This is a realistic version of the concert. The form is in that of a three day festival, like a Woodstock. The bands are all around and still touring thus this is a concert that really could happen. Furthermore I think this would be an awesome concert! The headlining act plays second to last. It is common to have an electronic band play after the headliner so that's what I implimented here.
Day One
Neil Young acoustic set 50 min
Outkast 50 min
Blur 70 min
Dave Matthews Band 90 min
The Roots 50 min
Black Star 50 min
Tricky 50 min
Aphex Twin dj set, featuring dancing bears 25 min
Primus 50 min
Godspeed You Black Emperor! 90 min
Tool 110 min
Radiohead headliner band 150 min
Underworld 70 min
Day Two
Reel Big Fish 50 min
DJ Krush dj set 25 min
Dr. Dre w/ Snoop Dogg, Eminem & Xzibit 50 min
Buffalo Daughter 50 min
Squarepusher 50 min
Coil performing as "Time Machines" 70 min
Deftones 50 min
Elastica 50 min
Air 70 min
R.E.M. 90 min
DJ Shadow dj set 25 min
Bjork 110 min
U2 headliner band 150 min
Fluke 50 min
Day Three
Cibo Matto 50 min
They Might Be Giants 70 min
Manic Street Preachers 70 min
Public Enemy 50 min
Beck 70 min
Wu-Tang Clan 50 min
Mogwai 90 min
Smashing Pumpkins 90 min
Moby 90 min
Portishead 70 min
Nine Inch Nails headliner band 150 min
Orbital 70 min

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