November 30, 2000
5:35PM    :|
Here's an article by Michael Moore that I will just revert to as a good case for
why Gore has no one to blame but Gore if he loses. No one should have to have
had voted for someone they don't like just so Bush wouldn't win. That is bonkers.
But anyway just read the article. I love this guy. (link)

The NME recently polled a bunch of musicians of all genres and came up with a
list of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Read and discuss.
17. MOS DEF 
19. BECK 
   Now, obviously there's a lot I could say now. But I will just stick to one thing.
I find it funny that the Chemical Brothers were listed but not Meat Beat
Manifesto. Jack Dangers created the type of music they have made millions off.
What a buncha sillies. Anyway I'd agree with about 1/2 of that list...

November 26, 2000
1:49PM    :}
I can't cry anymore while you run around
     Where is everybody? (remix)
Check out this email from my PIRG friend Bryan Wachanga. Very interesting and
eloquent dream analysis. Supplement: click
November 25, 2000
4:07PM    :P
1. French
2. Spanish
3. Italian
4. (North) Indian
5. Iranian
November 23, 2000
9:22AM    :)
Happy Thanksgiving.
I woke up from a school dream, which I seldom I have. The first part was I was
trying to get to my locker after Calculus for a sip of Cherry Coke. My locker # is
76. So I went there and I was surprised to see it already opened. The Cherry
Coke was on the top shelf so I grabbed it and tried to drink some, but it was
empty. Oddly I then saw a second can next to it, only it was the old design from
years ago. It was half full. I started to drink some until I realized this locker #76
was not mine, but the messy Peter Young's. So I quickly put the soda down.
About 7 to the right was my locker #76. (Note: This doubling really does occur
in one section of the lockers at our school.)

Immediately afterward I had a dream where the AP Biology teacher Mrs. Rentas
took the class outside to the sloping green hills by the gym for some kind of
lecture. Sister Patricia (Guidance Counselor / person in charge of colleges) came
out and almost everybody tried to hide, in bushes, behind each other, below the
slope of the hill, etc. She kept coming and looking for us though. I remember we,
including myself, kept running around the other students very fast so she couldn't
recognize us and pull us out. We hoped our faces were blurred. But she eventually
caught everyone. Just like in real life.

November 22, 2000
12:20PM    :)
All my points about how Gore can't and shouldn't try to blame his (possible) loss
on Nader and his supporters? Here's a new statement/essay from Nader's site.
Click. I couldn't have put it better myself.

Listening to the new Wu-Tang Clan album. Just started it, but I'm already bored.
They are much too talented to make this blatant mediocrity. RZA's usually sharp
production is also dull. But I'm just on the third track. Oddly, this album
features Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes among others. It also has the old RZA /
Isaac Hayes song that was supposed to be on RZA's 1998 solo album The Cure
(which was delayed by the Bobby Digital stuff and then just forgotten; also, this cd
was or is to feature a song with RZA and Rage Against The Machine, obviously
before the loss of Zack de la Rocha). A Wu-Tang album without ODB also reeks
of incompleteness. And come on, they named the album The W. How lame is that?

One thing I look forward to never having to deal with again once I'm in college is
the literal stench of some of the boys at school. This doesn't refer to everyone or
any one person in particular, though I suppose I could list names. The smell of a
student deep into the nature of a single sex school environment is the smell of not
showering. It is appalling. Eeyuck.

Lastly, today I decided I've become too self-indulgent. That's kind of been the
word I've been looking for. Not selfish or self-centered, but just catering too much
to my whims and not caring enough about progress. Also, I used to be a more
giving and warm person. So I will now make an effort to again be so

November 21, 2000
4:53PM    :)
Yay, new Radiohead album in April. Surprisingly, it's not all leftovers from the
99-00 recording session, but most of it's completely new. (NME article)
November 20, 2000
4:51PM    :)
M580 V650. Let me just say that the College Board is an incredibly coldhearted,
moronic and unreliable institution. I hope they fall off a bridge.

Living off one's thoughts and ideas alone is inexcusably self-centered.

November 12, 2000
11:28AM    :)
revised: 7:46PM   :/
Gore lost by just 17 votes in New Mexico. Ouch. (Bush is winning by 961 votes
in Florida.) I still think the Nader vote trading system should have been (better)
utilized. And Moby, Hillary Clinton, and James Carville (Gore strategist) are not
my favorite people right now. Grrr.

"When the mailman comes, I like to pretend I'm a dog. ARF! ARF!" woman in a
TV commercial.

Overheard at Swarthmore:
B: "I have a fetish for '80s music."
G: "Fetish?"
B: "OK, perhaps fetish wasn't the right word."

