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As usual, quotes with multiple lines are updated from the top, single line quotes are updated at the bottom. I even added little notations in parentheses to indicate where the update ends or begins. So far I am represented as HowIsYa (and all variations), [GORILLAZ], AlbertCamus, Titsworth_Courier, and DeltronZero.


<+tuls> i just loved sticking the bats into my warm juicey pussy
<+Julianne19> (grin)

<@HowIsYa> but i decided, why not check who's online
*** Subbacultcha ( has joined #radiohead
<Brena> like me.
<Subbacultcha> venga boys
<Subbacultcha> ??
<Subbacultcha> Haven;t heard from them for a while
<Subbacultcha> Are they realeasing any new stuff soon?!?!?!?!
<Subbacultcha> I had a dream last night
<Subbacultcha> We all explored the world and sea in little rafts
<Subbacultcha> Of course my sister being a technical whizz she made ours relly fast and great
<Subbacultcha> Adn ours shitted on all the others FROM A GREAT HEIGHT
<Subbacultcha> But we went to the island
<Subbacultcha> And I was Thom at the time for some reason
<Subbacultcha> And I was carrying You And WHose Army?
<Subbacultcha> But I found a shed where the new Steriophonics album was being filmed
<Subbacultcha> No-one was there
<Subbacultcha> So I put the You And Whose Army under a rock so it wouldn't blow away
<Subbacultcha> I looked around the shed
<Subbacultcha> It had a set like the world war bunkers]
<Subbacultcha> And I looked in the bins, but then a guy heard me
<Subbacultcha> Cos I was making loads of noise
<Subbacultcha> And I ran away
<Subbacultcha> But stepped on the You And Whose Army
<Subbacultcha> Then I woke up
<Subbacultcha> WEIRD

<^Neatoo^> I'm so tired of these thieves that keep stealing my condoms....  ITs like "Hey man can i have one of your condoms?  "  "uhhh no..."   "oh..ok  *swipe*"
<^Neatoo^> Its like a fucking credit card or something

<+LaLaLand> I'm a reasonable man/ you can't slap me with that hand/ so you best be backing up/because i really don't give a fuck/
<+LaLaLand> Pimping might be my game/but i'm still a reasonable man/
<tea-towel> you are a poor rappa LaLaLand
<@howisya> i concur
<+LaLaLand> get off my case/my beautiful face
<+LaLaLand> :P
<+LaLaLand> i am bored
<+LaLaLand> shit up

<+tuls> i'll never tell
<+LaLaLand> slut
<+LaLaLand> you're name is slut spelled backwards
* +LaLaLand is soo fucking slow
<+tuls> you are name is slut spelled backwards

<howisya> "the realm of the mundane" by elle

*** four_20 ( Quit (Quit: With this Mic device I spit non-fiction)
<howisya> niggaz should check their diction i'm fucking kids up
<howisya> bosch painting depiiiiction

<QualityGirl> cause I've haddd the timmeee offf my lifeeeeeeee
<HowIsYa> cool
<QualityGirl> i love dirty dancing
<QualityGirl> whats wrong you u glumpy
<HowIsYa> ?
<QualityGirl> cool?
<QualityGirl> you suck

<CactusXXIII> oogy: you're a Radiohead member's band, sure.
<+oogy> huh?

<@Robi-> ow!
<@Robi-> who put the god damn earring in my chair
<@Robi-> I just pierced my ass

<@ZiNE> one time i went in #depression
<@ZiNE> heys
<@ZiNE> and like
<@ZiNE> this guy was talking about how he was so depressed, he didnt clean up after himself for weeks
<@ZiNE> hehe
<@ZiNE> like take baths and stuff

<@Myc> and because he's a fine black man!
<@Myc> I'd hop the fence.
<@Myc> To play in his yard! RAWR!

<annie_amos> oi
<annie_amos> sex in the morning, sex in the evening
<annie_amos> sex at supper time
<annie_amos> when you have sex while eating a bagel, you can have sex at anytime
<AlbertCamus> even better, when you have sex WITH a bagel, you can have sex at anytime
<annie_amos> oh yeah
<annie_amos> but a girl having sex with a bagel doesn't seem as satisfying
<AlbertCamus> you can give it oral?
<annie_amos> i can sure eat it out.
<AlbertCamus> that's my philosophy

<LaLaLand> Smaller breasts and younger limbs cause fits of rivalry!
*** OK_C ( Quit (Quit: porque sip...)

<@littleHalo> if peeps ruled the world *imagine that*
*** |Trans| ( has left #nin99
*** |Trans-afk| ( has joined #nin99
<howisya> imagine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassing, littleHalo
<@WhitechapelMolly> hi trav
<howisya> hi wendy =)
*** Myc sets mode: -b |Trans|!*
<howisya> |Trans|exuals welcome!
* @littleHalo imagines
<@|esoteric|> LOOK INTO THE EYEBALL.
<howisya> look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see (what it is you see)
<@littleHalo> sexmeyou
<howisya> i wanna sex you up
<howisya> tick tock and ya don't stop
<howisya> today we escape
<@littleHalo> so there i was...
<howisya> just awalkin down the street singing do wa diddy diddy dum(b) diddy do
*** garytheretard ( has joined #nin99
<@littleHalo> hi son
<howisya> found myself a bird and started masturbating on his feet, singing do wa diddy diddy dum(b) diddy do
<garytheretard> hi papa
<howisya> it looked good
<howisya> it looked fine
*** erased5i (nin99@ has joined #nin99
<howisya> then i fucked it till i broke its spine
<howisya> ooooh then i knew we were falling in looooove
<howisya> crushed like a bug in the ground
<howisya> two asian girls and a bottle of vodka
<erased5i> halo
*** erased5i (nin99@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
<@|esoteric|> HALO!
<@|esoteric|> haha! like a play on hello and halo! hahaha
*** erased5i ( has joined #nin99
<howisya> wb you punny bastard
<erased5i> why thank you

<tea-towel> should never have left the crystal lake
<@howisya> go have sex with your grandaddy!
<OK_C> lol..
<tea-towel> that was a good way of communicating that you knew the band was grandaddy, yet keeping your hardcore image of a muppet.  well done.
<tea-towel> and you even made OK_C laugh.

<+tuls> do you have the college education?
<+ReVol> what's one of those?
<I-C-U-P> wrong buttons suck
<+tuls> apparently after the mandatory school, you pay a lot of money to become further educated
<+ReVol> it wasn't mandatory for me
<+tuls> did you fail to complete that part?
<+ReVol> i learned only that you should spread your legs to the masses
<+tuls> what does that accomplish?
<+ReVol> i'm not sure
<+ReVol> but i'm trying very hard to find out!
<+tuls> hard being a key word
<+ReVol> i need some help
<+ReVol> hello Mijacogeo

<pamela> Çí
<howisya> suck me, beautiful!
<Guest06595> æÇæ
<howisya> mmm yea dig deep or something
<Guest06595> ÇäÊ ãä ÒãÇä æÞÍ
<howisya> teach my beloved children i've been a slave but have reached for the light eternally
<Guest06595> 00100
<howisya> type binary to me when we cyber
<Guest06595> 00100
<howisya> mmm that arouses me so much

<Mike_66> i just noticed that my guitar pick smells like Mint
<Mike_66> wierd
<howisya> hahaha
<Mike_66> {{ £åügHîñg Øüt £öüÐ }}

<nodie-> anyone know of any nice friendly channels on dalnet?
*** |Trans| ( has joined #nin99
<howisya> not this one?
<nodie-> funnily enough...
<nodie-> no
<nodie-> this channel is like the fag end of a party
<howisya> yea, what a bunch of fags indeed!

