Making requests

If you would like to request something, do so ahead of time by sending an IM to me as howisya77 or emailing me at Calling the request line (x1444 or off-campus 1-717-245-1444) during the show with requests won't work because I plan my sets ahead of time, but you can call to talk.

When making requests you can choose from have my list of CD's and all the CD's owned by the radio station (when the station puts its database online I'll link it here). Yes, I will play your songs or your band's songs on my show if I like them and they fit in with the other music I play. I'm more likely to do this if I have your album/demo as opposed to an mp3. I only burn CD's for my show (always mixes, not whole albums.. I'd rather just buy those) every few months. If you'd like to make a request from my current batch of burned CD's for my show, click here and choose something.

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