Summer 2000 Notebook O' Facts.
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In the summer of 2000 I decided to keep a notebook and for every day of June, July, and August,
I would write down at least one thing I learned that day. Here's the best of that notebook.

Tito Puente died at age 77, leaving behind 120 albums. (6/1/00)

Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon" / Wizard Of Oz connection is definitely real. (6/18/00)

Pig covered "Head Like A Hole" for a NIN tribute album. (6/19/00)

Busta Rhymes likes NIN. (6/26/00)

The A Perfect Circle song "Renholder" written backwards is "RE: D Lohner". Played the backwards the song mentions Danny several times. (6/26/00)

Billy Howerdel sings the acoustic "Orestes" demo. (8/22/00)

In 99-00 Radiohead wrote 40 songs, 26 of which were recorded, mixed, and ready for release. (6/28/00)

DJ Shadow played the Filmore in San Francisco, CA on 7/1/00. (7/1/00)

Bjork won the award for "Best Actress" at Cannes for her role in "Dancer In The Dark". (7/2/00)

If you like NIN, you may like:
David Bowie
Pink Floyd
Skinny Puppy
Front 242
Throbbing Gristle
Public Enemy
Pig / Raymond Watts / KMFDM
Meat Beat Manifesto
Jane's Addiction
Adam Ant
Depeche Mode
Joy Division
Gary Numan
The Cure
Aphex Twin
Tori Amos
My Bloody Valentine
Marilyn Manson
Ludwig can Beethoven
Charles Debussey
The The
Dr. Dre / NWA / Ice Cube
Brian Eno
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin
Plug / Luke Vibert
Tool / A Perfect Circle
Smashing Pumpkins
Sonic Youth
Jim O'Rourke
Erykah Badu
A Tribe Called Quest / Q-Tip
Wyclef Jean
Atari Teenage Riot / Alec Empire
King Crimson / Adrien Belew
FSOL (7/2/00)

The Offspring's "Intermission" track is based on the 1920's piece "Two For Two". (7/4/00)

Running title for 2000 NIN EP: "More Fragile". (7/6/00)

Eminem's wife Kim slit her wrists. (7/12/00)

Aphex Twin gave 17 minutes of new music to Chris Cunningham's first short film, "Apocalypse: Beauty and Horror in Contemporary Art", shown at a museum. (7/15/00)

Elastica are now signed to Atlantic Records subdivision "Division One" in the US. (7/15/00)

Keith Richards is a two-time grandfather. (7/19/00)

Willie Nelson is apparently considered by some women to be sexy to some degree. (7/19/00)

On June 29th, Coil hung out with Radiohead and Autechre. (7/20/00)

NIN's video for "Closer" was shot on a real 1920's camera. (7/22/00)

My PIRG observer Justin Oliver's record label info (he is co-owner):
NAME: Dusk 'til Dawn / PHONE: 301-516-5550 / STYLES: rap, gospel, r&b, alternative, misc. (7/25/00)

Peter Frampton sold 8 million copies of his live solo double album "Frampton Comes Alive". (8/6/00)

Chuck D discovered Busta Rhymes. (8/10/00)

David Bowie and Iman's baby girl is named Alexandra Zahara Jones. (8/16/00)

Sinead O'Connor doesn't drink but is a self-described "weed head." (8/21/00)

Macy Gray's real name is Natalie MacIntyre. She was born in 1969 in Canton, OH, the location of the NFL Hall Of Fame. (8/21/00)

Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns (Silverchair) are dating. Imbruglia turned away Prince William's courtship. Jimmy Page hates her because of her loud home remodeling. (8/25/00)

"It's corporate alternative and cock rock fusion... I do feel a duty to warn the kids of false music that's claiming to be underground or alternative... they're jumping on the alternative bandwagon." Kurt Cobain on Pearl Jam (8/26/00)

"I stared into his eyes and told him that I thought he was a respectable human. I did tell him straight out that I think his band still sucks." Cobain on Eddie Vedder (8/26/00)

Johnny Cochrin and Chris Dardin are friends, before and after the OJ Simpson trial. (6/2/00)

OJ Simpson will take a polygraph test for $3 million. The money would go to "finding the real killer". If he failed the test, he'd give it back. (6/8/00)

Calvin Klein introduced JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessett Kennedy. She worked for CK as a "VIP" dresser. (6/5/00)

John Rocker has been banished to minor league baseball. (6/6/00)

George Carlin: "Consider how dumb the average American is. Now think about the half that are even dumber than that." (6/27/00)

Popeye's Olive Oil and Betty Boop were played by the same voice actress: Mae Questel. (7/22/00)

Francis Ford Copolla was one of "The Virgin Suicides"' producers. (6/19/00)

Ralph Nader studied law at Harvard. (6/25/00)

Ralph Nader says the fuel emission standard raise did not increase gas prices. It installed a gas tax, with a maximum of 5¢. Mergers like Exxon/Mobil and BP/Aamaco raised gas prices 50-80%. (6/25/00)