* @middie8 vomits
* howisya catches the vomit
<@littleHalo> boy... this i HAVE TO hear.
* howisya masturbates while choking it down
<howisya> big V did you listen to the holyoutlaws mp3's
<@middie8> yeah
<howisya> your thoughts?
<@middie8> big V?
<@littleHalo> hey travis could you videotape that next time so i can watch it over and over

<hihihi> i just walked in front of my dad in a thong i didnt know he was there
<hihihi> THAT SUCKED
<@howisya> hahahah
<neon_loneliness> icks!
<@mRwTF> sup neon_loneliness
<redmond_sgt> hm
<@howisya> take a webcam pic of you with your thong on sitting on your dad's lap
<redmond_sgt> my parents wear garments
<redmond_sgt> i feel pathetic
<neon_loneliness> why redmond_sgt?
<Durandal2K> its goin around
<redmond_sgt> has to do with jocelyn
<hihihi> thats tasty
<hihihi> err
<hihihi> nadty
<hihihi> nasty
<hihihi> hahaha
<hihihi> YES BUT
<hihihi> i just all walked in there
<hihihi> that was scary
<redmond_sgt> i'm attracted to fat girls, i think they're a lot prettier

<DarKyGiRL> are u female¡
<howisya> ;) why
<DarKyGiRL> i´m from ecuador:o)
<DarKyGiRL> are u girl?
<DarKyGiRL> :o)
<howisya> ;)
<howisya> i'm a boy.
<DarKyGiRL> wowowoow:oP
<DarKyGiRL> i´m a girl:oP
<howisya> :)
<DarKyGiRL> because i´m darky darky girl girl
<howisya> cute
<howisya> what's dark? your skin, hair, or eyes?
<DarKyGiRL> my soul:o)
<DarKyGiRL> jeje
* howisya pets your soul
<DarKyGiRL> jij
<DarKyGiRL> :o(
<howisya> :)
* howisya plays with it in his hands
<DarKyGiRL> jajaajajjajajajaaja
<DarKyGiRL> yupiii!:oP

*** littleHalo ( Quit (Quit: *** Topic is ' | yes, i got pussy... i am no longer a virgin... so you can all stop callin me gay now, you fuckin assfuckfaces')
<howisya> :)
<@Myc> hey. wait.
<@Myc> aimee.! NO!
<howisya> LOL!
<silentwar> haha
<MissDannyLohner> hehee
<howisya> hehe
<howisya> dork

<MissDannyLohner> there's a storm coming.  i should go offline so i can wash my dress and go to bed
<@Myc> What'd you wear to your meeting with howisya, Ingrid?
<@msglobalpac> its raining here
<MissDannyLohner> a gray dress
<@msglobalpac> she was naked!
* howisya will refer to ingrid as 'monica' from now on
<MissDannyLohner> mycah, travis is going to come visit me now
<@Myc> oooo.
<MissDannyLohner> lol
<@Myc> it was gray, not blue.
<@Myc> and her hair isn't that big.
<MissDannyLohner> damn you
<MissDannyLohner> it's your fault that i have stain in my dress
<@Myc> d;/
<@Myc> i don't want to know.
<howisya> ;)

<@middie8> mycah was always teasing him about how she gave him head in a church
<howisya> haha
<@[TOM1]> lol
* @middie8 wrinkles her nose
<@sheelanagig> yeah i heard that story
<@[TOM1]> pie bot's mormon church!
<@sheelanagig> i dotn believe she would blow anyone
<howisya> i bet she would
<howisya> girls give out blowjobs like hugs
<@sheelanagig> that girl does not look like she wants a penis in her mouth
<@sheelanagig> well nowadays
<@middie8> heh
<howisya> oral sex = tactic to keep the boy interested
<@sheelanagig> lol
<@[TOM1]> hmm
<howisya> i bet she has too, her mouth looks funny
<howisya> fuck, i'd demand a blowjob from her if i were dating her
<@sheelanagig> hahaha
<howisya> not cos i find her attractive.... but cos i don't
<@[TOM1]> lol
<@[TOM1]> where does the comma go again, travis?
<@middie8> mean :)

<QualityGirl> we are going to play
<QualityGirl> and watch the WORLD Jr Hockey championship
<QualityGirl> which is like 16-21 year old hockey players
<QualityGirl> yea I am gonna go nuts
<QualityGirl> :)
<QualityGirl> anyways
<QualityGirl> i feel like smartie ice cream :)
<QualityGirl> cya
<howisya> bye
<QualityGirl> rawwrrr
<howisya> ?
<QualityGirl> someone in a snotty mood?
<howisya> you said "cya"
<howisya> so i said bye
<QualityGirl> ok then
*** QualityGirl [] has left IRC

(end update segment)
<redmond_sgt> 1- Q: why does thom yorke have a lazy eye?
<redmond_sgt> A: to compensate for his soft r's
<redmond_sgt> 2-Where did thom yorke get the inspiration to "gather" enough matereal for "two" albums?
<redmond_sgt> NOAH
<redmond_sgt> BECAUSE THEY HAVE BIG......................TALENT

<@[nothing]> <ChRiS420> is your nick what your wearing?
<@[nothing]> omg!

<RbrDky> ahh like you could stroke it while deep in thought
<RbrDky> "it" being your beard :)

*** Now talking in #radiohead
*** Topic is '<talk_show^host> you pedal the thing and this dick just rises in and out the seat .. <talk_show^host> I 've never riden so much in me life !'
*** Set by seano on Sun May 27 02:43:12

*** weWerestrangers (heh@as3-4-126.HIP.Berkeley.EDU) has joined #radiohead
<weWerestrangers> you mean so little to me
<weWerestrangers> i see you all
<weWerestrangers> i just don't care
<SpecialGoodness> oops, wrong window
<weWerestrangers> my life is far from fair
<weWerestrangers> oops wrong window
<soothe> fuck you.
* @howisya hugs weWere
<SpecialGoodness> ^_^
<soothe> oops, wrong window.
* ReVol sucks on your juicy cock until it explodes creamy cum down the back of my throat
<soothe> sorry.
<ReVol> oops wrong window
<weWerestrangers> awwww
<weWerestrangers> i love you howisya
<ReVol> sorry.
<SpecialGoodness> hmm . . .
<weWerestrangers> this is nice

<@jez> i bought ok computer tonight
<@jez> its hard for me to not type okay
<@Robi-> heh, goin at yer own pace of buying, I like that, jez :)

<howisya> i don't know if i've ever had a dream involving anyone from #nin99
<howisya> #nin plenty, but i've been there 4+ years
<howisya> #radiohead maybe once or twice
<howisya> it's not that i'm above it
<howisya> i have even more ribald dreams
<howisya> i've dreamt about my overnight files downloading successfully.
<howisya> even sadder, i wake up and they haven't.
<@[ElitehackerTom]> that is lame
<howisya> i know
<howisya> hehe
<howisya> it sure is

<KidConverse> Like ice to a penis burned by the heat. My shit is erect, there will be no retreat!
<^Neatoo^> lol
<halfabean> erect shit
<KidConverse> b/c thats the way my penis flows mr bean
<KidConverse> its the way the fuckin shit flows
<Ascetic_> You smokin too kid? lol wtf
<^Neatoo^> i mean its like you jump in a pool and your dick says "Man fuck this... retreat team! "
<KidConverse> exactly
<KidConverse> Yes man
<KidConverse> exactly
<Ascetic_> lol
<KidConverse> but it CANT
<@mRwTF> heh, shutup!
<KidConverse> it cant fallback
<KidConverse> its surrounded
<@Quantum> dahddahddah dah de dah dah dah
<Ascetic_> lol
<KidConverse> so it tries to bury itself in your stomach
<@mRwTF> HEY! don't laugh at me, bitch
<^Neatoo^> all the sudden your bottom half of your body is back to being 1 year old
<Ascetic_> lol
<^Neatoo^> lol stomach burial
<KidConverse> man
<KidConverse> Put your finger deep in your belly button
<KidConverse> Know what that is saying?
<amnesiak> hi to everybody!!
<@mRwTF> how's it going sexy amnesiak
<KidConverse> Its your penis saying "NO COLD WATER! I FEEL IT SEEPING IN!"
<^Neatoo^> heh
<KidConverse> do it
<^Neatoo^> the anti social penis...  the ice queen comes to visit and he runs up inside the cooker
<@Quantum> have you ever had sex in a .. not cold but 'cool' pool?
<^Neatoo^> no
<KidConverse> when i was going through puberty
<KidConverse> i got an erection in my public swimming pool
<^Neatoo^> it probly doesn't work quantum
<KidConverse> and the water was cold as fuck
<Ascetic_> that probably has some bad effects
<@Quantum> I've done it
<KidConverse> and fondled myself in the deep end
<Ascetic_> lol
<^Neatoo^> lol
<KidConverse> i fondled my little ringer

<Ascetic_> Why do they put it next to the Yeast INfection stuff then if your NOT supposed to eat it?!
<KidConverse> the life sins of tommorrow
<KidConverse> can only be found past tense
<KidConverse> of the future.
<^Neatoo^> lol
<^Neatoo^> you eat yeast infections stuff ?
<KidConverse> when its on his womans pooch
<Ascetic_> It says Yeast dude
* ^Neatoo^ is gonna go suck down a tube of monistat 1
<Ascetic_> I like bread so why not
<^Neatoo^> heeavenly concentrated .. mmmmmmmm
<KidConverse> yeh duh
<KidConverse> its bread man
<halfabean> whats that shit the aussies eat
<halfabean> vegemite
<halfabean> thats just nasty

<@QuitJivinMeTurkey> hehe that your usual pick up line?
<@QuitJivinMeTurkey> <adamx> are u more than 12yrs old ?

