preface: if the below views offend or upset you, i am sorry. it is simply a commentary on #nin as i see it. do not take it too seriously. on that note, i personally don't take #nin too seriously. it is just a chatroom, plain and simple. but one can't spend two and a half years in one place and have nothing to say. and so i offer to you the #nin tribute page. read on and feel free to comment on it. if i didn't have anything nice to say about you, you probably don't care. if you do care, you might want to think about how you come across to others. with that said, happy reading. by the way, if you don't have the reznor "broken" font, it's gonna look really awful. a link to that font is at the end of the page.
dalnet channel niN
as much as i like to discredit it, i do have a lot of fondness for the channel nin. this internet chat room dedicated to the band nine inch nails has existed for years, and i personally have been coming there since mid-february of 1997. i first began regular visiting in late march/early april. it is operated by ziNe and his army of aops and sops, of which the lineup changes daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. there have been up to about 35 aops at once, or as little as 15. there aren't as many sops. usually between 1-4, those being ziNe's closest "amigos".

i have had aops on two occasions, been offered sops, and have been akicked at least twice. i was akicked that summer for pissing off then-popular regular Devashan. but that only lasted about a week i think. i first got aops in august of '97 after 5 months of faithful devotion ;). i retained them for about 9 months until i pissed someone off, probably ziNe. it was around then that era of some lamer named "hope" began. this idiot got sops because he was an old "chum" of the founder. not even considering who else it would akick, he put a domain akick on all of erols to keep out irc pest and classmate of mine nathaniel "nate" tipton. for those of you unfamiliar with erols, it is the east coast's leading isp with well over a million customers. anyway, this fool hope got me akicked from the only channel i really enjoyed coming to. in some ways, i never felt connected to that channel again. after hope lost his sops, he moved to another channel called silverthorn and with him came a bunch of other loser ops (well some were ok like elana and liza, but most were just a bunch of pussies). after about 2 months of protesting hope by not coming to the channel, i returned but it wasn't the same. after a while i got my aops back again and had them for a year (we'll get to that later) but it didn't matter. after hope there came a long string of purely idiotic and pointless new ops and that really hasn't stopped yet. i guess ziNe is still looking for someone to fill the shoes that hope and former close "friend" reznof once filled. by the way, if you don't believe me that i was offered sops, for your enjoyment i provide you the log:
Session Start: Mon Aug 10 23:57:15 1998
<Zine> would you want to be an sop?
<HowIsYa> nah
<HowIsYa> not now at least
<Zine> ok thats cool
<HowIsYa> do you need an sop currently?
<Zine> nah i dont any actually hehe, i was gonna make liza one, but everyone would just be like 'laura replacement
<Zine> dont need any that is
etc. etc. ...

anyway, i still enjoy going to nin. but it's just a totally different channel now. this spring something bad happened to my modem and i couldn't log onto irc for almost 2 months. well in that time my nickname expired. ziNe was nice enough to take it for me (so that someone else wouldn't maliciously steal it) but in contrast to that, after i failed to show up he also dropped my aops. when i returned in may they were gone and without an explanation. it's not that i really care, i just find that kind of lame. i think an opportunity was seized to take my aops in a quiet fashion without having to explain it. i won't say any names, but before i left i treated one of the channel ops really poorly, and i'm sure ziNe didn't take well to that. anyway, it's no big deal and in many ways i am happy without them. this way i don't have to represent a channel that is just sometimes not any fun anymore. it gets really dull in there. and with all the new ops it does kind of suck. but it's also cool at the same time. meeting new people is fun, and if there is one thing the channel has now.. it's new people. i think the attraction stems from the new niN music that has been released this summer and that will be released this fall. by the way, if i haven't mentioned it already, i love nine inch nails. they are definitely my favorite group, so you can understand why i found and stayed with this channel. other favorite performers are radiohead, moby, bjork, live, orbital and others which you can see on my "me" page. speaking of radiohead, i have aops in the dalnet channel radiohead which is very pleasant but much more quiet than channel nin. nin is a wild channel. everyone gets in an argument around midnight every night. often times i am part of that. other times i just watch. after i was gone for 2 months, a whole lot of people i don't know came in and became regulars. also, a lot of the regulars almost forgot who i was. it's ok it's just kind of weird and even disappointing. here are some of the regulars/ops in the channel that i can think of offhand:
founder: ZiNE. you know, sometimes this guy can be a total asshole, but deep down i know he's really a nice guy. the thing about mike is, if he sees someone who is acting like a fool/idiot in the channel (which i have been guilty of but not as much now as i have when i was 14 and just joining the channel). if someone pisses him off, they get kicked. so anyway i've done my share of pissing mike off, including sometimes just for fun. but i also like the guy even if he does treat me like dirt sometimes. zine has been the owner of #nin since the summer of 1996, when the former owner simply stopped coming to the channel. one of the many zine stories i remember is that he made a special point to come in as soon as the channel expired so he can grab it. but regardless of his plan, he came a little later (4 hours i think) and no one had taken it yet. go figure. anyway, zine likes a lot of the same music i do, and he was lucky enough to see Live on their very first tour.
