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March 26, 2000 -- 06:30PM
<Can money pay for all the days I lived awake but half-asleep?>
Travis from summer of 1994 would like to add:

"Jullian" didn't eat all of his lunch and it was fished out of trashcan. Yummy.
"Shau" has a juicebox with the namebrand "Vita."

"Julian" says "I'll Meditate in the computer."
"Justin" says "He told me to meditate in my butt."
"Curtis" is "The storebought muffin man."

In case you were wondering (and you probably weren't), I found a bunch of my old notebooks when I wrote when I was 11 and 12. Neat stuff. Full of drawings and warped scribblings about 2nd graders in summer camp. The drawings are superb and I may scan some (and manipulate them with Photoshop). Of course, all I was looking for was an unused folder. But, my, how I love old drawings and notes to myself. At one point in one of the many notebooks there are detailed notes on how to kill  Barney. I was pretty hung up on that after playing the Wolfenstein-3D patch "Barneystein" and reading the .TXT's that came with it: an article about how Barney teaches kids to be conformists (taken from alt.barney.die.die.die, I believe), an 80 page novella about Barney as the Antichrist literally taking over the world (one of the coolest stories I've ever read), and a choppy 20 page sequel written by the programmers of Barneystein. Cool. On some other thing I made in the 7th grade there's this cryptic quote scrawled: "A succession of loud, shrill screams forces me violently back." Where is that from??? It's so familiar but I have no idea where I quoted it from. Pretty creepy anyway. On the same notebook is the chorus of "Head Like A Hole", the phrase "h/p/a/v" (hacking, phreeking, anarchy, virii), the original and true origin of the acronym PHUX, the X-Files logo, and a list of 8 BBS's I used to call:
Hell's Kitchen                        House of Usher
Infinity HolE                         WMAGS [aka The Fantasy Shoppe]
Multilevel Planes [of Infinity]       Writer's Block
BioInsanity                           Assassin's Guild
Those boards were so fun. I was co-sysop on MLPOI (some of my earliest graphic artwork promoted the board), a moderator on WMAGS/TFS and the very last caller on HoU! This is way over your head but it delights me. The last two boards were struck out because they went down. Assassin's Guild was an underground warez hq apparently. I heard that Assassin, who ran it, went to jail. The other one was only up part time, and then not at all. I've always had above average affection for my 'digital' side, I guess.
    The drawings are so cool. I am happy that I remember what inspired by them (some are more obvious though: people I know and movies). I just found my 5th grade creative writing notebook! It was also some kind of mandatory school journal too. I was always such a creative writer. It has the draft of perhaps my finest work, "Adventure in Uganda" [click here to read it, it's been online in my "Old Fulfillments" section]. The mandatory journal sections included such super exciting topics as what my favorite time of the day was and what my last vacation was like. Those assignments were dictated. However the stories were pretty much free reign. What's weird is that cursive writing was also mandatory. I hate writing in cursive and haven't really written any since 5th grade (wasn't it phased out?), but it is unordinarily easy writing of mine to read. Weird. Apparently this was a poem I had to write:
Summer really is no fun,
Umber walls imprison me in camp, poison
Malts make me croak
Many brats crawl on me like a Barney doll in a half price store,
Eluding them becomes a hobby,
Running to a house I lock the door and sleep
Your guess is as good as mine. Cool, I also found the play I began to co-write with my friend Tim a few years ago. I miss that kid, he was r4d. I need to give him a call. Along with EVERYBODY. What is wrong with me. Le sigh. Was that Rebekah I saw on the subway last night? Sounded just like her and she was Asian (maybe Korean) but didn't look exactly like she did last Easter. She was talking with some other Asians who were comparing their Chinese language to her (X) language.
    Here's a folder from the 3rd grade! The cover reads: YOanI THOUGHT I WAS CRaVY. One of the papers inside was apparently something we had to write concerning a session where we closed our eyes and used our imagination. I thought about my dad. It's a vivid story complete with actual things like my old He-Man poster and tootsie rolls. They used to be my favorite.
    I think I found hand drawn demos of graphic art I made for PHUX 1 and pre-PHUX Paintbrush art. I also found my first song (which is actually an amalgram of a bunch of different songs). Here it is, in its original spelling and meter:
Travis' song
going to Mississippi, going to have a good time,
M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I! Yee! If you can't spell it just give it a try,
M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I! Yee!
    Gonna get hungry for some Cajun food,
Sweet corn-bread and some Gumbo too!
    Jam, Jam, Here comes the Man. - Michael Jackson
knows the most about Spam! Chewin' an Max and
Re-lax'n on cool, shootin' some B-ball out a-some
school, when a coupla guys were up to no good, started
makin' truba in my hood! 'Got in one lil' fight
and my mom got scared and said "I have a dream
living inside of me, 'cause it's a 90's kinda world and
I'm glad I got my girl!
    So 2 legit 2 legit Im gonna quit! AAAGH!
Scrawled on another piece of paper is a drawing with a caption on the side: I am a good ORAL SPELLER. I've been to spelling bee 1 time, and refused to go 2 times. (This is true.)
Now I have found my finest work, my 2nd grade creative writing folder, with some of my favorite, most bizarre stories. The teacher belittled my writing, calling it sarcastic. My work was genius! Unfortunately the teacher had such a vendetta against me that instead of giving me the usual punishment, forcing me to stay inside during recess (I chose to stay inside half of the time), she denied my right to read my stories in front of the class with the rest of my friends. Grrrrrrrrrr. That is just wrong. Perhaps my best work is my immense maze / story arch that I did on my old 5th grade math notebook. That was a two year masterpiece.
    wOW, my 7th grade drawings kick my ass. They're so incredible. They're so much better than my doodles now. Man, I forgot how much of a packrat I've always been when it came to creative things I've done.
    Maurine: "Excuse me for living."
    Travis: "OK, but only this once."
Soul Coughing broke up. Aw.
Ruichi! MUN!
Apparently I knew David Love 5 years ago.
I miss Alison.
Add these 2 names to my ex-alias list: Klapsmd (no 'i') and Dread And Puissant Champion Of The Fey.
"Don't juggle." HA! HA!
"Who is the being that walks at night? Jasper X."
Hoi, lots of work to do.
<omnis caro ad te venient> thanks, des.
March 17, 2000 -- 11:01PM
<Bring back my happiness>
Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on...
                I think there's one non-holiday a year where I am truly happy. Not that every other day is miserable, but there is one day that I get to return to the time when I was truly happy. This is the CLS PALS show held once a year. When I go to this I get to see my old friends from elementary school. These kids will always be my favorite classmates. Not to put down HMS or St. Anselm's, but at CLS I just felt 100% at home. I don't think I will ever reach that state of contentedness ever again.
                Justus Mayo, Jeremiah Abbot, Mary Laurel Burt.
Get up while you can.
March 16, 2000 -- 05:22PM
What else is there to say except that there is NOTHING to say? Über-concert page coming soon. I think the header graphic is really throwing me off. I hate HTML. No, I don't.. I just haven't felt like making it since January.
March 04, 2000 -- 03:46PM
Well, that was weird. Had a first entry for this month and it deleted itself! Anyway, the above header graphic is for Nick. Sorry, not exactly a sexy Mila picture, but at least it's something. And next month will be even less accessible! Hur hur hur hur.

I think I'll use capitalization on this page this month! Anyway, watch for further updates on both of my sites.