House positions
2nd House-money, material resources
Sagittarius 23°10'58
You are a fortunate person regarding money and property. This placement can have a negative side in that you may spend about as freely as you earn and you may have a tendency to overextend yourself in a financial sense.  You are usually happiest helping others in some way.

3rd House-beliefs, mental activity, communication
Capricorn 28°25'45
People with this placement know a lot, or like to think that they do.  They pride themselves on being competent or well-informed.
Mars also in the 3rd House
You have a very aggressive intellect, so that you like to debate and argue with people, usually not to have a serious fight but a friendly argument.

4th House-childhood, home in adulthood, personal identity
Pisces 04°44'41
As a child you probably felt adopted.  Dad may have been a confusing person who seemed to "dissolve" on you when you needed him or mostly likely, he wasn't around at all. If afflicted, Neptune here can give a parent with a substance abuse problem. There is a sense of uncertainty attached to the home environment, and this is often caused by some behind the scene problem.  When positive, Neptune here gives a sensitive, sympathetic parent. Your instincts and intuitions tend to get stronger with time.  You should try to live near the sea.  Do some sort of charitable volunteer work as you get older. If you use the Neptune in that way, it reduces the chances that you will spend your declining years as the recipient of such charity.

5th House-”house of fun” ???
Aries 06°24'46
You are liable to say what's on your mind whether anybody wants to hear it or not.  Many of your activities and much of your energy may be related to children.

6th House-health, work, routine matters
Taurus 01°52'41
There also may be an emotional attachment to work. This placement often points to an occupation dealing with people such as mediators, agents, arbitrators or in about any job dealing with women. Venus has a decidedly artistic inclination that may inspire the choice of work.

7th House-relationships, other people in general
Taurus 22°48'21
This placement normally shows social abilities, and usually, a happy marriage. Most relationships are harmonious and friendly. Marriage and friends are very important to you and you contribute more than your part toward the success of relationships. The position is favorable in (although not indicative of) careers involving dealings with people, such as psychology, sales and public relations.

8th House-
Gemini 23°10'58
This position identifies you as one who is a natural investigator, always trying to get to the bottom of any mystery or problem. You can get at the truth of a situation. Here, the mind is used to study and relate to the deeper issues of life. You may also be interested in finance, taxes, insurance, or other symbols of resources held by others. Your interest in human behavior may prompt study and investigation in that field.

9th House-religion, philosophical ideas, travel
Cancer 28°25'45
The Moon in the ninth house giving you a very receptive and imaginative mind and many of your ideas provoke change to the status quo.  You have a variety of interests and hobbies and you enjoy imparting the knowledge you have accumulated on these subjects to others. There is an innate purposefulness in this placement which makes you want to guide and direct those less enlightened than yourself.  There tends to be a strong emotional need to either travel, study, or both

10th House-ambition and status
Virgo 04°44'41
This position suggests you possess excellent speaking and writing abilities that can be used effectively in your career and in attaining professional recognition. Your career is important to you and your strategy in this regard has to be carefully planned, including education and preparation to attain your goals. The benefit of Mercury here is the ability to communicate ideas to the public; expertise in speech making, publishing, and political strategy.

11th House-friends, functioning in groups, hopes, dreams
Libra 06°24'46
Socially, you are generally successful, with the knack for putting guests at ease, the tact in catering to diverse needs and the development of group activities. Most of your goals in life will be achieved because of a natural talent for operating effectively within a social order. Many of your friends may possess artistic talents.
Moon also in the 11th House
You have a strong need for friends who support you in whatever you do and who make you feel better about yourself. Your moods will have a strong effect on the course of your friendships. But be careful not to act inconsistently toward your friends and make them feel confused about your feelings for them.  You are a person who can make friends in the highest social categories as well as with persons of an inferior status.