"do you believe in miracles?" "not really."
sops (past and present): Holly. holly is the current sop, maybe even the only one (i wouldn't know). she joined the channel a year and a half ago, a little after that idiot Hope^ left. holly is a big nin fan and she lives not too far away from trent's house and studios. holly can be seen stalking these aforementioned places. she's a nice woman but i don't really talk to her much. admittedly it took me a while to get used to her, because like idiot Hope^, she got her sops within a couple weeks i think. i didn't like that cos it took me months to get even aops. but holly has proven to me she is her own person and i respect/like her. so yay for holly! update: i just realized she is a replacement for rivethead. a woman who is on most of the day to op and is older than most of the kids who come there.
Hope^. this guy sucks. as i said, he got me akicked without even thinking about it. i barely talked to the guy and he, likewise, barely knew me. since zine had freshly taken my aops, he didn't notice that i shared the same isp as nate (who by the way came to the channel after me). by akicking *!*@* he had me, nate, and wilson kicked out. that sucked cos it was only "troublesome" nate (who loves to bother aops like devashan and poisonlily) who was supposed to be akicked. regardless, certain ops said "yay, we kill three birds with one stone." fuck those people =)
liesje/^jezebel^. rhonda has been coming to #nin for about 4 months longer than i have. she was an sop for a very long time but lost them a few months ago for supposedly "not coming in enough." she has aops now and comes in nightly. i've talked to her on many occasions (just not on regular occasions) and she is a very nice even sweet girl. i almost met her once a couple years ago but there was some problems with a meeting place (did you know that metro stations have two exits? i found this out on that day). i was also meeting elana and matt that day but they were on that other end of the metro. i ended up meeting those two a couple months later but rhonda i never met since she lives in north carolina (i think).
JadeFalcon. i don't know much about jade. i think he's from england. he's been in the channel far longer than i have and he's a really nice guy. always has interesting things to say. like rhonda, he lost his sops for not coming in enough. this time that was actually true, sometimes i can go weeks or months without even seeing him stop in. jade and the founder go way back and are united, i believe, by their fondness for amiga computers. rad!
reznof/lauraa. laura has been in this channel for a very long time. when i first joined she was one of the people who came into the channel the most. she thought i was a little twerp for a long time and i wouldn't be surprised if she still thinks so. anyway, laura was an sop for a long time but she lost them for an undisclosed reason. soon after she stopped coming to the channel. once in a while she'll stay, but usually she comes in just to see who's on, then leaves. often her join and part messages are side by side. kind of funny. thanks for stopping in laura! anyway, i like laura but i don't really know much about her. she's very quiet in the channel. when she does speak though it's intelligently. this wise old woman of #nin was and kind of is a real-life close friend of rhonda. they used to live in the same area but then laura moved to texas. that's about all i know about her.
SheepDogg. i don't really talk to colin much, but he knows a lot about computers and he lives in maryland. he and matt (elana's friend) have "met" in person. i have nothing really against colin but sometimes he's a jerk. like, we were both listening to the same radio station (whfs) when korn was playing pre-recorded live at woodstock. i commented that the station, which was censoring really badly, just let the word "fuck" slip and colin was adamant that it didn't. then he said "oh yeah i guess we're listening to different stations then huh?" and just being kind of lame about it. i understand if he didn't hear it but he didn't have to take an attitude. i then jokingly said "yea i am listening to 99.2" (the station is 99.1) and he got all on my case about how radio call signs are only on odd numbers. DUH. anyway, that's colin.
"i'm all alone in this fucking world you must despise."
aops: BillyCorgan. alan is a great guy. some have criticized him for being immature or too sensitive but i disagree. alan is definitely the nicest guy in the channel. he comes here for fun and to talk to the laydees (and the men!). yea, he's sensitive, but so what? us guys should respect our feelings! the truth is, sometimes he does get really pissed off and he leaves the channel. when he does that because of something i say i feel bad because he's my friend and i apologize. alan and i talk regularly, and he is one of the few people i really like to chat with. alan is definitely an "asset" to #nin. he is a really crazy guy in a good way. always has interesting and funny stuff to say but he can also get serious. definitely a diverse and cool fellow, and i advise everyone to get to know him a little better.
bondagebtch. miki lives in montana and is also a member of the art group phux which i started. besides making amusing art she is also fun to gossip with. just recently she sent me five cents in the mail, so that makes her a great person in my book. she's one of the few aops who have come into this channel as long as i have, and in fact even longer.
Bud Ice Penguin. jayme (BiP!) is a long time pal o' mine. it's nice to see him still have aops!
