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Some people just don't understand why I don't have a girlfriend or claim not to know any girls. For those of you who are "slow", I've broken it down into an easy to understand chart. Enjoy!
One day I decided to sit down for 10 minutes and write this huge list of things in life that pissed me off. When the list was finished, me unable to write anymore negativity, I was proud. So proud of this list that I put it on my tiny little homepage. Well it immediately got attention and people loved the "list of things I hate". THIS IS NOT A LIST OF THINGS I HATE! This list represents 10 minutes on one day of my life. In retrospect I find this list funny because I don't really mind a lot of that stuff. People blow it way out of proportion and I am tired of having to answer questions about it, so I have removed it from the spotlight of my page. Do not take this list seriously.
Just a bunch of random lyrics and stuff.
A project that simply failed. It was supposed to be me juxtaposing original transparent GIFs against a colorful background. I don't have many transparent GIFs and the ones I did experiment with didn't look very good. I need to learn how to do them better because they looked awful.

Well, I haven't gotten around to making a page for photographs I've taken or recent pictures of me, but here's a directory where you can look through scanned pictures of me as a small child. Good for a laugh. What's also fun for me is giving out one of these pictures to people requesting to see what I look like. Enjoy the photos.

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