<mistress`bater> someone call me and tell me nasty stuff
<howisya> wb jezzer
<howisya> bater can i call you and talk about taking a shit or throwing up
<@jez> thanks jizzer
* howisya jizzes on rhonda's face
* @jez laps it up
<howisya> nice.
<mistress`bater> naw   that stuff dun get me off
<El_bezerk> i could send u a cool pic of what i can do with some baby oil and a parking cone
<mistress`bater> you can tell me how you wanna rape me though with a broken coke bottle
<El_bezerk> and punch her boobs
<mistress`bater> lol
<myosis> sorry i don't break coke bottles it's too dangerous
<mistress`bater> damnit
<myosis> i could go with the baby's feeding bottle though
<mistress`bater> and the nipple of it could stimulate my cli
<mistress`bater> *clit
<myosis> let's boil it first
<howisya> what about your shit
<El_bezerk> yes dont bore us with trifles, tell us about feces
<howisya> exactly
<El_bezerk> color, texture, consistency
<howisya> fuck clits and tits lets talk about creamy shits
<El_bezerk> spewing volcanoes of brown steaming love logs
<howisya> wh0rd.. talk of excrement is simply erotic precedent
<El_bezerk> that reminds me i have to go give grandma her bath. bbl
<mistress`bater> you bore nme
<howisya> damn, who ima bounce my rhymes off

<+LaLaLand> I'm a virgin
* +LaLaLand cries some more
<+LaLaLand> and i'm not fat, or ugly
<+LaLaLand> or short
<Mephe> lala, how old?
* +LaLaLand cries
<+LaLaLand> 18
<masterbakerism> awww gees
<+LaLaLand> i'm actually cute
<+LaLaLand> or something

<[TOM1]> milk is nasty
<[TOM1]> it's just fat in water

<howisya> "you can't find a partner? use a wooden chair." -elvis presley, jailhouse rock
<howisya> that's dirtbag!

<Built_Solid_20M> hello?
<howisya> hi
<howisya> wanna kill my wife?
<Built_Solid_20M> i may want to do more than that with her ;) what does she look like?
<Built_Solid_20M> and where are you from?
<Built_Solid_20M> ?
<howisya> dc
<Built_Solid_20M> alright...i could make it there
<Built_Solid_20M> how much is involved
<howisya> where are you mr. killer
<Built_Solid_20M> that doesnt really matter does it
<howisya> you go to new mexico university
<Built_Solid_20M> nope...thats just who i signed on through
<Built_Solid_20M> i dont like people knowing where im at
<howisya> clever
<howisya> have you killed before
<Built_Solid_20M> no comment...but im not going to say no
<Built_Solid_20M> how old is the wife
<howisya> how would you like to kill her
<howisya> she's 18
<Built_Solid_20M> 18?!?!
<howisya> yea
<howisya> come out if you think you can take us on
<Built_Solid_20M> what did she do to you
<howisya> nothing
<howisya> she wants to be killed
<Built_Solid_20M> you dont have to answer it
<Built_Solid_20M> it doesnt matter that much
<howisya> you and your cronies
<howisya> you forget so easy
<howisya> what else would you wanna do with her
<Built_Solid_20M> if i think i cant "take you on" ?
<Built_Solid_20M> lol
<howisya> let me put it this way
<howisya> if you can kill both of us you can have (and do) whatever you want
<Built_Solid_20M> got a pic of this wife?
<howisya> if you can't kill me, you get nothing more than the opportunity to kill my wife
<Built_Solid_20M> well no shit if i can kill you i can do whatever i want
<Built_Solid_20M> i dont want to kill you...just the wife
<howisya> then that's all
<howisya> i used to think that there was no future left at all
<Built_Solid_20M> do you have any that show a clear face/body (clothed or not, doesnt matter)
<Built_Solid_20M> she's pretty
<Built_Solid_20M> mind if i rape her before i kill her?
<howisya> come out if you think you can take us on
<Built_Solid_20M> i dont want to take the both of you on...i just want to bone your wife hard enough that she bleeds ta
<howisya> that's pretty hard to do
<Built_Solid_20M> why is that?
<howisya> think about it
<Built_Solid_20M> you have a body shot of her?
<Built_Solid_20M> i'll get her pussy bleeding...i know she wont die from that..but it'll be fun to do
<Built_Solid_20M> i'll kill her after
<Built_Solid_20M> if thats what you want
<howisya> do whatcha whatcha whatcha want...
<Built_Solid_20M> ok
<Built_Solid_20M> whats her address
<howisya> i'm not saying right now
<Built_Solid_20M> then if your not serious fuck off..i dont feel like wasting my time
<howisya> light another candle and release me
<howisya> a boy's best friend is his mother

(end update segment)
<@Myc> I wonder how many miles o' cock you'd come up with if you measured every man in the united states.
<@Myc> and added it up.
<@digitalis> someone else says "oh, that's harley's dick scratching on the door.  he must've just pulled into the parking lot.'
<lebon> ouch
<|Trans|> just ask esoteric, he's seen them all

<@crappynick> i remember back when |esoteric| was funny.
* @crappynick grows wistful
<howisya> i don't! ;-D
<@|esoteric|> i cant help what it says. its a random line from a txt file.
<@|esoteric|> ;-D

<@DavidM19> I hope the Clipper Chip gets passed.
<[Shoegazer]> which is what?
<Spring__> clipper chip?
<AlbertCamus> what's the clipper chip
<[Shoegazer]> some messed up government censorship thing?
<SumNihil> Hello all.
<@DavidM19> A new, miraculous, microchip that would allow the government, with two electronic keys, to watch our telecommunication transactions.

<Spring__> AlbertCamus, sheperd was a homosexuality who was killed in a robbery. his killers were homophobe. the mainstream media gave his murder a 24/7 coverage for months. when two gay rapists raped a 13 year boy to death the mainstream media did not cover it.
<Spring__> the mainstream culture adores and protects homosexuals. this is a fact.

<karenlod> so u know monica lewinsky ha
<BoNe-ThuG-|[N]|-HaRMoNY> looooool :)
<BoNe-ThuG-|[N]|-HaRMoNY> nice one
<BoNe-ThuG-|[N]|-HaRMoNY> punk ass mutha fucka
<karenlod> i wish i knew her like ur pres did

<HolyCow> u guys make a rap channel but do u guys know what's is rap
<HolyCow> u guys worship shady
<subterranean> well... what's is rap?
<HolyCow> a white wannabe
<kibbie-> anyone in here have Eightball & MJG's new cd?
<kibbie-> space age 4 eva?
<@Lady-Cr0nic> omfg
<HolyCow> we blacks u should worship
<@Lady-Cr0nic> conspiracy` (
<@Lady-Cr0nic> | name : the
<@Lady-Cr0nic> oops
<subterranean> shady wanting to be white is what's is not rap.. ok... what's is rap?
<MiDNigHT_DaaKoO> HolyCow> yeah send me yer pic an i decide ur black shit or not
<california_ka_bhai> black power
<HolyCow> we blacks bought out rap
<@Lady-Cr0nic> conspiracy` I haven't seen you in a loooooooooong ass time
<HolyCow> rap is raping u r mother in a bathroom

<spanky82> hey peeps, whats up with jigga and tha term "Midwest Side".  Aren't those terms contradictory?
<irc_most_hated> smell your finger for me now baby

<GentleRed> go to napster
<cheeseboy> heard what?  deep?  press alt+f4 to hear it
<AlbertCamus> finding it isn't a problem
<AlbertCamus> ok lemme try that..
<@bloogh> :p
<AlbertCamus> didn't work :/
<AlbertCamus> but i did manage to lose four hours worth of this thing i was writing!!!!!!
<AlbertCamus> thanks SO much man
<cheeseboy> no problem
<AlbertCamus> it sucked anyway, because i am a moron!
<cheeseboy> teach you to save regularly
<AlbertCamus> i save old tissues

<DarkDiva> how was Dennys?
<@|esoteric|> ;-D
<@|esoteric|> PIE_BOT tried to kiss me.
<DarkDiva> awwww!
<DarkDiva> thats so cute!
<@|esoteric|> no its not. we are bother heterosexual.

