things that piss me off
over-sexed teenagers
sitting here writing this
people with mindless musical tastes and the lack of respect for other music
you being always so goddamned happy
being constantly bored out of my mind
that bottle always being almost empty 
being carded for r rated movies
import cd's
not having anything to say
not having a write/rewrite cd-rom
having a small hard drive
having to wait for anything i might possibly enjoy
having to put up with noisy people
not having a full time job
not being paid as much as my friends
school books
holes... dug by little moles
my own impatience with my endeavors                                                                    i'm
the untouchables                                                                                                     not
the 9 out of 10                                                                                                       insane?
skanky girls in skanky tank tops                                                                       let me know that.
skanky guys in really baggy jeans
having to walk everywhere
the dance/pop phenomenon
cd's being so expensive (come on, $19?)
that useless phone card of mine
ignorant adults (don't they ever progress into human beings?)
the complete lack of morality in the 90's
the righteous white preachers
not getting my entitled greeting
not having birthday sleepovers or whatever
that 15 lbs.
natalie imbruglia
princess di
the fucking media (fuck 'em)
people who claim to be interested in me but not what i do? come on.
all this secrecy
not having the time or ability to make what i really want to make
my disposable income
having to pay for transportation and food
having to answer the same question over and fucking over again
lame whois's and quit msg's (you know who you are)
caring so much about someone i shouldn't
not seeing janet so i could give her that radiohead cd again (sharing is nice)
not having anything yummy in the house
being thirsty right now
wasting my time at school during the summer (ungh)
people who give up too easily
commercialist punk music
so-called punk kids
anything "gothic"
dj keoki
anyone who has ever gawked at me (yea fuck you too)
those who won't let me be "pretty fly for a white guy"
needy people
worthless homepages
cruelly stripping "army of me" of its lyrics (*sigh*)
fans of one hit wonders
orgy and their fans
female fans who qualify a band as good according to how sexy they think the lead singer is
not even getting a thank you
not even getting a smile in return (you think i like smiling? i don't.)
having only 48.. it's just not enough
not having that $25 rebate
not getting free things in the mail that were legitimately mine (sony, mtv, etc.) *actually i finally got the free sony product
anyone who outbid me on "everything is wrong" 2-cd dj mix album
tibetan freedom concert, day 1, 1998
having to eventually go through all those disks
having to eventually read like 5 books for school in less than a month
people who think they're deep
people who write bad poetry
girls who are really really full of themselves
guys who think getting a girlfriend is a competition against me, and that i am losing
girls who think i am gay (reports of my homosexuality have been greatly exaggerated. cum to my house sometime and i'll show you.)
a few.. well, a lot of selected idiots i know
how unfriendly the second dmx album was
losing those neat earphones
having to make things look similar
mr. davis
chris reedy
missing my chance with re***** (WAS their a chance? who knows..)
a certain friend of mine thinking he's better than i am
not calling just because they're not
not having a nin sticker for my discman (goldfinger and wu-tang are hardly representative)
trying to figure out which nin "leaks" are actually fakes..
forgetting things i didn't want to forget
not getting things cos i already have 'em on vinyl
paying $17 for 33 minutes
that one damn can that is always in there (may as well not be there at all)
most construction workers
frankie not giving me my due
empty promises being so impossible
overused phrases
getting shafted grade-wise (happens so often..)
eleanor roosevelt highschool and most of their student body
monosyllabic girls
relating to "man that you fear" in any way..
that stupid samurai comic
missing the bosstones live twice
missing moby's "autographing" session
paul t. and his forgetfulness and ignorance
university park
the coffee drinking losers of university of maryland
your boyfriend's age and your defending it
people thinking they have any kind of control over me (dream on)
people not knowing when a band ripped off someone (anyone know Slint? heya ib)
ib's stubbornness ;)
people's vast stupidity!
those two awesome quakeworld servers always being down
pretentious indie rockers and their label heads
the quiet desperation
not having the premium channels
kids and their alcohol
kids and their drugs
people who think smoking is cool (i am a statistic, minority)
giving away too much personal information that can and certainly will be used against me (it's only a matter of time)__
idiots who shout things at me from their cars (though sometimes their incoherent ramblings are quite funny)
ever-crumbling moral standards
rolling stone's just not helping
dawson's creak
soap operas
my own dear c*****, sometimes he really makes me mad
anyone that says high school is the best years of your life

p.s. you're free to see whatever you want into this. this isn't a "things i hate" page. some things that i marked here as pissing me off i don't mind sometimes. the bulk of this was written in one angry 10 minute session. i updated the list once. and i added graphics once. and now i am adding this note. don't take this list too seriously. i was bored and inspired. i am not a bitter person, i just felt like making a long list of things that i generally don't like. maybe some day i will make a list of things that i love. but, as much trouble as this list has, can, and will get me in trouble, a "love" list will get me in even more trouble. so don't hold your breath.

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