Has anybody seen a new picture of Sade? Wow. I can't believe she's in her 40's.
Check her out in the back of the latest Rolling Stone. She looks my age.

Why is it that barbers act deaf when you suggest how you want your hair? They
try to make haircutting an art.

I think the electoral college system should be abolished because it discourages
people from voting. What if you're a republican in DC? It always goes for the
democrat. It'd be pointless to vote. I think every person should have equal
representation, and that can never happen with the current system. In this race
it would have meant Nader would get his 5% and Gore would be president. We
would have none of this nonsense. Constitution smonstitution, the system is archaic.

Anyway, yesterday was the last day of "Hope for the Hopeless." Hope you
enjoyed it. Expect an analytical report on it in the next few weeks.

November 11, 2000
9:20PM    :)
My SAT scores are finally in the mail (supposedly). Ms. Leahy's recommendation
will be dropped off Monday, the day my La Salle application will be sent. I am
enjoying what would usually be considered a very lame Saturday night. Instead
of going out, I went to the grocery store. Tonight I may finally watch Taxi
Driver in its entirety. Beautiful. Now let me tell you about that school...
   I think La Salle's suffix should be "School of the Ruffians." d00d, I dunno, but
the people just put me off. I mean, the students. They all looked like hoodlums,
although I am telling myself that that was just Philadelphia and not really the
school. But I can't help the impression that I got. It's still an interesting school
with a brilliant dArt major (if I don't go here and have this as my major, I will
probably "design" it elsewhere). Anyway, the immediate metaphor I formed was
that, if I went there, I would be the fine wine in their cabinet of cheap beer. =)
   I snooped around Swarthmore unofficially after dark. I am in love with that
school. I think it'd be perfect for me, if only I did work in high school and if
only I would do work in college. Haha. To any university representatives
reading this: I am just kidding!
   Varsity cheerleading: wtf? And an additional wtf to beautiful Italian females
who bleach their lovely black hair blonde.
   Happy birthday to Björk who turns 35 on November 21st. She is my
kindred spirit, I am convinced.
   I think this Three 6 Mafia song samples classic Aphex Twin. Sippin on
some Richard.
   From the November 13th issue of The Nation:
"Since the onset of the Clinton presidency NOW's once-stalwart support of many
women's rights issues has eroded. While reproductive rights are important, so is
quality childcare, a living wage, healthcare and eradication of environmental toxins.
Although Clinton/Gore promised to address these issues in '92 and '96, no
acceptable plans for improvement have been implemented. Why is NOW so
willing to give Gore another chance? Oh yeah, I forgot, for abortion rights. What is
Roe v. Wade worth to you, NOW? If it's the wholesale sellout of a constituency
you once pledged to serve, then you are on the right track." Ellen Johnson,
Arizona Green Party organizer.
(That quote was for all of the Nader hating, short sighted Gore supporters I've
talked to.)
November 8, 2000
7:47PM    :\
Firstly, I know this veers off into the territory of pointless "Dear Diary" B.S., but I
have the nastiest taste in my mouth right now. As if it wasn't bad enough to have
braces on the bottom teeth - again - now I have some kind of metal contraption
in my mouth where there's a bar behind my front bottom teeth and metal molded
onto the "troubled" 12 year molars in the back (those which have never come out
and are neighboring new molars coming in a bit crooked). So basically those
molars are covered in rock hard metal. Let me tell you, it takes most of the fun
out of eating. And it traps nasty tastes apparently.
OK, next. This is more of that "brilliant" philosophical / psychological analysis.
I just wanted to stress how weird and difficult it is to be such a private person.
I think the impression people get is that I have no charisma because I am often
expressionless and speechless. Why do I do it? I don't want to talk about it
really. But I do think that I am either perceived as "boring" or a "snob." I don't
think I am either, but I won't change how I act. I care, but I also care about
myself, and I am fine - reasonably - as I am. And as for criticizing me for
caring about what people think, I would just like to point out that my philosophy
is that it is not those who worry about the impressions they make who are
strange, but those who do not care how they are perceived. I find that highly
abnormal. I can think of few people who care about the opinions of no one in
the world. So, admit that you care, people. The world will be better off because
of it.
Nasty taste continues. And lastly, I can't resist talking about the "election"
wackiness. First of all, if Gore loses, I know that Nader will be vilified by
Democrats for months if not years. But the truth is, I do not blame Nader.
Here's how I see it. As it happened, the Bush voters all voted for Bush, the
Gore supporters all voted for Gore, and Nader's supporter... well, about a
third voted for Nader and two thirds voted for Gore. I don't know how I feel