<turbovaginapower> someday i will find out why guys have nipples
<turbovaginapower> and i will become rich
<|Trans-Formers|> so girls can pinch them when you piss them off
<turbovaginapower> or during sex
<turbovaginapower> this guy has a big basement
<turbovaginapower> i want a fat girl chained to my basement
<HowIsYa> watch out for the big girl?
<|Trans-Formers|> all skin-sewing murderers do really
<turbovaginapower> see thats what fatties should do, they could contact a skin-sewing murder

<[TOM1]> i'm not seeing radiohead
<Titsworth_Courier> good, save the tickets for the people who really wanna go
<[TOM1]> i am
<[TOM1]> i'm not wasting money on british junk
<Titsworth_Courier> haha
<Titsworth_Courier> right, american boy bands are so much better
<[TOM1]> they're original
<[TOM1]> all of radiohead's songs sounds like old pop songs
<Titsworth_Courier> uh, right.
<[TOM1]> yeah No Surprises, Lucky, Love Waits..
<[TOM1]> they sound like pop songs already written
<Titsworth_Courier> you'd be hardpressed to find anyone who agrees with you
<[TOM1]> i bet i could
<Titsworth_Courier> try :)
<Titsworth_Courier> i think you failed
<[TOM1]> did not...there are other nin fans

<[TOM1]> i want to shoot guns
<AlbertCamus> i imagine
<[TOM1]> i might not pass the physical
<AlbertCamus> why wouldn't you?
<EvaBlue> i want to blow stuff up.....but im not allowed to
<[TOM1]> they make you carry 40 pound packs for miles
<GentleRed> I should join the army
<[TOM1]> and women aren't made to do physical stuff
<AlbertCamus> i don't know if women have the same regulations
<[TOM1]> that's why god invented men

<roads> it can't be worse than this.  berkeley is full of smelly hippies and homeless people.  and even worse, student activists.
<W8NC> r u all from US?
<InLimbo> and razor scooters
<PrimeFactor> Oh you're from Berkeley.
<PrimeFactor> Hehe.
<PrimeFactor> I've been there a lot.
<PrimeFactor> My girlfriend goes there.
<roads> is she single?
<PrimeFactor> Hehe.
<PrimeFactor> She's my girlfriend.

<jizzzdrinker> You got anything to trade?
<howisya> jizz
<jizzzdrinker> yep
<howisya> that's what i got
<jizzzdrinker> ok any drinking?
<howisya> i don't drink, i supply
<jizzzdrinker> yea but do you have any jizz drinking vids?
<howisya> what?
<howisya> pee on your face....
<jizzzdrinker> ok - ill make it simple.... Do you have any bukkake video clips to trade?
<howisya> like of me doing it?
<jizzzdrinker> no .... any !!!!
<howisya> of me?
<jizzzdrinker> you are a pissing me off now.
<howisya> pee on your face?
<jizzzdrinker> ok
<howisya> mmmm i am whipping out my big dick and peeing on your face...

<@Myc> bwahahahahaha.  they found it quite humerous in the other channels i hang out in!
<|Trans|> well #teensex must have a unique brand of humour
* VickyMaz chuckles
<VickyMaz> good one.
* @Myc snorts.
<tearinhand> myc's a loon
<@Myc> pearl necklace. uhuhuhh/

*** |esoteric| ( Quit (Quit: blargh.)
<@}static{> i hate people who are complete utter assholes to people who dont fucking deserve it.

<tearinhand> i think guys should shave their legs if they expect women to
<Myc> i think girls should shave their faces if they expect men to.

<dr_diablos> I got a question.   How come they can put a man on the moon,
<dr_diablos>              but they can't make a deoderant that works past lunch?
<ReVol> because you stink
<RbrDky> mine works all day

(end update segment)
<@|esoteric|> i wish there was some way that i could mount speakers on my body. and play a soundtrack to my life all the time.
<|Trans|> that would be neato
<@FrankStallone> *hears mc hammer in the distance*   oh, here comes |esoteric|.
<@|esoteric|> heh.

<Anti^^Christ> wassup
<hoWisya> not much, just rapin some womenz
<Anti^^Christ> fuckin rapist
<Anti^^Christ> but what the hell
<hoWisya> yea, i know
<hoWisya> rape's kinda cool
<Anti^^Christ> kicks ass
<hoWisya> indeed
<hoWisya> who's the last person you raped?
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> the girl next door
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> u?
<hoWisya> papergirl
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> she was the one before that for me..
<hoWisya> k00l
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> isnt that gr8
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> 2 rapest chatin
<hoWisya> yea i know, this is special
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> maybe we should go on a hunt together
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> rape evryone we come across
<hoWisya> rape across america
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> hell yea
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> how old r u
<hoWisya> old enough to do some mighty fine rapin
<A|\|ti-^^ChR|st> now thats what i like

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*** recoba20 (~salah@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
<HowIsYa> gotta tell you i met this cat nina / it was only five minutes fo she whipped out ma weena / down she would go like she wasn't your ho / and vibrated me like a washing-machina

<+LordSho^Allah> niggaz aint' ready for the pain i administer, lobotomize your mind, give your brain a enema
<+``adrum> that nigga on bet hits from the streets is an ignorant motherfucker
<Titsworth_Courier> k you wanna talk about brain shit / i'll hit you with insane shit / like brace-lets / with your onion rings / a rapping owl and a snake who sings / you may wish to pain administer / but i be like millionaire reverend jesse jackson / a real ad minister
<+``adrum> titsworth more like shitsworth-less everytime u tryin an spit we just get dumber like retared kids/while u runnin round sportin k-e-d-s/ya moms is givin us live niggas h-e-d
<Titsworth_Courier> h-e-d? please refrain from trying, i'm the titsworth courier / matched up against you i'm afraid i'll bore-your / mainstream hip-hop friends / so i'll observe you with my psychic lens / and see you're about to reference a benz...
<Titsworth_Courier> who you tryin to be, that nigga jay-z? / more like puffy's bitch shyne / right after he got stoned watching scorsese's kundun / i listen to future sound of london / not mainstream rap, and it shows / stick my dick up in ya nose
<``adrum> that nigga jay wish he were as tight as m-e/leave ya frozen like the outer rings of saturn/i bring battles like napoleon/call me the last don/got bodies rottin in ya moms closet cause im jus that sick/like to watch they bodies twitch while she suck on my dick/rip her lips an feed em to them kids who starvin n shit got bitches bitin clits just to get at my dick
<Titsworth_Courier> well if you bring battles like napoleon you be on ya belly / gettin fucked in the ass like that muthafucka nelly / providing the unpleasant aroma you enjoy / i go lynch your little girl or boy / while you stay on the ground playing with your fifty cent ass toy

<@Holly> i need a damn part number!
<@[nothing]> 462-69-911
<@ragesong> hehe
<Titsworth_Courier> 20782
<Titsworth_Courier> we have explosive
<@teardownthewall> :D
<@Holly> i could so go for some crunchy rolls and bbq eel right now
<Titsworth_Courier> for you i'd bbq my own dick

<KID_A_> hi all !
<InsomniFox> wow.. *the* kid a?
<Neo-K> ???
<@Titsworth_Courier> yup
<@Titsworth_Courier> they named the album after him
<Neo-K> oh you lucky bastard
<+voodoo_chi1d> heh
<@Titsworth_Courier> they always name albums and songs after their fans on the internet

<Holly> he has thrash =(
<howisya> thrash?!
<Holly> yeh a mouth infection
<Holly> i had it when i was 1
<howisya> never heard of that
<Holly> i got it from licking a bathroom carpet my mom threw downstairs

*** Now talking in #orbital
*** ChanServ sets mode: +nt

*** Dankster ( has joined #rap
<Dankster> ride around finda piece, maybe get somethin'a eat, hook up w/ mah peeps, MasterB DocInsane Mr.Madness-Drop some Capt.Morgan in mah tea, chase my wicked w/ some M.G.D
<howisya> shit that's terrible
<Drazik_S> where i can find LL COOL J's mp3?
<+t0Ca> hey wicked unban youngstud
<+t0Ca> i was cursin at him in swedish
<+t0Ca> lol
<howisya> hesitant to reveal that the names you dropped so gleefully are synonyms for wanton male lust specifically sodomy, refrain from chasing any of the male specie and exit the room before you partake in chocolate or fece
*** Dankster ( has left #rap
<howisya> das right

<Prince2k> annejelika: how old r u?
<annejelika> il y a du monde qui parle francais
<annejelika> 19ans
<Prince2k> i'm 15
<annejelika> toi ?
<annejelika> ok
<annejelika> you are young :)
<Prince2k> então eu vou falar português.
<Prince2k> yes
<Prince2k> i've a big and hard sperm gun!

