welcome to my nine inch nails site.
do you want awesome mp3s??
do you want cover art??
do you want the latest news??
do you want stuff like fonts, screen savers, and themes??
well get lost! this page doesn't have any of that stuff!
this site is a collection of pages i've written about trent reznor and nine inch nails. most of what you'll find on here are my comments and reviews, with the occasional bit of information and links. but you won't find any of the latest stuff! i'll tell you right now, if you want the latest news, go to the nin hotline; if you want a site with a really cool layout and neat multimedia files, go to with that said, welcome to COUNCIL OF TRENT!

this page will be updated whenever i make new stuff about nin. for now, here are links to the existing pages:
i'll become the sky: the broad world of nine inch nails
whenever i have something to say about NIN but don't feel like making a whole new page to say it, it will go here.
hunt for the fragile
view the tracklisting and album notes of this audio cd-r i made for myself. contains 28 tracks all leading up to the epic release "the fragile"! check it out. lotsa awesome rarities on it.
the sturdy (remix album)
view the tracklisting and notes on a fake remix album i planned for "the fragile". interesting!
somewhat damaged: about the new nin album...
my preview of the new album and ongoing notes about new developments! a pretty fun read if you love nin. chock full of information as well was my perspective on the new music and how the masses will take to it. it was a great preview but now the info and opinions are outdated.
#nin tribute page
kind of a memoirs on the channel i've spent most of my online time on, DALnet #nin. notes on my history with the channel and my opinions on the people who run and attend it. it's a shocking but honest read if you're familiar with the channel. p.s. yes i do have a life.
a minor addiction
a list of all the nin-related cd's i have. compared to the hardcore fans, i have nothing!
rakefadio: teaser/clip archive
the fakeradio guy got hacked, but i have the song clips and then some. click here to listen to the promotional and teaser song clips that have been released in support of the new album. contains website and mtv clips, commercials, and the live performance on mtv.

more to come soon, including a short informal list of song samples or ideas trent's ripped off from other bands (no disrespect) and a big list of bands who i think influenced nine inch nails. also watch out for a nin art section (everything by me - including pre-made phux drawings). to see nin art i've already made, browse through my phux website. phux is an art group i created that also features art by other members. all files prefixed with the abreviation "how" (short for howisya) is by me, and the entire remix pack #1 is by me.

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