05/31/01 23:50

05/29/01 16:36
Go to town, burn it down, turn around
and get your stroll on, baby
I'll get the car
You get the match
And gasoline
    -The Afghan Whigs, "Going To Town"

I'm not exactly sure why I find this page so funny, but I do...

05/25/01 17:01
Whenever I can't immediately fall asleep I just start thinking up ideas. Last night was no exception.
I couldn't fall asleep. I tried for two and a half hours to no avail. When it gets past the hour mark, I
usually start making lists. Below is the list of bands I like a lot but have yet to see live (sometimes
cos they haven't played here, sometimes cos they're scheduled for a festival and then don't show up,
but usually cos I pussy out on going to the concert). Incidentally, after two and a half hours I realized
I wasn't going to fall asleep, so I went and watched Rushmore. Love that movie. I finally went to sleep
at 7:30 in the morning and got up at 12:30. Goddammit. Here's the list of those bands in the order they
came to me. I am not counting Autechre since I am seeing them tonight, nor Air or Mogwai since I
definitely plan to see them next month.
Tori Amos
They Might Be Giants
The Roots
Moby (with his band)
The Dismemberment Plan
Aphex Twin
DJ Shadow
Marilyn Manson
Cibo Matto
George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic
Girls Against Boys
Lords Of Acid
Meat Beat Manifesto
Wu-Tang Clan
Ani DiFranco

I would have liked to have seen The Verve (they were scheduled, like Beck and Kraftwerk, to play the
Tibetan Freedom Concert '98 but didn't) and Smashing Pumpkins but they have broken up. I would
have also liked to have seen V.A.S.T. before Jon Crosby's band became a "they" and a "rock" band,
and Underworld before Darren Emerson left.

05/22/01 18:35
The power was out in the Hyattsville commercial district this afternoon. I decided to make the best
use of my time, so I spent a good hour observing humanity at its best (or worst). In the middle of
this, I thought it'd be a good idea to start singing Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts":
(The part that I remembered)
The handshake
Seals the contract
From the contract
There's no turning back
The turning point
Of a career
In Korea, being insincere

The holiday
Was fun packed
The contract:
Still intact

The grabbing hands
Grab all they can
All for themselves
After all

It's a competitive world
Everything counts in large amounts


05/21/01 00:13
Autechre: Confield
This is the sound of my brain thinking, or maybe melting.

05/19/01 00:56
Christian Mueller: (12:53 AM) /me just spent an hour scrubbing gasoline off of one pissed-off cat
HowIsYa: (12:53 AM) hahaha
what the hell?
Christian Mueller: (12:54 AM) My brilliant cat decided to roll in the driveway where I'd spilled gas
from the lawnmower
Came in the house reeking
So I gave her two baths, she still stinks, and I have five or six deep scratches in my hand for my

File this under "Strange But True": Celine Dion MTV News Story

05/18/01 15:17
all of the heavy eyes have been blinded.
only the third eye remains.
finally i begin to see with perfect clarity.

05/16/01 14:36
Hardcore music! Thrash! X! Lobster Magnet! Rock Lobster!

05/14/01 20:49
Sk8r Punk: (8:16 PM) u are not me!
HowIsYa: (8:18 PM) hi travis christensen
Sk8r Punk: (8:18 PM) hello well this is weird........
HowIsYa: (8:19 PM) it's an alternate universe, travis
Sk8r Punk: (8:20 PM) i agree , i thought i was the only one,......
HowIsYa: (8:22 PM) but now there are two, in an ultimate test of will
Sk8r Punk: (8:23 PM) yes where one will overcome and become victore of universe and beyond
although before i destroy i would like to know more about you
Sk8r Punk: (8:24 PM) like music preference and stuff
HowIsYa: (8:25 PM) weird fucked up electronic music with some guitars
Sk8r Punk: (8:28 PM) ya i like punk,,,, so where u from?
Sk8r Punk: (8:29 PM) ya i like punk,,,, so where u from?
HowIsYa: (8:29 PM) washington, dc
Sk8r Punk: (8:30 PM) ontario, canada
HowIsYa: (8:31 PM) are there a lot of travis christensen's up there? ;)
Sk8r Punk: (8:32 PM) nope not alot of travis's either...... i have a question where are ur parents
from or ur grandparents?
HowIsYa: (8:33 PM) i'm danish, french and welsh on the christensen side
Sk8r Punk: (8:33 PM) danish
Sk8r Punk: (8:34 PM) u know what?
Sk8r Punk: (8:34 PM) and english
Sk8r Punk: (8:34 PM) u know what?
HowIsYa: (8:35 PM) what?
Sk8r Punk: (8:36 PM) were prob related.....
weird shit
HowIsYa: (8:36 PM) hahaha
that's wild
Sk8r Punk: (8:37 PM) ya
HowIsYa: (8:38 PM) so am i the only other travis christensen you found when you looked up our name?
Sk8r Punk: (8:39 PM) no there was a couple more i think there is five toal , including me
Sk8r Punk: (8:40 PM) total
HowIsYa: (8:40 PM) yea i just looked it up
there's also some "sciencekid12" (dork) and "c.l.v. clan"
Sk8r Punk: (8:41 PM) ya that science kid sounded like a dink so i meh, ignored him
Sk8r Punk: (8:41 PM) and the other one to
HowIsYa: (8:41 PM) haha, wise decision. what about the clan?
HowIsYa: (8:41 PM) yea, anyone who's in a clan is either a racist or a computer geek
Sk8r Punk: (8:42 PM) dunno...... sounded.... god dammit i dunno! but i didnt talk to him
HowIsYa: (8:42 PM) travis christensen kicks ass
Sk8r Punk: (8:43 PM) YAAAA!!!!! this one is a skid
HowIsYa: (8:44 PM) travis christensen is the best
*tells himself he has to go, but will talk to himself later*

