Preface: I wrote this late one night when I couldn't fall asleep. It's meant to be half-kidding.

What do I think of the heavy rotation albums and their mandatory play policy? I think they're

I really do not like the bands or albums chosen by the station managers and I dislike being forced to play them. I've had to play some really cheesy music that didn't fit into my playlists (always done ahead of time) at all. The exceptions were the 2001 albums by DJ Krush, Bjork, and Tori Amos which I own and would have played anyway because they're great artists. But the majority are mainstream or borderline mainstream artists selected by mostly casual music listeners, not a raving music fanatic like myself. So whenever I say on air I'm playing a couple obligatory heavy rotation tracks I am giving a warning. I end up liking about half of the random heavy rotation tracks I pick, most notably last season System Of A Down (who I already liked) and the Hank Williams (who I already liked) tribute album. But a lot of it really sucks. Before you criticize the songs I've played, look at my playlists and see if they were marked "HR" or not. If so, cut me some slack, jack. Much <3 to WDCV for even letting me have a show.

-Travis, 5:30AM 1/7/02