4/29/02 8:23pm
As much as I dislike MTV as a network and a dictator of youth culture, they're always hooking me up with funny articles. Click above to read about Dr. Dre dissing Jermaine Dupri (he had it coming!).

R.I.P. Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (car accident). Why couldn't Scott Stapp have taken her place?

4/28/02 10:26pm


4/25/02 6:20pm


4/23/02 12:54am
I'm gonna upload my imaginary track listing and information about the second Handsome Boy Modeling School album (think: fan fiction), but one idea (non-related) I had recently that I've been fantasizing about is a song performed by Nine Inch Nails featuring El-P (ex-Company Flow) and Mos Def. Wouldn't that be splendid?

4/20/02 7:39pm
One of the greatest voices in the history of rock music is DEAD. Truly sad news. Big up to Alice In Chains and Layne Staley.
I support your (that being everyone's) right to do what you want to your body, but drugs kill - keep that in mind at all times.

Artist of the moment: DJ Shadow (Key listens: The Private Press and XFM mix set (4/5/02), available on Audiogalaxy)
    Make tomorrow come I think it's toooooooo laaaaaaate

4/18/02 4:24pm
Cool cartoon by George Bush.

4/12/02 3:23pm
H.O.W.I.S.Y.A.: Hydraulic Obedient Worker Intended for Sabotage and Your Assassination

4/11/02 11:59am

4/9/02 11:19am
If only this guy stuck to animations, he's pretty good with them. Here's the latest. Good usage of the Coil remix of "The Downward Spiral."

4/7/02 1:21am
Last month Mogwai, this month Autechre, next month Saul Williams...? Ae replied to some questions I sent in this year.

From: "Travis Christensen"

Hi, I'd just like to say I really enjoy Ae's music and thanks for putting it out, Warp.

My questions:

1. I am a Radiohead fan. Last year there were rumors/reports of a collaboration between the group's Thom Yorke and one or both of you. Is this true and if so, what of it?

nothing happened

2. Many people have labeled recent releases like Confield and ep7 "cold" and even "alien." Do you agree? If so, how does it feel to be human and create something that sounds extraterrestrial? One might take this as a major compliment, to be able to make something so unique.

it sounds like music to us

3. If you could form a supergroup with 4 other groups or solo artists from any type of music, living or dead, who would you pick?

the first four musicians ever

4. What do you think of some of the other "glitch" artists that have come into popularity over recent years? Do you feel like you started this movement?

kraftwerk were doing rkythmic stuff with brittle sounds ages ago and they didn't have laptops

5. When can we expect a new EP or album?

in a bit

Regarding the EP, check my release dates page. :)

4/5/02 4:58pm
Such a shame. This article is totally accurate. I've never cheated. If I had, my grades would be so much better. It sucks that I have to compete in a system where most other students have better grades because of their dishonesty. I wish people were more aware of this, and could somehow distinguish the cheaters from the honest people.

4/2/02 8:58pm
From an article I just read:
Queen Latifah plays a jailed woman who strikes up an online relationship with a man played by Steve Martin in the comedy "In the Houze," which begins shooting this month. Eugene Levy ("American Pie") co-stars.

4/1/02 9:29pm
NIN RPG game :)

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