12/14/01 1:59PM
I think this is the first time the Meathead Perspective has made me laugh in a year and a half or more.
Unfortunately the column just isn't very funny. However, this one is hilarious. Maybe I just love Flash
and Shockwave animations. Anyway, the sad news is Charlie Clouser, probably my favorite NIN
musician outside of the obvious, left the band (apparently) recently. Meathead offers an explanation.
Check out the Sigur Ros while Trent is in the bathroom. Classic. Hats off to you, David Craig.
Meathead Perspective: Charlie Clouser

I think I finally get to see The Roots next month (1/11 at the 930) but I'll miss Girls Against Boys. Fire
and brimstone.  I'm reaching here since I kinda forgot how to update these things (what to say).
Yahoo Games has a cool new one called "Grafitti" that is a lot like pictionary. The first time I played I
didn't know what I was doing, so I just doodled random things and wrote "poopy" until all 3 of the
other players left. Oops. But now I'm good at it!  What else... I'm getting a bunch of new hip-hop
albums for Christmas. Ghostface, Wu-Tang, Nas, Dungeon Fam, Jay-Z.  Maybe I'll post a mini-review
here... anything to spice up DNR.

12/12/01 2:44AM
Had my last radio show of the semester today. It went really well. I heard from the inside track that
I'm being given an afternoon show next semester. Cool. It'd be even cooler if I could have a show
(between midnight and 6am with a disclaimer read every 15-30 minutes) where I can play
uncensored songs like Northwestern University's hip-hop radio show Tuesday nights.

Anarchy propoghanda. Contradiction in terms?

12/10/01 10:28PM
Term Papers 'R' Us.

A detailed comparative analysis of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians and
Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works Volume II.  Don't take the specific pitch details in those
two musical pieces too seriously.  They were guesswork.  While I didn't "make them up" and I am
not tone deaf, it was just impossible to determine each note and their intervalic progressions
within the phrase.  But almost all of the analysis is good.

An essay on Hyattsville, MD  (On second thought, I'd hate to have someone who lives in
Hyattsville stumble upon this and get depressed or angry. If you want to read it, and it did
turn out really well, let me know and I'll send it to you.)
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