Ralph Nader says that it costs more to pursue and go through capital punishment than it costs to have life imprisonment with no parole. Capital punishment kills the innocent because it is not a perfect system. It also unfairly targets minorities. (6/25/00)

Both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have backgrounds in the oil industry. (7/31/00)

Dick Cheney served under George Bush, Sr. under some capacity. (8/12/00)

Chilean general/dictator Augusto Pinochet will be tried after all. His immunity was repealed by the Supreme Court of Chile. (8/12/00)

Joe Lieberman would be the first Jewish Vice President. (8/8/00)

Gore went to Harvard, but Bush, Cheney, and Lieberman all went to Yale. (8/14/00)

Winston Churchill smoked about 60,000 cigars in his lifetime and lived to be 91. (8/27/00)

The Great Muta uses no mask in Japan. (8/20/00)

Geraldo considered running for New York Senate. (8/31/00)

CDNOW tried to merge with Columbia House but CDNOW did not have enough money. (6/2/00)

Hwang and Yishimitsu are in both Soul Calibur and Tekken 2, both created by Namco. (6/6/00)

Starbucks, UPS, and RealPlayer were all started in Seattle. (6/7/00)

Seattle has a huge gay community. (6/8/00)

"Opposite Sex" is a Fox sitcom about three boys in a high school otherwise made up of girls. (6/11/00)

Reston is named after its founder, R.E. Stone. (6/21/00)

Bananas are the only fruit that, no matter how they're divided, split into 3 equal parts. (6/23/00)

There is a World Court in Brussells where international business cases are held. Perhaps in 15 years it will be more powerful and more used than the Supreme Court. (6/28/00)

10 leading causes of death in 1900 vs. 1997
pneumonia  heart disease
tuberculosis  cancer
diarrhea & enteritis stroke
heart disease  chronic obstructive lung disease
stroke   accidents
liver disease  pneumonia & influenza
cancer   diabetes
senility  suicide
diphtheria  kidney disease / chronic liver disease (6/28/00)

"Dark Days" (homeless documentary scored by DJ Shadow) was picked up for distribution by Palm Pictures. (7/1/00)

Holy Tenant is the area girls' school that Abbey Boys lovingly refer to as "Ho Town" and "Ho's on the Hill". (7/2/00)

Joke: What's the difference between a women's track team and a band of pygmies? Pygmies are cunning runts. (7/2/00)

Joke: Last night I played a blank tape at full blast. The mime next door went nuts. (8/20/00)

Joke: Just think about how much deeper the ocean would be if the sponges didn't live there. (8/20/00)

"While You Were Sleeping" is a dope Bethesda magazine offering insight into the young male psyche, ie: grafitti, alcohol, sex, punk rock, porn stars and serial killers. [] (7/4/00)

In 1890, Van Gogh mutilated his own ear, gave a portion of it to a prostitute, was checked into a mental hospital, diagnosed epileptic, and committed suicide. (7/4/00)

The fox is the Indian symbol of perversity. (7/4/00)

"Plectrum" is German for "guitar pick". (7/4/00)

Cat urine glows under blacklight. (7/7/00)

If inserted into a vagina, an ice cube shoots upwards (the opposite direction). (7/12/00)

William Bernhardt wrote the environmental thriller "Dark Justice". (7/14/00)

Bumper sticker: (image of X'd out cell phone) "HANG UP AND DRIVE" (7/19/00)

Door mat: "GO AWAY." (7/19/00)

Scientists predict that we can live up to 200 years in the near future. (7/19/00)

Non-dairy coffee creamer is flammable. (7/22/00)

Yellowstone is one big volcano set to erupt every 200,000 years. (7/25/00)

You can kill someone by placing an uncapped pen between your fingers and jabbing someone in their jugular vein. (7/27/00)

In "Pulp Fiction", all the clocks are stopped at 4:20. (7/28/00)

"Survivor" owned summer Nielson record: 51.7 million viewers. (8/25/00)

The Psychic Friends Network pays very well (roughly $13/hour). (8/3/00)

Traces of marijuana stays in your hair (but not body) for about five years. (8/6/0)

Often the wisest and nicest people are the homeless. (8/11/00)

Alestra causes loose stools and oily anal discharge. (8/11/00)

In some areas, chronic is weed laced with crack. (8/12/00)

Weed is $240 (Canadian dollars) per ounce in Toronto. (8/12/00)

A White Russian contains Kahlua, vodka & cream. A Black Russian does not have cream. (8/13/00)

Ass Juice is a drink in Las Vegas. The ingredients are a mystery but it contains vodka and everclear. (8/20/00)

Phrase of the day: "Shitlips" (as an affectionate name for a girl). Based on Shiplett Rd. (8/15/00)

Pigs have 30 minute orgasms. (8/14/00)

Bleach kills viruses. (8/27/00)

"Anonymous" sperm donors do not actually have total privacy. Recently a court ruled that the donors have to appear in court if needed. Case was a girl who got kidney disorder from a donor who had the genetic problem. (8/24/00)

Being around kids' germs at a young age reduces asthma later on in life. (8/24/00)

