MARCH 26, 2002 3:49PM
Hehe check out these AIM conversations between some teenage girl and one of the guys in the band God Lives Underwater. The guy is totally bitter and immature. Of course, his fiance was killed in a car accident, he nearly died of hepatitis B, he's been addicted to heroin for many years, and his band lost its record deal (label went bankrupt). (And honestly, who remembers them? I don't even like them, I just have a good memory.) But still, he's whining about groups that are popular now just because he wishes he was in the same situation. I saw GLU live one time at an HFStival and they were terrible. Not their songs as much as their performance. They were lazy and didn't care about anything. They only played two thirds of "From Your Mouth", the song everyone came to see them play. The singer spent more time drinking beer than really singing.

MARCH 18, 2002 6:51PM
Aaron McGruder gets in people's asses at Okay Player. This guy rocks.

MARCH 10, 2002 2:14PM
Check out the funny graphic they made. Anyway, I feel sorry as ever for you yuppy cell phone users.
Nice interview with El-P (ex-Company Flow) in Real Audio. You can hear his cats in the background.

MARCH 7, 2002 1:59PM
Don't you think the type of music people listen to says a lot about them? Their music does not necessarily reflect how others see them, but how they see themselves. I'm going to use examples from the people living on my floor, without naming names. They're all guys, and since I know guys better than girls I'll keep with the male species.

There's this one guy who listens strictly to boy bands, girl singers, teen dance/pop in general. I think that says "I like what is the most popular and with the least depth and intelligence. I do not like to use my brain unless I have to. Art means nothing to me, just give me a simple melody to keep me entertained while I do things that actually matter to me."

There're people who like strictly hardcore rap. Now, I don't go to a poor school, so on a surface level they don't relate to the lyrics of the songs. However, I think it says a lot about their inner rebelliousness and inability to relate to the people around them (hip-hop = social criticism). It's not as deep as that may sound - that doesn't mean they're politically minded or passionate about social issues. They just don't relate to everything about being in and among the upper class here at school. This is strengthened by their interest in gangster films.

There's also another guy here who likes strictly "nu-metal", you know, the brand of hard rock and rap/metal that's designed for radio airplay. This is kind of a mix between the two types I just mentioned - the boy band fan and the rap fan. While there are some feelings of not relating, they are shallow and malformed, and more importantly they are overshowed by the need to fit in.

There's a guy who listens to trance and oldies. This is a tricky one because it's not what's popular among his peers. It is a taste for the different. However, it's not an attraction to artistry as trance is for sure the dunce among the classroom that is electronic music. It's entertaining music but it's non-thinking. He agrees with this point, too. Oldies as well, though this guy's preference is more for trance. He listens to it a lot but only out of boredom. It fills the gap. Perhaps this personifies a person who needs to be doing or be involved with something at all times?

There's an even trickier one I can't even evaluate. He listens to punk rock but strictly punk rock without any sort of political message. In fact, the listener is a republican. How many republican punk bands do you know? But he's really into this non-political punk rock. I don't like much punk myself, but the punk bands I do like have strong views on society, politics, and current events.

I could go on but you get the point. I think a person's taste in music says a whole lot about them. You can understand a person without them saying a single word, just look at the CD's they own (or for the cheap bastards, the mp3's they play).
Priceless fake IRC conversation between all the major electronic artists.

MARCH 6, 2002 2:11PM
Funkmaster Flex posts on the message board of slightly underground/conscious hip-hop mecca web site Okay Player. Classic! The above link is his most detailed message, but check the other posts to read some of his other messages and what the angry, frustrated, bored peoples of OKP thought of it all.
A very good interview with Saul Williams, who I have been very into lately. I highly recommend purchasing or at least borrowing/downloading his album Amethyst Rock Star. Don't sleep on it like I did until last month. Also watch his film Slam (in which he starred and co-wrote). Your belief system ain't louder than my car system...

MARCH 5, 2002 4:02PM
Go Aaron!

MARCH 4, 2002 9:58AM
I got an email reply this morning from Stuart of Mogwai. Pretty neat. Stuart said Chino Moreno's vocal contributions to an unreleased Mogwai song... have yet to take place. He says Chino may still get around to singing on it but apparently it's not something that's on anyone's minds. He didn't say anything about a new Mogwai EP or album this year, but he did thank me for playing Mogwai on my show.

I want to give a BIG LINK to last month's DNR which has only been online for less than a week because I was lazy about making the art. But there're some great links and a great essay I wrote off the top of my head in just one hour.

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