_burn_. sometimes i think i could..............burn. i know nothing about him but he's an aop and probably a nice guy.
darker. an old time channel regular, but i think he came a couple months after me. the notorious cradle robber is back in #nin for his third or fourth session as an aop. i like kris, he is funny, has a good taste in music and has interesting stories.
Demon^Fairy. another new aop, not to be confused with demon-surge. i am slowly getting to know this guy. he's cool.
karla 666. i don't really know anything about her even though she's been coming here for half a year. i don't think she really talks. i do know that her name is carla, not karla, and that she is from canada. i think she likes nirvana.
Kiveat/MorningSad. hey don't call him a psychopath. he's a sociopath. actually, for all the bad comments people make about wilson, i think he's a good guy. sure he's weird but that's the variety of life, you know? i've even met this guy in person. nice guy. but when i left, i couldn't help but think "shit... i'm just glad i got my shit together." well not really, but i always wanted to say that. it was on some indie documentary that i saw on pbs one time and i've always remembered it.
PoisonLily. liza is a person i talk to a lot and she, like alan, is one of the few people i really enjoy talking to. most info about liza can be found at her web site here. uh, she's nice.
ReNeE-. a friend of holly's who doesn't even come in the channel very much. but i guess if you're a friend of a friend of zine then you're entitled to some aops. renee used to come into #nin somewhat regularly as "too drunk to fuck" (a dead kennedys song). i don't know much about her, but she is pretty.
rEvErEnd_7. i don't really know much about rev. he is one of the newer aops i spoke of. i can say that he seems pretty interesting and that he is a big-time fan of nine inch nails, unlike the previous aops who couldn't stand nin. i am on his op list so that's kinda cool.
ScreamingSlave. i knew jeff from #tool, which i go to occasionally. in 1997 and part of '98 i used to go there much more. jeff's a cool guy, very nice. i wouldn't have suspected he'd be an aop in #nin but he is. alright!
SocialSlave. another slave. this one's name is becca and she is a friend of thrillkill. she seems pretty nice. like renee, another "hook up" aop.
thirty-three. zach, like miki, is a member of phux, and quite the prolific one, might i add. he is a fan of nin and the pumpkins. he is often in the channel but he idles a lot. a nice guy who i have had some pleasant conversations with.
ThrillKill. sarah is someone who has just recently got on my bad side. i thought we had a silent agreement to be nice to each other and just generally not converse, but for whatever reason she took it upon herself to denounce my online and supposed offline personas in the open channel. why she did it i have no clue. so screw you sarah. it's not that i really care what she thinks about me, i just thought it was a really stupid thing for her to do. not the only stupid thing she's said either. she's made fun of alan for no reason. she's said that "sensitive people always fuck up a (romantic) relationship." huh?
Violen. bryant and i don't always think on the same terms but this guy is cool. he is into the goth subculture or whatever. anyway, i like him, and he's not a newbie either unlike most of the aops. by the way if you couldn't tell, i left a LOT of aops out of this list simply because i don't have one word to say about them. [19 total aops according to a bootleg copy of the list which i attained.]
"we're in this together."
regulars/visitors: AcidBlue. he used to have ops but he stopped coming for awhile. i don't really remember much about him. he still comes in a few times a week.
aegis. another long-time visitor, gabe is a kind and generous person who knows a lot about these damned machines. a webmastah and an ircop. i think he lives in arkansas.
burning-soul. another matt, this one also goes by "martha hitler" and so i greeteed him with "heil martha" for a year. and yes for a while i thought he was a girl.
demon-surge. the canadian matt is back from a stint of having nothin'. though we fought off and on for a year, we made our differences and he's a really cool guy. for a while he was one of the few i had respect for. i hope he sticks around the channel now.
flawed_genius. a newer regular. i think he's pretty young. a cool guy, but not very open-minded when it comes to others' opinions.
HeyNineteen. real life friend and former classmate christian mueller. also a member of phux. this guy is really funny. check out his art in the phux page, his stuff is marked with mc2-.
Hooded1. an oldskool #nin regular who has never really been given his due props. brian is a great guy. does some neat stuff in his offline time, and has become a pimp over the last year or so. it's cool to still have him in th channel.
pleather. best friend of brian's is cory, aka pleather or phux member "corewolf." i think he's a good match for brian. both are "ca-razy guys".
precious_evil. vivien is a really nice girl. she lives in cali and likes tool and pink floyd.
[Princess]. this is "princess" christina, but not the same one as princess-christina. weird, huh? this princess likes offspring a lot.
Skankorama. nathaniel from my school. a notorious member of #nin. what more can i say?
VaGinAL_VaMPiRe. aka bob the two headed oyster, this guy is totally obnoxious but not in a mean way.
[virii]. he runs a great nin page with fan remixes (mp3) right here: nin99.
Zycho. probably the only guy who's been in #nin longer than its founder, zycho is a funny but incredibly perverted person.

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