errrr.............. September 2001

09/30/01 08:52PM
whoops. went ahead and made that nifty above graphic cos i thought i had a blank month here (as you can see below, i don't). anyway i haven't felt like writing anything here lately.  at the beginning of the month i was going to write about prada backpacks and "you can't play the clash after dj shadow" and stuff, but it seemed trivial after a week of contemplating adding it. i just really haven't been in the mood to write anything deep up here, and i am not going to use do not read as a forum to express my opinion of people that i know here at school. that's a recipe for trouble. anyway i hope next month i can find some interesting stuff to put up here. oh yea, i could've talked about terrorism or how cool the new aphex twin album was, but the former seemed very redundant upon examining everyone else's website ("dinty moore beef stew would like to express our sympathy for those familied affected by the tragic attack on september 11th...") and the latter seemed very redundant on my part. i mean, of course i was going to love the new aphex twin album. how couldn't i? anyway, coming soon will be the mini-site for my radio show, which - this semester - is tuesday mornings 8-10am (terrible timeslot, i know - but it was that or 1-3am wednesday night which was too late for me). anyway i hope you're doing well. contact me on aim - howisya77 - i leave it on all day. p.s. things are good.

09/02/01 02:47PM
for any who are interested, here is my course schedule for this semester:
    Images of the Suburbs (Freshman Seminar)
    Theory in Music
    Latin America/U.S. Relations
so basically i ended up getting more or less what i wanted after all.
Ldywldct98: she was just really confused and very hard to talk to or reason with
howisya77: my AIM convos w/ her made no sense this summer
Ldywldct98: and once she started eating out of trash cans
howisya77: i'm glad i didn't try to hang out with her, i would've been so bored
howisya77: what??
howisya77: hahahaha
howisya77: eating out of trash cans?
Ldywldct98: yep
Ldywldct98: calls herslef a freegan
howisya77: explain
howisya77: a freegan?
Ldywldct98: yeah, apparently she won't pay for any diary products but if she finds something she will eat it
Ldywldct98: so she only buys vegan products when she buys food
Ldywldct98: then she's also against capitalism so she's decided she will not buy anyhting
Ldywldct98: she'll only eat out of trash cans and steal
Ldywldct98: it was way too weird for me
Ldywldct98: and the other thing she's passionate about is being arrested
howisya77: what a fucking moron
Ldywldct98: pretty much

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