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april 30, 2001 - 3:54pm
this has been simply the most incredible playlist. a great way to spend 78 minutes with
the sound system on full blast. i would be a kickass dj.
          Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl
          Wu-Tang Clan - Reunited (Funkstörung Remix)
          Neil Young - Cortez The Killer
          Salt-N-Pepa - Push It
          Songs: Ohia - Nervous Bride
          Soul Coughing - Rolling
          Sonic Youth - 100%
          Spice Girls - Holler
          Stereophonics - Mr. Writer
          Sting - Desert Rose
          Too $hort - Cusswords
          Titan - Corazon
          Three Six Mafia f/ UGK - Sippin On Some Syrup
          Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom
          Turntable Terranova - Tranquilizer
          Tricky & Terranova - Bombing Bastards
          Vic Chesnutt - Supernatural
          Weezer - Hash Pipe (live, unreleased)

click on this link here:
reading that i realized that i just abhor punk rock and feminist culture. i like her
points about the contradictions and innate silliness of the whole clothing bit. not
to applaud her as a person, as stina (who directed me to the link) has mentioned
that she is completely contradicting herself. but oh well, just pretend that's not true
and enjoy some of the points (some are just dumb, but some are interesting).

april 24, 2001 - 6:49pm
fuckin bees are missin their flowers...
why i can't i remember the names of cute redheaded neighborhood women who greet me
by name?
i've been awake about 33 hours straight now. i'm not even sleepy. my feet are tired,
but otherwise i'm wide awake in america. i intend to go to bed at around mignight
tonight, making it 38 hours being awake! definitely a record for me. i don't know how
amusing you in particular will find these, but some wav files are being temporarily stored
real juvenile ordeal. or deal me rejuvinated reels from the nile. deny morphing eels dead jubilee.
autour de lucie r0x0rZ mono. why do so many artists feel the need to sample isaac hayes'
"walk on by"? it's a great song but people should move on. if you haven't heard it yet, buy
his album hot buttered soul or try to download the long song off napster. it's stupendous.

april 23, 2001 - 6:35pm
let me tell you how not slick i am. i was walking my dog just now on my usual route.
i saw "tori amos" talking to her nextdoor neighbor, oldman le drunk. i decided it'd be
best to avoid eye contact, so i switched to the other side of the street and kept
walking. mary the black bitch (literally: black haired female dog) or the other dog
was barking a frankie, so as usual i gave the dog a shifty eyed look, complete with
upturned eyebrows. so of course as i'm walking by, the owner (a human bitch) pokes
her head out to scold me: "not nice." and then "tori amos" sees me anyway. le sigh.

meanwhile it's been 82° in this house all day. not conducive to doing the work i
skipped school to do. i wish i had seen father alban. that woulda been tight. i hope
tomorrow's not the last day of service.

this page is slowly degenerating into some sort of journal page. i really am stuck for
"intellectual" contributions or even witty recaps of recent news. i don't know what
to say, except bush sucks thoroughly.

i had a dream where i was in a canoe traveling down a very dirty stream last night.

april 18, 2001 - 2:55pm
DFZiggy: im ggoin to quebec
howisya77: why? french-canadians suck!
DFZiggy:im shocked and saddened that you dont know why im goin
DFZiggy:you need to get back in the activist loop
howisya77: i dunno if i'm anti-capitalism
howisya77: i mean, i hate most of it, but i don't think communism or even socialism would work out in our present day reality
howisya77: so as much as i as an individual am frustrated with capitalist effects, i think it's a better route than socialism and communism
howisya77: i condone the WTO protesting, but not the IMF/World Bank protesting.. that was dunb
howisya77: or dumb
howisya77: i definitely support the upholding and betterment of environmental and workers' rights legislation, especially internationally
howisya77: and i definitely am anti-conglomerate/monopoly
DFZiggy: im not sure if im anti capitalist or not
DFZiggy: but i am clearly anti ftaa
howisya77: it's too crazy to be anti-capitalism
howisya77: to say it's an uphill battle is an understatement
howisya77: it's like trying to defeat god himself
DFZiggy: its not crazy, but its not me
DFZiggy: capitalism is not god.. thats a scary thought
howisya77: it's an abstract metaphor
DFZiggy: :)
howisya77: (unrelated) it's funny how people complain about shitty quality of everything
howisya77: with the implementation of wage labor in the 19th century, craftsmanship took a backseat to efficient production
howisya77: everything's the same, everything's sober, everything's soulless
howisya77: food and goods
howisya77: it gets worse as time goes on, but it's been a problem for over 100 years
howisya77: there's no room for the artisan (or even the artist) anymore
howisya77: same goes for music
howisya77: all that's marketed is mcdonalds music
howisya77: it's all the same, it's all non-offensive, it's all intellectually insulting
DFZiggy: im gonna use what you just said as my next away message
howisya77: ;) alright.
howisya77: anyway i hope to get involved in some more 'immediate' activism @ school next year
howisya77: amnesty international and habitat for humanity
howisya77: there's no pirg chapter, and their environmental group isn't activism, it's just cleaning up streams and stuff.. which is cool, but completely different

april 17, 2001 - 10:45pm
so this is what senioritis is like...
i haven't studied / done significant homework since march. it's kinda depressing rather than
liberating. i like gaining and exercising knowledge, but i just can't force myself to get back
into it. "good riddance" is what i feel the inevitable outcome woll be, but there's some
separation anxiety. oh well.
cool song for the moment: sade "king of sorrow" (that whole album kicks ass)
just to make it official, i'm now 99% sure i'll be attending dickinson college in the fall.
so if you want to stalk me, it's a really small school in a small town. bring your ax and your
babe (the blue ox).
anyone want to write a 10 page paper about some kkk book? i know i don't. i haven't
even started the book yet and the paper is due friday oops.
there're lots of different things i'm excited about going on this summer. one thing is concerts.
if everything falls in its right place, i should be seeing radiohead, bjork, and maybe nin in
august, tool in july, air in june, autechre in may, and fugazi this month. and that wacky
hfstival i guess. it'll be 2 days. i'm gonna try to buy as many tickets as possible so i can
sell them to some teenybopper on ebay like last year.
p.s. i had this good humor ice cream bar today. snatched it out of the snack bar (i paid 50¢ for
it, so i dunno how much i ripped them off). it was the last of its kind left and it looked pretty
good. but i wouldn't have gotten it if i had read the nutritional information on the side. d00d, it
had 91% of the daily value for saturated fat. in an ice cream bar. that's so gross! i didn't feel
too good after i ate that. it's just wrong. why would anyone make an ice cream bar like that??

april 15, 2001 - 6:03pm
we've sweetened the deal for you, fuckaz..
my apologies for not having updated lately. i haven't really had anything to say.
at all.
but from now on i will just post meaningless stuff (more or less), cos that's
kinda fun, and i don't anticipate carrying DNR on after this year. i still do
have the vegetarian update and some others to type up when i'm really
bored. but that's not right now.

relevant info:

if you're reading this, it's quite possible that you're a friend i haven't seen in
several weeks or months. that's because i am a loser hermit. anyway, i saw a
childhood friend today that i haven't seen in about five years. it had potential
to be kind of awkward but it wasn't. he still listens to good music, and it turns
out he's the vocalist in some local band i've heard of (crestfallen). there's not
much of a point to my writing this.

btw, sorry this month's header sucks. i just installed photoshop 6.0 and that was
what came out of 30 minutes fooling around.

r.i.p. mr. tate (raped with a grape) and joey ramone (sedated at last).
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