<+frossty_3> i have ten dollars saying i could fuck mijacogeo
<@HowIsYa> i'll place that bet
<@HowIsYa> where's the bitch live? indiana right?
<@HowIsYa> and you're in texas?
<@HowIsYa> seriously, you're on -- $10
<+frossty_3> nigga!  the right circumstances!
<@HowIsYa> any circumstances
<@HowIsYa> you have till whenever
<+frossty_3> if i were in the same room with her for.......  2 hours.
<@HowIsYa> you have to have your penis in her vagina
<@HowIsYa> i will pay you $10
<+frossty_3> i'd at least get a hummer
<@HowIsYa> no, vaginal
<@HowIsYa> girls give blowjobs out like hugs now
<+frossty_3> vaginal sex!
<+frossty_3> YOU'RE ON
<@HowIsYa> ok, when do you plan to hit it?
<+frossty_3> there is no timetable on this bet, just WHEN it happens, not IF, when it happens you pay me.

*** Now talking in #rap
*** Topic is '<Whyte> are you not voicing me cuz im white ???'
*** Set by wicked on Mon Apr 09 19:18:23
*** BrAsS_mOnKeY is now known as jhfdjks
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<HowIsYa> man, white people be buggin
*** claudia` is now known as claudia`busy
<jhfdjks> HowIsYa, shut up
<phili_b> yea yea
<|DEATH-ROW|> he he he
<claudia`busy> ahaha
<|DEATH-ROW|> white ppl
<|DEATH-ROW|> fuck
*** |DEATH-ROW| (~k.j@ has left #RAP
*** Jim_Browski ( has joined #rap
<jhfdjks> and you be bitchin
* bejak stars buggin
<jhfdjks> so be quick to shut your mouth

<CHELO> por todavia estamos dentro de la festividad pascual y no se hacen algunas cosas pq seria como un nivel de iom tov mas bajo
<@HowIsYa> ok spaniards
<@HowIsYa> i have a question
<natalik> "pascual" jeje
<natalik> tell us
<@HowIsYa> what do you think is going to happen to all these teenage girls in 10-20 years who claim they're bisexual
<natalik> why do you ask, HowIsYa
<@HowIsYa> just curious
<natalik> too far from me
<CheapSex_And_SadFilms> there will be a boom of bisexual porno actors therefor lowering the average salary of porno stars

<gothkid> i wish i had a dead rabbit to lick
<gothkid> i'd call it max
<Roll9> we all do man

<howisya> hey sport, could you stop talking about me behind my back? ;-D
<ProtonMan> what on earth are you talking about?
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> eso keeps messaging me things you've said travis
<howisya> *** [ThomasLohner] sets mode: +o howisya
<howisya> <@sheelanagig> is esoteric online?
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> yes
<howisya> <@sheelanagig> whats his name?
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> *ProtonMan* they send me out to fix rough patches between ops and
users of #nin99
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> ProtonMan
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> *ProtonMan* its funny
<howisya> <@[ThomasLohner]> *ProtonMan* PIE_BOT said that
<ProtonMan> its just a log from whe nyou and PIE_BOT were chatting.
<ProtonMan> im not "talking about you behind your back"
<howisya> yes, and you are induldging in this because...?
<ProtonMan> its funny.
<howisya> how many months ago is that log from?
<ProtonMan> eh. not sure. its been a while.
<howisya> and you can't move on?
<ProtonMan> i was just going through some old logs.
<ProtonMan> its pretty amusing.
<howisya> may i make a suggestion?
<ProtonMan> hrm.
<ProtonMan> ill pretend like i am drunk, if you want.
<howisya> there're lots of things to do if you're bored
<ProtonMan> THANX

<Titsworth_Courier> "myc would later go on to achieve great fame by being bestowed an op title on
an irc channel full of bi-polar and poseur lesbians."
<Titsworth_Courier> that's great
<Titsworth_Courier> myc seriously looks like the biggest fuckin homo
<[TOM1]> :)
<Titsworth_Courier> i have no problem with his being fat
<[TOM1]> don't click on the d8i directory
<Titsworth_Courier> there are plenty of fat people on irc
<Titsworth_Courier> but he just looks goofy
<Titsworth_Courier> with the hair and the facial expressions
<Titsworth_Courier> i seriously can never really feel slighted by him
<[TOM1]> lol
<Titsworth_Courier> since he has nothing on me, mentally or physically
<[TOM1]> yeah he does
<Titsworth_Courier> what?
<Titsworth_Courier> 100lbs?
<[TOM1]> i was responding to the goofy comment
<Titsworth_Courier> oh ;)

<testez> sometimes jerking off is serious work
<Titsworth_Courier> pee on your face
<testez> fuckchop instead of pork chop!  LOL
<testez> "FuckChop"!
<testez> LOL
<testez> can you imagine?!?!
<Titsworth_Courier> LOL
*** Lorcan^ ( Quit (Quit: Hagus... the other white meat... Maciejowsky...the other bible)
<Titsworth_Courier> what a pussy! LOL as in trent reznor's pussy cat, of all things! LOL it's like josie and the pussycats and tomcats all rolled into one... HELL YEA WOULD I FUCKING HIT THAT
<testez> ``The citizens are tired. Black citizens are tired, they're scared in their homes. White citizens are tired, they're targeted in their cars. I think we have to exercise unprecedented, and a week ago, unthinkable measures, to protect those citizens and to protect our police officers,'' Luken said.
<testez> Race Riots LOL!
<testez> black citizens aren't scared in their homes.
<testez> the white people are!
<Titsworth_Courier> LOL put your hoodies on!

<testez> here are three quick steps to making love with any girl you want:
<testez> 1.  learn to play the guitar
<testez> 2.  learn to play 'say goodbye' by dave matthews band
<testez> 3.  play it to a girl, and the twatties froth for you!

<[TOM1]> did you update your quote page travis?
<|Trans|> still bling blinging?
<Titsworth_Courier> no, do you want me to?
<[TOM1]> sure
<Titsworth_Courier> k, i'll tell you when
<[TOM1]> you should included that line about my ass
<[TOM1]> include
<Titsworth_Courier> which line?
<Titsworth_Courier> can i snort a line off your ass?
<@littleHalo> nice
<DarkDiva> hahahaha
<Titsworth_Courier> woah, convenient.. crack off crack
<DarkDiva> ewww!