Seatbelts save 9,500 lives per year. (8/25/00)

New York City has more connections out than any other city in the world. (8/27/00)

Sydney, Australia, home of the Olympic Summer Games, was hit by a cold winter. The Olympic torch had to be carried off a truck that skittered off an icy road. (8/25/00)

Spaniards raped Central American natives during "discovery" period. Result? The Mestizo race (Hispanics). (8/30/00)

Columbus died in 1506 still believing he had found a western route to Asia. (8/30/00)

The 6 main elements are CHONPS: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur. (08/31/00)

49,000 people applied to be on Survivor 2, as opposed to the 6,000 who applied to be on the first one. (8/31/00)

Obese women may have their ovaries fall out. McHale knows someone who worked at a hospital where a fat woman came in with a potato wedged into her vagina. "There's a potato in my mamajama!" At least they couldn't fall out. (8/31/00)

"It's true, there are more trees now than before, but there is less wilderness." (7/19/00)

"A Republican survey says 80% of the population is in favor of forest protection." (7/19/00)

Some believe higher gas prices are controlled from outside of the U.S. (7/21/00)

Houston's air is even worse than L.A.'s. (7/31/00)

Bring lots of money to work on Fridays at PIRG. You may have to buy yourself quota for the week. (6/12/00)

John Skrodinis left the office because of frustration. Apparently, since starting in January, he hasn't had a single day off. (6/15/00)

Reston is the best town to canvass. (6/16/00)

My PIRG observer, a 45 year old black man named Greg McCray, is the videographer for PBS channel 31 local show "Sacred Science". It documents DC culture (programs, charities, organizations, art, etc.). He offered to have my music presented on a spot on the program. I said no. His organization is called "One Common Unity". (6/29/00)

David Nam has a pentagram on his right arm. (7/7/00)

High school PIRGers: me, Ken, Lars, April, Phil, Tyler, Claire, and two observers: Ernest (16 year old black republican) and Martin. (7/11/00)

Fairfax is very conservative and very pro-Life. (7/12/00)

Steph is managing a bar in the Galapagos after PIRG. (7/14/00)

Canvassed quote of the day: "I'm against the environmental movement because I think it's Anti-Man." (7/18/00)

Canvassed quote of the day: "I think some of the environmental groups have gone too far to the right." (cranky Conservative guy) (8/18/00)

Greggo considered owning in December 2000 the URL: (7/23/00)

PIRG is part of the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign). (7/25/00)

Good canvassing phrase: "Maximize your support." (8/3/00)

Office peaked with 18 FM's. (8/18/00)

My final nights pull-in: 9 yes's / 4 activists / $175 / 7 members / 34/64 doors (8/18/00)

Ideal life cycle: secure/unaware -> insecure/aware -> secure/aware (May 2000)

Mantra: "Shut up and live." yields a happier, "simpler" existence and an attempt at normalcy. (May 2000)

Saying "sir" instead of "man" adds humor to problems, lightening up almost any situation. eg: "Sir, she's hot" or "Fuckin' shit, sir." (May 2000)

Contrast => humor = spice of life (6/2/00)

"Coming home tonight I saw a dozen dark roses laid out on the grass of a hick's house. But it was dark and it turned out to be a plastic gun. Symbolism?" (6/29/00)

"This is the way the world ends: Not with a bang, but with a whimper." T.S. Eliot, Hollow Man (7/2/00)

Ecumenism contrasts sects of Christianity, or Christianity and other world religions. (8/31/00)

Praxis is living out a theology through action. (7/2/00)


"RAWK! I just wanna rock." (7/17/00)

You don't fully appreciate home until after you've left it. (8/9/00)

"Too much tail. All that jewelry weights it down. Like vanity. Can't nobody fly with all that shit. Wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down." Guitar on peacocks, p. 179, Toni Morrison's "Songs Of Solomon" (8/19/00)

I laugh in my sleep. Kind of a chuckle. (6/3/00)

Best Soul Calibur characters for me: Maxi, Voldo, Astaroth, Nightmare, Kilik, Edgemaster, Hwang (6/4-6/00)

I once saw a jock boy my age with an acoustic guitar serenading gate FS with Dave Matthews covers at a Detroit airport. (6/8/00)

NIN's "Physical" is a great song to listen to while staring at strangers. (6/16/00)

Frankie is rather large for a Bichon Frise. (6/29/00)

Milky Way "Midnight" tastes excellent. (7/2/00)

I saw Ted Kennedy passing by in his car looking at our press conference. Previously, John Lewis, Civil Rights activist and friend of MLKJ, spoke at PIRG. (7/11/00)

According to Steph, my PIRG partner should be Bruce, for no reason. According to Vanessa, it should be "Rachel, aesthetically speaking." I coupled Lars and Crazy Nell because it would be funny. (7/12/00)

I had an observer named Kwaku. (7/17/00)

"STOPCOCK!": my female empowerment group. (7/26/00)

A good license plate to have would be: WTF HAP END (7/26/00)

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