12th House-introspection, secrets, solitude
Scorpio 01°52'41
Pluto suppresses rage. Don’t mess with this one. On the positive side, there is increased ability in the healing professions (medicine, psychotherapy, etc.)  This placement sometimes shows association with social outcasts or subversive elements. At its worse, it can show force your will upon others, while at its best it may make you a champion of people who are very unfortunate. Karmic influences over which you have little control may affect your life.
Saturn also in the 12th House
This planet will place many unpleasant and annoying obstacles in your life, and intensify the feelings you have about the limitations of your environment.

Moon-expressing yourself in the world on the basis of your moods and feelings
Moon Libra 08°51'25 11 direct
A Libra Moon gives a sense of understanding, tolerance, and gentleness.   This is the position of the diplomat, broad-minded and open, social, and friendly.  You don't like disputes and disorder. You are truly a thoughtful and good-natured person who goes out of the way to be nice to people. You are very fond of people and don't enjoy being alone for very long. You freely sacrifice your own wishes for someone else's. It is very hard for you to be assertive and stand up for yourself. Since you don't like conflict situations, you may refrain from expressing the dissatisfactions you have in your relationships.  Relationships are important to you and you don't like being alone. You are refined and you have a definite love of the refined; art, music, etc. You may have some natural artistic or musical talent. At the very least you appreciate all the finer things in life.  You are a good planner, but often it is hard for you to get your plans into action and to see them through to completion. The Libra mind is more contemplative, building great ideas, but sometimes failing carry them out.  Decision-making can be tough, because you can usually see both sides of every issue.

Mercury-says much about how you talk with other people
Mercury Sagittarius 27°48'58 02 direct
The mind is concerned with social justice, law, religion, philosophy, and higher education.  This is not the best placement for Mercury because it often causes the person to lose sight of truth.  They often consider themselves to be authorities (know it alls).  Everything seems to interest you. You're particularly attracted to subjects that have significance beyond the everyday. You may enjoy philosophy, psychology, foreign cultures, or religion. Seeking deep understand of these broad subjects can occupy much of your thinking. You may become a lifelong student, because you never tire of learning and sharing knowledge.

Venus-shows what sort of relationships you involve yourself in
Venus Sagittarius 25°42'14 02 direct
Usually these people like outdoor sports, are fond of animals and often seek to marry people of foreign extraction or even other races.  They also prefer people with higher education.  Venus is in Sagittarius may produce affections that are very demonstrative and friendly. You have a rather carefree attitude toward relationships and you are not always dependable where affections are concerned. You are humorous, sociable and even flirty and sometimes not too serious. There is a strong love of personal freedom in your nature that makes it a little hard for you to settle down to a restrictive sort of relationship. You feel more comfortable in a relationship when things go slowly and your partner doesn't get too serious too fast. In fact, you would probably like it better if the relationship stayed casual and pressures of serious love never emerged. Threats to your freedom make you very nervous. It's hard for you to take you eye off of possible escape routes when things seem to be heating up and you feel yourself being hemmed in. Even if you have one long-lasting commitment to someone, you will still want to be relatively free to have other friends.  You are honest and idealistic in your dealings with others.  You don't hold back on your feelings, and it is never hard to figure out you stand on emotional issues. The key to your romantic nature is friendship.

Mars-conscious appreciation of how you feel about someone or something
Mars Capricorn 29°21'04 03 direct
People with Mars in Capricorn are usually energetic and ambitious.  They can set long-term goals and pursue them untiringly.  They prefer to work though conventional and accepted channels because they are more likely to succeed if they are doing something everyone accepts.  They take great pride in doing their job well and have no tolerance for laziness.

Jupiter-broadening your own horizons through channels in which you have considerable faith in
Jupiter Scorpio 26°31'36 01 direct
They usually have a shrewd judgment of humanity and situations, though they are also adept at convincing themselves that what they would like to be true is true.

Saturn-shows the nature of your conscience structure
Saturn Scorpio 01°00'37 11/12 direct
Saturn is technically near the end of house 11 and is interpreted in house 12.
There is a strong desire to have authority and to obtain ambitions.  Whether they use honest, fair methods or underhanded, dishonest methods depends on Saturn’s aspects.