(end update segment)
<howisya> not at all
<howisya> i use composer
<howisya> for my irc quotes page
<howisya> most "webmasters" chastize me for that
<howisya> so i tell them to go rearrange their star trek figurines
<howisya> fuckin nerds

<howisya> portishead and FSOL are totally missing in action
<howisya> i miss them
<p0rtishEAd> nazi?
<howisya> not to mention Fluke
<p0rtishEAd> no
<p0rtishEAd> whay?
<fakeplasticman> i loooooooooove portishead
<howisya> they all got dayjobs
<howisya> can you imagine beth gibbons working at mcdonald's
<howisya> i'm reaching out for this morning sandwich
<p0rtishEAd> yes ok
<p0rtishEAd> mee too
<+MDChapman> and the beatles.
<howisya> and now you can go on.. to the drivethru
<howisya> this fire, on the fryer
<fakeplasticman> have they splitten up?
<howisya> glory box contains a big mac now
<Durandal2K> what happened to portishead?
<howisya> your order? is it over now?
<howisya> i'm telling you, the members of portishead all work at mcdonald's now
<howisya> and FSOL and Fluke work at office depot

<[TOM1]> someone, fondle me
<[TOM1]> - ,
<AlbertCamus> this some goodass weed
<@Myc> god damn.
<@Myc> you fuckin' hippies make me sick!
<AlbertCamus> your nippies make me sick

*** waccokid ( has joined #nin
<waccokid> what the fuck is up my kiddies
<@adamx> uh
<@adamx> im no kid
<@adamx> u lil bish
<waccokid> sorry
<howisyA> hahaha
<@adamx> <-- MAN

<howisyA> it's a mutual exchange of domestic violence
<[TomLohner]> travis is my slapping partner
<@|esoteric|> domestic violence makes baby jesus laugh.
<@|esoteric|> im my own slapping partner.
* @|esoteric| slaps himself on the ass.
<@|esoteric|> OUCH. YOU LIKE THAT?

<howisyA> better say my name, bitchez
<D-Block> sup ant 1 want to trade a few album's? i am lookin for scarface and have a LOT of shit to trade wit
<D-Block> scarface/mr scarface is back
<howisyA> yo how about i trade you my elvis record
<D-Block> i don't have east coast shit
<howisyA> how you feel bout that shit
<howisyA> fuck east coast yo.. i'm into that tennessee shit.. goin to graceland, yo
<D-Block> i feel like ur a BI
<D-Block> iiiiiiiiiiitch
<howisyA> what?
<howisyA> you don't like elvis?
<D-Block> and if u were in my room i would ban ur hoecake ass
<howisyA> tha fuck?
<howisyA> ok fine
<howisyA> how about beatles?
<thugnigga> lol
<howisyA> i'll trade you my 'rubber soul' album for whatever you got..
<thugnigga> its d-block
<D-Block> howisabitchmade
<howisyA> what?
<howisyA> you don't like niggaz from england either? tha fuck is you, a racist?
<D-Block> sup thig
<D-Block> thug*
<howisyA> aiightz.. howz led zeppelin? you know they hard...
<thugnigga> sup homy
<D-Block> pnly half breeds in england
<howisyA> i tradez you some 'physical graffiti' for some tight shit
<D-Block> some one kick this foo
<metaphive> led zeppelin is an ill name
<D-Block> he gay as fucc
<thugnigga> lol
<howisyA> tha fuck you talkin bout? what, you don't like zep either?
<howisyA> man, you waq
<thugnigga> fuckin punk rock
<howisyA> you don't like anything
<thugnigga> sumone ban this punk rock
<D-Block> nigga this a rap room? where tha fucc u see headbanger's ball???
<howisyA> what?
<thugnigga> lol
<thugnigga> lol
<howisyA> ok
<howisyA> well what tha fuck kinda recordz you talkin bout man?
<howisyA> i mean, i got elvis, beatles, led zep, the stones...
<thugnigga> ahahahaha
<howisyA> what else do you need yo? that's the bread and butta, nigga..
<thugnigga> your on drugs
<D-Block> take ur flintstone ass to room #BASEROX
<thugnigga> ahahaha
<howisyA> lol
<howisyA> tha fuck is that?
<D-Block> yo is gay also
<D-Block> what kind of opp's u got in here???
<howisyA> man, you tha fag.. you don't like none of that ill shit
<D-Block> kick this rock smokin foo and represent
<howisyA> tha fuck you listen to? big bopper? lol
<D-Block> for tha last time u in a RAP room

<thugnigga> why r u even here howisyA
<howisyA> i'm cool.. i'm down
<thugnigga> u dont like rap right
<thugnigga> o ok
<howisyA> i don't see why you don't dig elvis man
<howisyA> nigga was phat
<thugnigga> down with who
<howisyA> he and tupac must be tight up in heaven
<thugnigga> u down with esco?
<howisyA> yea i'm feelin that track nas did with the remaining members of the doors
<howisyA> shit was tight
<heath> phatty y0h
<heath> phatty y0h
<heath> i'm trendy.
<heath> look, a white person trying to be black, man, that's sooo cool.
<@conspiracy`> wheres esci
<@conspiracy`> esco
<howisyA> how do you try to be black, paint your face? lol
<heath> nah dude, biggy and pac be chillin
<heath> dey made up dey diff'ences
<heath> now dey tight like gs
<heath> da d00rz?
<heath> who dat
<heath> who dat
<heath> who dat?
*** PSYCHOSOSA ( has left #RAP
<heath> chit?
<heath> is that like a childo shit
<heath> I remember.

<natalik> GOOD ONE
<@howisyA> no one can touch yourass, no one can mess with you on your period, and you waited a long time to have sex
<natalik> cool girl!
<+yourass> travis, I have sex during my period
<natalik> i like your behaviour
<+yourass> just no oral from strangers
<+yourass> during my period
<natalik> aha
<natalik> how is it like
<natalik> sex on your period
<+yourass> sex during the period is great!
<+yourass> extra lubrication!
<natalik> explain
<+yourass> hehehe
<natalik> explain! i haven't
<+yourass> what's there to explain?
<natalik> i dunno
<+yourass> try it!
<natalik> mmmmmm
<natalik> dunno
<+yourass> well
<natalik> stinky maybe
<+yourass> I tend to be hornier
<+yourass> soooooo
<+yourass> it's just better
<Carlisle26> ???
<+yourass> heh a little messy
<natalik> messy it is
<natalik> stains all over!
<+yourass> natalik, I haven't had a stain problem!
<ruse> lies!
<+yourass> I don't tend to have sex when the period is really heavy

<rAp4EvA> 2 pac b-i-g 4eva!!!
<howisya> i'll fuck you in the ass just for a laugh
*** That_Nigga_You_Love_To_Hate ( has joined #rap
<That_Nigga_You_Love_To_Hate> Anyone know what time it is? Central?
<howisya> central? time to plow the fields, farmer john..
<That_Nigga_You_Love_To_Hate> funny....
*** That_Nigga_You_Love_To_Hate ( has left #rap
<howisya> aw, i didn't mean to scare him off
<howisya> he's not so scary or hateable after all

*** fartbot ( has joined #nin
* fartbot farts
*** fartbot ( has left #nin (this has been drive-by farting #246)

*** JeeLL changes topic to 'All you ppl gettin all hot n bothered over music: it's just entertainment!'
<+Cliche> actually no its not JeeLL, but thanks for coming out.
<recka> pimp girl..
<@Pimp_girl> only girls who ty to be american listen to back that ass up adn fuck niggaz hopin they be americans
<recka> u r wrong...snoop aint big in sweden
<@JeeLL> Cliche: yes it is yo
<@Pimp_girl> i didnt say that
<@JeeLL> they're in teh entertainment buisness
<recka> its in america the bling bling music work,.,
<recka> not here,
<+Cliche> JeeLL: um no, its not.
<@JeeLL> am I wrong?
<@Pimp_girl> i said they listen to no limits in sweden
<+Cliche> hip-hop is more than entertainment.
<@JeeLL> uhmm yes it is
<@JeeLL> music is entertainment
<@Pimp_girl> well clichhe is a white boy i dont think im listen to him
<@JeeLL> it makes you think
<+KonArtis> no they don't
<@JeeLL> and shit
<recka> do they listen to no limit in sweden??
<recka> hell no...
<@JeeLL> it keeps you entertained too
<@JeeLL> so
<+Cliche> hahaha
<@JeeLL> it CAN be more
<@JeeLL> but when you break it down
<+Cliche> Pimp_girl: you're white, dumb ass.
<@Pimp_girl> or anyone
<recka> Europe are famous to listen to more NY style...
<+Cliche> you're fucking european
<@Pimp_girl> recka they do
<@JeeLL> it's entertainment
<+Cliche> for christs sake
<@Pimp_girl> lol
<@Pimp_girl> hahaha
<@drama`> ryan
<@Pimp_girl> my grandma isnt
* @drama` covers her eyes
<@Pimp_girl> bitch
<@drama`> X(
<howisya> hahahaha
<+Cliche> so enough with the white boy crap.
<@JeeLL> Pimp_girl: are you ashamed of being white?
<howisya> i love it when white girls get racist on white boys

<S|it[]> i am Crazy!!!
<S|it[]> who wants to kill me for $100 dollars?

