this song creeps me out. not just the music, which is kind of like the spookier led zeppelin songs, but also the lyrics. maybe you agree? i think the song is about how we as humans are chained to customs, traditions, etc., stupid stuff that confines and restricts our free will. because we have to act in a certain way to please everyone else, we lose some of our humanity.
for once in my life
now i'll have to swallow some pride
know that i should never give advice
but it's too late now to say goodbye

don't want any friends
come on and hit me again
i'm repeating myself
is there anything else?

starbright keep me safe - today and tonight
no water tastes like lemonade
slowly slowly it starts to fade

with me tonight
put your fist in my eyes
so turn me to stone
just leave me alone

grown up or backwards born
into eternity and blackholes
floating around up here on my own screaming at me
forever unknown

- is there anyone else?

"be natural"
[Andre Benjamin]
baby did you hear that?
    cuz baby i heard it too
look out the window,
    golly, the sky is electric blue
mama earth is dying and crying because of YOU
    raining cats and jackals all shackles disintegrate
to residue
    silly mortals haven't a clue
as to what the fuck is going on
    i'm on the telephone dialing the dungeon (HELLO)
it's Dre bring the MP and the SP
    meet me at the center of the earth and travel carefully
baby grab the baby cuz baby it ain't much TIME
    mama earth is tossing and turning and that's a sign
Omega Nigga IFO's are landing in Decatur
    hope i'm not OVER YOUR HEAD if so you will catch on later
(play the track),
    guess she could not take it anymore
raping her heavenly body like a ho
    coochie sore
from niggas fuckin her never loving her
    never showing appreciation
bustin nuts in her face when they done
                                                          done done done
[Antwan Patton]
the sky is falling
    nobody ballin,
they done gave back they guns
    for some tickets to the playoffs but the Hornets they won
nigga we slum,
    kept all the guns, i gotta protect my family
i drove the biggest thing at the house
    cause i knew they would try to ram me
but i'm stabbing
    making a path on the expressway
the best way i know how
    up in the sky, east-west
no clouds
    him coming now
fuck that money now
    i ask my honey how she feeling and is Jordan okay
yea, yea, she chillen
    we should be at the Dungeon shortly
ain't nobody on the porch
    see approaching the final exit
i'm thinking i see four horses but i don't though
    nigga ya won't know until it's on ya
i put that on my dope
    boys from A-Town to California all the west smell like ammonia
but at the
    dungeon i know they smokin writing the raps
and doing the beats to make this last recording,
    fuck abortion
i got in a boot to run the final portion
    the beat was very dirty and the vocals had distor-
tion tion tion tion tion
...all's well, nothing's well, all's well, nothing's well, all's well, nothing's well, all's well, nothing's well...
.da art of storytellin' [part two].

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