May 2000
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May 29 - 03:03PM
sorry for not uploading this month! hehe! site in a state of disrepair. ergh. cya in 2 weeks.

May 27 - 12:57AM
the word of the week is FRUSTRATION.

May 11 - 09:24PM
"Everything in its right place?" No, Not Quite.
    Wrong place:
-definitely in trouble with that math (see below)
-passing grade in chemistry, but not one the teacher will like (no recommendation?)
-not being in a situation where i can meet kids / try to get backstage at tomorrow's  concert
-been spending way too much money lately on cd's / concerts
    Right place:
-got a new job working for the hippies! pays well and it's a very positive thing i'm doing
-going to see my favorite band in the whole wide world tomorrow :)
-done with school (you know, except for summer school for math ;) - also national AP monday)
-$180 in the mail (= free HFStival concert ticket for me + $30 extra profit)
-both GYBE! albums in the mail

May 10 - 05:34PM
it's kind of funny how the minor details can really screw you in the long run...
    i skip review class and go home Fi do nothing at homeFat night, mom wants couch where i usually study Fi study on my bed Fi fall asleep a few minutes after opening book Fi fail my final Fi fail this semester Fi fail for year Fi get kicked out of school for 2 consecutive failures in math Fi go to local goofoff public high school northwesternFi get into a bad college or do not go at allFi get a terrible job Fno future Fno fun
kind of depressing to think about...

May 07 - 03:37PM
45 year old man in a grey business suit serenades his wife in the frozen food aisle in front of the fish sticks with a DMX song: "y'all gonna make me lose my mind / up in here / up in here."
    SAT I and SAT II (two of them) are over, and i didn't really study for either. *le sigh* eagle project has begun; one more day left (which one is yet to be determined). and then there are finals. four of them, plus two national AP tests. then comes the gruelling summer (not sarcasm).

May 05 - 08:40PM
fat black man walks down the street at 8:36PM. he mumbles words to himself like "BEAUTIFUL" and "the UPPER MIDDLE class", and proclaims himself some kind of weird cross between a victim and a mighty soldier...
meanwhile, uptown, travis pepares for the evil:
SAT II: Subject Test - (1) writing and (2) literature
Finals: american literature, politics, pre-calculus, chemistry
AP tests: english language, politics
   travis frets over his meager SAT-I result and low-for-him GPA.