<gangstabitch> my ex BF
<gangstabitch> ever he damn handsome
<gangstabitch> even he damn cute
<gangstabitch> but he rough on bed
<gangstabitch> i brake him up
<gangstabitch> :)

<DeltronZero> i just punched an ant crawling on the wall
<DeltronZero> pretty hardcore man

(end update segment)
<decaying> travis give good blows jobs
<decaying> ack
<HowIsYa> not so
<decaying> no!
<HowIsYa> i think the weirdest advice i was ever given was from oldskool #nin regular Skella
<HowIsYa> she was talking about blowjobs
<HowIsYa> and she sincerely recommended to me that i let a GUY give me a bj (cos they give them better than girls, according to her)
<decaying> (11:14) (+CuteGuy15) DECAYING HAVING CONNECTION PROBLEMS.
<decaying> (11:14) (+CuteGuy15) DECAYING CLOSE UR CONNECTION B4 I KILL IT
<decaying> =O

<@Myc> Did your urine smell better?
<DarkDiva> so they were old, and had cologne all over them
<DarkDiva> EWW
<@meathead> i don't know, i don't stop to smell my urine all that often.
<@littleHalo> yeah sure
<DarkDiva> hmm...
<@meathead> i think all those golden showers that i've participated in have desensitized me to the smell anyway.
* @littleHalo backs away from meathead
<DarkDiva> umm...

<psychosphere> goddamnit i want and need 70 bucks...
<howisyA> get a job, hippie
<@Malakai> for what?
<howisyA> another instrument he can't play! ;)
<psychosphere> no
<psychosphere> something rare
<psychosphere> i can play instruments... just developing my skills, bitch
<deadkid> yo b sills
<howisyA> instead how about something something by RARE, the video game company? i'll sell ya my copy of donkey kong country for snes!
* porkchop is back
<psychosphere> got a copy of my own ;)
<deadkid> me and the other jason thought you were dead b-dogg
<psychosphere> i can grab my SNES games and tell you what i have
<howisyA> grab 'em and sell 'em for $70
<psychosphere> fuck that
<psychosphere> i love my SNES as much as the next person
<psychosphere> by the time it stops working for me, that's when i'll sell maybe
<howisyA> ok, then get a job :)
<psychosphere> i have one
<psychosphere> pays me 150-200 a month washing dishes... which sucks ass
<deadkid> hmm
<deadkid> thats evil
<howisyA> get a real job
<psychosphere> i am getting one
<psychosphere> on my birthday i'm being hired to guitar center
<howisyA> and hopefully you're being paid in cash and not instruments?
<psychosphere> uh... yeah
<psychosphere> best thing is... my drummer will be working alongside me in the same store too heh
<psychosphere> he doesn't have to go to beaverton
<howisyA> smelly beaverton
<psychosphere> actually it is...
<psychosphere> fat people roll over there more than clackamas

<psychosphere> holy shit this is impossible
<howisyA> suck it, psycho boy!!
<pta> howisyA am not gay!
<psychosphere> oh my god... no i will not suck dick...
<pta> he's a musician!  you can't talk to him that way?
<Scared_Of_Girls> pta = Parent Teachers Association?
<howisyA> like, ohhh my gawd! i will totally not suck another man's private parts!!
<howisyA> those guys = psychosphere!!
<@kitten_with_mittens> stop with the fucking sound.
* howisyA makes fucking sounds in private with sexy 'ssa :)
<pta> kitten_with_mittens has a menstrual squirt gun.
<pta> i'm sorry.
<howisyA> and i'm allll wet!
<pta> i'm being obscene.
<Scared_Of_Girls> don't confuse obscene with stupid
<pta> i don't.
* @kitten_with_mittens squirts pta
<howisyA> DUMBASS!

<[GORILLAZ]> what if instead of using sex organs for intercourse we used internal organs?
<[GORILLAZ]> i guess we'd have to slice ourselves up pretty good to get access to them
<[GORILLAZ]> but can you imagine a pancreatic orgasm?

<hOWiSya> i had a dream last night in 20 parts
<hOWiSya> 19 of them were good, interesting or at least funny
<hOWiSya> but one of them had barbara bush giving me a blowjob
<hOWiSya> since i couldn't see her, i was like, well.. ok..
<@kitten_with_mittens> HAHAHAHA
<@kitten_with_mittens> i had dreams of some friends of mine
<@kitten_with_mittens> i had a dream i was peeing in this washroom
<@kitten_with_mittens> and this guy i know got mad at me
<@kitten_with_mittens> for peeing in said washroom.

<@Holly> i like to flirt with gay men
<@Holly> usually it's harmless
<Roll9> that is so mean of you
<@Holly> why is it mean?
<Roll9> next you are going ot say you like to dry hump preists

<|Pharaoh|> My friend once threw a frozen dog turd at me and hit me in the face, I showered after that. If I had my own way I would take his urine, put it in a ziplock bag and then freeze it, after which I would give him a concussion by nailing him with it upside the head, I feel that the embarrassment suffered by being knocked out by a bag of your own piss is fair punishment

*** alizarincrimson ( Quit (Quit: music is the soundtrack to the crappy movie that is my life)

<|Pharaoh|> If any man says he hates war more than I do, he better have a knife, that's all I have to say.

<RedInTheCorner> I've been eating my fingers like crazy today

<@meathead> i ate a whole pack of twizzlers that got CK-1 spilled all over them once.

<@nonoxynol-9> 'let's move in together.  you're a girl.  i like girls.  we'll get along fine.'

*** sdasdasd (Dunno2@ Quit (Quit: If I Was A Dog Would I Be A Cat Aswell Hmmm HArd QuesTiOn AweLl Fuck That Who Cares Anyway Your All Going To Die Anyway So Haha U Kick Me From A Channel Think Again Bitch I'll Hunt U Down And Kill You Hahahahahahh U Ban Me Well Then Your All Dead Tha)

<silvermitt> i should vaccuum my carpet.

* z|mzum is away - commiting su|cide coz there's too much lameness in this world - since 05-03-2001 18:16:52 MET

<ak47-rapper> hi my nam is aboudi i am 17 years old i have a rap band and i would be proud 2 have an aop in the channel #rap

*** Topic is '"i am rap legend to little weird white kids who carve shit in there arm like i dont wanna live" Ra The Rugged Man'

<Hurtangelwithscabbedwings46n2> I thInK I ShIttEd MY tIdY WhItIES

* SypInIon is a 15 year old goth boy.. any goth men wanna chat?

(begin update segment)
<spidersgal> a cuban jew named moses in my math class stood me up kool am i

<[TOM1]> con is a mad fish slapper

<KID_A_> you all a bunch of septic tanks, no doubt !

<bluremi2> I am happy because howisya looks nice today

<gcan> i just want a good web page ok - r there any intelegant peeps here?

<PoThEaD^42o> i bet none of ye know i miss my homies by master p

<JoSe_MonTaLvO> please tellme any body what is the name of the song that the video is a man whith put many foots in his face ???

<i-do-bite> can i talk to a guy that IS NOT white a a freaking ghost snOop dog is i want a man that is built and tan or dark

<[TOM1]> i had orange juice this morning like i always do but it hurt this time when i drank it

(begin update segment)
<HowIsYa> sitting on my lap is a girl named melinda / albeit in several pieces cut up from a cylinda / took me several hours to clean up the walls / so allow me to relax with her severed lips on my balls

<CactusXXIII> Definitely maybe: you've got a cactus over you, be careful.

<annie_amos> oh man! I have pennies! lots of em!

<dawg_4_life> do you knew that a woman can get pregnant havin anal sex?

<Roxy^Chick> (Look down at the crotch) It's not just going to suck itself.

<CheapSex_And_SadFilms> I dunno, i can't really anwser that question neatoo, i'd have to actually of experienced being a homoseuxal to give a valid anwser


<PJ_Harvey> <antipathy> PJ_Harvey do i look like his keeper?---> why yopu people has to be so annoying always

<HowIsYa> hit it from ingrid's bootiful behind? he'd just abuse the chance if he ever got it, imagining you being a boy

<alizarincrimson> my legs don't like being bent this way

(begin update segment)
<annie_amos> i used to throw green olives in the washing machine.

