mtv video music awards)
part two: the missing third disc
09. the fragile (keith hillebrandt's deconstructed mix)
10. 10 miles high
11. the new flesh
12. please + appendage
13. starfuckers, inc. (with original disc ending)
14. the day the world went away (quiet)
15. the day the world went away (porter ricks)
part three: addicted to noise
16. 1001101-11
17. 1001101-10
18. 1001101-1
part four: no, you don't (fake nin songs)
19. something sweet (full song)
20. adrian 5
21. adrian 8
22. pelgrim 1110
23. pelgrim 1101
24. la mer
25. into the void
26. the dirt that i am
bonus tracks:
27. starfuckers, inc. ("i love you" backmask mix)
28. puff daddy, notorious b.i.g. & busta rhymes - "victory" (nine inch nails remix)
tracks 1, 6, 7, 8 from mtv
tracks 2, 3, 5, 9, 16, 17, 18 exclusively from nin.com
tracks 4, 27 are real nin music donated or discovered by internet users
tracks 10, 11 from the vinyl release of the nin album "the fragile"
track 12 from the cassette version of the album
tracks 13, 14 from the cd release of the single "the day the world went away"
track 15 from the vinyl release of that single
tracks 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 created by unknown musicians (these are fake clips)
tracks 24, 25, 26 created by internet user "trake adams" (also fake)
track 28 from the puff daddy cd-single "victory"
more notes:
track 1 is an ultra-rare commercial aired only once during the 1998 mtv video music awards. it contains unreleased alternate takes from the nin songs "la mer" and "into the void" as well as a tiny bit of "where is everybody?".
tracks 2 and 3 are clips of the song "the way out is through".
tracks 4 and 5 are exclusive clips of the unreleased song "metal", which was written by gary numan. this cover was supposed to go on the x-files movie soundtrack, but trent decided to pull it out once he found out filter was on the album. the clips leaked out through a nin.com hidden directory and from a nin fan.
track 6 is a short clip of "the great below" which had been unheard until the 1999 mtv video music awards pre-show interview with trent.
track 7 is the current advertisement for the new album. it was premiered during the 1999 mtv vma's and it contains clips of "just like you imagined" and "the way out is through".
track 8 is the first live performance by the band in years. they played the song "the fragile" at the 1999 mtv vma's, which was 12 days before the album was released in america. "the fragile" is not the single.
track 9 is a remix by nin engineer keith hillebrandt. it was offered as an exclusive download for a while, then it was removed.
tracks 10 and 11 are only available on vinyl. they are full new songs. track 10 appears as a short 20 second clip before the song "please" on the cd version of the album.
track 12 is the song "please" but with 3 extra minutes. this is only available on the cassette version of the new album. the appendage was added so that each side of the tape would be about even.
tracks 13 and 14 are from the cd release "the day the world went away". track 13 is a completely different version of "the day the world went away" and track 14 is the same "starfuckers, inc." that appears on the album except the halo 13 mix has a longer ending (a crowd cheering as gene simmons of kiss screams "thank you, goodnight!" followed by a few notes from the nin album instrumental "complication").
track 15 is a remix of "the day the world went away" by techno artists porter ricks. this was only on the vinyl version of "the day the world went away".
 tracks 16, 17 and 18 were all .aiff sound files found at nin.com/fragile/. they're a bunch of static noises, but they are organized into actual music, if you want to call it that. it is unknown if these are performed by nin, but they were at the official website until the webmaster took it down (when he found out that the .aiff's had been found).
track 19 was a full song posted onto nineinchnails.net because the webmaster thought it was real. it's not a bad song, but it's definitely not by nin, and it wasn't on the album.
tracks 20 and 21 were emailed to the nin hotline by an anomyous hotmail user calling himself "adrian sherwood" (which is the name of a long time nin remixer). they're fake, but they're still pretty cool.
tracks 22 and 23 were submitted to the dalnet irc channel #nin99 by a guy named pelgrim, which was a name clearly inspired by "pilgrimage", a song name disclosed by rolling stone magazine in their summer article on nin. the clips are fake but are weird atmospheric creepy music!
tracks 24, 25 and 26 were clips that fooled many people. "la mer" and "into the void" are real song names, although "the dirt that i am" is not.
track 27 is a backmasking of a certain section of the song "starfuckers, inc." #nin99 user pinkfloid discovered that when playing the song backwards it kind of sounds like trent's singing "still love you". judge for yourself, as this track is the clip played forward then backwards twice.
track 28 is a remix trent did for puff daddy in 1998. it appeared on his cd-single "victory". it's a damn good remix, although many don't like it because they hate rap music. the remix makes it a really mean techno/rock song with spooky atmospheric keyboards and hard hitting drums.

these are songs that are not on the cd because i couldn't find them anywhere.

extended edits from vinyl album:
the day the world went away
even deeper
la mer
starfuckers, inc. from the cassette version of halo 13 ("the day the world went away" single). this song is the same as the one from the halo 13 and halo 14 cd's, except the song ends with a different ending. the crowd chants "nine inch nails!".
we're in this together (radio edit) from the promotional cd-single "we're in this together" (aka halo 15). it's nearly 3 minutes shorter, and not as good as the album version. it cuts out the cool static/ambient intro and the last minute and a half of piano.

all songs are from mp3's but are in great quality. i made this album for myself, but if you want a copy i can pay someone to make one for you (if your price is right hehe). this is not an official release.

i sold 1 copy for $16.60, 1 for $43, 1 for $46, 1 for $20 and am trying to sell my last copy but the following people keep stopping me:
    yahoo! auction
    nothing records
    trent reznor he emailed me

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