about that. I kind of wish I could say I am ashamed of the deserters, but
considering the closeness of this election, I am glad that Bush wasn't given
a large edge by the would-be Nader supporters. What a screwy scenario,
I know, but that's how it really went. On closer study, I've also realized that
how things are now is the only way Gore could or can actually win the
presidency. Here's what I mean:
If Nader, Gore, and Bush were all in the debates and all had equal
media attention, here's how the numbers would go:
Bush - 40%
Gore - 35%
Nader - 25%
That is how much I believe Nader would have trounced the other
two in a fair election. (Keeping in mind most people would never
agree with his views, but most would actually learn them and others
would be impressed by his knowledge and ability.) But yes, Bush
would have won. And check this out:
Factoring Pat Buchanan into the debates and media:
Bush - 36%
Gore - 34%
Nader - 25%
Buchanan - 5%
November 7, 2000
5:26PM    :)
OK. So Nader is going to lose. I knew that a long time ago. The reason he did
not stand a chance is because the public cares too little about politics to actually
read about the issues. But hopefully he, no - we will get our 5%+. At one point he
had 8-9%, you know. We played fair, exposed the baddies, and blew some
minds in the process. Congratulations, team.
I did my part today by giving four three year olds nice, shiny, green Nader/
LaDuke buttons to wear all day. They dug it.
My pick for president is Bush. That's how gullible I think the public is. I mean,
Gore's a "trick daddy" too, but at least he's more sly about it. Bush projects an
irresistible redneck charm apparently. Obviously I hope Gore wins, but Bush
probably will. Shucks.
I had this weird theory about Nader today. Maybe he was just a puppet
put forth by the Republicans to ensure that their idiotic, lightweight candidate
wins. If so, it worked beautifully. My theory is that they created the perfect
candidate, a likable man with such a great issue platform that most intellectuals
would have no choice but to be suckered into voting for him. He would be the
truest Democrat, only put forth by the Republican party. It's a brilliant scheme
to divert votes from the man that would otherwise trounce Bush, Al Gore.
Crazy, huh?
Either way, tomorrow is going to be a very "different" kind of day for
us all.
November 4, 2000
3:13PM    :]
Supplement: Today's political debate with Nathaniel Tipton. Click.
November 3, 2000
3:56PM    :(
I cannot rest easy until:
My now-accurate transcript has been printed and given to Sister Patricia
Ms. Leahy has turned in my recommendation
My October SAT-I results are available (apparently local ghetto high school
  Northwestern lost the tests; I hope not though)
I have determined if Fr. Peter's "recommendation" is complimentary
I have seen my Second Advisories
I have my college applications filled out entirely, including financial aid / scholarship
I have done my backlog of reading for U.S. History
I have finally listened to the new U2 album (it's just been sitting there)
I have spent some late night time with Taxi Driver
I have read the New Yorker article on Kid A
This weekend is over
November 2, 2000
4:39PM    :|
Beer stickers on redneck vehicle windows, pick-up trucks etc.
"What are you listening to? Rap?" George W. Bush to black Washington
Post journalist listening to a portable cd player.
November 1, 2000
6:06PM    :)
Hello. First topic I would like to address today is Mr. Ralph Nader, U.S.
Presidential candidate and advocate for the public interest. If I did not mention it
before, firstly, I am a supporter of his run for presidency and, secondly, the group
(U.S. PIRG) I worked for all summer was founded by Nader in the mid-70's.
Next. The new Outkast album I mentioned in the previous DNR update is very,
very good. That said, it still does not touch Aquemini in appeal. That album was
a classic. But Outkast are extremely talented and indeed this album is even braver
than the last. I especially admire them because this, as they have said, will really
challenge the black hip-hop audience with its alternative rock and electronica
influences. However, I think this album pays too much attention to the instrumental
and vocal music and not enough to the mindblowing lyrics that made the last album
so different from most hip-hop. I admit that I have yet to truly analyze said lyrics -
which are included in the CD jacket - but on initial listening they do not seem to be
as socially and politically challenging or as eloquently written as they were on the
last album. Of course, they still way above par in comparison to most rappers.
Also. The phux site will be down/in disrepair even longer than I had imagined.
The site's host - - is now run on another server, one which does
not allow outside FTP access (which was how I uploaded my files). And
furthermore, I can no longer have raw directories of files - I will have to get off
my lazy ass and make HTML for the new packs. Ugh.
Finally. This is a topic I have been meaning to address for a few weeks: crucifixes
as "ice." What I mean is young people - mostly urban blacks - wearing the cross
in white gold or platinum around their neck as jewelry. I find this appalling. Not
only does this look truly tacky, but it is fundamentally contradictory to the
teachings of Jesus Christ.