*** fecalmatterforyourundeadfetus is now known as Randy_Newman

<Koth> Kill a homeless guy.

<g-willickers> FallingGrace your vagina is like roast beef.

<@CactusXXIII> "Adaptador" "controlador" monitor. i had to get in Windows assistant. i fixed it and....without your help howisya! and Deimos or Mars or Asteroid....

<FallingGrace> it was funner being coked out at church tho, cuz i was so fucking happy just to be there

<polka-dot> having my period makes me wanna barf

* jelloqueen wonders' wear her whether report went

<[TOM1]> maybe she's a good speller in real life and just a bad internet speller

<@Myc> I shouldn't help produce children, though.  They'd be genetically plagued with a hairy ass.

<@[ThomasLohner]> what guys do you plan on doing?

<@Myc> The first chick I was with sucked on it like a cow to a teat.  I about pissed on her. d8I

<@Myc> Girls are so weird.  Some are like, totally anti-head.  But when you go down on them, its like heaven split open and god himself touched 'er down there.

<@Myc> I practice sex with a different girl every night.  Its the wonder of imagination.

<Calx> nothin much, just gettin all excited over the tomb raider soundtrack

<@littleHalo> get in the shower you crusty boy!

<@DavidM19> My plan would give the FBI and/or CIA a central key that they can use to censor every TV in America.

<@DavidM19> I support setting up tracking devices in everyone's homes.

<@DavidM19> [Shoegazer], I disagree. I think we should encourage the thought of sex (except for procreation) as revolting and remove all pleasure from sex.

<[TOM1]> what's a nad?

<ionia> this is radiohead channel,not soccer!

<Krimit> I got a big Creak in my ass! and it is staying there and when I move it pharts!!!

<`J> I hate it when my neighbor throws his girlfriend into the wall, it makes my CD skip.

<Celestexxx> Waaaaaaa natalik is a faggg

<coldplay_girl> but limp bizkit is rocks

<@Crimsonplague> omg, the ass raping tree is classic.

<neoradio> anyone up for a talk

<|Trans|> Tool, isn't that the sideproject of the APC guy?

<le-frog> u ain't succeful till u;'re famous

<@|assoteric|> everytime i shower i think of magicant's grandfather.

<Musick> I like all the bands on Nothing initially because they have Trent's seal of approval, but they're all really good anyway

<CactusXXIII> i had a dream where i was a gelatine  baby, by me a nurse took piece of myself with a spoon, and made me  have myself trough the spoon (it's a really Radiohead style dream)

<^Neatoo^> IRC op is nothing... when i'm your boss . you will have to suck my dick to survive

<ThomasJeromeNewton> at least you're not listening to bauhaus while mice run all over you

<jelloqueen> and i cant properly blow it

<cheeseboy> myc is eating shit and pee soup

<@|PIE_BOT|> eggs and tuna make for some sticky farts

<turbovaginapower> i wonder what pee tastes like

<p_puff_> waz ur name

<_parabol> tom says it was like stinkfest revisited

<@}static{> does anyone have a gel-thingie for my poor raw wrists

(begin update segment)
<^Neatoo^> Man don't you hate it when you sit down to take a dump and your weiner falls in the water ?

<AzrielAbyss> im so goth my ass smells like robert smith

<Queen_Adrock> im so lazy i just watched a brittney spears concert on tv cause i couldnt find the remote

<howisya> i bet 'real' girls laugh at the girls who fawn over geeks who run web pages

*** Black_Lines (~gothboi@ has left #radiohead (fades away into the gloom... "Farewell... for now...")

<howisya> where's the bi-polar bear

<@[TOM1]> woah *looks the dboard* me and elle have our periods nsync

<{Tragic}> I got used to it.  in a shiver up your spine eating human kidneys sorta way

<Ascetic_> Dude i dont sniff shit that I eat

<turbovaginapower> i like to ejaculate random substances

<@Lipzz> lmao HeavensTibetsy.. ya wouldnt need to hug that hard lol

<@thatguy> you're under arrest for driving under the influence of LOOOOOOVE

* LaLaLand laughs a lot from boredumb

<warpaint> hell i'm a dumb homeless jew crackwhore

<@ReN-> that's because I am a big poo-face

<silentwar> ah. sort of like feces braille?

<+LaLaLand> all the unreleased songs were amazingly beautiful, why did they have to fuck a computer and shit out a cyborg

<+LaLaLand> ooh man I got this CRAZY idea, lets get a HISPANIC guy in a movie, ! a TEEN MOVIE

<+LaLaLand> but i'm shy, and sweet and all the girls LOVE me

<+LaLaLand> girls want me because i'll actually shop with them

<@sheelanagig> i want to take it in the ass from a raver

<@Robi-> Now cluck for me bitch.

<@j-gor> boy, high school in japan must be fun, all those schoolgirls getting naked and having sex with snakes all the time

<Hooded1> all i really do is play with knobs

(begin update segment)

<@AFXTWiNKY> i once saw my friend piss on a guy

<@Myc> maybe i'll be able to hold up my fat head soon.

<deadkid> you like fuzzy bumping tho right?

<TB> blumpie, getting a blowjob while taking a shite

*** ^Neatoo^ ( Quit (Quit: I hate those shirts like "The voices in my head.. blah blah".... Fuck you and your god damn voices... It's like wearing a shirt that says "Hey! I'm Dave!")

<roygbiv> y0 y0 y0 my name is thom i like to sing in a band called radiohead / don't walk on my waters cuz i'll mad / thom thom is the man / in the summer he has a tan. 1-2 1-2 werd.

<roygbiv> hey mister can you stop that noise i'm tryin t'sleep / paranoid android 1-2 1-2 i'm into it deep / from all the unborn chicken voices in my head / in my radiohead!! 1-2 1-2

<+tuls> my ass is urine free, sir

<+LaLaLand> what da fuck is dey smoking in that dungeon family studio in ATL-georgia

<DownerHex> can i rub creamy oatmeal on your thighs?

<Grosquick24> can you translate "nipples"?

<user_33243> my friends say i look like a fat sisqo

<spankenstein> howisya produces bile in excess.  he has enough to share.

<Myc> wicca = fat chicka.

<@ragesong> ummm... i just want a frontal lobotomy...

<penis_raider> i raid the pants of MANY fine young men on irc

<Hoody> ingrid: you gonna use the little robot boy as a sex tool?

<|shader|> i forgot to refrigerate this cucumber once and it looked normal sitting on the counter but when i went to pick it up and throw it away it disintegrated in my hand. it was just a green skin filled with water.

<kaoru-kun> in 1992 twista was the worlds fastest raper

<DownerHex> you could fuck a nuclear bomb and it'd be fun

<MeganEC> so.. you try and pick up chics on irc by pinging them?

<TB> I hope you drown in the yeast infection of your mother, brandon

<thanny> oh shit this transexual on jerry springer is wearing the dress i want.

<@qoncept> my butthole is sore from i don t nkow

<[TOM1]> i thought jazz was french music

<@xxxxxxxxxxx> i suck cock! msg me for price list!

<TrentsBitch> Nads is a hair removal product for female whores

* psychosphere starts laughin psychotically

<euronodie> whoops... i think my neighbour is pissed off at my loud typing

<Anti-Creation> but don't going aroudn saying "that was the feces" or you'll get your ass kicked

<howisya> but like to do this when "getting my flirt on with ugly bitches online" ..   :Pd:

<@middie8> wow, this conversation is inane

<@Myc> A little goofy in the tummy.

<Koth> I used to work with a guy with an English accent.  We called him Jonny English.

<disarray`> want some nin patches to go with that? you can sew it on your goth satchel!

<howisya> hey myc we should smoosh our dicks together and between my length and hopefully your circumference we may have one hell of a specimine, and even if not how about we just rub our dicks together for a while under the covers?

<CD||> u wanna kiss my funny ass

<DarKyGiRL> @@:o) my elvis presley

<@[EliteHackertom]> is linux the same thing as ftp?

<kitten_with_mittens> i told my mom today i was gonna go on welfare and wait to die.

Oh, people on the internet -- what will they think of next???