2/28/01 10:54pm
On the subject of death and all that other ill shit, I found out the origin of the expression "to kick the bucket" today. It originated from hanging one's self. When one has tied his neck in a noose, he kills himself by kicking away the bucket he is standing on. Cool!

Three memories were triggered today. They were:
10th grade -- I used to randomly exclaim to Ibrahim the phrase "Pizza cunt!". Gross image, I know. It was one of the few things to ever get him.
'90, '91, or '92 summer camp -- I had the nickname Alex Trebek for a week or so. I think I told kids my name was Alex or something? I'm a weirdo.
2nd grade -- I keep realizing how I showed evidence of intelligence very early on that no one ever noticed. In my creative writings in the second grade I would use parenthesis (and thus parenthetical phrases, like this one). However, my peer critics when reading it aloud (they didn't know how to read to themselves yet) would say "C [clause here] backwards C" (parenthesis look like C's). I kick ass!

If things go my way this weekend I'll be seeing some friends, a movie, a concert, and a school basketball tournament final game! Aw yea.

Long overdue DNR updates next month, promise. BTW, I'm OK, everybody.

2/27/01 1:56pm
Well, I didn't "wake up dead" this morning. However, I felt so terrible that I did skip school. I don't feel much better now, but a little, and that counts. My symptoms today: dizziness when I am standing or walking; heartburn; exhaustion; loss of appetite; verrry cold. Ironically, I've been going outside to warm up because it's much colder inside. I think it's because the cold air gets trapped in the house. I didn't really want to miss school today cos I love the little kids at my service site. But then again, if I had went, I wouldn't be able to do all the "physical work" I always do. But also, I was looking forward to getting my lecture notes in AP Bio, just so I could orient myself and actually learn the material this unit. Oh well. I don't think I'll die in my sleep tonight, so I won't bother to leave a confirmation update tomorrow. But if I have anything else to say, I'll update.

P.S. Click here: rollingstone.com Rock & Roll Survivor and help vote off Noel Gallagher, that guy is such an ass. He's in the lead right now, too.

2/26/01 9:27pm
I know it's been a long time since I've updated, and, if things turn out for the worst, this may be the last update ever. It seems unlikely, but it is possible that I will asphyxiate on carbon monoxide in my sleep. Don't laugh, I'm not kidding. And no, I'm definitely not suicidal, I didn't do it to myself. There seems to be some kind of poisoning in the air of this house. I don't think I've had a closer brush with death than this afternoon. I think the problem may be fixed now though. Let me explain.

I guess it started last night. I couldn't get to sleep, so for 30-45 minutes I forced myself to fall asleep by writing great songs in my head that I knew I wouldn't remember when I woke up (and I didn't). They were excellent though. Anyway, when I woke up, I felt a little dizzy/nauseous (I think they call it "woozy"). I took a couple aspirin and didn't think much of it, so I went to school. I felt fine all day until I came home. Well I may have felt fine but there may have been some side effects, mainly a marginal headache and a need to sing songs very off key, a la Beatles, Beastie Boys, and "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... nobody knows the sorrow". And I also kept saying "Fuckin' hell." Oddly enough. Anyway I got home and took out my history book to read. After four pages I felt sicker than I did this morning. Very, very lightheaded and dizzy. So I took a nap. When I woke up it was even worse, only now I had a sharp pain in me gulliver, real horrorshow. And my breathing got shallow too. But I kept sleeping; I felt very weak, there was nothing else to really do. So then my mom came home with some food and I didn't have much of an appetite. After being home for just a half hour she started to feel a bit lightheaded too. She suspected carbon monoxide poisoning, so she called the Washington Gas Company (who told her to call the fire department, who themselves told her to call back Washington Gas). Some guy came over and didn't detect any CO, but our furnace was really, really dirty, and the cycle was messed up. So he turned it off, for our safety. The house seems less poisonous now, but there's no heating. It doesn't make too much of a difference, I guess, cos my body temperature is still very high from whatever it is/was that is bothering me.

Anyway, it's not nearly as likely as I felt it was an hour or so ago, but let me lay down the ground rules for determining my health. If I don't update tomorrow saying I'm ok, I'm probably either dead or in the hospital. Or if you see me at school and I don't update, then I just forgot. Tune in tomorrow. And stop laughing!

