the past of music
September 21: music day '99:
band released other info (including album title)
what i thought of it
Chris Cornell September 21 ex-Soundgarden singer’s solo album "Euphoria Morning". N/A
Nine Inch Nails September 21 only the best album of recent years... excellent.
Pilfers September 21 major label debut (MOJO). mostly new songs. it is called "Chawalaleng". N/A
Saturday Night Live compilation September 21 vol. 1 & 2 of 25 great years of music N/A
Tori Amos September 21 “to venus and back”. 2 cd’s: live + new album new material sucks, live album is cool
Type O Negative September 21 "World Coming Down", featuring a pricey cover of the Beatles' "Daytripper". a rawer album than previous efforts N/A

September 28: the followup
Black Rob September 28 'Life Story". same hardass style. i don't think it was released yet. reviews dissed the hell outta it
Creed September 28 "Human Clay". heard some live. bleh. hit #1 on charts
Erykah Badu September 28 feat. "Southern Gul" with Rahzel. i don't think this one came out. N/A
Long Beach Dub All-Stars September 28 remnants of Sublime offer major label debut. killer live! friend said it was "good but not great" (don't buy it unless it's a used copy)
Method Man & Redman September 28 duo’s "Blackout" (formerly “America’s Most Blunted”). produced by RZA & Erick Simmons, featuring LL, Rae, GFK, Ja Rule, etc. includes 3 previous collaborations people seem to like it

October 5th and beyond: nothing much happens...
Live October 5 “The Distance To Here” very disappointing. they tried too hard to be like their '94 album.
James Bond Theme Song Compilation October 12 title themes from all Bond films. no Moby and no new Garbage song. i'd like to borrow it from someone
Primus October 19 "Antipop" with Morello, Durst, Waits, more... i wanna hear it....
Eurythmics October 19 “Peace” reunion album & tour not fully sure it came out
Dismemberment Plan October 25 kooky DC band returns to indie label DeSoto to release their third album. since it's local, it's actually coming out on a Monday. most of it's already been played live for a year anyway. i want to buy this critically acclaimed album.
Foo Fighters November 2 “There Is Nothing Left To Lose” featuring people who left the band i want it. supposed to be the best yet, but who could tell by the lead single.
Rage Against The Machine November 2 “innovative new sound” (ha!). on Election Day. with the dumb title of "The Battle Of Los Angeles". HFStival previewed disc at RFK. the kids seem to dig it.
End Of Days Soundtrack November 9 a lot of NIN: Charlie Clouser's remix of Rob Zombie's "Superbeast", the Danny Lohner and Everlast collaboration "So Long" (school shooting song), and Robin Finck on the brand new Guns N' Roses song "Oh My God". also new music from Korn, Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and Metallica. haven't gotten it yet.
Squarepusher November 9 new album "Selection Sixteen", featuring some short and normal length songs and some bonus remixes (like one by his brother Andy) yet another EP (#3 this year) of his i have to buy.
Dr. Dre November 16 “The Chronic 2001” (plug) w/ Snoop & Eminem. actually now it's named "Dr. Dre 2001" and its first single has lyrics written by Jay-Z for Dr. Dre. i WILL get this cd, now that it's finally out.
Sonic Youth November 16 "SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century", 2 CD's, 106 minutes, 13 recordings. latest experimental album features recordings by famous composers. including the 12 second "Voice Piece For Soprano" written by Yoko Ono, sung by Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon's daughter. i'll buy it eventually. i think the 12 second song got cut, or else it's a bonus track.
Beastie Boys November 23 a 2-CD "best of" anthology that surprisingly lacks a lot of their best songs. oh well, still saves me $60. NO "PAUL REVERE". now i don't think beastie boys are very good, but how can i not buy this? this way i weed out the worst of the worst (all their stuff)
Beck November 23 "Midnight Vultures": Odelay-style. featuring Kool Keith and Beth Orton. turns out this is an R&B album but i'll get it anyway
Dave Matthews Band November 23 another double live album. this one from their September 11, 1999 show taped for PBS. featuring a lot of songs not on the tv special. album called "Listener Support It". they will. a video of this show is also in the works, and a new studio album will be recorded in early 2000. i'll be taking this...
Metallica November 23 "S&M": DOUBLE live album with the San Francisco Symphony i genuinely want this
Nas November 23 “Nastradamus”: album #4. produced by Grease and Trackmasters, but apparently not DJ Premiere. featuring "Project Windows" (the bootleg song) with Ronald Isley. only on my 'to buy' list does Nas come next to Dave Matthews
NOFX November 23 the recently finished EP "The Decline" no one even knows the tracklisting
Notorious B.I.G. December 7 "Born Again": original demo tape, lots of remixes of unreleased material, plenty of guest stars. all narrated by Biggie's mom. was to be three discs (original press release) but is now one. i'm sure it's very overproduced. "Dead Wrong" kicks ass though.
2Pac & The Outlawz December 21 "Still I Rise" featuring his old buddies The Outlawz. this was originally planned for August. MTV has a video for it. features bootleg favorite "Tear Drops + Closed Caskets" i do want it, but it seems too much like a MAKAVELI #25 to me
DMX December 21 "And Then There Was X", which used to be called “X: The Man, The Dog, The God.” album #3 in less than two years. featuring Sisqo of Dru Hill, The Lox, and Ruff Ryder crew. new single is called "What's My Name". Def Jam also hopes the album will sell 1,000,000 copies.. only sold a meager 700,000 in first week. heh. i kinda want it, but it probably sucks. it seems very pop.
Jay-Z December 28 "The Life & Times of Shawn Carter, Volume 3": the supposed “best rap album ever.” Jay-Z wishes to move 1 million copies in first week. album is on the streets (bootlegged). heard nothing more about it, except that it contains 2 bonus tracks (1 with dr. dre) to differentiate from bootleg copy

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