Major aspects
Moon Sextile Uranus 3°14
You feel the need for freedom to set about structuring your feelings in accordance with your belief system, and you will seek out people and situations that are unusual if they fit in with your system.  Your ability to tolerate being off the beaten track means that you will enjoy challenges which would deter others, and you could develop interest and ability in unusual fields of study, provided you are given free rein to explore things in your own way.  These people can quickly spot an opportunity and they know how to take advantage of it.

Mercury Conjunction Venus 2°07
You are able to use the Scientific Method well or a version of it, since the way you set about organizing the details of a project is appropriate considering your concepts of how you would like things to be.  You are therefore able to form a plan, test it out in practice, and modify the plan in the light of experience.  You are also likely to be good with words, at least where the emotions are not involved, and people will appreciate your clarity of expression, as long as you do not appear too detached.

Mercury Sextile Saturn 3°12
You are well in touch with reality, having an accurate memory, and these talents could mean success in teaching others, who are likely to value your advice on all practical matters.  You like to have facts at your disposal to back up your opinions, and when you express a view, research probably ensures that you are right.  You may prefer to keep to disciplines that have proven value, but you could also deal with more adventurous projects, helping to realize them in practice.

Mercury Conjunction Neptune 1°25
Your conscious attempts to organize your experiences are colored by vague
notions connected with how you were taught you ought to feel.  Your ideas are colored by feelings and fantasies that bear no obvious relation to the matter in hand.  However, your rich imagination can, with some discipline, enable you to find subtle ways around problems.  Photography is often a good profession or hobby for these people.

Mercury Sextile Pluto 0°52
You have a quick and active mind, which you use to grasp the essentials of a situation.  You will find that you are able to tap into what makes people tick fairly easily and this will help you to persuade them round to your way of doing things. You take your opinions rather seriously, and you will fight hard to hold on to beliefs, though you may find they are changed later on.

Venus Sextile Saturn 5°18
You prefer reliable dependable people, realizing that a sound relationship needs
considerable commitment to duty in addition to genuine affection.  In your work also, you will wish to see tangible results for your efforts, being prepared to spend time and energy in bringing a scheme to a successful conclusion.

Venus Conjunction Neptune 0°42
Your way of relating is therefore idealistic rather than realistic, though your high hopes may spur you on to make considerable efforts to make your ideals come true.  You are however prone to disillusionment when people fail to live up to your ideals, and this will lead to disappointments, particularly if you feel you have done all you can to make things work.

Venus Sextuple Pluto 2°59
This aspect favors creativity in music or art.

Mars Sextuple Jupiter 2°49
These people are rarely lazy.  They work strenuously to help others who are unfortunate.

Mars Square Saturn 1°40
Early in life you may feel that the world is hard to you, making demands which get in the way of what you really want to do.  The risk is that you may continue this attitude later in life, with the result that you become cynical or disenchanted. You need to realize that just because you experienced frustration in the past, that is no reason to expect a hard time in the future.

Mars Square Pluto 0°40
You have a considerable amount of power at your disposal, but you may run into some problems when you try to use it constructively.

Jupiter Conjunction Ascendant 3°43
Your keen involvement with philosophical matters and in developing a personal code of conduct is quite noticeable to other people.  You come across as a confident optimistic person with high ideals, and one who is not afraid to express them openly and honestly.  You are likely to need a considerable amount of freedom to seek out the experience you need for your personal growth, and you are also keen for other people to do the same, which means that you are tolerant of a wide range of people and their ways of being.  The exception occurs when someone offends your sense of propriety, in which case you become quite outraged unless they repent quickly.

Saturn Sextuple Neptune 4°37
Your upbringing has left you with a useful balance between your imagination and common sense.  You have a strong streak of idealism in your make up and you are often more interested in making this manifest than in dealing with external reality.  You will want to have work which involves working towards some vision in your mind: examples might be religion, architecture, art or the caring professions.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2°19
It brings the ability to do work that will have far-reaching and long lasting effects.  Often their work will be of a secret nature.

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