old fulfillments

    Over the years I've started a lot of things that I couldn't finish. Or had good ideas that I wanted to act upon and never did. For all that miscellaneous stuff that just never materialized, I write this. These web pages will hopefully rest my heart, soul, and most importantly, mind,

Creative! Magazine
A magazine I had wanted to create for fun. This idea spawned sometime in 1996 or 1997. It was going to be free form, kind of like phux. It would have had essays, reports, reviews, and creative work by me and a few committed people as well as about two dozen people I had simply hoped would comply. Each print issue would have been about $1.00, and once we started selling a lot of issues I was going to pay the writers. Until then I had an agreement to keep the profits for production costs. Some committed writers were St. Anselm's students Chris Mueller and Adam Roush, as well as BBS user Chris Lang. Very few people were actually interested in the magazine, so, intimidated and uninterested, I dumped the idea after telling people over and over again that I eventually would put it out.

WRC Radio Show
This may strike you as funny but for a while I wanted to have my own radio talk show with a couple co-hosts. The co-hosts and myself would all be under the age of 14. This idea stuck for a while but the biggest disappointment was that I had to have a demo tape. Also, I didn't have a speaker phone so I wasn't sure how I could practice and make that eventual tape. I had a list of about 20 people I considered possible co-hosts, and I had this arrogant test based on some radio books that would determine who were the hosts. Doing well on these "tests" would give you points, and eventually the two or three co-hosts would come to my house one time to record a demo tape. Stupidly I gave out some bonus points to people who I found to be especially interested in the project, like Concordia student Dan Reno and my cousin Ben Trubits. After months, maybe even a year, of effort I ditched the idea, deciding that I was too young to be on the radio and actually expect people to listen to me. That kind of ending happens often for me.

The Adventures of Dakota
As a ten or eleven year old I created the character Dakota, a cool guy blatantly ripped off of Indiana Jones. I used the name in a story that was also very Jones-esque. The "short story" was for a requirement in fifth grade for which most people didn't even write a page. I wrote seven pages and still didn't feel like the story was enough. Actually I wrote nine pages handwritten in my English journal, but typed at my mom's office it was seven pages. The original story can be read here (Adventure in Uganda). I always wanted to write a sequel to the story but I only made it a couple pages before I grew bored. I think it starred Ben as some kind of karate master or something. Those couple pages can be read here (Just Call Me Dakota). After deciding I wouldn't finish that second short story I decided I'd write a full length book with Dakota as a spy. It is worth noting that for three years I was Dakota, online anyway, in the 301/703 BBS scene. Those years were 1994-1997.

Jade Society BBS
When I used to frequent the bulletin boards of my area I developed a fond fascinaiton. I had long wanted to run my own BBS, and as close as I came, it never happened. I left for the mindless IRC and haven't looked back. Here's the BBS I promised everyone, and all I can say is I am deeply, deeply sorry.

Everything copyright Travis Christensen. Writing copyright 1999, concepts copyrighted in various years.