March on, faithful readers! hahaha!

03/24/01 04:01PM
Hello =)
I just wanted to make a small update. Nothing really terrible has happened. (Except maybe Tripod deleting my site for a week! What was up with that? Some sort of bug, they claim...) The reason I haven't updated this month is because, frankly, I haven't really felt like communicating. You see, I've been "troubled" the last 5 weeks. For half a week, I suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. Then for three and a half weeks I had a cold. And for the last week, just when I got over the cold, I've been suffering from normal seasonal allergies. Lucky me!
Anyway, I have a new computer coming April 2nd (grumble). This means I can finally start recording music, and my Photoshop art (which has been dormant since spring 2000, minus the DNR headers) will resume. Also, typing will be easier -- a lot of times it takes 20 seconds for the text I've typed to show up on the screen. And let's not forget that the freezing problem will finally be over. So, all good things. And I'm nearly done with school. I'm going to start looking for a summer job soon. I'm pretty certain it won't be with US PIRG again, as much fun as that was last summer. I don't know what else to say right now, except that the updates I meant to make in February will probably be made in April. March, I dunno, I guess I just have the feeling of freedom in me and I can't bear to sit down and type stuff like this. Also, as I said, I've been sick, and whenever I'm sick I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone really. I'm finally starting to get my natural voice back today. Hopefully I'll feel better soon.
Two day HFStival this year! I'm excited. New albums from lots of great musicians coming soon as well! Check out the release chart, as always. I think I'm going to finally cut my hair today. It's been since early September. I dunno man, I really like how it looks in the front, but in the back it's like a jungle, yo! It's hick-ish. It'd be prime mullet material if I shaved the rest of my head. Anyway, enjoy your spring breaks and whatnot!
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