05/08/01 21:06
Oh papa papa... oh papa papa... we'll take care of you... truly will... PAPA KNOW WHAT TO DO!

Don't go see Freddy Got Fingered. I saw it because I had a free movie ticket that was about to expire.
I like Tom Green. He's a funny guy. But his movie was attrocious. It was the filthiest thing I've ever
seen. I can handle his television show with no problem, but the movie just went too far. It could've
been pulled off if it were better written, but the movie was barely written. The material, which is some
of the strangest things I've ever seen, is meant to be like the skits in the show. However, since it's an
R rated movie, there's a lot more leeway. The problem is, 9 out of 10 times things come across as not
sick humor but just sick, in that mean, disturbing sort of way. The punchlines/gags are either absent
or pathetically orchestrated. As I said, they're very strange things, and some very clever and interesting
visuals and ideas come up, such as the girl who can only orgasm if Tom's character beats her paralyzed
legs with a bamboo pole until they're blistering. That's an interesting idea. But it's a bit excruciating to
watch. Though it is funny when near her climax he hits her in the face with the bamboo stick and she's like
"OW!! WHAT THE FUCK!!". At least this time they realize how obscene it is. But there's just so much
other stuff that comes across as inexpicably horrible, no humor to it. I don't know. Just skip it.

It's weird how in Hyattsville people in their homes have nothing better to do than sit outside, on their porch,
or by their window to stare at people who walk by. At one point while I was walking I looked inside a window
where a dog was barking at Frankie only to see that the owner was looking right back at me. No exchange of
words. There were about five other people outside on their porches just staring at me and anyone else walking
by. It's definitely symbolic of this town. Yeesh.

05/05/01 17:01
Intelligence + Passion = Nerdiness. Be proud to be the leader of the pack. All of the great leaders
and artists of the world have been nerds.
    Feliz Cinco de Mayo.

05/04/01 16:42
I was talking to a huge Depeche Mode fan last night and she happened to mention that Ultra is
her favorite DM album, even though most fans say it's their worst. She is also a big Tori Amos fan,
so just to kind of sympathize with her I said my favorite Tori album is the very electronic and very
different from the choirgirl hotel, which, though liked by fans, usually places third out of the main
four (not counting the pretty dull studio disc of to venus and back in '99). Anyway, for some reason
I couldn't think of any other examples of my liking the album most fans of ___ consider as not the best
or even second best. So, to make it up to myself for forgetting, now that I remember, these are the
groups and corresponding albums that I like best regardless of it being generally "uncool" for them to
be favorites.
Nine Inch Nails - The Fragile
Blur - 13
Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets
Mogwai - Come On Die Young
Live - Mental Jewelry
Moby - Animal Rights
Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever
                                                                Because I am l33+ and I am done with high school classes forever.

05/03/01 14:41

I can't believe there's a mere ONE DAY of classes left. What a beautiful feeling. I am
understandably excited. Graduation is nigh. I will actually get to graduate, provided that the school
decides to not be "little bitches" (not my words, I swear...) in regards to my zero varsity sport credits
(sports are good exercise and fun in theory, but in practice I don't like them and I suck at athletics)
and my not technically passing Pre-Calculus last year (ironically, I have a B+ in AP Calculus this
year). If they give me a blank diploma, as Pat Walsh says, heads are gonna roll for this one.

I took my final ride home from school on the R4 Highview bus today. Typical nutters. Lots of young
black women (upper teens or early twenties) either pregnant or with toddlers or babies. Lots of old
people. Lots of young men blinged out. The blind guy I once assisted at the post office got on the
bus today. Right when the bus was stopping to pick him up, some middle aged guy in the front "aisle"
seats moved several feet back and to the opposite row just to avoid the blind guy. Ironically (life is full
of irony), the blind guy managed to sit right next to him anyway, practically on him.

Here are my tentative summer plans.

I'm always so oblivious to how much time I spend writing these updates. Twenty-five minutes for this one.
It's just kind of weird for me because I feel that only two or three people besides myself ever read this. Then
again, some complete stranger (a teenage girl, of course) emailed me two or three weeks ago thanking me for
my page and saying she finds it interesting because I write about things "completely different" from her life.
OK. I am linked on Yahoo but I don't keep a counter on this site (honestly) and I have no idea how many
people have read "Do Not Read" or any other page for that matter. I just assume it's people I know, but maybe
not. Now I'm frightened and am leaving. Thanks a lot!
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