2/13/01 7:51pm
"The Hat Is Yours": Video/AudioLyrics w/ translation

Connan's XFL suggestions, the two I liked best:
The Miami Japanese People
The Colorado Sadness

2/12/01 6:07pm
Veggies come later. The boy next door could freak, haha!

howisya77: <smoooooth operaaator>
Mapleton93: ha ha, but this ain't Chris
howisya77: shucks!
Mapleton93: (Kid Sister) Lucy
howisya77: Kid Sister
Mapleton93: Ha, ha. Can't talk now. Cya

rimko70: how is everything else going tho?
howisya77: good
howisya77: and yourself?
rimko70: sucks
howisya77: why?
rimko70: I found out that judy was a bitch
howisya77: judy is the girl at UMBC?
rimko70: no north western
howisya77: oh ok
rimko70: the umbc girl I found out is a midget
howisya77: you knew that tho
rimko70: no she aint no 4'5 shes bout 3 feet tall
rimko70: with the whole modget thing going on
howisya77: aw man, that's crazy
rimko70: thas what I say
howisya77: you're over 2x her height!
howisya77: so how'd you find out? did you finally meet her?
rimko70: her head comes to just under my waist
rimko70: yeah
howisya77: insane
rimko70: i know
howisya77: so about this northwestern girl?
rimko70: she is a ho she said she wanted to slow down and break up for a week then I said ok and called her freind and she got pissed about that
rimko70: so it got worse and I told her to have a nice life cuz I didnt need all of the drama
rimko70: thas what is up with her
howisya77: girls are weird
howisya77: did you know that a recent study shows that they cheat on average 4x more than guys do?
rimko70: I believe that with all of the sluts I know
howisya77: are you at northwestern or dematha?
rimko70: me school
rimko70: ?
rimko70: I go to dematha
howisya77: The "Me" School? Cool!
howisya77: dematha, ok
howisya77: well i guess, unlike for me, all boys' school doesn't keep you from meeting strange and dangerous girls
howisya77: i pretty much have a shell
rimko70: but I know a lot of people who go to northwestern
rimko70: the reason I do is cuzI ahng out with jason to much and he knows some freaky girls
howisya77: that's the impression i always got

2/6/01 8:59pm

2/5/01 12:11am
Jumpy. Please click!

2/1/01 7:46pm
Tomorrow comes today.

"Have you ever been shot / forty-one times? / Have you ever screamed / and no one heard you cry? / Have you ever died / only so you can live? / Have you ever lived / only so you can die again, then be born again / from these enemies, on the borderline / Who'll be the next to fire / forty-one shots by Diallo's side?"  Wyclef Jean, 'Diallo'
        No justice for Diallo. :/ Clicky.

"We lose our voice more each year / Maybe we won't bring soon / Is there cancer in the throat? / No stress / Maybe it's supposed to kill the success / Because success needs killing / Murder is media / False laugh / Forged autograph / First my body, now my corpse / Those men will break your bones / Don't know how to build stable homes / Life is pain, Murder is fame / And if you're famous you may get acquitted / If you did it / There's nowhere to run away / Damn you I hope you
pay." Tricky, 'Broken Homes' (sung with P.J. Harvey)

Other (less serious) songs whose lyrics I've been feeling lately:
Mos Def, 'Rock 'N' Roll' (he raises a good point)
Outkast, 'Stankonia (Stanklove)' (maybe it's just how it's sung...)

I'm a stranger in this town.

I don't know if you fellas remember this or not, but back in the '80s, there were urinal troughs. Yes, actual troughs (such as those horses drink out of) where multiple men would take their dicks out and begin peeing. Fortunately people realized how gross and bizarre this was many years ago and I haven't seen any in a long time. Can you imagine sharing a trough with 6 guys you don't even know in a public restroom? Just the act of having to put your dick over the trough and peeing in there is strange in its over intimacy. No one wants to see that!

The Tapeworm project Trent has been talking about since 1995 has finally started to come around, much to his dismay. A Perfect Circle performed the first Tapeworm song committed to tape, a duet between Maynard and Trent (the latter was not in attendance). The song is called "Vacant", you can get it off Napster as the mislabeled "Perfect Enemy", performed on January 31st in Portland, OR. It's a good song. According to Trent:
Posted 12:43pm EST - The track everyone is talking about is entitled 'vacant' and was musically initially written by Danny, re-arranged by Charlie, lyrics and melody by Maynard, the chorus by me, and sung by Maynard with backing vocals by myself. This happened to be the first properly 'demoed' Tapeworm song of a collection of many. I have to admit I find it mildly irritating for it to debut in this fashion ( APC's live set) before feeling it has been properly realized.

Speaking of songs, the lyrics to the rap song Russell and I co-wrote ("MB Babies") are finally online. I have provided two versions, one plain text, and one with extensive notes (written by me). The writers (and performers) of each verse are indicated by brackets. Click here to go to the LYRICS page which will hopefully have more songs in the future. Hip-hop lyrics are easy to write, it's rock/pop I've always had trouble with...
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